7th Annual Women of Venice Edition Venice Couple Lives Happily by dfgh4bnmu


									 7th Annual Women of Venice Edition
 Letters - 2
 Permit Parking - 3
 Lucy Parsons,
   Holiday Venice - 4
 Assata Shakur, City Election - 5
  Month in photos - 6

 Farmer’s Market - 7


   Int’l Women’s Day - 8
 Poetry - 9
 Cityhood,                                                                                                                                                                   #329
   Open letter - 10
 Calendar - 12

    Venice Couple Lives
                                            P.O. BOX 2, VENICE, CALIF 90294 • www.freevenice.org • Beachhead@freevenice.org • 396-0811/399-8685

     Happily Ever After
                    –Thanks to Fawn Walenski

    By Philomene Long                                            Fawn goes inside. She closes the door
                                                                 The image of his face is before her
         Fawn Walenski’s aim is as true as her love.             “Like a lamb led to the slaughter,” she thinks
                            –Evening Outlook                     “Gentle innocence.”

    “Mind my bullet wound.”                                      Then she sees a planter of terra cotta                  Fawn Walenski and Jonathon Thays in their Thornton
    I’ve just finished hugging Fawn Walenski                     The one she had been trying to give away to every-      Towers apartment. Photo by Martha Brown-Andrade
    because I love her                                           one
    It is the first time I have ever heard those                 Even to me, the last time I saw her                     Which follows her gaze, its blade, a ruby red
    words—                                                                                                               On her fingertips the light is solid
    “Mind my bullet wound.”                                      She picks up the terra cotta planter                    In her right eye she sees the graceful terra cotta
    Before she would explain she needed one more                 Feels the silky smooth cast of the pot                  Hit the gunman’s shoulder
    word                                                         Knowing it could cut like a knife                       In her left eye she sees the flash of his gun
    To complete her acrostic puzzle                              She has never felt such peace
    “What is a four-letter word for Zen paradox?”                Not even when she cleaned the church until it crack-    The bullet which pierces her chest
    she asked                                                    led                                                     Moves like a skipping stone through her flesh
    “Koan,” I answered                                           “I can do this,” she says. “I can do this.”             As if unwilling to harm her
    Now, this is her story as I understand it:                                                                           Avoids even the smallest of her bones
                                                                                                                         Darts past her heart, her lungs
    At the door of their basement apartment in                   She opens the door                                      Vaults out of her back to shatter
    Thornton Tower                                               She sees the gunman’s foot against the small of         Only the plaster behind her
    The gunman hollers                                           Jonathon’s back
    “GIMME ALL YOU GOT! I AX YOU GIMME                           The finger tense around the trigger                     Later she will suspend an empty picture frame
    ALL YOU GOT!”                                                Her fingers loose around the terra cotta                Around the bullet hole in the wall
    Jonathon Thays replies                                       She has never felt a cast so smooth                     Receive the Carnegie Medal for Heroism
    “I’ve got a dollar.”                                         Her balance is perfect                                  (That year only eight would receive it in America),
    In the narrow basement hall                                  She has no fear                                         And with the award money buy exercise equip-
    Gray white walls, one bald light bulb                        ‘I’m not going to let you hurt him,” she says           ment
    Fawn watches from the door—
                                                                                                                         And she will give me a fragment (this time I will
    Jonathon, his cold cheek against the cold cement             The gunman turns, aims at Fawn’s heart                  take it)
    floor                                                        Again, she says, “I’m not going to let you hurt him.”   Of that clay planter which now happily sits
    His eyes become blank as the beginning of time               Her hair is the color of terra cotta                    On my altar upon the Buddha’s lap
    The only color, the blue of Fawn’s t-shirt                   Through her throat a tawny river of lions flows.
    With REO SPEED WAGON written in bold print                   The gunman’s eyes are like startled mice                But what happened to the gunman?
    “Go inside,” Jonathon tells Fawn, thinking only              The terra cotta released becomes a stampede of red      And what did he do with his dollar?
    of her                                                       hot horses                                              He picked the wrong immortal couple
    The barrel of the gun now at his head, execution             Becomes a thousand lilies on fire                       The wrong terra cotta
    style                                                        A long thin wind of flame                                            This incident occurred in 1995. Fawn and
                                                                                                                                 Jonathon are still living in the same apartment.

       CASUALTIES IN IRAQ                                                 Celebrate International Women’s Day
                                                                      with Beachhead Women Writers and Poets
                4,251 U.S. Dead
              31,054 U.S. Wounded
             Iraqi Dead: 1,311,696
                                                                                 at Beyond Baroque
                                                                    7pm, Sunday, March 8 • 681 Venice Blvd. - $10 donation
     Cost: $600+ Billion         Source: costofwar.com

                                                                     Including: Krista Schwimmer, Jessica Aden, Lynne Bronstein, Amy Dewhurst, Susan Hayden,
                    660 U.S. Dead                                    Hillary Kaye, Peggy Lee Kennedy, Erica Snowlake, Suzanne Thompson, Suzy Williams,
Sources: justforeignpolicy.org • icasualties.org • antiwar.com       Emily Winters and Antonieta Villamil
2 • March 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead                                                                                                      Anti, anti-OPD
                                                                                                                                Dear Beachhead,
                        The                                                                                                     I live on a street that has an OPD. I’m certain
               collective staff of the                                                                                     that all the neighbors for our number of blocks that
                                                                                                                           got this in the last couple of years are wildly in favor

                                                                     I Say No to Permit Parking
                                                                                                                           of them, frankly it has been a godsend. Prior to hav-
                                                                                                                           ing our OPD, we had numerous serious problems
                                                                   Dear Beachhead,                                         with people living in vehicles on our street.
                                                                   On purpose, at almost Midnight, I am listening               Since we have the OPD, there have been none.
                                                              to Scott Joplin’s Rags...”Solace”...                         Yet the Venice Beachhead only seems to represent the
  BEACHHEAD COLLECTIVE:                                            On purpose, because it is what I used to listen to      voice of those in Venice who are opposed to OPD’s.
  Karl Abrams, Amy Dewhurst, Carol Fondiller, Don             during long nights typing as a translator                         Would you give voice in the Beachhead to those
  Geagan, Peggy Lee Kennedy, Mark Lipman, Lydia                    ( being a piano and accordion player, and               of us who not only are in favor of the ODP’s but in
  Poncé, Krista Schwimmer, Jim Smith, Erica
                                                              absolutely hating the old noisy typewriters, I fanta-        favor of a democratic process for neighborhoods
  Snowlake, Alice Stek. Intern: Jessica Aden
                                                              sized...).                                                   such as ours to be able to go through a legal process
       The FREE VENICE BEACHHEAD is published                      That was back in the heady days of the late 70’s,       given to all legal residents in Los Angeles to achieve
  monthly by the Beachhead Collective as a vehicle for        when I lived in the Chicago Mexican American                 this?
  the people of Venice to communicate their ideas and         neighborhood of Pilsen.
                                                                                                                               Sincerely, Ty Allison
  opinions to the community at large.                              Now I live between our Venice, and, as tonight,
       The Beachhead encourages anyone to submit              in the Swiss mountain valleys of my childhood.
  news stories, articles, letters, photos, poetry or graph-
                                                                   Snug as a bug in a rug in the studio I rent on the      Beachhead responds: Au contraire, Ty Allison. Last month
  ics of interest to the Venice community. The staff                                                                       the Beachhead published Casey Bowen’s views which were
  reserves the right to make all decisions collectively       ground floor of a Swiss peasant home, facing the
                                                              snowy fields for their cows in Summer, at the foot of        decidedly in favor of permit parking. Problem is, most pro-
  on material published. There is no editor on the
  Beachhead. The printing is financed by ads, sustain-        pristine mountains crowned with grey rocks out of            ponents have not been interested in a debate, whether in
  ers and donations. The articles, poetry and art work        which I watched the yellow almost full moon rise             print or in public.
  express the opinions of the individual contributors         into the dark clouds late last night...
  and are not necessarily the views of the Beachhead                                                                       outcasts, be they outcasts politically, socially, intellec-
                                                                   So, what does any of this have to do with the
  Collective.                                                                                                              tually, artistically, financially...THAT has been
                                                              Permit Parking debate in our Venice?
       To submit material, include your name and tele-                                                                     Venice’s Mother Lode.
  phone number. Anonymous material will not be                     It has to do with why I have the point of view
                                                                                                                                The people who can afford to come into Venice
  printed, but your name will be with-                        that I do.
                                                                                                                           and want to change it, can afford to go elsewhere,
  held on request. No payment is             The Beachhead         And, as I see it, “Pilsen and Venice are
  made for material used.                                                                                                  and not change a thing!
                                             is printed on    Culturally, Politically, and Humanly, Soul
                                             recycled                                                                           It will not even cost them more in the long run!
  Mail: P.O. Box 2, Venice, CA 90294.                         Neighborhoods”.
                                             paper                                                                              Because, by the time they would
  Web: www.freevenice.org                    with soy-             In Venice I rent, as was the case in Pilsen. I have
                                                                                                                           change/upgrade Venice, the tax basis and all the
  Email: Beachhead@freevenice.org            based ink.       no assigned parking...no Permit Parking!
                                                                                                                           services would skyrocket, and they would suddenly
                                                                   Most of the time, I walk about 4 blocks home,

        Beachhead Sustainers:
                                                                                                                           wonder: what happened? as they found themselves
                                                              across the beautiful canals, often finding some happy
                                                                                                                           paying as in any more expensive neighborhood, hav-
                                                              surfer parking right in front of my house, or at other
                                                                                                                           ing destroyed “the charm” which attracted them to
                                                              times, some beachgoers, or late at night, who knows
          Richard Abcarian • Karl Abrams                      who...
          Eric Ahlberg • Linda Albertano                           Now, as I consider the possibility of buying a
                                                                                                                                “The charm”...the Mother Lode....blown away
        James Bambrick • Beyond Baroque                                                                                    like Autumn Leaves...
                                                              place in Venice, I started to think that this was not
  Jennifer Baum • C. V. Beck • Sheila Bernard                                                                                   At this time, it is only talk and plans of Permit
                                                              such a cool arrangement...I mean, what is this BS? I
                                                                                                                           Parking, but on the heels of the Oakwood
                  Big Daddy’s & Sons                          would be paying taxes and yet have no assigned
                                                                                                                           “drug”raids last year !
               Chuck/Terry Bloomquist                         parking?
                                                                                                                                It is yet another step in changing that very
              David Brooks • Rex Butters                           And then there is the really uncool aspect of the
                                                                                                                           Character and Spirit of Venice that people all over
     Steve Clare • Cosmo • Maureen Cotter                     late night vandals I have written about in these
                                                                                                                           the world come to experience....
    John Davis • Fred Dewey • Bob Dolman                      pages a while back. Hummmm....maybe this Permit
                                                                                                                                Just like similar drug and weapons raids and
                                                              Parking starts to make sense....
      Steve Effingham • Douglas Eisenstark                                                                                 fires were the prelude to Urban Renewal/Urban
                                                                   And then, the experience and example of Pilsen
               David Ewing • Lisa Ezell                       hit me full force !!!
                                                                                                                           Removal in some Chicago neighborhoods whose
               Ed Ferrer • Peter R. Force                          While I lived in Pilsen, we started hearing of
                                                                                                                           longtime residents were blown away like Autumn
          Della Franco • The Fruit Gallery                                                                                 leaves...
                                                              nearby neighborhoods “suddenly” having a wave of
          Nadine Gallegos • Don Geagan                                                                                          Pilsen was/is unique, and, as a community, it
                                                              drugs and firearms raids, and watched news reports
                                                                                                                           stood up !
  Linda Levitz Goodman • Meredith Gordon                      of homes burning down and residents shivering out-
                                                                                                                                Pilsen not only survived quietly, (the streets have
            Joseph Gross • Pamela Gruber                      side...followed by urban renewal, and the creation of
                                                                                                                           not changed since I lived there in 1978, potholes and
           Susan Hayden • Jeffrey Hirsch                      lovely new safe neighborhoods to replace the ever so
                                                                                                                           all !) it thrives Culturally and Humanly !
             Ted Hajjar • Arleen Hendler                      old and dangerous ones.
                                                                                                                                My Swiss Alps sense of neatness and order
              Dawn Hollier • Joel Isaccs                           At the time we called it “Urban Removal”:
                                                                                                                           leaned heavily towards Permit Parking and keeping
                                                              where did all those original residents have to go?...
         Maureen Jacobson • Hillary Kaye                                                                                   Venice clean and safe.
                                                                   I moved from Pilsen, for reasons out of my con-
           John Kertisz • Mark A Kleiman                      trol, much to my regret, as I really liked living there,
                                                                                                                                I would still like Venice to be clean and safe, but
     Joan Klotz • Ira Koslow • Donna Lacey                    and then heard that the “Urban Renewal/Removal”
                                                                                                                           not at the expense of its Character and Soul !
   Larry Layne • Danise Lehrer • Janet Lent                                                                                     So, I say no to Permit Parking.
                                                              scenario was beginning in Pilsen.
  Jay Levin • Michael Linder • Karl Lisovsky                       I went back on purpose this last Spring, back to
             Pegarty Long • Linda Lucks                       see the house we lived in on Leavitt, a half a block
                                                                                                                                               –Cristina Rojas

