CerAmony rocks at JAC by wuyunyi


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                                                                                                                                                                           Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                  Volume 39, Issue 12

In This Issue
                                                CerAmony rocks at JAC                                                                                                  for the idea behind it, was one called ‘Shine
                                                Sarah Michaud
Pokemon invades John                            Contributor
                                                                                                                                                                       Again’ The song’s influence came from the
Abbott                                                                                                                                                                 idea of children growing up without any
                                      Page 2                                                                                                                           mention or sight of war. Imagine, grow-
                                                     When one hears of First Nations or                                                                                ing up without seeing, hearing about or
    It seems that we have travelled             Aboriginal musicians coming around,                                                                                    knowing what war is? What would that
back to the year 1998 since now the             chances are what comes to mind is a fu-                                                                                generation be like? I’ve thought of this
popular activity between youngsters             sion of spirited percussion and beautiful                                                                              before, and still do, however I was pleased
is playing Pokemon. Everywhere                  Native chants that diffuse a rich, spiritual                                                                           to hear it in a song.
you turn you see people and their               feel to anyone listening. I myself was sur-                                                                                 Over all, I feel that the men of
Nintendo DS; staring into the tiny              prised to find that the Cree duo, consist-                                                                             CerAmony were immersed into their
screen, pressing buttons in a non-              ing of Matthew A. Iserhoff (lead singer)                                                                               music. I saw it as a spiritual experience,
stop fashion, battling and training             and Pakesso Mukash, (Rap/Background                                                                                    and after having spoken to Iserhoff after
their virtual creatures. Not only that,         Vocals and Guitars), have a very modern,                                                                               the show that was confirmed. Writing,
but now if you look anywhere, some-             mellow rock sound that gets into your                                                                                  performing, presenting any form of art or
body has a pokewalker attached to               head and makes you think.                                                                                              expression is a spiritual experience. Being
their pants or being moved around                    The name CerAmony came to them                                                                                    able to spread that and share that feeling
in their hands.                                 in 2002, shortly after the band first got                                                                              with people is a beautiful thing.
                                                together. Mukash woke one morning                                                                                           I very much enjoyed the show. It both
                                                with the word ‘Ceremony’ in mind. They                                                                                 met and exceeded my expectations and I
                                                figured that since every faith has their                                                                               encourage everyone to give them a listen, at
Alternative listeners,                          version of ceremonies, they wouldn’t be                                                                                the very least. Personally I have much more
rejoice!                                        leaving anyone out, and by capitalizing                                                                                respect for artists that are able to perform
                                      Page 6    the ‘A’ they symbolized their very own                                                                                 with heart and for the sake of what they’re
                                                ceremonial tent, which adds that personal                                                                              doing rather than for being known for
    March 24th was a night for alter-           touch.                                                                                                                 something or someone they are not.
native listeners to rejoice at the Bell              The duo opened with a hard rock-like               while shopping for his wife in Pleasure Island at                   CerAmony is a concept that has been
Centre, as Billy Talent headlined an            version of The Beatles “Come Together” backed           Disney World. The reggae-inspired tune was fan-        worked on for over seven years, and well worth
amazing line up for the evening. The            with a pre-mixed electronic track that included         tastic! Both in lyrics and music, it was beautifully   the time and work. They’ve just released their first
line up consisted of the hardcore               the drums and bass sounds. Though there weren’t         performed. One could really feel the inspiration       album and are sure to be a local hit at the very
punk rockers Cancer Bats, Against               too many people watching just yet, the response         behind the writing- something many of today’s          least. You can find them on MySpace: myspace.
Me!, Canadian hardcore favourites,              was modest but notable. It was easy to tell that        artists lack.                                          com/CerAmony and on Facebook: CerAmony.
Alexisonfire and last but not least,            they play for the sake of playing and pure enjoy-            Mukash took the stage alone for a little while
Billy Talent.                                   ment. Following this song came an original called       to let us get to know him and to give Iserhoff a
                                                ‘Looks Like Change to Me’ with which they tried         break. In this time he told us about his youth and
                                                to interact with the audience. Despite their efforts,   how his roots in music came to be. Although I
                                                there were no more than a few people following          can’t vouch for Mukash having a great singing
DDR as a sport?                                 through with the interaction. The lack of people        voice, he’s a great storyteller. The way he took us
                                     Page 8     in the audience probably didn’t help that either.       through his childhood, using the musical influ-
                                                     Their third song, ‘First Son’ was a a rap-rock     ences he had back in the day was simply delight-
    So, Dance Dance Revolution as               union inspired by an event that took place in           ful. It’s always interesting to see where someone
a sport eh? we’re either getting even           2002. Though very reminiscent of an early Linkin        came from and how they got to be who they are
closer to a society that’s solely run           Park, it was unique in its styling and had great        today, and I thought it was a great and totally rel-
on electronics, or we’re just getting           musicality.                                             evant way of doing so. He presented songs that he
dumber as a race. You can like DDR                   The next two songs were both said to be            either loved to listen to or songs his father would
as a game, a hobby, an activity, or             among the more ‘cheesy’ of the songs. Of course,        play that stuck with him. It’s heartwarming to see
even a reason to bring your friends             one being inspired by love and loss and what it         their humble beginnings and how they’ve kept
over and get them so intoxicated that           never became and the other a song with lyrics           to what matters most to them. Again, this isn’t
they’re punching you in the face, but           awakened by that feeling of true love made it           something we see every day. After having some
DDR as a sport is crossing the line.            cliché. Regardless of the common themes, the            mild technical difficulties, Mukash quickly got
                                                stories told and feelings evoked were as unique         to present to us the first song he ever learned on
                                                as the individual. The first of the two was more                                                   ,
                                                                                                        his own: Bryan Adams’ ‘Summer of ‘69’ with the
                                                of a ballad, while the second was said to be influ-     help of Iserhoff on backing vocals.
Sections                                        enced by reggae, something Iserhoff came across              The one song that stuck out for me, mostly

