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									                                           Google – it!

       Google is a search engine. It is a special site on the web that helps people
find other sites on the web.
   • Google has special programs called spiders (a.k.a. “Googlebots”) that
       constantly search the Internet looking for new or updated Web pages.
       When a Googlebot finds a new or updated page, it reads that entire page,
       reports back to Google, and then visits all of the other pages to which that
       new page links.
   • When the Googlebot reports back to Google, it doesn’t just tell Google the
       new or updated page’s URL.
   • The Googlebot also sends Google a complete copy of the entire Web page
       – HTML, text, images, etc.
   • Google then adds that page and all of its content to Google’s cache.

The five rules of using a search engine:
  1. Be specific ... because if you aren’t specific, you’ll end up with a bunch of
  2. Use quotes to search for phrases.
  3. Use the + sign to require.
  4. Use the - sign to exclude.
  5. Combine symbols as often as possible
      (see rule #1).
Google Basics – take a look around & Google’s Page Rank System

Things to try:

    •   Google Calculator - Enter your equation or problem in the Google search box
        (For instructions on how to use the Google Calculator, see
            o Find the answer to 1212 X 1313 ___________________________

    •   Google Dictionary – Enter define: then add the word. (For example,
           o Find the definition of search engine. (define: search engine)

    •   Google Weather - Enter weather: and the city, state, and/or zip code
           o Find the weather for today in Athens, AL

    •   Google Movie Showtimes - Use movie: and the city, state, and/or zip code
           o What movies are showing at the Cinemagic in Athens, AL 35611

Source: presentation created by Patrick Crispen (
   • filetype: restricts your results to files ending in ".doc" (or .xls, .ppt. etc.), and
       shows you only files created with the corresponding program.
   • Using cache: shows the version of a web page that Google has in its cache.
       There can be no space between cache: and the URL.
   • There are two ways to use Google’s phonebook:
          o Just do a regular search.
          o Use one of Google’s phonebook commands.
          o Phonebook commands [in lowercase]:
                • phonebook: searches the entire Google phonebook.
                • rphonebook: searches residential listings only.
                • bphonebook: searches business listings only.

Different Views
   • List (default view)
   • Timeline view - To see your search results on a timeline, add view:timeline to the
      end of your search term(s)
   • Map view - Add view:map to the end of your search term(s) at either Google or
      Google Maps

  • iGoogle – Google Account
  • Google Gadgets - On the Google Personalized Homepage, click on the “Add
      Stuff>>” link
  • Google Calendar –
  • Google Docs –
  • Google Sketchup - 3D modeling program for PCs available for download at
  • Google Page Creator –

For more information about what’s new and what’s next at Google, I recommend
visiting the following sites:
– Google Labs
– Google Press Center
– Google Blog
– Google Blogscoped

Source: presentation created by Patrick Crispen (

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