MEMO by yaoyufang


TO: Dr. Art Fricke

FROM: Babangida Ahuwan

GROUP MEMBERS: Jesse Becker, Jeff Ezell, Babangida Ahuwan(ENGL 2311-002)

DUE DATE: 04/23/07

DATE HANDED IN: 04/23/07

SUBJECT: Proposal presentation memo

TITLE OF PROPOSAL REPORT: “Campus Parking- introduction of standard parking

This memo:

1. Describes how my group managed the presentation.
2. Outlines changes our group would make based on feedback we received from peers.
3. Gives an overview of how well our group did on the overall project.
4. States changes I would make if I was to re-do the entire project.

As a group we were able to meet project datelines. We were also able to individually
complete designated sub-sections on the proposal. We primarily relied on e-mails as the
means of communication. Jeff Ezell was responsible for writing up the introductory part
of the proposal. Jesse Becker worked on the methods and results. I dealt with the analysis
and recommendation sections. We also individually presented our proposal as outlined
Based on feedback we received from our peers we would make the following changes
and adjustments.
• Initiate more eye contact.
• Spend more time making sure the audience understood our problem.
• Emphatically describe our intended solution.
• Request feedback from audience by asking questions.
• Speak using simple sentences.

Overall, I believe our group did very well. Our ability to individually develop our
assigned sections gave us more control and understanding or our assigned sub-sections. If
given the opportunity to redo this project I would do the following.
1. Seek intensive editing help from the writing center and/or Dr. Fricke.
2. Encourage face-to-face meetings with my group members.
3. I would also liaise with students who have taken this course with Dr. Fricke.

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