     Stash Maleski – ICU Art • Eric Mankin                    from the El which made the entire house shake every
        Michael McGuffin • Debra J. Miller                    time an El passed !!! and it was all still there as when
       Michael Millman • Susan Millmann                       we lived there ! Holes in the sidewalk, potholes in
     Tina Morehead • Sandy/David Moring                       the street, and all !                                                                 The
                                                                   You see, Pilsen stood up !
         Anne Murphy • Carmen Navarro
                                                                   Because Pilsen is not just holed side walks and
          Earl Newman • Barbara Palivos                       pot holed streets.
           Peter Pearce • Sherman J. Pearl                         Pilsen is a vibrant self respecting Mexican
              Lydia Poncé • Chicago Red                       American community, with a notable Mexican
    Karen Reeves • Nancy Raffaelli Richards                   American Cultural Center, and many related and
   Gail Rogers • Cristina Rojas • Ron Rouda                   independent cultural artistic centers blooming !If one                          Needs You
         James Schley • Krista Schwimmer                      moves into Pilsen, you take it as it is, and that is why
               Linda Shusett • Jim Smith                      you move there !                                                      Become a Sustainer
       John Stein • Alice Stek • Mike Suhd                         If you want to change it, then maybe you should
      Surfing Cowboys • Ted Tannenbaum                        move elsewhere !
                                                                   I feel that the same goes for our Venice.                      Become an Advertiser
                Carol Tantau • Swami X
                                                                   Yes, there are multi-million dollar houses, and
       Suzanne Thompson • Venice Grind
         Venice Originals Skateboard Shop
                                                              the Beach.                                                       Become a Correspondent
                                                                   However, there are many miles of Beach along
                Venice Peace & Freedom                        the Coastline of California, but only one Venice !
            Sabrina Venskus • Carol Wells                          Like Pilsen, Venice has a rich History Culturally
                                                                                                                                   Become a Distributor
    Simone White • Nancy Boyd Williamson                      and Politically, a vibrant Cultural and Political
          Emily Winters • Fabiola Wright
                                                              Present. But also like Pilsen, it is not in its essence, a
                                                              rich people’s community.
   Annual Sustainer: $100.
                                                                                                                                PO Box Two, Venice 90294
   Individual Subscriptions: $35/year                              Beach Front and Marina del Rey not withstand-
   Institutional Subscriptions: $50/year                      ing.
                  Send to: Beachhead                               While Pilsen is a basically stable community,                  Founded: Dec. 1, 1968
               PO Box 2, Venice, CA 90294                     Venice has ever been an ultimate haven for social
                                                                                                                           Free Venice Beachhead • March 2009 • 3

 Coastal Commission, Neighborhood Council Wrestle With Permit Parking
Coastal Commission Agrees                                     Irregularities Charged in                                   Permit Parking Vote
with OPD opponents - Will                                     Venice Neighborhood                                         Targets Venice Homeless
Hold Hearing in June                                          Council Vote                                                    By Michael Linder
    By Jim Smith                                                                                                               “Best fledgling democracy this side of Baghdad”
                                                                  By Peggy Lee Kennedy
     It only took the Coastal Commission a couple of                                                                      quipped a resident after his first voting encounter
                                                                   If you didn’t already know, the Venice Neighbor-       with the 5 year-old Venice Neighborhood Council.
minutes, Feb. 4, to derail the city’s rush to imple-
                                                              hood Council (VNC) held an election Saturday,               “We’ve got long lines, confusing ballots, screaming
ment parking permits in Venice. The 12-person
                                                              February 21 at the Venice Abbot Kinney library. The         matches. Now, someone’s taking the uncounted bal-
Board sided with appeals of the OPDs (Overnight
                                                              election and the ballot counts consisted of more            lots home for the night. We’ve got everything but
Parking Districts) by Peggy Lee Kennedy & Coastal
                                                              irregularities ever seen before in Venice and maybe         purple ink on our fingers.”
Commission Executive Director, Peter Douglas et al,
                                                              the world.                                                       No sectarian violence either as stakeholders
in determining that the permits constitute a substan-
                                                                   The VNC web site claims that the vote is now           turned out in record numbers Saturday, approving
tial issue for coastal access. In all, 33 appeals were
                                                              certified, but exactly when do the two people who           initiatives that would expel the motorized homeless
received by the Commission.
                                                              conduct an election - unseal the ballot box at the          from their ‘hood. Voters refused to overturn an earli-
     Because of this determination, a hearing will be
                                                              polling place to start the vote count, then put ballots     er neighborhood council endorsement of overnight
held on the matter, during
the regularly scheduled                                                                                                                              permit parking districts.
Commission meeting on                                                                                                                                     Some Venetians said
June 10-12. According to                                                                                                                             they were driven solely by
Charles Posner, the South                                                                                                                            parking frustrations and
Coast Manager, a location                                                                                                                            reluctant to impact the
has not been selected.                                                                                                                               already hard-hit homeless.
Possible venues include                                                                                                                              Still, the measures they
Marina del Rey, Long                                                                                                                                 approved would drive
Beach and Orange County.                                                                                                                             homeless vehicle-dwellers
                                                            Part of                                                                                  from Venice streets under
     It was after 4pm
                                                            the                                                                                      threat of heavy fines —
before the Commission got                                   crowd
to item 22, Venice permit                                                                                                                            without offering parking
                                                            waiting                                                                                  alternatives. Voters also
parking, on its agenda.                                     to vote
Most of us had been wait-                                                                                                                            affirmed the rights of resi-
                                                            on                                                                                       dents to set parking
ing since 9am at the                                        permit
Huntington Beach City                                                                                                                                restrictions for individual
                                                            parking.                                                                                 blocks.
Hall. Joining two van
loads and several cars of
                                                              in three smaller flimsy boxes, take these boxes full of         Voting Results - Initiative A
opponents were a handful of permit parking sup-
                                                              ballots to their home, actually be the only two people          868 NO; 634 YES; 9 ABSTAIN
porters and their high-priced lawyer, Sherman
                                                              who conduct the final ballot count the next day, and            Text: To Fairly Represent Venice, the Venice
Stacey (who has appeared before the Commission
                                                              also be the same people who officially certify the              Neighborhood Council (VNC) Must Rescind any
more times than any other attorney).
                                                              election results?                                               VNC Board Approval of Overnight Parking Districts
     Bill Rosendahl, our peripatetic city council per-
                                                                   The election stimulus (no federal money                    in Venice and Transmit a Letter Stating Such to the
son, tried to do his usual ploy of getting the meeting
                                                              involved) for this Venice Neighborhood Council vote             Los Angeles City Council Office, the Bureau of
to rearrange its schedule so he can talk and leave.
                                                              was an initiative petition, a provision of the VNC              Engineering, the Department of Transportation, and
The Commission was having none of it, having host-
                                                              bylaws, submitted by Mark Lipman on December 16.                the California Coastal Commission.
ed Mayors, Senators and Governors in the past. So
                                                              The language of his initiative was meant to rescind
Bill and his staff had to cool their heels until 4pm.
                                                              the Neighborhood Council’s support of Overnight                 Initiative B
     Also spending the day in Huntington Beach
                                                              Permit Parking Districts (OPDs) in Venice, but some             891 YES; 608 NO; 13 ABSTAIN
were LAPD Captain Joseph Hiltner, Officer Theresa
                                                              people felt that it was hard to understand.                     Text: Venice Stakeholders re-affirm that Venice resi-
Skinner and an unidentified detective. Presumably
                                                                                                                              dents have the same democratic right as other L.A.
they were present to testify in favor of OPDs. This
reporter wondered how they were able to spend the
                                                                   The Overnight          “Supporters of                      residents to establish, by 2/3rds petition signatures,
day waiting to testify on a policy decision, when
                                                              Permit Parking              permit parking                      OPDs for their blocks to preserve parking for resi-
                                                              District law or
                                                                                          failed to achieve the
their mission is law enforcement. However, a few                                                                              dents and for night-time security, and call upon the
                                                              OPD law, LAMC                                                   VNC to communicate affirmation of this right to per-
days later, Chief Billy Bratton popped up on TV
campaign for city political candidates. A definition of
                                                              80.54, is a law put         2/3rds majority that                tinent governmental bodies.
                                                                                          will be needed on
                                                              through City
a police state is where a political police force secretly
                                                              Council in 2005 by                                               Lines of voters stretched for blocks on three
supervises the citizens’ activities. Apparently in
Venice and Los Angeles, it’s not a police state since
                                                              Councilperson Bill          each street in order            sides of the Los Angeles Public Library’s Venice
the supervision is done in the open.
                                                              Rosendahl and it is         to impose fees on               branch for much of the afternoon, some waiting 90
                                                              being used to                                               minutes or longer to weigh in on the issue.
     At 4pm the Chair, Bonnie Neely moved to the
                                                              remove those liv-           residents.”                          Council president Mike Newhouse defended the
Venice OPDs. Two of the Commissioners copped to
                                                              ing in vehicles                                             narrow three-hour voting window that began at
having talked with Attorney Stacey, and one, vice-
                                                              from affluent areas, including Venice. The Venice           12:30 p.m. saying it created a low-impact day that
chair William Burke said he had been contacted by
                                                              Neighborhood Council, whose president, Mike New-            encouraged volunteer participation. Volunteers we
Rosendahl. Nevertheless, a motion to regard the
                                                              house, is a real estate attorney and whose board is         spoke with, however, said they were fully prepared
OPDs as a substantial issue was passed without
                                                              mostly white homeowners, support the OPDs.                  to stay as long as necessary. Some said they had ear-
objection. Because there were no objections, no
                                                                   Subsequent to Lipman’s initiative petition, Mark       lier urged the council to lengthen the voting. Critics
speakers were permitted to the regret of many of
                                                              Ryavec and Stewart Oscars, both well known for              dismissed the vote as flawed, failing to accommo-
those who had spent the day in the arena. When the
                                                              Venice Neighborhood Council involvement and for             date absentees and working Venetians.
hearing is held, there will be speakers, but they will
                                                              supporting criminialzation of homeless people, sub-              Many voters said they were flummoxed by the
be limited to those who filed appeals and those who
                                                              mitted an equally confusing opposing initiative peti-       wording of the initiatives. “Nearly half looked at the
had filled out speaker cards at this meeting. But a
                                                              tion the following month stating that permit parking        ballot and wanted to know what the referendums
big turnout of those who want unrestricted coastal
                                                              is a right.                                                 meant,” said one volunteer. “The way the issues
access will certainly help.
                                                                   Overnight permit parking is in neither the U.S.        were written was really hard to figure. I had no

                                                              Constitution Bill of Rights nor the U.N. Declaration        choice but to tell voters that we were not permitted
                                                              of Human Rights. Nonetheless, the Ryavec/Oscars             by law to explain anything. I’m not sure how many
                                                              initiative states that it is a right to have permit park-                    –continued on page 10

    Get breaking news
                                                              ing. What followed was a well-funded campaign
                                                              based on fear, hate, and the pretense that permit
                                                              parking is a public safety issue, an ideology which

        in Venice
                                                              ensued up through the election day.
                                                                   A group calling itself the Venice Stakeholders

   from the Beachhead.
                                                              Association, which Mark Ryavec admits to be part
                                                              of, paid almost $4,000 for Argonaut newspaper ads

  Check our Twitter site:
                                                              in favor of overnight permit parking. First, a 3/4
                                                              page advertisement appeared on February 12, which
                                                              “was filled with unproven allegations, inaccuracies,
                                                                               –continued on page 10
Lucy Parsons – A Life
4 • March 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead

 Dedicated to Justice
    By Caeli Thibeault
     History has a way of forgetting to mention com-
mon people when great discoveries or revolutions
are discussed. Only the elite tend to be mentioned,
but history was forced to remember one woman who
would not be ignored, one woman who fought with
an intense passion for what she believed in, justice
for the working class. Lucy Gonzalez Parsons was
not only a member of the working class, she was a
woman of African American, Native American, and
Mexican ancestry. It was through her powerful
speeches, radical pamphlets, and brave marches that
she will forever be remembered as one of the most
committed and dedicated women to her cause.
     Not much is known of Lucy’s younger years; she

