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									                                    Welcome to
                               City of Yuma, Arizona

                                   Who? What? Where?

                               Citizen Information System

                                 By Phone: (928) 373-4999
                                By TDD/TYY: (928) 373-4998
                                On-line at www.YumaAz.gov

                                       About this Guide

         This guide has been designed as a useful reference book for the City of Yuma
         Who? What? Where? Citizen Information System. This system is available 24
         hours a day, 7 days a week from any touchtone telephone or by using a
         Telecommunications Device for the Deaf/TeleTYpewriter (TDD/TYY). It is a
         complementary publication, which provides access to more than 500 frequently
         asked questions regarding services provided by the City of Yuma. Additionally
         you may obtain information about county, state and federal government
         agencies and other local and nonprofit organizations.

         The information listed in this booklet is as of publication date and may not
         contain new items and features added to the system after its publication. For a
         complete up to date listing, this guide and the entire Who? What? Where? Citizen
         Information System is available on-line from the City of Yuma website at

         Should you have questions about this guide or the City of Yuma Who? What?
         Where? Citizen Information System you may email your inquiries to

Publication Date: 05/12/2011
How To Use The System From A Touchtone Telephone
You may access this system from any touchtone telephone. Simply follow the below

From a Touchtone Telephone:
   1. Dial (928) 373-4999
   2. Press 1 for English
   3. Press 2 for Citizen Information System and proceed to item 4

Retrieving Message Information
   4. Enter the 4-digit message number from this listing, which corresponds to the
      information you wish to hear.

   For example – to hear information about Adopting Animals you would enter 1000,
   which is the message ID number listed in this booklet for Adopting Animals. (see 1st
   item under Animals)

To listen to another selection, simply enter your next 4-digit message number. You may
enter your selection at any time and do not have to wait for the entire message to be
completed. As you proceed through your selections, you may also encounter additional
selection options for other information available in our system, such as requesting a
document to be faxed to you, etc.

               How To Use The System Using A TDD/TYY Device
You may access this system using a Telecommunications Device for the
Deaf/TeleTYpewriter (TDD/TTY). Simply follow the below instructions.

From your TTY Device:
   1. Dial (928) 373-4998
   2. The system will display a welcome message followed by “Please enter your four
      digit message number now or disconnect by hanging up”. You will need to wait
      until this message displays in it’s entirety before proceeding with item 3.

Retrieving Message Information:
   3. Enter the 4-digit message number from this listing, which corresponds, to the
      information you wish to hear.

   For example – For information about Adopting Animals you would enter 1000, which
   is the message ID number listed in this booklet for Adopting Animals. (see 1st item
   under Animals)

If you wish to obtain information about another message, you must wait until the entire
message content has been displayed and the message of “Please enter your four digit
message number now or disconnect by hanging up” is redisplayed. As you proceed
through your selections, you may also encounter additional selection options for other
information available in our system, such as requesting a document to be faxed to you,
 Animals                                                      Business
1000   Adopting Animals                                       1135   Business Taxes - State and Local
1005   Animal Abuse and Cruelty                               1140   Chamber of Commerce
1010   Animal Bites - Avoiding                                1145   Crime Prevention for Businesses
1015   Animal Bites - Pet Owner's Responsibilities            1150   Door to Door Solicitation - Permit Required
1020   Animal Bites - Reporting                               1155   Economic Development Assistance
1025   Animal Care                                            1160   Finding a Location for your Business
1030   Animal Department - General Information                1165   Fire Safety Inspections for Businesses
1035   Animal License and Vaccination Violations              1170   Locating or Relocating a Business within the City of Yuma
1040   Animals - General                                      1175   Marketing and Research Assistance
1045   Injured or Sick Pets                                   1180   Occupancy Load
1050   Leash Law                                              1185   Residential Business Licenses
1055   Lost and Found Pets                                    1190   Starting a Business
1060   Loud or Bothersome Animals                             1195   State and City Liquor Licenses
1065   Problems with Wild Animals                             1200   Transferring your Business License to a New Owner
1070   Rabies - General Information
1075   Reporting Dead/Stray/Wild Animals
                                                              1950   Funeral and Cemetery Services
1080   Spaying and Neutering Animals
                                                              1955   Old Yuma Cemetery Maintenance

