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									      Lowland Raised Bogs
      Key: LA-Local Authority, SNH-Scottish Natural Heritage, SWT-Scottish Wildlife Trust, LO-Landowners and the Scottish
      Landowners Federation, SNFU-Scottish National Farmers Union, SERAD-Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department,
      RC-Research Councils, UA-University of Aberdeen, MRG-Mires Research group, RSPB-Royal Society for the Protection of
      Birds, SAC-Scottish Agricultural College, FWAG-Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, LBSG-Local Biodiversity
      Subgroup, PE-Peat Extractors, FC-Forestry Commission.

                      Action                          Personnel Funding                 Progress November 2003
      1.1 Construct dams and/or bunds
                                               1998-   LO, SWT,             SWT carried out management work with landowners,
      in appropriate drains on the main                             SNH
                                                02       SNH                to secure and enhance habitat at Foggie Moss, Culvie
      peat domes at appropriate sites.
                                                                            Moss and Moss of Rothiemay during 2000, with
      1.2 Dam appropriate                                                   funding from SNH. This work included installing
                                               1998-   LO, SWT,
      drains/outflows on the periphery                              SNH     dams to block drains, removal of invasive species,
                                                02       SNH
      of appropriate sites.                                                 setting up of photographic monitoring and
      2. Control any undesirable                                            encouraging owners to manage sympathetically.
      species, particularly birch scrub                                     2003: Grampian Lowland Bog Scheme (SNH)
                                               1998-   LO, SWT,
      and, where possible, improve                                  SNH     launched in July, will encourage more landowners to
                                                02       SNH
      quality of bogs through removal of                                    manage boglands for conservation.
      3.1Seal off severely eroding areas               LO, SWT,
                                               1999                 SNH
      through bund construction                          SNH
      3.2 Avoid over use of eroded areas
      by grazing mammals, and any                        LO         SNH
      educational groups/visitors
      3.3 Block off badly eroded informal
      paths with brash from scrub                      LO, SWT      SNH
      removal operations.

      4. On those bogs where butterflies               LO, SWT,
      are known to occur, maintain                       SNH,       SNH
      habitat appropriate to their needs.              NESBReC

      5.1 Where possible re-flood the
                                               1998-   LO, SWT,
      lagg fen area through blocking of                             SNH     See Action Progress for Bogs 1 and 2
                                                00       SNH
      key peripheral drainage channels.

      5.2 Construct dams in appropriate        1998-   LO, SWT,             1999-2001: Carried out within constraints of existing
      drains/outflows on the periphery.         00       SNH                funding.

                                                                          2000-01: Hydrological studies completed for SNH at
      6.1 Carry out at least 3 research                                   Buchan sites; Moss of Crombie (2000), Turclossie
      projects to investigate the              1999-                      Moss (2001), with ongoing study at Reidside Moss.
                                                       UA, SWT    UA, SNH
      hydrology and ecology of NE               01                        2001: Invertebrate study carried out at Redmoss of
      raised bogs                                                         Netherly. 2002: Study planned for Redmoss of
                                                                          Netherly (proposed SAC).
      6.2 Liaise with other Universities
      and research institutes with a view                                 One University of Aberdeen research project carried
                                               1998-   UA, SWT,
      to attracting students and                                  UA, SNH out at Redmoss of Netherly - Invertebrate as
                                                02       MRG
      specialists to sites in the north-                                  indicator of different types of habitats at the moss.
      7.1 Install WALRAGS and/or
      dipwells on those sites where
                                               1998-   LO, SWT,
      hydrological management is                                  UA, SNH
                                                02       SNH
      effected and measure at least
      twice yearly.
      7.2 Set up permanent quadrats
                                               1998-   LO, SWT,
      near hydrological apparatus and                               SNH     Fixed point photography done at Foggie Moss.
                                                02       SNH
      record at least twice yearly
      7.3 Set up schemes for monitoring        1998-
                                                         All        SNH
      Lepidoptera.                              02

North East Scotland Biodiversity Action Plan
                                                                           SNH, SWT surveys during 1996 covered the majority
      8.1 Encourage SWT ‘SWAP’ project
                                                                           of NE lowland raised bog sites. These surveys were
      to survey those sites not surveyed       1999-               SWT,
                                                         SWT               used to assess sites to target for management work
      during the Land Cover Survey of           00                 SNH
                                                                           in 1 and 2 above. The only sites not surveyed were
                                                                           those that SWT could not get access permission.