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                                                                                                                                                                     Wednesday March 31th, 2010 • 1
                            With Will Attar

Campus Life
Pokemon invades John Abbott                                                                                      ams and projec ts,
                                                                                                                                            John Abbott College
Tricia Fitzgibbon                                                                                                                           21275 Lakeshore Road
                                                                                                                 students find it an        P.O. Box 2000
Arts Editor                                                                                                      easy and quick way         Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue,
                                                                                                                 to b e e nte r t ai ne d   Quebec, Canada H9X 3L9
    It seems that we have trav-                                                                                  and it really helps        Phone: (514) 457-6610 ext. 5389
                                                                                                                                            Fax:      (514) 457-6091
elled back to the year 1998                                                                                      take their minds off       Office: H-041
since now the popular activity                                                                                   work. Pokemon has          Web:      http://www.bandersnatch.ca/
between youngsters is playing                                                                                    become a “hobby”           E-mail: bandersnatch@johnabbott.qc.ca
Poke mon . Eve r y w he re you                                                                                   to those who simply
turn you see people and their                                                                                    don’t have enough          Matt Guité
Nintendo DS; staring into the                                                                                    time for anything                                                Editor-in-Chief
tiny screen, pressing buttons                                                                                    unrelated to school
in a non-stop fashion, battling                                                                                  and just want to           Stephanie Hunziker
and training their virtual crea-                                                                                 have a more acces-                                    Assistant Editor-in-Chief
tures. Not only that, but now if                                                                                 sible source of en-
you look anywhere, somebody                                                                                      tertainment. Seeing        Lance Bui
has a pokewalker attached to                                                                                     as carrying a laptop                                                News Editor
their pants or being moved                                                                                       everywhere with you
around in their hands. Even lo-                                                                                  perhaps isn’t the best     Will Attar
cal game stores are running out of stock      the game is taking place through elec-         option when it comes to practicality,                                           Campus Life Editor
of Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold.        tronic devices. Thanks to technology,          therefore a smaller handheld device is
What really comes to mind is how this         players can easily carry their Pokemon         definitely a better way to go. Andrew          Dominique Daoust
even got started. How did the urge to         around. Also thanks to the optional            Shulman, Gamers club member, men-                                            Entertainment Editor
evolve your Turtwig suddenly become           Poke-walker, which apparently takes            tions that it also brings back the good
a hobby? Has Pokemon really achieved          the critters out to walk and gives them        times from the 90’s. “People who played        Patricia Fitzgibbon
an epic comeback or could it just be          1 “watt” every 20 steps, the game can be       Pokemon back then are curious to know                                                    Arts Editor
another phase that will eventually turn       somewhat played while students are in          how the game works now.” He states.
into a childhood memory once again?           class and even during their work hours.        Sure enough, the newer version in its          François Dumouchel
    Whatever the epidemic is, clearly it          Apparently, this technological up-         electronic format has attracted a high                                              Opinions Editor
has hit John Abbott College. Teenage          grade to Pokemon created an easier             number of old and new players who are
guys and even girls all around the            playing method than before and stu-            interested in finding out what the game        Andrew Hachey
school are bringing back their beloved        dents claim that the use of the port-          now has to offer.                                                                     Games Editor
Pokemon to their daily lives. But dif-        able Nintendo DS has made it much                 Whether it is temporar y or not,
ferently than before, the trees have          more practical for players. With the           Pokemon has for sure become a regular          Amanda Gallo
been saved; instead of playing cards,         s m a l l am ou nt of t i m e du e t o e x -   activity for boys and girls.                                                           Sports Editor