Building and Construction                                     Contact Info - City of Yuma
3000   A Bit About - Building and Construction Department -
       General Information                                    9000   City Hall Hours of Operation and Dates Closed
3005   Asbestos Removal Permits                               9005   City of Yuma 78-Crime, Anonymously Reporting a Crime
3010   Building Permits                                       9010   City of Yuma Anti-Ugly Ordinance Hotline
3015   Building Permits and Work Exempt from Permits          9015   City of Yuma Art Center
3020   Certificate of Occupancy                               9020   City of Yuma Building Safety Inspections
3025   Construction (New) Fire Codes and Inspections          9022   City of Yuma Building Safety Division
3030   Construction (Remodel) Fire Codes and Inspections      9025   City of Yuma Business License and Sales Tax Office
3035   Construction Plan Review                               9030   City of Yuma City Administration
3040   Demolition Permits                                     9035   City of Yuma City Attorney
3045   Electrical Permits and Inspections                     9040   City of Yuma City Clerk's Office
3050   Fence and Retaining Wall Permits                       9043   City of Yuma City Engineering
3055   General Building Permitting and Inspections            9045   City of Yuma City Prosecutor
3060   Grading Permits                                        9048   City of Yuma Code Enforcement
3065   Manufactured Home Permits                              9050   City of Yuma Community Planning Division
3070   Mechanical Permits and Inspections                     9052   City of Yuma Community Planning Division - Planning
3080   Plumbing Permits and Inspections
                                                              9055   City of Yuma Customer Services Division
3085   Storage Shed Permits
                                                              9060   City of Yuma Department of Community Development
3090   Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Permits
                                                              9065   City of Yuma Department of Information Technology
                                                                     Services (ITS)
Business                                                      9070   City of Yuma Desert Hills Municipal Golf Course
1100   Better Business Bureau
                                                              9075   City of Yuma Development Engineering
1105   Burglary Prevention for Businesses
                                                              9080   City of Yuma Facilities Maintenance Division
1110   Business and Industrial Financing
                                                              9082   City of Yuma Finance Department - Accounting
1115   Business Licenses
                                                              9085   City of Yuma Finance Department - Administration
1120   Business Management Assistance
                                                              9090   City of Yuma Fire Department
1125   Business Occupancy Permits
                                                              9115   City of Yuma Fire Station Locations
1130   Business Taxes - Federal
                                                              9120   City of Yuma Graffiti Hotline
1133   Business Taxes - Local Rates
Contact Info - City of Yuma                                          Contact Info - County-State-
9125   City of Yuma Human Resources Department
9130   City of Yuma Information Desk                                 9330   Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
9135   City of Yuma Judicial Enforcement Unit                        9335   Arizona Department of Health Services
9140   City of Yuma Mayor and Council                                9340   Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control
9145   City of Yuma Municipal Court                                  9342   Arizona Department of Public Safety