      8.2 Encourage LA to survey, or
                                               1999-   LA, SWT,
      commission survey of, any                                     LA     As above
                                                00       SNH
      remaining unsurveyed sites.

      8.3 Liaise closely with landowners
      before and during survey and                        All       LA
      provide information on LBAPs.

      9.1 Produce guidance notes on                      SWT,      SNH,
                                               1998-                       SWT produced and circulated a manual and notes on
      best management practice on                      RSPB, LO,   SAC,
                                                99                         bog management.
      raised bogs and circulate.                       NFUS, SAC   RSPB

                                                                           Management plans prepared for 3 sites as detailed in
                                                                           1, 2 above. SWT management plan for Red Moss in
      10. Produce Site Management                      SWT, SNH,           progress. 2002: SNH have started Site Management
      Plans for at least 8 selected sites.             LA, FWAG,   SNH     Statements for all SSSI bogs, for issue to owners and
      Revise every 5 years                              SAC, LO            occupiers March. 2003: Grampian Lowland Bog
                                                                           Scheme (SNH) launched in July, will encourage more
                                                                           landowners to manage boglands for conservation.

      11. Incorporate information on
      rare bog species in the guidance
                                                       UA, SWT,
      notes (above), including how to          1998                above
      identify large heath and small
      pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies.

      12. Incorporate information on
      techniques for buffer zone
                                               1998      RSPB,     above
      management in the guidance
                                                       FWAG, SAC
      13.1 Incorporate information on
      techniques for bog restoration in        1998      SWT       above
      the guidance notes.
                                                                           SWT held a staff workshop in autumn 2000. SNH
                                                                           staff attended national workshops held in conjunction
                                                                           with English Nature. SNH met with landowners at
                                                                           Turclossie and Moss of Crombie to discuss
      13.2 Hold workshop/seminar on
                                                                           management techniques and to explain hydrological
      bog restoration management               1999      SWT       above
                                                                           survey results. 2003: SNH launch of Grampian
                                                                           Lowland Bog Scheme, in association with SWT at Red
                                                                           Moss of Netherley included a demo of bog restoration
                                                                           techniques and encouraged landowners to get
                                                                           invovled in the scheme (27 July).

      13.3 Lobby peat extraction
                                               1998-               SNH,    SWT bog campaign leading on lobbying peat
      companies to leave bogs in states                   All
                                                02                 RSPB    extractors - ongoing.
      suitable for restoration
      14. Circulate and promote
                                                        LA, LO,
      interpretation leaflet (below) and       1999                SNH
                                                       NFUS, SAC
      guidance notes (above).
      15.1 Produce an interpretation
                                                                           SNH 'boglands' booklet provides good information on
      leaflet on the natural and cultural
                                               1998       All      SNH     lowland raised bogs, this has been distributed to
      heritage of raised bogs in NE
                                                                           relevant landowners.
                                                                           Press article on SWT/SNH project in P+J. Bog
      15.2 Seek media coverage for any
                                               1998-                       Conservation Group led 2 bog walks at Crombie and
      project or initiative related to                    All      SNH
                                                02                         Turclossie, and held a training event at Aberdeen
      raised bogs and biodiversity.
                                                                           Ranger building Lorrieston.

North East Scotland Biodiversity Action Plan
                                                                           SNH "Wild, Wet and Wonderful" display promotes
      15.3 Liaise with Public Awareness
                                                                           wetlands, including bogs. Aberdeenshire Council's
      sub-group on incorporating raised                Awareness
                                               1999                 LA     Peat Campaign display raises awareness about peat
      bogs into general display material               sub-group
                                                                           cutting and its social importance - held at Aden
      on NE Biodiversity.
                                                                           Country Park.
                                                                           Awareness sub-group have incorporated this action
                                                                           into the Gardens for Life campaign which aims to
      15.4 Encourage the use of peat-
                                                       Awareness           work with gardeners and garden centres, promoting
      free alternatives to reduce cutting      2001                 LA
                                                       sub-group           peat free alternatives to compost. SWT collected
      pressure on raised bogs.
                                                                           signatures for their "Peat Free Pledge" at Aberdeen
                                                                           Highland Games 2001.
      16.1 Initiate and maintain contact
      with local schools and other                      LA, SWT
      interested groups (below).
                                                                           SWT Edinburgh have a Peat Bog Education Pack.
      16.2 Liaise with local school
                                               1998-                       "Wild, Wet and Wonderful" has an Education Pack
      teachers/schools on issues of                       LA
                                                02                         associated with the display (SNH). SWT trying to get
      safety and access on raised bogs
                                                                           funding - in progress.

