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					Layout task: To make a simple birthday invitation using a master page, frames and columns
Natalie Tal, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ
Application: Adobe InDesign 2.0
master page objects:
text frames
graphic frames
automatic page numbers
running footers
Type tool
Rectangle tool
Rectangle Frame tool
Line tool
Type/Insert Special Character/Auto Page Number
Type/Insert White Space/Em space
Type/Insert Special Character/Right Indent Tab
View/Show Ruler
text formatting commands
First go to Preference, select Units & Increments. Change picas to inches in the Ruler Units menu.

STEP 1. Open a new document. Settings: 3 pages, check the box for Facing Pages, and uncheck the
Master Text Frame option. Set the page size to custom, the width to 7 inches, and height to 5 inches,
orientation is landscape. Margins should be .05 for all, columns =1, and gutter is 0.1667

STEP 2. We want to make the master page hold the objects that will appear on the other pages, but
right now there are 2 pages. So, go to the Pages palette and double click on the word A-Master to get
to the master page. Choose Master Options for A-Master from the Pages palette menu. Change the
number of pages to 1 instead of 2.

STEP 3. Letʼs start adding the objects that will be on pages 1-3. A-Master should still be selected
on the Pages palette. If not, double click it now. There should be one page in the spread. Create a
rectangle frame using the Frame tool from the Tools palette. I created 4 rectangles and 8 ellipses. You
can place them to your liking and apply any colors. I also lowered the opacity to all the objects, which
you can adjust from the Transparency palette. Save your document.
Step 4. Now weʼll work on the front of the invitation. In the Pages palette, double click on page 1 so
it is highlighted. You will now see page one in the spread but you will not be able to adjust the objects
you just created. You can only do that on the master page. So letʼs add the phrase “Youʼre Invited to a
Party!!” Select the Type tool and create 4 separate text frames. I suggest creating one at a time. In my
example the font I used is Curlz. “Youʼre” and “invited” are size 82, “to a” is size 60, and “Party” is
size 72. You can adjust the font sizes and styles in the characters palette. Save your document.

Step 5. Letʼs go to the inside of the invitation. Double click on page 2 to get there. I placed driving
directions on this side, but if you decide you want your invitation to be blank, just go to the Pages
palette menu and select Apply Master to Pages. Select None instead of A-Master and under pages,
type 2.

Step 6. If you decide you want to add directions (or any extra information), then letʼs get started.
Create a text frame that will hold the word Directions: and place it at the top of the page. Once again,
I used Curlz for the font and size 60 because I want to keep consistency in my design, something you
want to keep in mind as youʼre designing.

Step 7. Now I made driving directions in a text frame. So, make a large text frame almost the size of
the entire page. Weʼll create 2 columns by choosing Object/Text Frame Options. In the Columns field,
type 2. Now you can type in the appropriate information. You can also change the font and size so it
fits nicely in the text frame. I also aligned the text in the columns along the sides. The left column is
aligned to the left and the right side of the column is aligned to the right. You can adjust this in the
Paragraph palette.
I also added a third text frame which holds the RSVP information. The font is Curlz and the size
is 25 pt. If you choose to do this, thatʼs fine, or you could put it on the other side with the party
information. Save your document.

Step 8. Now weʼll go to the last part of invitation, so double click on page 3 in the Pages palette
to get there. What weʼll do is make the layout the same as step 5 except weʼll set the alignment to
center in the text frame with columns and change the size of he text. You should be able to do this
step and finish your invitation design on your own. Look at my invitation to see how I placed my
text frames.

Good Luck and remember to choose File/Save!!
 to a
      Directions: 4 North
From Route 4 South From Route
go towards the post office and       going towards the post office and
make a left onto Snickers Road       make a right onto Snickers Road
which is the third street after                which is the second street
the post office. On Snickers rd.,                  after Tony’s Pizzeria.
continue slowly and make a right                        On Snickers rd.,
onto Avenue St. The sign is hid-     continue slowly and make a right
den behind a large apple tree.              onto Avenue St. The sign is
On Avenue St., the 7th house on      hidden behind a large apple tree.
the right is our house. Park on      On Avenue St., the 7th house on
our side of the road. The neigh-        the right is our house. Park on
bors get angry! Please call if you                  our side of the road.
                                      The neighbors get angry! Please
need other directions                  call if you need other directions
or if you get lost :)                                 or if you get lost :)

         RSVP: 555-1234 by August 10th

    FOR:                 Jaimie Doe
  WHEN:                       August 14th
  WHERE:                  27TH Avenue St.
   TIME:                        1:30 pm
  PICKUP:                       6:00 pm
   please bring your swimsuit and towel and
         your waterguns and swim toys.
   There will be music, fun, games, and pizza!

Description: This is an example of first birthday invitation. This document is useful in making first birthday invitation.
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