9147   City of Yuma Neighborhood Code Violations                     9345   Arizona Department of Revenue
9150   City of Yuma Neighborhood Services                            9350   Arizona Department of Transportation - Motor Vehicle
9152   City of Yuma Parks and Recreation - Administration                   Division
                                                                     9355   Arizona Division of Emergency Management
9153   City of Yuma Parks and Recreation - Golf Course
       Maintenance                                                   9360   Arizona Game and Fish Department
9155   City of Yuma Parks and Recreation - Recreation Division       9365   Arizona State Government
9160   City of Yuma Police Department                                9370   Child Abuse Hotline
9162   City of Yuma Police Department - Administration               9375   Child Protective Services
9164   City of Yuma Police Department - Public Affairs Unit          9380   Courts in Yuma County
9166   City of Yuma Police Department - Evidence Room                9385   Federal Emergency Management Agency
9170   City of Yuma Police Department - Investigations Bureau        9390   Social Security Administration
9172   City of Yuma Police Department - Patrol Bureau                9395   United States Army Yuma Proving Grounds
9174   City of Yuma Police Department - Public Information Officer   9400   United States Citizenship and Immigration Service
9176   City of Yuma Police Department - Records Division             9402   United States Customs and Border Protection
9180   City of Yuma Police Dispatch Non-Emergency Number             9405   United States Internal Revenue Service
9182   City of Yuma Public Works - Fleet Services                    9408   United States Marine Corps Air Station - Family Advocacy
9183   City of Yuma Public Works - Solid Waste                              Program
                                                                     9409   United States Marine Corps Air Station - Substance Abuse
9184   City of Yuma Public Works - Streets
                                                                            Counseling Center
9185   City of Yuma Public Works Department                          9410   United States Marine Corps Air Station - Yuma
9190   City of Yuma Purchasing Buyer Contacts                        9415   United States Representative of Arizona (7th District)
9195   City of Yuma Purchasing Division                              9420   United States Senators of Arizona
9196   City of Yuma Putter Inn Bar and Grill                         9425   United States Small Business Administration
9197   City of Yuma Risk Management Division                         9430   Yuma County Adult Probation
9200   City of Yuma Strategic Communications Office                  9435   Yuma County Assessor's Office
9203   City of Yuma Training and Development                         9440   Yuma County Attorney
9205   City of Yuma Utilities - Pretreatment                         9445   Yuma County Board of Supervisors
9210   City of Yuma Utilities Department                             9450   Yuma County Clerk of Superior Court
9215   City of Yuma Utilities Department Lab                         9455   Yuma County Detention Center
9218   City of Yuma Utility Rate Services                            9460   Yuma County Elections Department
9220   Historic Yuma Theatre                                         9462   Yuma County Justice Court
9225   Why is City Hall closed every other Friday?                   9465   Yuma County Justice Center
9230   Yuma Civic Center                                             9470   Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center
9235   Yuma Civic Center Administration Office Hours of              9475   Yuma County Library - Main Branch
       Operation and Dates Closed
                                                                     9480   Yuma County Library - Satellite Branches
Contact Info - County-State-                                         9485   Yuma County Public Defenders Office