                                                                    Threat to Holiday Venice
was a very private person. However, it is known that
she spent time in Waco, Texas, with her husband,
Albert Parsons, a white radical Republican. The cir-
cumstances surrounding their marriage have been

                                                                     Sparks Oakwood Vigil
questioned. It is said that they may not have been
officially married. Still, they were ostracized by
Texans because of their interracial marriage. Waco
was the scene of intense racial brutality. Perhaps
watching this kind of injustice lighted the spark of
fire that eventually raged in Lucy.
     Lucy and Albert moved to Chicago in 1873. They                                                                   More than 200 low-income families from the
lived in a number of small, poor working-class                                                                   Holiday Venice Apartments held a march and rally
                                                        death fighting police over her First Amendment
apartments with their two children, Albert Jr. and                                                               in Oakwood, Feb. 19, to protest the loss of affordable
                                                        rights. She was known as being “more dangerous
Lulu. Albert worked as a printer and became active-                                                              housing in Venice.
                                                        than a thousand rioters” by the Chicago police and
ly involved in the Social Democratic Party of North                                                                   The vigil was held on the first anniversary of
                                                        for good reasons. She was a forceful and articulate
America, the Knights of Labor, and the Working-                                                                  “Operation Oakwood,” when 300 LAPD and federal
                                                        radical speaker and writer who spoke and wrote
men’s Party. The Chicago group of the Working-                                                                   officers kicked down doors and terrorized seniors in
                                                                  with terrifying intensity when the occasion
men’s Party met at the Parsons’ home. It                                                                         an early morning para-military operation. The police
                                                                  demanded it. Her speeches on anarchism,
was here that Lucy became intimately                                                                             claimed they were looking for gang members but
                                                                  industrial unionism, and labor defense were
involved with socialist politics and began                                                                       found mostly elderly women, children and babies
                                                                  dramatic and persuasive. The police knew
the long and demanding road to justice for                                                                       (see March 2008 Beachhead).
                                                                  the power of her lectures and were eager to         The 246 units at Holiday Venice represent the
the working class. She became a writer for
                                                                  break them up. Even thirty years after the     last multi-family project based Section 8 develop-
the Alarm, a radical workers’ paper edited
                                                                  Haymarket Riot, the chance to hear Lucy        ment within the coastal zone of California. “These
by her husband. The paper addressed such
                                                                  speak was treasured. On one rare occasion      buildings have always been for the working-class
issues as the eight-hour work day and racial
                                                                  Lucy was allowed to speak to thousands of      black and Latino families of Venice,” said longtime
persecutions. Lucy also led a series of revo-
                                                                  unemployed at Metropolitan Hall in             Venice resident Pamela Anderson. The project was
lutionary marches, the most popular being
                                                                  Chicago. She began: “Now is my harvest         financed by the federal Dept. of Housing and Urban
the May 1st march in 1886, when the whole
                                                                  time. I attempt no concealment of the fact     Development (HUD) and built in the early 1970s to
city of Chicago was shut down for a strike
                                                                  that I, with other true hearted anarchists,    provide low-income housing to residents in need.
in support of the eight-hour work day. Lucy Lucy Gonzalez Parsons
                                                                  will take advantage of your present condi-          The project’s for-profit owner, Gregory Perlman
and Albert led the masses of peaceful
                                                                  tion to teach you the principles of the true   (GH Capital), has requested to prepay his HUD
singing demonstrators down Michigan Avenue.
                                                        faith. You are the sole producers; why should you        mortgages and lift the restrictions guaranteeing low-
Three days later this peace was disrupted at
                                                        not consume? . . . Your salvation lies in stirring you   income affordability. HUD has given initial approval
Haymarket Square by a riot that ultimately resulted                                                              to the plan, despite the objections of Senators
                                                        to desperate action. The present social system is rot-
in the death of her husband. Lucy’s whole world                                                                  Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, Representatives
                                                        ten from top to bottom. You must see this and realize
was turned upside down.                                                                                          Jane Harman and Maxine Waters, Councilperson Bill
                                                        the time has come to destroy it.”
     Lucy Parsons is probably best remembered for                                                                Rosendahl and L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa.
                                                             Lucy loved being active in anything that had to
her involvement in the Haymarket tragedy. Her hus-                                                                    “We were expecting a policy shift at HUD after
                                                        do with the cause. She wrote, “Owing to a misunder-
band and with six others were hanged for starting                                                                Obama took office, but we’re not going to just sit
                                                        standing and the slow exit of the large audience, I
the riot, and became affectionately known as the                                                                 around waiting for somebody to save us,” said
                                                        missed being with the ‘mob’ of marchers. I have
“Haymarket Martyrs” by supporters. They were                                                                     Holiday Venice Tenant Action Committee (HVTAC)
                                                        been kicking myself about this ever since.” She
blamed for the bomb that was thrown at the police-                                                               President Kendra Moore. Tenant leaders have devel-
                                                        became a familiar sight at workers’ demonstrations
men on the scene. As Albert sat in prison waiting for                                                            oped a plan to buy the project with the help of a
                                                        and Chicago street corners selling her publication of
his execution, Lucy was busy writing and selling                                                                 non-profit developer.
                                                        The Life of Albert R. Parsons, Famous Speeches of
pamphlets titled, “Was It a Fair Trial?” After looking                                                                “We want to keep the apartments affordable to
                                                        the Chicago Martyrs, and other revolutionary and
at all the options, both Lucy and Albert agreed that                                                             low-income families forever” said HVTAC member
                                                        anarchist papers.
he must die as a martyr, rather than sign any letters                                                            Ollie Jones. If HUD allows the for-profit owner to
                                                             Among other things, Lucy, known as “Queen of
asking for mercy, as some of the other Haymarket                                                                 prepay the mortgages, there will be no guarantee of
                                                        the Hoboes”, helped form the Industrial Workers of
Martyrs had done. Knowing this, Lucy still contin-                                                               long-term affordability and the tenants’ leverage to
                                                        the World (IWW), led the march on the new Chicago
ued to maintain a good attitude and even joked with                                                              buy the apartments will be severely compromised.
                                                        Board of Trade (known by some as the Board of
reporters: “If it is true, I know how [the bomb] got                                                                  In 1996, the average price for a 2-bedroom apart-
                                                        Thieves), started two of her own radical papers,         ment in the Oakwood area of Venice was $550.
there. They were placed there by the jail officials,
                                                        Freedom (1891) and The Liberator (1905), and contin-     Today, a two-bedroom apartment in Oakwood can
who would do anything to stem the tide of public
                                                        ued to sell pamphlets and papers anywhere she            rent for around $2,700. Roughly 15 percent of
opinion which is now in favor of commuting the
                                                        could. And all this while she worked her fingers to      Oakwood residents still live at or below the federal
sentences of the Anarchists. Why didn’t they do a
                                                        the bone sewing to support her two children. With        poverty line. The Holiday Venice Section 8 contracts
better job to make the conspiracy complete? They
                                                        Albert gone, Lucy was now a single parent.               allow tenants to pay 30% of their income towards
should have put a bomb in Lingg’s cell, a fuse in
                                                             Lucy Parsons’ struggles and accomplishments         rent with HUD offsetting the difference.
Fischer’s, dynamite in Parsons’ and percussion caps
                                                        were evidence of the passion this woman had for
in Engel’s. That would have been a good job and
                                                        justice and what she believed in. The dedication and
would have made a complete conspiracy.”
                                                        commitment she had to the working class will not be
     Lucy could still joke about the antics of the
                                                        forgotten. She was the one who gave them pride and
police on November 6, five days before the sched-
                                                        encouraged them, the one who told them, “Shoulder
uled executions. On November 11, before a crowd of
                                                        to shoulder with one accord you should rise and
two hundred, Albert Parsons was silenced forever.
                                                        take what is yours.” Lucy Parsons was a firebrand
But Albert’s death did not stop Lucy. After an
                                                        who knew what it took to get a reaction. As she said
intense period of mourning, she was more deter-
                                                        in a 1937 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, “Oh,
mined than ever to fight for freedom for the working
                                                        Misery, I have drunk thy cup of sorrow to its dregs,
                                                        but I am still a rebel!”
     Lucy spent most of her life after her husband’s
                                                             Her dedication is to be admired and followed.
Interview with                                               Triumvirate set to take over Los Angeles
                                                             Another Election, March 3

Rebel Woman
                                                                                                                            Free Venice Beachhead • March 2009 • 5

