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end user certificate

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This is an example of end user certificate. This document is useful for conducting end user certificate.

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To:      Hypertronics Corp.
         16 Brent Drive
         Hudson, MA 01749-2978

From: ____________________

Telephone Number: ____________________

Email: _________________________________

Re: End User Certificate for                                           , PO #

      1. This certificate is appropriate to products, components, and/or equipment (referred to as “items”)
         subject to EAR99 requests.

      2. We                                                            _________________________________
                            complete name and address
         have ordered the items attached.

      3. We certify that the items (check the box(es) that apply):

                 [    ] Will be used by us as capital equipment.

                 [    ] Will be processed by us into products.

                 [    ] Will be resold by us in the form in which it was received.

                 [    ] Other

      4. We declare that the items (in the form received and/or incorporated into other products) will not be
         destined to any embargo countries according to the EAR part 746 and any applicable US Department
         of Treasury regulations (31 CFR part 500 et. seq.).

      5. The items above will not be used for any purposes connected with chemical or biological or nuclear
         weapons, irradiated special nuclear or source material, heavy water production, separation of
         isotopes of source and special nuclear material, or fabrication of nuclear reactor fuel containing
         plutonium, or unsafeguarded nuclear facilities, or missiles (including rocket systems and unmanned
         air vehicle systems), nor will they be resold if we know or suspect that they are intended or likely to
         be for such purposes.


Form F679 Rev. A 5/9/08

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