Federal                                                              9490   Yuma County Public Health Department
9300   Adult Protective Services                                     9495   Yuma County Recorder's Office
9310   Arizona Attorney General                                      9500   Yuma County Sheriff's Office
9315   Arizona Attorney General Community Services Satellite         9505   Yuma County Superior Court
9320   Arizona Department of Commerce                                Contact Info - Other
9325   Arizona Department of Economic Security                       9305   American Red Cross - Yuma Chapter
Contact Info - Other                                           Contact Info - Other
9595   ANeWay Counseling                                       9775   Yuma Regional Medical Center
9600   Amberly's Place                                         9780   Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
9605   American Cancer Society                                 9782   Yuma Treatment Center
9610   Arizona Blue Stake (ABS)                                9785   Yuma Union High School District
9612   Arizona Counseling and Treatment Services               9790   Yuma Visitors Bureau and Information Center
9615   Arizona Historical Society - Sanguinetti House Museum
9620   Arizona Public Service (APS)
                                                               Court Information and Services -
9622   Arizona Western College (AWC)
                                                               City and County
                                                               1205   About Courts within Yuma County
9625   Arizona's Children Association
                                                               1210   Bail and Bonds
9630   AWC Small Business Development Center
                                                               1215   Child and Marital Support Payments
9635   Better Business Bureau
                                                               1220   City Court, Appearance Schedules
9640   Bureau of Land Management
                                                               1225   City Court, Bench Warrants
9645   Caballeros de Yuma
                                                               1230   City Court, Civil Court and Civil Matters
9650   Catholic Community Services in Western Arizona
                                                               1235   City Court, Continuances
9652   Community Intervention Associates
                                                               1240   City Court, Court and Magistrate Information
9655   Community Legal Services
                                                               1245   City Court, Court Records and Records Requests
9660   Crane School District 13
                                                               1250   City Court, Dismissing Charges
9665   Crossroads Mission
                                                               1255   City Court, Failure to Pay Warrants
9670   Dial-A-Ride
                                                               1257   City Court, Frequently Asked Questions Index
9675   Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation
                                                               1260   City Court, Initial Appearances
9677   Habitat for Humanity of Yuma
                                                               1265   City Court, Initial Appearances on Weekend and Holidays
9680   Hospice of Yuma
                                                               1270   City Court, Moving Violations and Fines
9682   Housing America Corporation
                                                               1275   City Court, Parking Tickets and Fines
9685   Housing Authority of the City of Yuma
                                                               1280   City Court, Payments to the Court
9687   Horizon Human Services
                                                               1285   City Court, Plea Bargaining
9690   Humane Society of Yuma
                                                               1290   City Court, Public Tours
9692   Lara and Associates Counseling Agency
                                                               1295   City Court, Subpoenas
9697   Mountain Health & Wellness
                                                               1300   City Court, Summonses
9700   National Safety Council
                                                               1305   City Court, Traffic Court
9705   Poison Control Center
                                                               1310   City Court, Warrants
9707   Promesa
                                                               1315   Court Ordered Community Service
9710   Rural/Metro Fire Department
                                                               1316   How can I obtain an Order of Protection or Injunction
9715   Salvation Army                                                 Against Harassment?
9717   Southwest Counseling Services                           1317   How do I attend Traffic School?
9720   Southwest Gas                                           1318   How do I get a copy of my criminal history or court
9725   Western Arizona Council of Governments                         documents?
                                                               1319   How do I request an extension on my payment?
9730   Yuma Community Food Bank
                                                               1320   Jail Information
9735   Yuma County Area Transit
                                                               1325   Jury Duty
9740   Yuma County Chamber of Commerce
                                                               1330   Juvenile and Domestic Relations Services
9745   Yuma County Fair Grounds
                                                               1335   Juvenile Detention
9750   Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area
                                                               1340   Legal Aid
9755   Yuma Crossing State Historic Park
                                                               1345   Probate Court
9760   Yuma Elementary District One Office
                                                               1350   Public Defender
9765   Yuma International Airport
                                                               1355   Small Claims Court
9770   Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization
                                                               1360   What Court is Going to Handle my Case?
9772   Yuma Neighborhood Development Organization
Court Information and Services -                                      Emergency Management
City and County                                                       7120   What to do After a Hurricane