                                                                                                                                            David Alexander
Spring cleaning starts with you                                                                                                                                            Production Manager

                                              from home- on top of finding                                                                  Alex Callard
David Alexander                               the right vending machines and                                                                                                     Office Manager
Production Manager                            places around campus or on cam-
                                              pus to eat is extremely important.                                                            Scott Brereton
    Hello students of John Abbott! I          Food can have adverse or posi-                                                                                                         Webmaster
hope your spring break was as good            tive effects on how and what we
as mine, and I hope that this miserable       think- and one important part of
weather of dark and ugly downpour             being a student is eating right.
will soon turn into glorious, glorious        Studies show that the more con-
sunshine and color! With spring com-          tent a student is, the higher their
ing around, you might start thinking of       grade average tends to be- that’s
the end of the semester, spring clean-        because without worries students
ing, and plowing through those last           can focus much more easily on
eight weeks of studying before taking         production and work.
the break you deserve during the sum-             Speaking about thinking                                                                   Bandersnatch is the student-run Alternative Press at
mer. However, to get there without too        right, another way to jump into                                                               John Abbott College. It is published every two weeks
many bumps and cracks in your path            t he p osit ive wave of t houg ht                                                             and is partially funded by the Student Activities
you might have to move forward or             is by exercising regularly. But                healthy lifestyle, an easy healthy habit       Commitee and by advertising solicited members.
                                                                                             to continue and I could not emphasize          Submissions are welcome and become property of
grow in a new way- just like spring!          since we are so constrained when it
                                                                                                                                            Bandersnatch. Submissions must be sent via E-mail to
One of those ways can be taking a few         comes to time- juggling our social             on how organizing and calming your             bandersnatch@johnabbott.qc.ca and must be in Plain
easy steps that can drastically improve       lives, love lives, work, play and school,      mind brings you that much closer to,           Text format (.txt) or Microsoft Word Document format
your lifestyle and even your grades           we rarely find the time to exercise as         say, writing a clear and strong essay          (.doc). All submissions must include the full name and
to help you dodge those bumps and             recommended. That’s why a 30 minute            or focusing on an important project.           telephone number of the contributor, as well as the
                                                                                                 And of course, don’t let any habit         e-mail address if applicable. Bandersnatch reserves the
cracks on your route to success and           walk after eating dinner is ideal before
                                                                                                                                            right to reject submissions or to edit any submissions
eventually- break!                            jumping back into your studies. A 30           become your life. If you find that your        for length, legality, or clarity. Submissions should be
    Taking the time to eat right is hard      minute walk not only gives you time to         steps towards a healthier life are bring-      a maximum of 500 words but may be printed if they
for students- when the cafeteria is half      get away from the desk and breathe in          ing you positive results, then keep it         are worthwhile. Spelling and grammar will not be
filled with fries and pizza, the vending      fresh air- but it allows you to organ-         that way or regulate it for yourself- as       corrected on submissions as it is the responsibility of
                                                                                             a student, you’re going to need enough         the contributor to correct them. Submissions should
machines sell more aspartame than             ize your thoughts (so don’t bring your
                                                                                                                                            be dropped off at the Bandersnatch office, located in
they do vitamins and the actual time          iPod!), digest your food, and circulate        time and energ y to spend in other             the basement of Herzberg, room H-041 (across from
to find all the right stuff is expensive to   your blood, on top of burning some             parts of life as well. Good luck and           the hallway entrance of The Oval).
us students! That’s why bringing food         calories! It’s a great way to keep up a        keep healthy.