Assata Shakur
                                                                  By Jim Smith                                                 Of course, the election of the three would be
                                                                                                                          very good for Villaraigosa, who has his eye on the
                                                                  Three closely allied politicians may rule Los           Governor’s office in Sacramento. Not only can he
                                                             Angeles after the March 3 elections. The three ami-          put the screws to office holders, city workers and
                                                             gos are Wendy Greuel,                                        lobbyists to get behind his campaign, but with
    By Margot Pepper                                         the favorite to win the                                      Greuel and Weiss on the job, he will be able to keep
                                                             Controller’s race; Jack                                      his thumb on them even in far-away Sacramento.
     Assata Shakur, (godmother of Tupac Shakur) is a for-    Weiss, the leading candi-
mer convicted Black Panther who fled to Cuba in 1984.                                                                          Not since the First Triumvirate of Gaius Julius
                                                             date for City Attorney,                                      Caesar, Pompey the Great and Marcus Licinius
There is a million dollar bounty on her head. I met Assata   and Antonio Villaraigosa,
in 1992, when I was working in Cuba as a journalist and                                                                   Crassus got together to rule Rome in 60 BCE, have
                                                             who looks like a shoe-in                                     the spoils of a city been so available for legal looting.
translator along with my partner, aka “Guillermo.” The       for a second term as
following is an excerpt from Through the Wall: A Year in                                                                       What can you do about it? Go to the polls on
                                                             Mayor.                                                       March 3 and vote for anyone running against these
Havana, a memoir about the post-peak oil Special Period.          Is this good or bad                                     three. It doesn’t matter who you vote for as long as
     The sea, imminent. Even in the weeds growing            for Venice, L.A. and the                                     Greuel, Weill and Villaraigosa are kept under 50 per-
in the driveway. A house by this sea. Modest.                world? It’s bad. These                                       cent of the vote. That will force a runoff. If you’re
Simple. White Grecian walls, low ceilings, but airy.         three close friends will be                                  already fed up with the city government, then work
Guillermo and I marvel at the indoor jungle. Rubber          able to wield enormous                                       for Venice Cityhood. Venetians could be counted on
tree, elephant ear, spotted Pothos and red and yellow        power in the city. Just                                      to make sure no one, two or three people gained so
coleus springing from flower boxes to claim the              suppose that our                                             much power.
room.                                                        Councilperson, Bill
     “This used to be a carport,” Assata explains,           Rosendahl, takes a position that the Mayor doesn’t
                                                             like. He can sic the
                                                                                                                             For more recommendations from the
“with bars. I couldn’t stand to look at them.”
     Building her own house Cuba’s hands are clean.          Controller on him to
                                                                                              Art by Rip Cronk, on        Beachhead, see last month’s issue at:
                                                                                           Danny’s Restaurant wall,       • The March 3 Election – A real snoozer
It will be a house for all, a beautiful and simple           audit his books, or turn
                                                                                               23 Windward Ave.           Go to: http://tinyurl.com/ccjug3
house, a house for bread and water, a house for air          the City Attorney lose to
and for life, wrote the Mexican poet, Jaime Sabines.         investigate his public/private connections.                  • Solar Power to the People? What’s Wrong With
     It’s satisfying to see Assata Shakur here in Cuba            Even worse, the LAPD Chief, William Bratton, is         Measure B Go to: http://tinyurl.com/cs9rjt
after what she’s suffered. If only all the other U.S.        starring in commercials for the election of los tres.
prisoners of conscience like Mumia Abu Jamal could           How peculiar that the head of the police is attempt-             BONUS: Parking restrictions to be relaxed within
get the same justice.                                        ing to say who his civilian bosses will be. When did         one block of a polling place. No need to plug the
     She leads us to the living room. Guillermo takes        they stop enforcing laws and ordinances and start            meter.
a seat on the white couch, fumbles for his note pad.         making them?
Assata smiles. It’s difficult to believe this exquisitely
beautiful, high-cheek-boned former Black Panther               cates Fidel is protected. Assata followed this dove to     friends. No, the government didn’t educate the pop-
seated on a throne of white wicker, her crown of               Cuba primarily because she admired the revolution,         ulation sufficiently. They used to have more open
flowing braids woven with pooka shells; this calm              as did so many people of color around the world.           discussions in party cells. They used to precede films
woman with a college education and the dimpled                 “Well I’m here,” she laughed. “What you all gonna          with the political and historical context, followed by
laughter of a child, has been shot, tortured, forced to        do about it.”                                              discussion. There’s not enough debate on TV. With
give birth in chains, then separated from her daugh-                As I glance around Assata’s simple, elegant           rectification they pointed fingers here and there, but
ter, for merely sharing the same ideals as the eight-          white living room, I recall her words to a Global          didn’t point them at the Party. Rather, they covered
year-olds I teach. One would think she’d look posi-            Exchange tour late last year. “One of the first things     their mistakes up. Nonetheless, mistakes are bound
tively haggard.                                                the Cubans did when my daughter Kakuya arrived             to happen. Non-tribal, industrial socialism’s only
     The United Nations Commission of Human                    in Cuba was suggest therapy for us both. Until then,       been on the planet, what, 80 years? Cuba’s a miracle,
Rights defines Assata Shakur as a U.S. political pris-         I’d never stopped long enough to concentrate on            really, considering what it has achieved. Isolated rev-
oner. According to the report, she                                           myself. I feel secure, probably for the      olutions are up against too much. We have to fight
belongs to a “class of victims of FBI mis-                                   first time. The Cubans have taken me in      back at an international level. That’s why talk of
conduct through the COINTELPRO                                               and cared for me the way no other soci-      Latin American unity is music to the ears.
strategy... who as political activists have                                  ety ever has.”                                    Guillermo is nodding emphatically. There’s
been selectively targeted for ... false                                           “Moving here was difficult,” Assata     something about this visionary woman that renews
arrests, fabrication of evidence....”                                        told the group “I had to adjust my           people’s joie de vivre and inspires thought-crimes.
     Assata became the most wanted                                           expectations. I remember,” she laughed,           Should humanity one day overcome the self-
woman in the States. Officers on T.V.                                        bringing to life dimples many have           destructive aspects of our present global economic
news vowed to “shoot to kill on the                                          probably found irresistible, “when I first   system and global warming, it may wonder how the
spot.”                                                                       arrived, I expected to see everyone          majority of us consented to fork over most of the
     New Jersey State troopers pulled
                                               Tupac’s aunt, Assata Shakur walking around in guerrilla uniforms.          wealth on the planet created by our own labor to a
her and two other Black Panthers over                                        Like Fidel—”                                 handful of colorless men, when our basic needs
and fired into her back and under one of                                           “Now that you’ve lived here a          weren’t even being met. I like to think by then that
her two arms raised in surrender. She was arrested             while, how does the racism compare?’ I ask leaning         terms like “colorless” and “of color” will reflect our
and chained to a hospital bed, where she was repeat-           forward on the couch. Racism in Cuba has a unique          cultural and class alliances, instead of skin color.
edly hit and jabbed with shotgun butts. Once detec-            twist. Because on the surface it appears as though         “Colorless” could be used to describe those whose
tives began interrogating her, the torture was con-            everyone has equal opportunity to education and            primary identification is with corporate culture; “of
fined to things that left no traces, like Nazi slogans         jobs, any shortcomings in the social standing of Afro-     color” for identifying cultural or working class
and burning substances applied to her eyes. A                  Cubans is sometimes misattributed to genetic inferi-       alliances. Thus it would be possible to have a person
German nurse took pity and gave Assata a button to             ority.                                                     of color of European descent, like Howard Zinn or
ring whenever tormentors appeared.                                  Assata shakes her head vigorously. “At least in       Noam Chomsky, and a colorless person of African
                                                               Cuba, racism’s not institutionalized.”                     descent, like Colin Powell.
      “One of the worst cases,” the UN Commission                   She has a melodic way of speaking, her intona-             But how do you stop our lemming’s march
of Human Rights report elaborated, “is that of                 tions and cadence as compelling as her message.            toward self-annihilation? The effects of a corporate
Assata Shakur, who spent over twenty months in                      “How do you feel about armed struggle?”               economy is like Frankenstein’s monster, who is not
solitary confinement in two separate men’s prisons             Guillermo’s got to know.                                   only defecating on all of us “little people,” it’s defe-
subject to conditions totally unbefitting any prison-               Armed struggle shouldn’t be stressed over edu-        cating in its master’s bed. “This is hell,” the founder
er.” (The report was issued by seven jurists in                cating and politicizing the population. Guerrilla          of Union Carbide admitted, referring to the damage
response to a 1978 petition to The United Nations              fighters can also become totalitarian leaders. Armed       the corporate monster they had created is wreaking
Commission of Human Rights by Lennox Hinds on                  struggle is not the most important strategy, though it     on the entire planet, including the monster’s cre-
behalf of the National Conference of Black Lawyers             might be necessary, when all else fails.                   ators.
and other organizations)                                            She gets up suddenly, uneasily. “Would you like            “How do you reach people?” Come on Assata,
     When activists made known the abominable                  to eat something now?”                                     we’ve broken through the blockade to hear your
conditions of Assata’s confinement, she was moved                   She leads us toward the back of the house, into a     answer.
to a high security women’s prison with Aryan                   small, narrow dining room, green with plants. A                 “It sounds corny but think globally, act locally,”
Nation inmates who had an inclination toward set-              seafood medley with squid, fish and vegetables is          she says. “International strikes. But you can’t talk at
ting the cells of minority women ablaze with alcohol.          placed before us. It’s the most sumptuous dinner           people with Marx and all that archaic, boring dry
     One day, Assata’s Grandmother traveled from               we’ve eaten since our arrival. Royalties from              exclusive political rhetoric that is so devoid of
North Carolina to tell Assata the strange dream she            Assata’s autobiography sales and talks are good, but       humor,” she says, pointing out that she’s had to read
had. “You’re coming home soon,” she told her                   not enough to pay for this kind of meal often. Like a      plenty of Marx to write her book. “Talk to me in a
grandchild. “You’re getting out of here.” Not long             typical Cuban, she’s offered us, near strangers, the       way I can understand you.”
after, miraculously, mysteriously, Assata was broken           best, perhaps the last, of what she has.                      Margot Pepper is a former Venice poet, now living in
out. Perhaps she was aided by the same white dove                   Suddenly, we’re plunged into darkness. But the        Oakland.
that landed on Fidel Castro’s shoulder just after the          blackout’s romantic, Assata says, lighting candles.
revolution triumphed, the one the Santeros say indi-           She begins speaking to us as though to trusted
6 • March 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead

                                                                                    Photo on left by Calvin Moss, others by Jim Smith
LAPD officers block entrance to Abbot Kinney Library polling place during vote on                                                       Coastal Commission says, “Not so fast, L.A.” They vote unanimously for a hearing to
permit parking, Feb. 21.                                                                                                                consider impact permit parking would have on coastal access.

            Part of the crowd, Feb. 17, at the debate on the Solar Power initiative, Measure B. Opponents
            says it was put on the ballot without adequate vetting by the public and the neighborhood
            councils. Supporters say we need solar power now. The at-times heated debate was moderated
            by Councilperson Bill Rosendahl and included pro-Measure B panelists Brian D’Arcy,
            Business Manager of the electrical workers union, IBEW Local 18; David Freeman, former
            General Manager of the DWP; and James Provenzano, President, Clean Air Now. The oppo-
            nents panel included Nick Patsaouras, former President of the DWP Commission; Ron Kaye,
            former Editor, LA Daily News; and DeDe Audet, President Emeritus, Venice Neighborhood
            Council. See last month’s Beachhead - http://tinyurl.com/cs9rjt - for more information on
            Measure B.

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                                                                                                                       Free Venice Beachhead • March 2009 • 7
Diana Rodgers and the M.V. Farmer’s Market
By Erica Snowlake                                          cooking classes and after-school snacks. We’ve
                                                           expanded to three tented dining areas, we’ve got a
     For this special Women’s Day feature, I choose to
                                                           central meeting space for the Mar Vista Council, an
honor one of my favorite Goddessess, Gaea, (pro-
                                                           on-hand Green Committee, and an Arts Camp for
nounced Gee-uh), our beloved home planetary
                                                           kids run by SmartSpace.
Being, who guides our harmonic destinies in her
nurturing role as the Garden, and one of her eco-          Beachhead: Paul Herzog of the Green Committee
conscious, devoted mid-wives, Diana Rodgers of the         came up with a cool three R’s plan for water conser-
Mar Vista Farmer’s Market Association. This vibrant        vation, along with the sustainable triology of
market takes place every Sunday from 8:30 am to 2          Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, he’s promoting Retain
pm, at the corner of Venice Blvd. and Grandview.           the water, Recharge the aquifer, and Replant with
     I first met Diana in the summer of 2006 when we       native species.
applied to run a booth for the raw, vegan, 100 per         Diana: And they’ll tell you just how to do it! We’ve
cent organic restaurant Leaf Cuisine. She set me up        also thrilled with our three live Djs on rotation,
in a great spot next to Tom from Dramm and                 including the Imaginary Army, Mmumberonederful,
Echter’s flower farm, Dick the french bakery chef,         and Ameet Mehta, currently spinning today’s ambi-
and Harry’s Honey! It was a fun Sunday gig, albeit         ent tunes and world music beats.
early! lively neighborhood yadayada amid groovy            Beachhead: We’ve been listening to an Air/Beatles
music, yummy, prepared exotic foods, and farm              remix, now we’re bopping along to the latest David         yourself manifesting?
fresh produce. I enjoyed the supreme pleasure of           Byrne/Brian Eno collaboration. Ameet confided the
opening coconuts for ‘kids’ of all-ages, admiring and                                                                 Diana: (laughing) I’m open to the emergent nature
                                                           Oaxacan grandmothers took a while to get used to
catching Diana’s enthusiasm, by witnessing her gen-                                                                   of possibilities. The market may one day host a
                                                           the pulse of the urban electronica, before totally com-
uine heartfelt stewardship for the community’s seed                                                                   Trading Post of local garden produce sanctioned by
                                                           ing around to dig it!
vision sprouting into the fruit-bearing tree of abun-                                                                 the Ag Commission. I also manage the Westchester
dance the market is today.                                 Diana: Things really get hopping on our three fiesta       Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 8:30 - 1pm in
     Sunday. February 22.                                                              dates each year - Cinco de     the park on Lincoln across Otis College. My own
Wow! This market’s hap-                                                                Mayo, the anniversary of       backyard garden produces apples, peaches, apricots,
pening! Hundreds of peo-                                                               the Market on the first        plums, artichokes, and grapes. I’m developing a new
ple are inter-relating, eat-                                                           Sunday in August, and our      interest by building a passive solar home and farm
ing-on-the-go, carting bags                                                            Halloween celebration          in Northern Cal.
with bunchy leaves stick-                                                              complete with the Super
                                                                                                                      Beachhead: Well the nature of Creation Goddesses is
ing out, kids clutching                                                                Heros Brass and Tin
                                                                                                                      to pollinate the Cosmos, ye olde ‘be fruitful and mul-
pink daisies are whizzing                                                              Marching Ensemble. A
                                                                                                                      tiply.’ You are called to compassionate service for a
by, dancing in their paja-                                                             local Arts and Crafts
                                                                                                                      global dawning of hope, people more than ever seek
mas, amid folks exchang-                                                               Collective has specifically
                                                                                                                      to trust and realize the abundance inherent in our
ing green pleasantries,                                                                formed for the market,
                                                                                                                      birthright on this 16.4 billion-year young Eden of
farmers, community                                                                     showcasing their wares the
                                                                                                                      Divinity. Who’s your Mama? after all! As any heav-
activists, Oaxacan-                                                                    first Sunday of every
                                                                                                                      enly Gaean being knows, the benefits of a green
Americans, I even spy                                                                  month. Demetrios of the
                                                                                                                      thumb, clean air and water, and growing up in a
Councilman Bill                                                                        Venice Grind and Ian
                                                                                                                      peaceful and loving community are the real riches in
Rosendahl making the                                                                   Votteri, both on our Board
                                                                                                                      Life. Thank-you Diana and ongoing congratulations
rounds, coaxing the sun                                                                of Directors, have recently
                                                                                                                      to all!
out with his thousand-                                                                 set up a wireless internet
                                                                                       link which works inside        Diana: Namaste!
watt smile. Diana takes a
moment to chat with the         Diana Rodgers, Mar Vista Farmer’s Market Manager        the market. These fine gen-   All Together Now: Parsley, sage, rosemary, and
Beachhead on her busiest                                                                tlemen, along with            thyme!
day of Co-Creation.                                                                     Lorraine Wells, our resi-
                                                           dent firecracker and co-member of my green team,
Beachhead: Tell us about yourself, green-eyed Lady!        Allison Copeland, and Jonie Chitwood of Soaptopia,
Diana: My family goes back to Pennsylvania                 were instrumental in coming together as the initial
Quakers in 1640, my heritage is Brit. Isle mutt with       visionary force of the market.
some Swedish and French. Dad’s an anthropologist,          Beachhead: How do you describe the relevance of
Mom’s a Jungian analyst who was out there practic-         the market to the average citizens who buy their pro-
ing yoga and buying bulk soy beans in the sixties.         duce at Costco every week?
I’m a hybrid of Santa Monica and Philadelphia, and
attended UCLA as a world arts and cultures major.          Diana: We’ve got seven booths certified organic, and
                                                           the market itself is environmentally conscious. We’re
Beachhead: How’d you get involved with what I call         creating a central square in the tradition of the zoca-
the Real Market economy?                                   lo, the creation of a transient plaza as a new millen-
Diana: I managed the Main St. Sunday market for            nial version of place-making, by and for the commu-
ten years from 1995-2005, moved to S.F. for a couple       nity, forming direct links with the land and its care-
years, and when I returned a coalition of Mar Vista        takers. You can turn off the t.v., come here, and feel
business and community leaders asked me to share           it’s not all so bad, food for the future is being grown,
my experience here. This markets into 2 1/2 years          children, joy, and comfort abound.
going strong with 45 - 55 booths, depending on the         Beachhead: What a diversity of vendors! Today we
season.                                                    sampled goat’s cheese and olives freshly arrived
Beachhead: So you like hosting what comes down to          from Greece generously and graciously offered by
a feast, a festival, and a general party for thousands     Alexis of Ari’s Foods, and
every weekend?                                             a delectable kale salad
Diana: You can believe it! The farmers themselves          from Urban Green. Red
say this is one of their most favorite markets in their    heirloom beefsteak toma-
busy schedules, which averages 5-6 markets a week.         toes are fantastic drizzled
The community’s involvement and feedback of                with olive oil, on toasted
appreciation keeps everyone going, a lot of open-          organic whole wheat
mindedness and ingenuity, reflecting this eclectic         bread by, say, La
neighborhood of helpful, interested, and super-posi-       Boulangerie.
tive people, 70 percent Oaxacan, with a Korean             Diana: Our farm produce
church, and a healthy smattering of Mar Vista and          ranges from San Diego to
Venice hipsters. A very down-to-earth vibe, all in all.    Riverside, Camarillo to
I particularly enjoy being part of the Flow.               Fresno. We feature
Beachhead: Tell us some of the unique features of          Laotian and Chinese
this market. In addition, of course, to Empanadas,         farmers. I’d like to send
Peruvian Hungry Inka, Cafe Laurent Omelettes,              kudos out to Councilman
Larry’s Grill, Kettle Korn, and Crepes Duisigne, to        Bill Rosendahl, he’s been
name a few of the multilingual blessings.                  a big champion of this
                                                           market, and of course the
Diana: Our organization is non-profit and has been
                                                           Mar Vista Community
sustaining itself from the beginning. We recently
                                                           Council. It’s definitely a
opened a dog-sitting booth, (we both look over to
                                                           team effort and always
see six pooches of varying pedigrees totally chilling
                                                           will be.
out). I’m really proud of our weekly donations of
produce to the Neighborhood Youth Association for          Beachhead: What other
                                                           visions do you foresee
8 • March 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead
Book Review
                                                                                                                            Swami X Speaks
The Enemy Within. 2,000 Years of Witch-Hunting in the                                                                 Film Review: The Curious
Western World, by John Demos                                                                                          Case of Benjamin
                                                                                                                      Buttons & Other
                                                           ously clear. The vast majority of accused witches
    Reviewed by krista schwimmer
                                                           were female; the Europe-wide proportion was