1362   Where can I make my payment and what type of                   7125   What to do After a Tornado
       payments are accepted?                                         7130   What to do After a Wildfire
1365   Yuma County Attorney's Office
                                                                      7135   What to do After an Earthquake
1370   Yuma County Sheriff's Office
                                                                      7140   What to do Before a Flood

Education                                                             7145   What to do Before a Hazardous Materials Incident

1960   After School Extracurricular Activities                        7150   What to do Before a Heat Wave

1965   Before and After School Recreation Programs                    7155   What to do Before a Hurricane

1970   Elementary and High School District Information                7160   What to do Before a Tornado

1975   Higher Education                                               7165   What to do Before a Wildfire
                                                                      7170   What to do Before an Earthquake
Elections and Voting                                                  7175   What to do During a Flood
1400   Next Elections
                                                                      7180   What to do During a Hazardous Materials Incident
1405   Political and Campaign Signs
                                                                      7185   What to do During a Heat Wave
1410   Polling Places and Times
                                                                      7190   What to do During a Hurricane
1415   Registering to Vote
                                                                      7195   What to do During a Nuclear Emergency
1420   Running for Public Office
                                                                      7200   What to do During a Wildfire
1425   Voter Registration and Election Office - General Information
                                                                      7205   What to do During an Earthquake
1430   Voter Registration Requirements
                                                                      7210   Windstorms
1435   Voting by Early (Absentee) Ballot
Emergency Management                                                  1450   City of Yuma Employment and Benefits - General
7000   Disaster Recovery Assistance                                          Information
7005   Disaster Supplies Kit                                          1455   City of Yuma Fire Fighter Employment
7010   Earthquakes - General Information                              1460   City of Yuma Job Listings - Full Time
7015   Emergency Broadcast Information                                1465   City of Yuma Part-time and Seasonal Positions
7020   Emergency Management Office - General Information              1470   City of Yuma Police Officer/Cadet Employment
7025   Emergency Planning Information                                 1475   City of Yuma Volunteers - General Information
7030   Evacuation                                                     1480   Equal Employment Opportunity
7032   Family Disaster Plan And Personal Survival Guide               1485   Submitting a Job Application
7035   Federal and State Emergency Relief                             1490   Unemployment Benefits and Information
7040   Floods - General Information
7045   Hazardous Materials Incidents - General Information
                                                                      1500   Air Quality and Pollution Standard Index
7050   Health and Safety After a Disaster
                                                                      1505   Clean And Beautiful Commission
7055   Heat Waves - General Information
                                                                      1510   Disposing Hazardous Materials
7060   Hurricanes - General Information
                                                                      1515   Drought Conditions
7065   Lightning
                                                                      1520   Electric Energy Conservation Tips
7070   Managing Food Supplies
                                                                      1525   Indoor Water Conservation Tips
7075   Managing Water Supplies
                                                                      1530   Outdoor Water Conservation Tips
7080   National Security Emergencies
                                                                      1535   Radon Monitoring and Prevention
7085   Nuclear Emergencies - General Information
                                                                      1540   Reporting Hazardous Materials Spills
7090   Public Disaster Shelters
                                                                      1545   Water Quality
7095   Reducing the Impact of a Disaster
7100   Returning Home After a Disaster                                Facilities and Locations
7105   Water Purification                                             2500   Athletic Complexes and Fields