      16.3 Liaise with local school
      teachers/schools on conservation                    LA
      management initiatives.
                                                                           Moss of Rothiemay has been identified as suitable for
      16.4 Provide safe public access at                 SAC,
                                               1998-                       public access and interpretation boards are being
      least to those sites where                       FWAG, LA,   SNH
                                                02                         developed. Installation of interpretation and a short
      management is being carried out                    SWT
                                                                           section of boardwalk in progress.
      17.1 Ensure active and
      rehabilitation management of the         1999-   SNH, SWT,
      Rora/St Fergus complex of raised          00        PE
      17.2 Encourage co-operation
                                                                           Farmers are being encouraged to include
      between organisations, farmers                     FWAG,
                                               1998-                       management of lowland raised bogs in RSS
      and landowners who have units of                  SAC, LA,   SERAD
                                                02                         applications. Applications which involve joint
      larger raised bog complexes on                   SWT, RSPB
                                                                           management of bogs can secure extra points.
      their property
                                                                           Moray Council and the Moray Biodiversity Group have
      18.1 SWT to provide information                                      set up a wildlife site assessment panel. Surveyed
      on raised bog Wildlife Sites to                   SWT, LA     LA     sites are now being assessed and if appropriate
      Local Authorities                                                    designated as non-statutory wildlife sites.
                                                                           Aberdeenshire - ongoing.
                                                                           No newly designated sites since 1998. Some sites
      18.2 SNH to review the statutory
                                                                           have gone forwards to Europe as SAC designated
      status of recently and newly                       SNH       SNH
                                                                           sites candidates; Reedside, Turclossie, Redmoss of
      surveyed sites
      18.3 RSPB to provide any
      information on bird populations on               RSPB, LA,
                                               1998                RSPB    There is a RSPB report
      bogs for inclusion in Wildlife Sites               SWT
      survey results
      19.1 Incorporate all raised bog                                      SWT have commented on structure plan. Structure
      Wildlife Sites into local plans and               SWT, LA     LA     Plan has Lowland Raised Bog policies and have been
      structure plans.                                                     adopted.

      19.2 Incorporate a strategy for
      raised bogs into revisions of any                                    The Moray draft Indicative Forestry Strategy takes
      ‘countryside resource strategy’,         1998-                       account of all priority LBAP habitats including
                                                          LA        LA
      ‘nature conservation strategy’,           02                         lowland raised bogs with a presumption against
      indicative forestry strategy’ or                                     planting in these areas.
      ‘state of the environment report’.
                                                                           Uncontrolled peat extraction for commercial purposes
                                                                           is actually more deleterious. If SEPA encounters a
      19.3 Encourage Local Authorities
                                               1998-                       case of tipping, it encourages landowner to prevent
      to prevent tipping and other                        All       LA
                                                02                         further cases by fencing, screening and other
      deleterious activities on bogs
                                                                           measures. Landowner is legally responsible for clean-

North East Scotland Biodiversity Action Plan
      20.1 In view of the deleterious
      affects of afforestation on raised                                 Russell Anderson, Edinburgh Northern Research
      bogs, support and encourage FC                                     Station did FC research on restoration methods for
      on its recent draft policy               1999     LBSG, FC    FC   afforested sites. Need further research to revise
      statement which includes a                                         policy - whether to restore or not restore planted
      presumption against planting on                                    sites.
      active raised bogs.
      20.2 Encourage/review the
      inclusion of ‘sensitive raised bog               LBSG, SAC,
      buffer zone management’ in agri-         1998      FWAG,           Priority habitat for RSS in NE
      environment schemes such as                       SEERAD
      20.3 Review CPS prescriptions for
                                               1998      LBSG
      management of raised bogs
                                                                         SEPA will maintain and restore all water
      20.4 SEPA to prevent pollution
                                                                         environments to legislative standards and to protect
      events and other deleterious             1998      SEPA
                                                                         areas of high nature conservation importance (SEPA
      activities on bogs.
                                                                         Corporate Plan 2002/03 p.21).
      20.5 Review Local Biodiversity           1999-
      Action Plan annually                      02
      20.6 Carry out comprehensive 5
                                               2002       All            Reviewed in 2002.
      year review of LBAP

North East Scotland Biodiversity Action Plan

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