     The cover of this book, along with the title, is      approximately 80 percent.”
enough to grab the attention of any curious reader.             Included in his book are also penetrating looks
Glossy, embossed black hands circle and point index        at some of the infamous perpetrators of the witch-
fingers directly at the title itself. All of this is set   hunt movement: men such as Heinrich Kramer,                     Movies might be Disneyland’s
against a fire engine red                                                             author of the infamous          main line addiction. Of all the sens-
background.                                                                           “Malleus Maleficarum” or        es, the eye is the most challenging
     I also was drawn in by                                                           “The Hammer of                  to control. The eye is connected to
the expanse the book covers:                                                          Witchcraft,” and the            the brain, and the brain has a lot to do with every-
2000 years. Reading the back                                                          Reverend Cotton Mather. It      thing. The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons is long,
flap about the author, John                                                           is Kramer’s book that           thoughtful & emotionally provoking and original. I
Demos, I discovered he is a                                                           becomes a medieval best         was moved, impressed and transported. As you may
Samuel Knight Professor of                                                            seller and manual for prose-    know, time is an illusion, especially if you’ve done
History at Yale University                                                            cuting witches. In this man-    your share of acid. It’s all NOW, embracing past,
and has written other histor-                                                         ual, Demos says “child-mur-     present, future. We are essentially consciousness,
ical articles and books on                                                            der and sex are recurrent       which pervades and transcends time, space, causali-
witchcraft in New England.                                                            preoccupations.”                ty and the I.R.S., not to go abstract on you; that’s just
     The book is divided into                                                              What John Demos finds      the way it is.
four main parts, working                                                              “most striking,” however,                 I think this film may cause a segment of soci-
chronically from early                                                                “is something else again: the   ety to open their minds to contemplating time in a
“witch-hunting” all the way                                                           flat-out, unblinking misogy-    new light. Christ, I hope so. Of course, I don’t know
into the 20th century.                                                                ny in which the entire work     which segment of society will get the hit. You never
Interestingly, he begins with                                                         is drenched.” (Honestly,        know!
the story of the martyrs of                                                           folks, if you have never even        I also think it might be a good idea to lower the
Lyons, in A.D. 177. How the                                                           looked at Malleus, you          price of movie tickets, popcorn and bordello servic-
early Christians were demo-                                                           must! What a woman could        es. Just a thought! I don’t eat a lot of popcorn. I do
nized, he shows, have paral-                                                          do to a man’s penis and         love movies, however.
lels with the later demoniz-                                                          where she would keep them            I believe it takes a lot of talent, dedication and
ing of so called witches.                                                             – incredulous!)                 sacrifice to become a movie star. I love and respect
     Part two of the book                                                                  The portrayal of Mather    the whole gang of them. The outstanding great ones
focuses on early America                                                              is a bit more complex with      have my reverence for all the pleasure, excitement,
and witch-hunts; part three,                                                          Demos showing his early         insight and inspiration they’ve granted us through
on the infamous Salem peri-                                                           life full of promise. At a      the years. I could name names, but who in the hell
od, and part four, on modern                                                          young age, Cotton Mather        am I. They know who they are, and you might too.
American witch-hunts such                                                             mastered seven different        When you stop to really contemplate life, you may
as the red scare. He ends the sweep of his examina-        languages; at 15, he graduated from Harvard. Still,        realize the whole experience may be likened unto a
tion with the Fells Acres Day School scandal.              Demos does not let him off the hook, showing his           movie. You are the director, you play all the roles
     The book is interlaced with a broad look at the       great responsibility in igniting the fuel for the Salem    and you are also the audience, much like a dream.
witch-hunts and very specific, often poignant histori-     trials and executions.                                     How do you manage to do that?
cal stories, such as that of Rebecca Nurse. For me,             All and all, I highly recommend this insightful,           However, keep it up.
this has both an effect of educating me about the his-     well-written, historical examination of one of the              It’s all good and all the best,
torical reality, as well as deepening my empathy for       great nightmares in women’s history. Although I ini-                          –Swami X
the victims. He also seeks to show how the word            tially bought this book because of my interest in
witch-hunt came about, and how in today’s world it         understanding the witch-hunts, I realize it has some
means more than the hunting of witches. He sug-            relevance today at both a global and a local level. For
gests, in his introduction that “the key link between      instance, one can see parallels between today’s terror
literal and figurative witch-hunts is the search for       against Muslims and the terror ignited by religious
enemies within.”                                           zealots such as the Reverend Cotton Mather of
     I was also fascinated by the various theories he      Salem. On a more local Venice level, with the escala-
examines on the cause of the American witch-hunts,         tion of the RV parking problems and the demonizing
as well as a look at the kinds of people most likely to    of some of the poor, this book may help us all reflect
be accused of witchcraft. Although the reasons vary        on the hidden enemy within before we regret, like
from “divine retribution” to an “acid trip” to “the        Salem community did itself, persecuting those who
coming of capitalism,” just who was accused does           are not the true threat to our community at all.
not. John Demos states: “The bare facts are thunder-

                           International Women’s Day
  nternational Women’s Day has been observed               thus International Women’s Day was the result.             forced to abdicate and the provisional Government

I since in the early 1900s, a time of great expansion
  and turbulence in the industrialized world that
saw booming population growth and the rise of radi-
                                                           Following a decision agreed at Copenhagen in 1911,
                                                           International Women’s Day (IWD) was honored the
                                                                                                                      granted women the right to vote.
                                                                                                                      1918 - 1999
cal ideologies.                                                                                                       Since its birth in the socialist movement, Internation-
                                                           first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany and                al Women’s Day has grown to become a global day
1908                                                       Switzerland on March 19. More than one million             of recognition and celebration worldwide. For many
Great unrest and critical debate was occurring             women and men attended IWD rallies campaigning             years the United Nations has held an annual IWD
amongst women. Women’s oppression and inequali-            for women’s rights to work, vote, be trained, to hold      conference to coordinate international efforts for
ty spurred women to become more vocal and active           public office and end discrimination. 1911 also saw        women’s rights and participation in social, political
in campaigning for change. Then in 1908, 15,000            the famous ‘Bread and Roses’ campaign.                     and economic processes. Women’s organizations and
women marched through New York City demanding                                                                         governments around the world have also observed
shorter hours, better pay and voting rights.               1913-1914
                                                                                                                      IWD annually on 8 March by holding large-scale
                                                           On the eve of World War I campaigning for peace,
                                                                                                                      events that honor women’s advancement and while
1909                                                       Russian women observed their first International
                                                                                                                      diligently reminding of the continued vigilance and
In accordance with a declaration by the Socialist          Women’s Day on the last Sunday in February 1913.
                                                                                                                      action required to ensure that women’s equality is
Party of America, the first National Woman’s Day           In 1913 following discussions, International
                                                                                                                      gained and maintained in all aspects of life.
(NWD) was observed across the United States on the         Women’s Day was transferred to March 8 and this
28th of February.                                          day has remained the global date for International         2009 and beyond
                                                           Women’s Day ever since. In 1914 women across               IWD is now an official holiday in many countries
1910                                                       Europe held rallies to campaign against the war and        around the world. The tradition sees men honoring
In 1910, a second International Conference of Work-        to express women’s solidarity.                             their mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc.
ing Women was held in Copenhagen. A woman
                                                                                                                      with flowers and small gifts. In some countries IWD
named Clara Zetkin, a leader of the Social Demo-           1917
                                                                                                                      has the equivalent status of Mother’s Day where
cratic Party in Germany, proposed that every year in       On the last Sunday of February, Russian women
                                                                                                                      children give small presents to their mothers and
every country there should be a celebration on the         began a strike for “bread and peace” in response to
same day to press for their demands. The conference        the death over 2 million Russian soldiers in World
                                                                                                                          The new millennium has witnessed a significant
of over 100 women from 17 countries greeted                War I. Opposed by political leaders the women con-
                                                                                                                      change and attitudinal shift in both women’s and
Zetkin’s suggestion with unanimous approval and            tinued to strike until four days later the Czar was
                                                                                                                                     –continued on next page
The Women of Venice                                        Four Daughters                                          Free Venice Beachhead • March 2009 • 9