7110   What to do After a Flood                                       2505   City Hall

7115   What to do After a Hazardous Materials Incident                2510   City Prosecutor
Facilities and Locations                                           Fire
2515   Community/Recreation Centers                                7450   What To Do After a Fire
2520   Fire Station Locations                                      7455   What To Do During a Fire
2525   Golf Courses                                                7457   Why Are Fire Department Emergency Response Vehicles
                                                                          Left Running When They Are on Calls?
2530   Parks
                                                                   7460   Why Are Fire Stations So Big?
2535   Paths and Trails
                                                                   7465   Why Are Fire Trucks So Big?
2540   Picnic Ramadas
                                                                   7470   Why Do So Many Fire Personnel Go to the Store?
2545   Public Works, City Engineering, Utilities and Purchasing
       Warehouse Campus                                            7475   Why Do So Many Fire Personnel Show Up At a Medical Call
2550   Skateboarding and Hockey Rinks                              7480   Why Does a Fire Truck Show Up When I Call 911 and
                                                                          Request an Ambulance?
2555   Swimming Pools and Water Features
                                                                   7485   Wildfire Awareness
2560   West Wetlands Pond
                                                                   7490   Will I Be Charged if the City of Yuma Fire Department
2565   Yuma Art Center and Historic Yuma Theatre                          Responds?
2570   Yuma Civic Center
2575   Yuma Municipal Court
                                                                   8000   Boards and Commissions Application
2580   Yuma Police Department and Jail
                                                                   8005   Boards and Commissions Terms of Office and Meeting
Fire                                                               8010   Business License Application
7300   A Bit About - Fire Department
                                                                   8012   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Center - Rental
7305   Are CPR Classes Available Through the City of Yuma Fire            Agreement
                                                                   8015   Encroachment Permit Application
7310   Arson
                                                                   8020   Home Occupation Business License Application
7315   Community Emergency Response Training (CERT)
                                                                   8025   Map of Yuma City Hall
7320   False Alarms
                                                                   8035   Neighborhood Meeting Guidelines
7325   Fire Department - Emergencies
                                                                   8040   Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule
7330   Fire Department Fundraising
                                                                   8042   Political and Campaign Signs
7335   Fire Department Tours
                                                                   8043   Purchasing Buyer Contact Information
7340   Fire Escape Planning for Homes
                                                                   8045   Purchasing Terms and Conditions
7345   Fire Extinguishers
                                                                   8050   Request for Public Records
7350   Fire Inspections for Homes
                                                                   8055   Residential Rehabilitation - Pre-Qualification Application
7355   Fire Lane Parking Violations
                                                                   8060   Utilities - Application for Commercial Service
7360   Fire Reports
                                                                   8065   Utilities - Application for Residential Service
7365   Fire Safety Tip - 4th of July Holiday Safety
                                                                   8070   Utilities - Payment Authorization
7370   Fire Safety Tip - Candles and Christmas Decorations
                                                                   8080   Who? What? Where? Message Listing
7375   Fire Safety Tip - Children/Pets and Cars
7380   Fire Safety Tip - Cooking Safety                            Government - City of Yuma
7385   Fire Safety Tip - For Parents                               1580   About Mayor and Council
7390   Fire Safety Tip - Heating Equipment                         1585   Boards and Commissions
7395   Fire Safety Tip - Holiday                                   1595   Citizen Suggestions
7400   Fire Sprinkler Systems                                      1600   Council Meetings, Worksessions and Roundtables
7405   Fireworks Regulations                                       1605   Department - City Administration
7410   How Do I Become A Firefighter for the City of Yuma?         1610   Department - City Attorney
7415   I Received a Bill from Rural/Metro and I Live in the City   1615   Department - Community Development
7420   Protecting Your Home Against Fire                           1620   Department - Engineering
7425   Public Appearance Request                                   1625   Department - Finance
7430   Recreational Fires                                          1630   Department - Fire
7435   Reporting Fire Code Violations                              1635   Department - Human Resources
7440   What Do Fire Persons Do During the Day?                     1640   Department - Information Technology Services
7445   What Kind of Smoke Detector Should I Get For My Home?       1645   Department - Mayor and Council
Government - City of Yuma                                          Licenses
1650   Department - Municipal Court                                1765   Bingo Permits
1655   Department - Parks and Recreation                           1770   Birth Certificates
1660   Department - Police                                         1775   Death Certificates
1665   Department - Public Works                                   1777   Fishing Licenses
1670   Department - Utilities                                      1780   Garage and Yard Sale Permits
1675   Government Auctions                                         1785   Marriage License
1680   Government Communications                                   1790   Passports
1685   Public Records Requests - All Other                         1795   Public Notary
1690   Public Records Requests - Municipal Court                   1800   Special Events Permits
1695   Yuma City Code and Yuma City Charter
                                                                   Parks - Pools - Recreation - More
Government - Non City                                              5000   A Bit About - Parks and Recreation