By Jim Smith                                              By Lynne Bronstein                                     Green Shoes
Venice is a feminine town.                                What says
Here, we take time to talk and walk                                                                              Let me say to you that I know what you want.
                                                          The wise daughter?                                     You want a pair of green shoes.
and admire the beauty that surrounds us.
                                                          I follow my heart                                      Made of grass. Made of leaves.
Women of Venice paint the murals.                         Into the sharing of the sacred star.                   With soles made of moss and strings made of roots.
Women of Venice help the homeless.                        I do not ask
Women of Venice stand up to free Venice.                                                                         Quick! That your legs want to be tree.
                                                          What are these rituals.
                                                                                                                 That your arms are already branches.
Venice is a matriarchy.                                   I know what they are.                                  That a nest is knitted with the tip
It is The Lady, not The Man,                              I obey them.                                           of your nails and your fingers
who inspires our poets.                                   I light the candles. I bake the unleavened cake.       are writing the flavor of honey.
                                                          I bless my family.
Women of Venice sing our songs.
Women of Venice help women in need.                       I offer my arm for the needy to rest upon.
                                                                                                                 Zapatos Verdes
Women of Venice sustain the Beachhead.                    I am my family’s shield
                                                          And the shade under the tree where they may lie.       Déjame decirte que sé lo que quieres.
And it is the women who hear                              What says                                              Quieres unos zapatos verdes.
Mother Earth telling us                                                                                          De pasto. De hojas.
                                                          The wicked daughter?
to balance our city with nature.                                                                                 Con suela de musgo y cordones de raíces.
                                                          Hey why bother doing this every year!
Women of Venice run our stores.                           This is old stuff from another century and another     Rápido! Que tus piernas quieren ser árbol.
Women of Venice run our homes.                            galaxy.                                                Que tus brazos ya son ramas.
Women of Venice watch over our canals.                                                                           Que con la punta de tus uñas
                                                          Stilted prose and silly songs.
                                                          I can be found at the local disco.                     se teje un nido y se escribe
We live by the womb of the world.                                                                                por tus dedos el sabor de las mieles.
From the sea we love came all life,                       No hunting for coins under the sofa cushions for me
and the female spirit of Venice.                          when I can find a better Afikomen                                        –Antonieta Villamil
                                                          who will pay all my bills.
But Los Angeles, built for the Queen of the Angels,
was stolen by men whose greed                             What says the simple one?
and craving for land knew no bounds.                      The one who hides in the corner
                                                                                                                 20:29 Monday, February 16, 2009, at an unknown
                                                          who rolls her big eyes
                                                                                                                 location in Venice..........Mysterious, the woman. An
Now, L.A. treats Venice                                   and makes the family feel shame.
like the victim in a bad marriage                                                                                unknown,/ unrecognized, unheard; descending
                                                          What is this?                                          stone/ gives birth to ripples. Never learned her
battered by developers and gentrifiers.
                                                          What does this mean?                                   name./ Omnipresent. No two are quite the same,/
Someday, O someday,                                       How long does it go for?                               but sisters, still. An oval miniature,/ or electonic bill-
Venice will be serene and at peace                        I wish I were Moses.                                   board, I concur./ Your mystery continues; dare I
when we men learn to act more like women.                                                                        ask/ your true identity? Remove your mask?/
                                                          I would like to drink
                                                                                                                 Perhaps enough to open wide the door/ and let you
                                                          from the cup of Elijah.
In The City
                                                                                                                 pass. Or should your grace demur,/ let you take
                                                          I like the silly songs.                                leave to simply stake your claim/ to your share of
Wrapped in a coat of concrete and steel,                  I’m the one only Kid.                                  the gold, and all the fame/ that goes with it. With
Glistening oasis on the green expanse.                    I want the macaroons                                   that, now I am done,/ and step aside, content to
                                                          and the sweet stuff                                    leave alone.....to every woman, everywhere
Invading the night with chemical lights,
Flickering technological gems,                            from the concrete mixer.                               –RF Wagner
A glaring evening dress.                                  And what of the daughter
                                                          who wits not to ask?
An island with windows for eyes,
                                                          She is the one
Gazing at freedom from within impersonal mono-
                                                                                                                          Toe Dancing in the Snow
liths.                                                    who has stood outside
                                                          wondering for too long
                                                                                                                 There is a story,
Trapped in the urban prison,                              if she had a tale to tell                              about this Chinese young woman,
Hidden in tiny speeding cars,
                                                          and what was her story within this tale.               who fought back against her feudal mistress,
Faceless people lost in the endless maze of cement
and asphalt.                                              For her you must take her by the hand                  refusing to be beaten,
                                                          and say that for everyone                              and then fleeing up into the wild mountains.
Entranced by an old dress,                                there is an Exodus                                     The years passed,
Manufactured by the Industrial Age.                                                                              her hair turned white,
                                                          a Journey
                                                                                                                 and still she toe danced,
Being,                                                    and a promise.                                         way up there,
Living,                                                   Yes even for her.                                      beneath the swirling, falling, snow...
In the city.                                              For the saint the sinner and the simple one            In time, the world she had rebelled against and then
                       –Lynette                           will always do the things they must.                   fled from, was no more,
                                                          But she the daughter who never spoke                   and when she was found, she came down the moun-
                                                                                                                 tain to a point a finger at her feudal masters.
      International Women’s Day–continued                                                                        In time, her new world was in turn no more,
society’s thoughts about women’s equality and                                                                    and one of the very first things the new lords did,
emancipation. Many from a younger generation feel
that all the battles have been won for women while
                                                          Wolf Woman                                             was to proclaim loud and clear,
                                                                                                                 how idealist to think that a woman would have
many feminists from the 1970s know only too well                                                                 rebelled against her feudal masters!
                                                          You will not capture me
                                                                                               this paper is a

the longevity and ingrained complexity of patri-                                                                 There was a time,
archy. The unfortunate fact is that women are still       ever again. You will not
                                                                                                                 when this story was written, acted and danced to
not paid equally to that of their male counterparts,      trap me in your forest traps                           wondrous music, and filmed.
women still are not present in equal numbers in           while I prowl at night                                 Toe danced by women who in previous societies had

business or politics, and globally women’s educa-         or take away                                           their feet and spirit bound...
tion, health and the violence against them is much
                                                          my brilliant fangs and dark growl.                     The woman responsible for this creation also rose,
worse than that of men. And the majority of world-
wide religions are still based on patriarchal Gods,       This is my night.                                      and then was cast down.
provoking their followers to go into senseless wars       And these are my woods.                                How independent, rebel, women are characterized
to defend them.                                           And there is no stopping me now.                       and treated,
                                                          Listen. Hear that howl.                                has ever been a veritable litmus test as to the gen-
Today                                                                                                            uine politics of any person, group or society.
Annually on March 8th, thousands of events are held       I have sung my song of power
                                                          over the bones of a wolf                               Tonight, as the snow continues to fall outside in my
throughout the world to inspire women and cele-
                                                                                                                 beloved mountains,
brate achievements. The United States designates the      and set another laughing woman free.
                                                                                                                 I send you this image of a rebel feudal woman,
month of March as ‘Women’s History Month’.
So make a difference, think globally and act locally !!                                                          toe dancing in the snow storm,
                                                          –krista schwimmer
Make everyday International Women’s Day. Honor                                                                   joyous and free !
the women in your Life.                                                                                                               –Cristina Rojas
10 • March 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead
                                                                  Permit Parking Vote Targets Venice Homeless
Irregularities Charged in Venice                                                               –continued from page 3
  Neighborhood Council Vote
       –continued from page 3
                                                          knew what they were voting for.”                          100 appeals filed by Venice residents challenging
                                                               Then came a ballot shortage followed by an           OPD approval.
                                                          emergency Xerox run to print more. At 3:30 p.m.,               And the homeless? Rosendahl talks vaguely of
and misleading statements.” (An exact quote of the        voters were no longer allowed to join the still blocks-   parking zones in industrial and sparsely populated
portion deleted from a letter to the Editor printed the   long line. But as voting dragged on, prospects for a      areas, though no such facilities exist now or are
following week.) And it contained hate speech             same-day tally looked doubtful. The council               planned for the foreseeable future. Currently up for
against homeless people, according to local human         descended into apparent hysteria as it debated its        reelection, Rosendahl seems unlikely to side with
rights activist Calvin Moss, such as “ What is scarier    options. President Mike Newhouse was nowhere to           homeless over homeowners on this emotional issue,
than finding syringes, condoms and pornographic           be found.                                                 especially residents claiming syringes, urine and
material in your yard, hoping it won’t be your chil-           “They were screaming at each other!” said an         feces are routinely dumped in their yards by the
dren finding it next time?”                               eyewitness. “They were saying, ‘Take the ballots          vehicular homeless. (None have yet offered proof of
     This advertisement was written as if an open let-    home uncounted? You can’t do that!’ It got very           the alleged points and poo.)
ter to Venice residents and signed by Georgann            angry. There were threats — people wanting to                  In-vehicle living is illegal in L.A., though diffi-
Abraham, co-chair of the [pro] OPD committee of           throw others out, people threatening to call the          cult to to enforce effectively despite accounts of cops
the Venice Neighborhood Council.                          police. It was bad.”                                      rousting the sleeping homeless. Overnight parking
     Two more three-quarter page ads appeared in               Ultimately, the council acquiesced to member         zones would require homeless RVs, vans and cars to
the February 19 paper; one stating that “Those who        Ivan Spiegel’s suggestion that completed ballots          leave Venice streets — by 2am each morning or face
live in RVs and vans have proposed an initiative to       spend the night in signed, sealed boxes at a council      stiff fines — an anywhere-but-here solution.
deprive [the real Venice residents of] their right…”      member’s home. Blank ballots would be sent home                Regardless of voters’ individual motives,
and also a reprint of the previous week’s ad.             with a second member. Sunday morning, three boxes         Saturday’s vote was a wake-up call for a neighbor-
     The Venice Stakeholders Association spread fear      each containing some 500 completed ballots arrived        hood council ill-prepared to handle large scale elec-
with flyers that went through Venice neighborhoods        at council headquarters still wrapped in tape with        tions and community involvement. Some Venetians
and which were also passed out in the election line!      signatures intact. Results were tallied, certified and    are calling for a new vote, though Saturday’s ballot-
The flyers said permit parking is a safety issue and      released late Sunday afternoon.                           ing is largely symbolic.
“LAPD says parking restrictions help keep burglars,            So who will control parking on Venice’s parking-          The final decision will be made by the California
muggers, and child predators out of our neighbor-         poor streets? If these referendums stick, it’s folks      Coastal Commission following hearings in Marina
hoods.”                                                   able to pay for permits for themselves, visitors and      Del Rey in March. CCC has for decades rejected per-
     The election process, itself, was poorly planned.    guests. Apart from the homeless, the issue has also       mit parking in Venice, fearful of limiting beach
Only three hours were provided to vote? The person        pitted block against block, neighbor against neigh-       access by the general public. Inside observers feel
apparently running the election was unable to main-       bor, in a battle over preferential parking.               that position is unlikely to change.
tain any real decorum. People were given multiple              Those living on Venice’s walk streets and                 All of this has had me looking into L.A.’s past
ballots to vote with. The ballot box was opened and       Boardwalk are pissed at having been disqualified          for historical perspective.
the ballots went home with someone prior to any           from any say on where they might find street park-             What do you suppose Ma Joad might think of
vote count.                                               ing. Permits along Pacific Avenue, for instance, will     the campaign to boot homeless car and RV-dwellers
     The complaints so far are:                           likely be sold to those whose residences front the        out of Los Angeles neighborhoods?
     The LAPD blocked the entrance to the election        street, not to those living on adjacent walk streets.          After all, the matriarch of John Steinbeck’s 1939
location by parking their vehicles in front of the             For City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, the sale of      novel The Grapes of Wrath knew a thing or two
entrance of the library and people thought they           permits and visitor passes along with fines generat-      about hard times, and how foreclosure — then and
could go into the lot. No sign was put up telling peo-    ed by the new parking rules mean a new source of          now — can force a family into a life on the streets in
ple to pull around the police car to drop off disabled    revenue for City Hall, fees that “may soon go up”         a rolling, run-down wreck like the Joads’ old
or seniors.                                               according to L.A.’s Department of Engineering             Hudson truck.
     LAPD officers milled around the election             which says the yearly tab will more than double:               Ma might say not much has changed in 70 years
entrance throughout most of the election. Some peo-            • Resident Permit (3 max per dwelling)               for folks struggling to find a home and steady job. In
ple felt intimidated by the police presence and did                $34/each, per year                               1936, 136 LAPD officers were dispatched to sixteen
not go vote at all.                                            • Visitor Pass (2 max) $67.50/each, per year         locations along California’s borders where they
     The line was so long that people who knew they            • One-use Guest Pass $2.50/each                      erected legally-questionable “bum blockades” and
could not physically stand in line for hours simply            Bottom line: A residence with three permitted        shooed away homeless dustbowl Okies — anywhere
did not try to vote.                                      vehicles and two visitor passes buys 50 one-time          but here.
     There was no absentee voting process.                guest permits over the course of 12 months. That’s             What’s so different today? Chasing away the
     Ivan Spiegel, the person running the election,       $338 for on-street parking the year. Rosendahl, who       homeless is no longer a pricey law enforcement
was yelling at people and some left without voting.       has spent his first term monetizing virtually every       budget item. Now, the City of Los Angeles has fig-
     A polling volunteer inside the election witnessed    available parking spot in Venice, successfully urged      ured out how to turn homeless-rousting into a
people voting multiple times (they were given more        L.A.’s Bureau of Engineering to dismiss more than         municipal profit center. That’s progress for ya.
than one ballot.)
     A person voting, who qualified as a Venice
stakeholder under VNC bylaws, had his or her regis-       count of the total ballots was made and a number of            After hours of unreasonable temperatures in the
tration form marked as “Non-Resident” by a polling        1504 total ballots was announced.                         Extra Space Storage room and many confusing
volunteer.                                                     Spiegel then decided that there was not enough       recounts of tallies, each table provided Spiegel with
     The place voters marked their ballots during the     time to count the vote around 5:45 pm. Most of the        their tally sheets. Then most of the counters and the
election, was a small table where groups of people        witnesses demanded that the votes be counted and          so-called witnesses left. Spiegel added up the tally
were allowed to mark their ballots together, talk         people started to yell and fight. One person, who         sheets (by hand), but found out that they were more
among themselves, and consult each other how to           made some sense, suggested that the ballots be            than 300 ballots shy of the 1504 count from the night
vote.                                                     picked up by a Brinks document service. After a very      before.
     Someone honest reported being given 3 ballots        crazy exchange of screaming and arguing back and               Spiegel and Wright then decided to count the
inside the polling place.                                 forth, a decision was made by Spiegel to meet at the      votes themselves! They are the people who ran the
     A VNC board officer harassed someone talking         Extra Space Storage on Venice Blvd. at 11am the next      election and then counted the votes, tallied the votes
to friends in line, accusing him or her of electioneer-   morning and Elizabeth Wright, the other person on         by hand (no calculator), found the more than 300
ing, while a man was passing out a bright purple          the VNC election committee and the person who             missing votes plus 6 more, and, finally, Spiegel
pro-OPD flyer to most of the election line right in       was supposed to be working with Spiegel to manage         announced that he certified the election. Wow! All in
front of him.                                             the election, took the ballots home – flimsy boxes an     all a deeply flawed election
     A VNC walking man flyer stating the actual bal-      all - in her minivan!                                          Despite all of the alleged cheating, the miscon-
lot initiatives should have been distributed to Venice         On Sunday, February 22, the Wright minivan           duct, the police blocking the entrance of the polling
addresses. Most people who voted were informed by         pulled up to Extra Space Storage with the overnight       place, the fear campaign waged by homeless haters,
flyers or emails distributed by the initiative propo-     ballot guests. The count took place in a small,           confusing ballot initiatives, and the lines that no
nents or advertisements.                                  extremely hot room with people who want to                working or disabled person could possibly wait in –
     The VNC election committee decided the votes         remove the poor people from Venice. Someone               the vote in favor of the anti-homeless Overnight
would be counted on the same day as the election          described it as Hell. There were three tables of two      Parking Districts still only came out to a 57 percent
and the count took place in a meeting the following       counters and one witness each. Two of tables had          lead. Considering that Rosendahl insists each block
day that was not given sufficient public notice.          witnesses that participated fully in the tally process    will require a 66 percent approval to get the permit
     No one should have taken the ballots home,           of the counts. They did not maintain their witness        parking put in, then OPDs lost.
especially after unsealing the ballot box.                status at all.
     The vote count and certification is not legal by
any standards.
     At the polling place, a decision was made by
Ivan Spiegel, election chairperson, to begin the count
at the library – even though the actual voting ended
around 5pm and the library closed at 6pm. (If you
were in the line to vote by 3:30, you could still vote
and that is how long it took to finish.) There were
multiple witnesses in the room. An initial one-time
From Venice to D.C. – An Open Letter to President Obama
                                                                                                                        Free Venice Beachhead • March 2009 • 11