1995   Arizona State Government Representatives                    5005   Facilities and Locations - Athletic Complexes and Fields
2000   Federal Military Installations                              5010   Facilities and Locations - Community Centers
2005   United States Federal Government Representatives            5015   Facilities and Locations - Golf Courses
2010   Yuma County Government Representatives                      5020   Facilities and Locations - Parks
                                                                   5023   Facilities and Locations - Paths and Trails
Health                                                             5025   Facilities and Locations - Picnic Ramadas
1700   American Red Cross
                                                                   5030   Facilities and Locations - Skateboarding and Hockey Rinks
1705   Community Hospitals
                                                                   5035   Facilities and Locations - Swimming Pools and Water
1710   CPR Certifications                                                 Features
1715   Crossroads Mission                                          5045   Facilities and Locations - West Wetlands Pond
1720   Hospice of Yuma                                             5050   Facilities and Locations - Yuma Art Center and Historic
                                                                          Yuma Theatre
1725   Medicare and Medicaid Programs
                                                                   5055   Facilities and Locations - Yuma Civic Center
1730   No Smoking Regulations
                                                                   5060   Other - Boating Rules and Regulations
1735   Public Health Department-General Information
                                                                   5065   Other - Fishing Laws and Regulations
1740   Public Health Illnesses and Complaints
                                                                   5070   Other - Hunting Laws and Information
Housing                                                            5075   Other - Photo Release
3205   Community Development Block Grant                           5080   Other - Reporting Vandalism and Repairs
3210   Fair Housing Protection                                     5085   Parks - Rules and Regulations
3215   Home and Property Maintenance Tips                          5090   Permits and Rentals - Alcohol Permits
3220   Homeowner Property Rehabilitation Program                   5095   Permits and Rentals - Facilities and Athletic Fields
3225   House Numbering Code                                        5097   Permits and Rentals - Pool Rental
3226   Maintaining Your Neighborhood - Anti-Ugly Ordinance         5100   Permits and Rentals - Ramada Reservations
3227   Maintaining Your Neighborhood - Neighborhood Services       5105   Recreation - Adaptive Sports and Activities
       Code Enforcement
                                                                   5107   Recreation - Adult Instructional Programs
3229   Maintaining Your Neighborhood - Rental Inspections
                                                                   5110   Recreation - Adult Sports
3230   Public Housing Programs
                                                                   5115   Recreation - Aquatics
3235   Rental Property Rehabilitation Program
                                                                   5120   Recreation - Outdoor Programs and Activities
Library                                                            5122   Recreation - Pre-School and Youth Instructional Programs
1980   Public Library Main Branch and General Information          5125   Recreation - Senior Adults
1985   Public Library Satellite Branch Locations and Information   5130   Recreation - Special Events
                                                                   5132   Recreation - Summer Pool Passes for Open Swim
                                                                   5135   Recreation - Teens
1750   Alcohol Permits
                                                                   5140   Recreation - Youth Sports
1755   Alcohol Permits - Special Event
                                                                   5145   Registration and Policies - City Resident and Non-resident
1760   Alcohol Permits for City Parks, Fields, and Ramadas
Parks - Pools - Recreation - More                                    Police and Public Safety
5150   Registration and Policies - How To Register For An Activity   6110   When to Dial 911
5155   Registration and Policies - Refund Policy
                                                                     Public Works
Planning and Zoning                                                  4000   A Bit About - Public Works Department
3300   City of Yuma General Plan                                     4005   Adopt-A-Street Program
3305   Community Planning Division - General Information             4010   Reporting Maintenance and Repairs
3310   Conditional Use Permits                                       4015   Sidewalk Maintenance
3315   Encroachment Permit                                           4020   Storm Drains
3320   Local Maps and Boundaries                                     4025   Street Sweeping
3325   Neighborhood Meetings
3330   Planning and Zoning Commission
                                                                     Purchasing and Contracting
                                                                     1805   Can I Set Up An Office Visit to Promote My Business and
3332   Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule                                     Product or Service?
3335   Sign Regulations                                              1810   How Do I Do Business with the City of Yuma?
3340   Subdivision Plat Approval Process                             1815   How Do I Submit A Bid to the City of Yuma?
3345   Variance Procedure                                            1820   How Often Does the City of Yuma Hold Public Auctions and
                                                                            How Do I Get Additional Information About the Auction?
3350   Zoning District - General Commercial
                                                                     1825   How to Be Added to the Bid List
3355   Zoning District - Limited Commercial
                                                                     1830   Standard Terms and Conditions for Doing Business with
3360   Zoning District - Manufactured Housing Subdivision                   the City of Yuma
3365   Zoning District - Manufacturer Housing Park
3370   Zoning District - Old Town
                                                                     Safety Tips
                                                                     7500   Air Bags
3375   Zoning District - Planned Shopping Center
                                                                     7505   Bicycle Safety
3380   Zoning District - Transitional District
                                                                     7510   Child Passenger Safety

Police and Public Safety                                             7515   Dehydration
6000   A Bit About - Police Department                               7520   Driving Regulations
6005   Citizens' Police Academy                                      7525   Driving Safety
6010   Curfew Violations                                             7530   Electric Energy Safety Tips
6015   Fingerprinting Program                                        7535   Fire Safety
6020   Help Us Prevent and Fight Crime, Call our 78-CRIME            7540   General Boating Safety
                                                                     7545   Health and Safety After a Disaster
6025   Home Safety Tips
                                                                     7550   House Numbering Code
6028   How Do I Obtain a Vehicle Release
                                                                     7555   Household Chemical Safety
6030   How to Report a Complaint about Police Service
                                                                     7560   Sun Safety
6035   Loitering Violations
                                                                     7565   Swimming Pool Safety
6040   Neighborhood Watch Program
                                                                     7570   Vehicle Fires
6045   Noise Violations
                                                                     7575   Water Safety
6050   Obtaining Police Records and Reports
6055   Patrol Division                                               Social Services
6060   Personal Safety                                               1850   Adult Protection Services
6065   Police Department - Emergencies                               1855   Amberly's Place
6070   Police Employment                                             1860   Americans with Disabilities Act Access to City of Yuma
6075   Police Explorers Program
                                                                     1865   Arizona's Children Association
6080   Reporting/Removing Graffiti
                                                                     1867   Community Development Block Grant
6085   Ride-Along Program
                                                                     1870   Emergency Needs - Crossroads Mission
6090   School Resource Program
                                                                     1875   Food Assistance Programs
6095   Seat Belt and Child Safety Seat Laws
                                                                     1880   Housing Assistance Programs
6100   Traffic Accident Reports
                                                                     1885   Meals on Wheels
6105   Vacation House Watch Program
Social Services                                                   Utilities
1890   Reporting Child Abuse                                      4155   City of Yuma - Ways to Pay your Utility Bill
1895   Social Security Administration                             4160   Electric - Electrical Savings
                                                                  4165   Electric - Electrical Service Problems
Tourism and Attractions                                           4170   Electric - Safety During Electrical Outages
5200   Annual Events and Festivals
                                                                  4172   Electric - Services
5210   Convention Services
                                                                  4175   Electric - What to do During an Extended Power Outage
5215   Farmer's Market
                                                                  4177   Gas/Propane - Services
5220   Historical Landmarks and Sites
                                                                  4180   Other - Household Grease Management
5225   Hotel and Restaurant Guide
                                                                  4185   Other - Internet Service
5230   Nature Attractions
                                                                  4190   Other - Locating Utilities Before you Dig
5235   New Residents and Visitors Center
                                                                  4195   Television - Public Access Television
5240   Traveling to Mexico
                                                                  4200   Television - Services
5245   Unique Attractions
                                                                  4205   Water - Being Prepared for a Water Outage Situation
5250   Yuma Civic Center
                                                                  4210   Water - Do I Need to Install a Reverse Osmosis (RO)
5255   Yuma County Fairgrounds                                           Drinking Water System?
                                                                  4215   Water - Do I Need to Install a Water Softener in my
Transportation                                                           Home? What are Some Risks and Benefits?
1900   Abandoned Vehicles                                         4220   Water - How Does the Cost of Drinking City of Yuma Wate
1905   Bicycle Registration                                              Compare to “Store Bought” Water?
                                                                  4225   Water - I’m Concerned About Sodium in my Diet. How
1910   Driver's Licenses and Permits
                                                                         Much Salt is in City of Yuma Water?
1915   Illegally Parked Vehicles                                  4230   Water - I’m Setting Up a New Water Softener. What is the
1920   Local Airport                                                     Hardness of City of Yuma Water?
                                                                  4235   Water - Is Fluoride Added to City of Yuma Water? If so,
1925   Public Transit
                                                                         Why? How Much?
1930   Vehicle Title and Registration                             4240   Water - Is the Concentration of Arsenic or Other Metals in
                                                                         City of Yuma Water Dangerous? How are they Treated or
Trash and Recycling                                                      Removed?
4050   Bulk Trash Collections                                     4245   Water - My Water is Cloudy. What’s Going On?

4055   Christmas Tree Collections                                 4250   Water - Saving on your Water Bill

4060   Household Hazardous Waste Collection                       4255   Water - What Can Be Done About the Taste of Chlorine in
                                                                         the Drinking Water?
4065   Recycling Other Materials
                                                                  4260   Water/Sewer - The Water in my Kitchen Sink/Shower
4070   Trash and Sanitation Services                                     Smells Bad. Is there a Problem with the Water?
4075   Trash Pickup Regulations
4080   Trash Pickup Schedule

4100   City of Yuma - Water - How to Check for a Water Leak
4105   City of Yuma - Water - Installing New Water Meter
4110   City of Yuma - Water Industrial Pretreatment
4115   City of Yuma - Water Quality Complaints and Information
4120   City of Yuma - Water Service Questions
4125   City of Yuma - Water/Sewer - Backflow/Cross Connection
4130   City of Yuma - Water/Sewer - Reporting Damaged Utilities
4135   City of Yuma - Water/Sewer - Starting, Transferring or
       Stopping Utility Services
4140   City of Yuma - Water/Sewer/Trash Customer Service
4145   City of Yuma - Water/Sewer/Trash Services - Are you
4150   City of Yuma - Water/Sewer/Trash Utility Billing and

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