    Dear President Obama,                                   from the unique services that exist in this beach               Kennedy
                                                            town – services only surpassed by Skid Row.                     Free Venice,
      Congratulations on your new job. Now that you              Another misleading piece of propaganda recent-
have been duly sworn in as president, which is the
most powerful position on planet earth, I HOPE you
                                                            ly spread is that RV people are peeing and pooing all
                                                            over Venice - hurting the “quality of life” of the peo-                        President Obama
can help some people living in poverty here in
Venice, California. I believe that Venice could be
                                                            ple who have nice homes to pee in. Even though we                              The White House
                                                            are known for our homeless issues and are a very
used as the roadmap to a real humane solution to
the homeless situation.
                                                            large tourist destination, Venice has few public toi-                          Washington, DC
                                                            lets and they almost all are closed at night. In fact,
      Unfortunately, our city government is hell bent       bar patrons are the quintessential public peeing
on criminalizing poor people: sending them to jails         problem.
or prisons, processing them through costly court pro-            President Obama, more than half of the people               Making homelessness illegal is no solution and I
cedures, and over bloating the law enforcement              living homeless in Los Angeles are African American         HOPE you will take a stand on this issue. We need
budget so it can be used for this non-solution to           – like you. People that qualify as homeless (using the      real solutions. Criminalizing people with unending
homelessness. It is much less expensive to actually         federal definition) are disabled, they are veterans,        amounts of tickets they can not afford to pay, putting
house poor people and provide them with services.           war resisters, seniors, women and children, or sim-         up street signs to get rid of poor people living in
(see Policing Our Way Out of Homelessness? By               ply people who cannot afford to pay rent, medical,          cars, closing parks so people have to sleep on a cold
Gary Blasi)                                                 or food - at no fault of their own. The majority of         sidewalk, calling on law enforcement to harass peo-
      Recently the proponents of criminalizing and          people living on the street do not want to. But their       ple, putting people in jail for so-called “quality of
removing poor people from our Venice community              options are extremely limited. A car is far superior to     life” offenses, and moving people into internment
have spread sensational mis-information on the local        a shelter cot most of the time. We only have a winter       zones certainly is not the answer. I am calling on
mainstream media, like people living in vehicles just       shelter system on the west side that will not allow         your administration to stop giving any federal funds
appeared in Venice. Not true. Years of greedy prop-         you to bring your belongings or your pet and it is          to this kind of activity and to investigate how to use
erty development (gentrification) led many                  only open for part of the night. The shelter bus does       these funds to get people in some decent affordable
Venetians onto the street and years of removing the         not even have a wheel chair lift, but a considerable        housing.
nighttime street parking with street signs created          amount of our City’s budget pays for a beat cop to               We are losing affordable housing at an alarming
limited locations for vehicle dwellers – resulting in       ticket a disabled homeless person.                          rate and no one is even tracking this beyond the sub-
photo opportunities for multiple campers in a small              President Obama, you might think this is a sys-        sidized projects lost. There is housing and land sit-
area.                                                       temic problem or that we are only one part of the           ting vacant, enough to take a large dent right now
      Truth is Venice used to be predominantly low-         homeless and poverty problem, but you can help.             out of our homeless numbers. We can easily put
income, it has always been eclectic with people liv-        Our Mayor and City Council think that living in a           many homeless people in temporary trailers or alter-
ing in vans or buses, and most long time residents          vehicle problem can be solved using the city’s              native situations. People are dying on the street. It is
have a deeper understanding of the vehicle dwelling         Department of Transportation, Bureau of                     an emergency.
situation. We want some real solutions for our neigh-       Engineering, Department of Recreation and Parks,                 The affluent few that rule our corrupt city gov-
bors in vehicles. Not housing people in shelters or         and city workers installing street signs that really say    ernment should not be allowed to remove or jail
jail, not using law enforcement as a weapon on the          “No Homeless” underneath the words “No Parking              increasing numbers of poor people. This includes
poor, and not treating people as if they are less than      between 2am and 6am” or “Park Closed at Dusk.”              our Los Angeles City Council, whose members have
human so it is somehow OK moving them away
                                                                                                                        salaries well over $150,000 and who voted in favor of
                                                                                                                        giving themselves a raise last go round. Our own
                  Response to Annexation of Venice by Jeffrey Stanton
 Cityhood Then, Cityhood Now, Cityhood Forever!
                                                                                                                        City Councilman Bill Rosendahl claims to be a pro-
                                                                                                                        gressive liberal yet he has been pushing for permit
                                                                                                                        parking in Venice, called OPDs (Overnight Parking
                                                                                                                        Districts). This is a shameless effort to remove the
    By Jim Smith                                            sive neighborhood council. Even without the machi-          poor people living here in vehicles, to privatize city
                                                            nations of Los Angeles bureaucrats, we Venetians do         streets next to the beach, and to get city revenue
     Jeffrey Stanton’s piece on the annexation of           get in a tussle from time to time (as we are currently      doing it. This big sham is only meant to protect the
Venice that ran in the last two issues of the               over permit parking). But this is what happens              “quality of life” of the affluent who can afford to live
Beachhead (January and February, 2009) was a great          everywhere that a group of people are denied effec-         by this now gentrified beach town. This OPD law
contribution for anyone who is interested in the his-       tive control over their own affairs. We are no more         and the other “Quality of Life” laws are helping to
tory of our fair city. As I understand it, Stanton is       contentious than the Palestinians, the Northern Irish,      create hate for homeless people (see Hating The
saying that annexation to Los Angeles was a big mis-        the Iraqis, or countless other examples of powerless        Homeless, www.SPLCenter.org). Homeless people
take, but there is nothing we can do about it. I could-     people. Give us the power to decide on what’s good          are being murdered, some horribly beaten or shot.
n’t agree more that it was a big mistake, but I dis-        for Venice and we will come together.                       One was dowsed with gasoline and set on fire in Los
agree that there is nothing we can do about it.                  3. Stanton is correct that the current Local Area      Angeles recently. Something has to be done to stop
     Stanton says that an independent Venice would          Formation Commission (LAFCO) law that requires              this trend. We have to change course or it will only
not be financially viable, is too contentious to accom-     that any seceding area win a vote in the entire city is     get worse – not better.
plish anything, and anyway, is blocked from seced-          a huge obstacle. This is what sunk the San Fernando              Obama, give us some HOPE. Please see if you
ing by existing law.                                        Valley’s independence election in which the Valley          can do something to stop the LAPD from calling
     1. Could a new city of Venice be financially           voted to secede but the rest of L.A. voted no.              Bruffy’s Tow Company and taking these poor peo-
viable. Yes. I believe Stanton has underestimated the            There is, I believe, a simple solution for Venice to   ple’s home on wheels. Stop federally funding any
revenue derived by cities from property tax. In its         this dilemma. We need one of our state legislative          project by the City of Los Angeles that is connected
2008-09 budget, the city of Los Angeles estimates it        representatives - either Assemblymember Ted Lieu            to wasting our tax money ticketing, towing, jailing,
will derive 32 percent of its total revenue of $4.48 bil-   or Senator Jenny Oropeza - to introduce a “buyer’s          and torturing homeless people. This money can go
lion from property tax. The city of Santa Monica,           remorse” amendment to LAFCO that would allow                to solutions that are more cost effective, such as sup-
with a much small budget of $14.5 million received          any former city to reconsider its vote for annexation,      portive housing!
14 percent of its total revenue from property tax in        without involving the rest of the city. I would urge a           Mr. President, many non-profit agencies working
2005-06. Santa Monica has about twice the popula-           delegation of Venetians visit Lieu and Oropeza and          with poor and homeless people have done very close
tion of Venice.                                             ask for their support. If they refuse, well, both seats     to nothing to help protect the civil and human rights
     In addition, Stanton is wrong to say that Venice       are subject to election in 2010.                            of the homeless people being targeted with this hor-
has no industry. It has a growing high-tech sector of            The bigger question that should be considered is       rible law enforced non-solution. Maybe they are
digital media and film-related companies. It may not        whether the city of Los Angeles is viable. Through          afraid of loosing their funding. President Obama,
be blue-collar factories, but it is industry, none the      the years, the film industry has sold lots of movie         give them some courage and start funding some real
less, and could be a growing tax base for Venice,           tickets for films portraying the rampant corruption         solutions – with human rights – before it is too late.
instead of L.A. I believe Stanton’s view of tourism is      in the city and the LAPD.
too narrow. It’s more than cheap sunglasses, t-shirts            It may be time to face facts that a city of more           Sincerely,
and tattoos.                                                than four million people spread over 469 square
     Many more tourist dollars could be captured by         miles is simply unable to democratically satisfy the            Peggy Lee Kennedy
the city operating parking lots, shuttle buses, jitneys;    needs of its residents. A city of Venice would have             Venice Justice Committee
encouraging small hotels and bed and breakfast inns;        the advantage of having a city council, all of
and creating more sites of interest (how about              whose members live in our community.
rebuilding Abbot Kinney’s pier?). There are already              Our mayor and city council members won’t
39 cities in Los Angeles County that have a small           need a car and driver to get around the city. They
population than Venice. If they are financially viable,     can ride their personal bikes. We would have mil-
why not Venice.                                             lions of dollars of revenue that can be spent to fix
     2. Can’t we all just get along? Stanton says that if   potholes, beautify the Circle, solve the parking
you go to a meeting of a hundred people, there will         problem, and cope with issues like homelessness
be 70 different opinions and nobody wants to com-           in a positive and constructive manner.
promise. True enough. And often, the city of L.A.                How about it, Venetians? Venice must be free!
will encourage this infighting as Arturo Piña, and
others did in 2005 to bring down the then-progres-
12 • January 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead

CommUnity Events – day by day                                                                                                         Ongoing Events

                     Sunday, March 1                                              Friday, March 20                                                 Poetry
 • 10am-12pm - Lincoln Place Tenants Association              •6:30pm-9pm - Changes in Antarctica - Artisan J.J.          Free Workshops and Open Readings at Beyond Baroque:
 (LPTA) Meeting - All welcome to attend the monthly           LíHeureux will lead an interactive tour. G2 Gallery, (see
 meeting held at Penmar Park.                                 March 6).                                                   • 5 PM, sign-up 4:45. - 1st Sunday Free Open Readings,
 • 5pm - Open Reading - Leo Briones, and Brenda               • 7pm- Mozaic Spoken Word. The Talking Stick Coffee         except Aug., Sept., Jan. Two-poem or three-minute max.
 Petrakos. Free. Beyond Baroque.                              Lounge. Admission free.                                     • 8pm - Monday Night Literary and Experimental Fiction
                                                              •7:30pm - A Night of Music and Poetry - Beyond              - Bring copies of sections or short pieces. With Angie Kirk.
                    Tuesday, March 3                          Baroque.                                                    • 8 pm - Tuesday night Creative Non-Fiction - Bring
 • 7am-8pm - L.A. City Election - Mayor, City Council,                           Saturday, March 21                       works of creative non-fiction, memoir, and prose. With
 City Attorney up for grabs. See Page 5 for details.          • 7:30pm -World Poetry Day Open Reading & Caza De           Tess Whitehurst.
                   Wednesday, March 4                         Poesia Press Publication Party - Alberto Gomez Pais al      • 8pm - Wednesday night poetry - A legendary gathering
 • 4:30pm - Townhouse Bar Hearing will be held to             Viento, Mark Lipman Because They Were Happy and             & the West Coast’s longest running, free poetry work-
 decide whether this Windward Ave. institution can re-        Free, Letica Luna Los Dias Heridos, Dukardo Hinestrosa      shop. With Frankie Drayus.
 open its basement bar. Henry Medina West LA Parking          Los Autos del Poeta. Beyond Baroque.                        • 8pm - Thursday Alt. Screenplay - Documentary, narra-
 Enforcement Facility 11214 Exposition Blvd, Second                                                                       tive, art film scripts, actor readings. Independent projects
 Floor, W.L.A.                                                                    Sunday, March 22                        only. With Peter Coogan.
                                                              • 7:30pm - Book Release Party for The Good Things           • 1:30pm - Saturday Afternoon Poetry - Bring a poem &
                        Friday, March 6                       About America Anthology and Scandalabra - Beyond            10 copies. With Bob Foster.
 • 6pm-9pm - Opening Reception for Cold Feet - Venice         Baroque, $5.                                                • 11am - 4th Saturday Morning Prose & Poetry -
 resident J.J. LíHeureux takes an intimate look at                               Thursday, March 26                       Workshop for publication. Bring 10 copies. With Annette
 Antarctica, focusing on the Penguin, providing insight       • 7pm-10pm- Mikal Sandoval presents: Speakeasy Night        Robinson.
 into their daily activities through her photos and obser-    Talking Stick Coffee Lounge. $10                            •7:30pm - Every Wednesday Night - Poetry Open Mic
 vations. The G2 Gallery, 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd.                                                                         night. Talking Stick Coffee Lounge.
 info@theg2gallery.com or 452-2842.                                               Friday, March 27                        www.thetalkingstick.net
 • 7pm - 11pm - First Fridays on Abbot Kinney Blvd -          • 7:30pm - A Reading with Students from USC. Beyond
 Come stroll down the late nights on Abbot Kinney Blvd.       Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd. Free.                                                     Spanish
 Drinks, snacks, entertainment and sales.                                                                                 • 1-4pm - Mondays - Burton Chace Park, Marina del Rey -
 • 7:30pm- Readings by Cal Bedient and David Lau -                             Saturday, March 28                         310-831-2325 - Semester: $27 ($7 Seniors).
 Beyond Baroque.                                              • 7:30pm- NextWords: Readings from the CalArts.
                      Saturday, March 7                       Beyond Baroque, Free.                                                                  Art

                                                                           Location Guide
 •6:30pm-7:30pm - Hart Pulse Dance Company Benefit
                                                                                                                          • 7pm - 9pm - No Human Being is Illegal - Center for the
 Performance, Silent auction, donation bar, free appetizers
                                                                                                                          Study of Political Graphics - Thru March 7 - Selections
 and desserts. The Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave.
                                                                                                                          from No Human Being is Illegal: Posters on the Myths
 •7:30pm - Poetry Gets the Blues presents Sherman Pearl
                                                                • Abbot Kinney Public Library, 501 S. Venice              and Realities of the Immigrant Experience. Korean
 and recent Poet Laureate Imani Tolliver. Music will be
                                                                Blvd, 821-1769                                            Cultural Center, 5505 Wilshire Blvd. (323) 936-7141
 provided by renowned blue’s guitarist, Bernie Pearl and
 Mike Barry bass.
 • 7:30-10:30pm - Planet Siqueiros Pena presents : A
                                                                 • Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd. 822-3006                                      Theater
 Night of Soul and Jazz with Viva Vinson- Socially con-         • Burton Chace Park, 13650 Mindanao Way,                  • 8pm - Fridays and Saturdays / and Sundays at 2pm -
 scious world music, and spoken word. SPARC$10 sug-             Marina del Rey. marinadelrey.lacounty.gov                 March 14 through April 11 - The Secret Garden. Based on
 gested donation.                                                                                                         a beloved childrenís story by Frances Hodgson Burnett,
                                                                • Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave, 306-1854,
                                                                                                                          tells the story of a young girl’s journey to England and the
                                                                max10@electriclodge.org                                   discovery of a hidden garden. The Morgan-Wixson
                     Sunday, March 8
 • 7pm - International Women’s Day! Celebrated by the           • The Good Hurt, 12249 Venice Blvd, www.good-             Theatre, 262 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA. Tickets are $23
 Free Venice Beachhead women writers and poets, in a            hurt.com                                                  for general admission / $18 for seniors & students. Box
 reading held at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd.                                                                         Office at (310) 828-519 or visiting www.morgan-
                                                                • Hal’s Bar and Grill, 1349 Abbot Kinney Blvd.,           wixson.org
 Readers include Krista Schwimmer, Jessica Aden, Lynne
                                                                396-3105 - www.halsbarandgrill.com                        • 4pm-6pm - Actors At Play: The 2nd Young Adult
 Bronstein, Amy Dewhurst, Susan Hayden, Hillary Kaye,
 Peggy Lee Kennedy, Erica Snowlake, Suzanne                     • Oakwood Recreation Center, 757 California               Theatre Program - The program offers youth 12-18yrs.old,
 Thompson, Suzy Williams, Emily Winters and Antonieta           Avenue.                                                   to be taught by professional teachers from The Pacific
 Villamil. Followed by Open Mic for women. $10 dona-                                                                      Resident Theatre. The program covers improvisation, the-
                                                                • Pacific Resident Theatre, 703 1/2 Venice Blvd.          atre games, and scene study. Free to all Los Angeles
 tion for the Beachhead requested.
                                                                822-8392 - www.pacificresidenttheatre.com                 youth 12-18yrs old. All skill levels welcomed! Program
                     Tuesday, March 10                          • SPARC - Social and Public Art Resource Center,          begins March 5, 2009 / Meet every Thursday for 8wks at
 • 6-8pm - Marshall Mcluhan-Finnegans Wake Reading              685 Venice Blvd. 822-9560 x15.                            Abbot Kinney Memorial Library, 501 S. Venice Blvd. April
 Club - 4533 Admiralty Way Marina Del Rey. Free. 306-                                                                     26th the final performance will be held at the Pacific
 7330 or visit venicewake.org                                   • Sponto Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave, 399-2078.                 Resident Theatre 703 Venice Blvd. For more information
                                                                • Talking Stick Coffee Lounge, 1411c Lincoln              email actorsatplay@yahoo.com or call Lucille at the
                    Thursday, March 12                          Blvd. 450-6052 www.thetalkingstick.net                    library to sign up! (310) 821-1769.
 •7:30-10:30pm - Suzy Williams and Co. - The Songbird                                                                     • 4pm and 7pm - Saturday, March 21 & 28 / 4pm and
 of Venice sings every 2nd Thursday at Danny’s, 23              • United Methodist Church and Auditorium,                 7pm - Sunday March 22 & 29 - A Project of Community
 Windward Ave. www.dannysdeli.com                               2210 Lincoln Blvd. (at Victoria).                         Partners- presents Does He Know- A poetic one act per-
                                                                • Unurban Coffee House, 3301 Pico Blvd Santa              formance piece for adults, that infuses puppetry, creating
                     Friday, March 13                                                                                     a story about damaged relationships and the search for
 • 7pm - Venice Town Council - A democratic airing of                                                                     our own path to love. Written and directed by Leslie K.
 Venice issues, without the BS. United Methodist Church         • Vera Davis Center, 610 California Avenue.(310)          Gray. The Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave. Admission
 Auditorium, 2210 Lincoln Blvd. (at Victoria). Vegetarian       305-1865. Fax 305-0146.                                   $20. 823-0710.
 meal at 6:30pm for $5.                                                                                                   • 7pm - Three Sunday Performances / March 8, 15, & 22 -
                                                                •Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Abbot
 • 8pm - An Evening with Matthew Mars and Friends -                                                                       An Intimate Cabaret Starring Broadway’s Carolyn
                                                                Kinney Blvd. (enter auditorium from Westminster
 Beyond Baroque.                                                                                                          Mignini -Enjoy Broadway’s Carolyn Mignini live in con-
                                                                Ave.) 606-2015                                            cert. Pacific Resident Theatre. Tickets at the box office or

                                                                      Get your local event listed
                      Saturday, March 14                                                                                  www.pacificresidenttheatre.com
 • 1-3pm - All About Penguins - In a second installment,
 artist J.J. L íHeureux will give a lecture on the five                   in the Beachhead.                                                        Music
                                                                          Send information to
 species of Penguins that live in the Antarctic region.                                                                   • 8pm - Live music and DJ’s Sun-Fri - The Brig, 1515
 Come with your questions and observations, and bring                                                                     Abbot Kinney Blvd. (310) 399-7537.
 the kids. The G2 Gallery, 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd.                      Calendar@freevenice.org                           • 8pm - Live Music Every Night - Air Condition Supper
 • 7:30pm - Readings by Amy Uyematsu and Gary Gach.                     by the 25th of the month.                         Club, 625 Lincoln Blvd. Admission varies / Ages 21 and
 Beyond Baroque.
                                                                (If you charge admission, please take out                 up. www.airconditionedbar.com
                                                                                                                          •8pm - Venice Bistro - Live music Wednesday - Sunday
                      Sunday, March 15                                   an advertisement - $25)                          night. Venice Bistro 323 Ocean Front Walk
 • 7:30pm - Savior Self is a one man show/spoken word                                                                     •8pm - 11pm Sunday & 9pm - 12am Monday - Live Jazz -
 freak out about life, death, and everything in between.                                                                  Hal’s Bar and Grill.
 Written and directed by “More Againî” (aka Morgan                                                                        •12pm - 2pm - Every Thursday- Live Jazz & Blues- Enjoy
 Lane Bennett). The Electric Lodge, $10.                                                                                  delicious Cajun lunch and music by Joe Banks and
 • 2-5:30pm - Urban Haiku Workshop -Beyond Baroque.                                                                       Friends. Uncle Darrow’s, 2560 Lincoln Blvd.
                     Tuesday, March 17
 •8pm - MESS (Media Ecology Soul Salon) - Canal Club,
 2025 Pacific Ave. Free. 823-3878.
                                                                                                                          •7pm - Every Tuesday - Pajama & Toddler Storytime -
                  Wednesday, March 18                                                                                     Abbot Kinney Library.
 •6:30pm - Author/Historian Elayne Alexander - Will
 discuss and sign her Postcard History Series book,                                                                                               Free Food
 Venice. Abbot Kinney Library.                                                                                            •3 - 5pm - Veggie Giveaway - Every Friday. Vera Davis
                                                                                                                          Center. Contact Ivonne Guzman 323-867-2705.
                   Thursday, March 19                                                                                     •3 - 5pm - Food Not Bombs- Free food on Thursdays.
 •7:30pm - Project Nightlight Benefit - Musical event                                                                     United Methodist Church.
 with Kathy Leonardo and Vinnie Caggiano. Danny’s.            Beachhead T-shirts are back! Only $18. Men and
                                                              Women’s styles. Send check to POB 2, Venice 90294

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