2 • Wednesday March 31th, 2010                                                                                                                           Bandersnatch Campus Life
                                   f                                                        i                                 cli   Lif
                              s Li                           ec         Life pus Mov                ecy     O
                           ow mpus                      es R ows                      s         s R s Life pus             ecy hows
                      Sh a                          ovi       Sh            am ent          vie       w                es R S
                 ling On C                     ts M cling                n C ns Ev ts Mo g Sho n Cam                ovi cling
           ecy fe                        ven        cy             fe O ia           n       n          O        sM y
        s R ws Li mpus ians E es Re                            s Li omed s Eve ecycli s Life pus Event s Rec
   vie o
   in                  C
                                d           i           how C
Mo g Sh On Ca ome s Mov ling S pus medi ovies g Sho On Ca edian ts Mo
ycl s Life pus Event Recyc n Cam us C ents M cycli s Life s Com Even
                                                                             an       R
                                                                                               w        m     s vie
                                                                                                                                            Campus Life
      w        m           s           s          O          p        v        R e ow             u      ns
 Sho On Ca edian Movie s Life n Cam ians E ovies g Sh Camp edia
s Li
     fe      Gina-va, gina-va, gina-va                      d
            Com vents Show Life O ome ents M ecycli ife O us Co
                     E ling               s us C
                                                                                n       n
                                                                                  L camelptoe.
                                                                                                 m            A fallen book goes unheard
               ans cyc                 ow p               s Ev ieknown ws a Cam
                                                                      s R o as
            ediWillRAttar ing Sh Cam edian Mov g How can this be avoided? The solu-
                      e                                                    Sh     n
      C om vCampus Life Editorn
                ies cycl e O                  Co m ents yclition isife O
                                                                      n L so simple, that doing otherwise
           Mo        Re Lif              us         Ev        ec ows
      nts ovies hows amp dians vies R g Shwould lead you down a road of none-
 Eve s M gWell, it turns out e many people stop vaginal wedgies – a.k.a. the “vedg-
                    S         nC           that      o       lin
       nt yclreally enjoyed theom ents M Recyc
   ve ec       in       ifeO         C previous sex column. ie.” Wear looser pants or wear skirts.
sE sR              ws                  s Ev ies
  ie           Now,                ian s on v
             Sho I was planning Mo quitting after The whole problem is that you’re wear-
ov ling just one, but d seems now that due to ing pants so tights that it’s being forced
                               e it t
     yc                  Com s EvenI should write one up in there. It may make your ass look
Rec            popular demand
               more. edi
                  Co m Since I was not expecting to bigger or better or rounder, but the side
               write this, I apologize if it does not effect is some beef curtains, oh, and a
             meet expec-                                                                  yeast infec-
             t at i o n s . My                                                            tion. Think
             last article                                                                 about it;
             was all about                                                                your clothes
             erections, so                                                                should not
             it only seems                                                                be up there.
             fair that this                                                               If they are
             issue I dis-                                                                 for too long,
             cuss vaginas.                                                                t h e n y ou’ l l
                  Now, t h e                                                              have fun-
             cause of cam-                                                                gi in your
             el toe seems                                                                 pants, and
             to be when                                                                   not the fun                                                     relax in a corner with my computer.”
             a w o m a n ’s                                                               kind.               Jasmine Molle                                   Despite the fact that computers and
             pants are so                                                                      N o w ,        Contributor                                 the internet give students the ability
             tight, you could read her lips. It doesn’t       while some people believe that a male’s                                                     to find factual pieces of information
             matter if it’s jeans, shorts, bathing            bulge is sexy or intriguing or arous-               On a sunny Tuesday the John Abbott      for any assignment they have, teachers
             suits, scuba suits, tights, space suit,          ing… a camel toe is the complete op-            College library is considerably empty,      often request books as sources. This
             gimp suits, hazmat suits, bee keeper             posite. It’s like seeing plumbers crack         although the students who have made         frequent demand generally leads people
             suits, or a fencing suit... if it’s too tight,   through the clothes from the front. It          their way to the school’s house of books    to the library, where its online database
             then that clothing is going to climb             looks like the vagina is super hungry           are fully engaged in their task at hand:    can help find any book, article or jour-
             into the moist warmness of your fish             and trying to eat the pants. Here’s a tip       Sleeping.                                   nal you are looking for. Even then, stu-
             taco. Once it’s there, it will snuggle in        for you sister: make sure your pants are            The library, which holds approxi-       dents don’t feel compelled to actually
             tightly, embracing the form of your              the right fit otherwise you’ll have to          mately 68 000 books and a total of          take the books out of the library. “I’ve
             hairy clam, thus creating a poon crease          fear the wrath of the camel toe.                27 computers is no longer used to its       never actually checked out a book,”
                                                                                                               fullest as it once was. “I can count on    Labreque says, “I usually just find a
                                                                                                               my fingers the number of times I’ve        book and pick out the information.”
                                                                                                               used the library,” 18 year old Gabrielle   If students aren’t using the library for
                                                                                                               Chapdelaine Roy states. Gabrielle is       school purposes and all the electrical
                                                                                                               one of many who merely don’t feel          outlets are occupied, then what use is
                                                                                                               the need to use the library anymore.       the library being put to?
                                                                                                                   With computers on the rise, stu-           Second year student librarian Laura
                                                                                                               dents are more likely to opt for the       White strongly disagrees that the li-
                                                                                                               faster and more efficient way to get       brary’s rates have dropped. “People are
                                                                                                               their homework done quickly. As            constantly checking out books, more
                                                                                                               opposed to spending hours sifting          than they use the computers.” White
                                                                                                               through thousands of books, a student      says, “I find that the “Hot Reads” are
                                                                                                               can easily find useful information         very popular.”
                                                                                                               with just the click of a mouse. “I think       As sleeping students awaken to
                                                                                                               that computers are pretty popular          get to their next class, many others
                                                                                                               because they are the first option that     make their way to the photocopying
                                                                                                               springs to mind,” says John Abbott         machines. “Scanning books here is ex-
                                                                                                               student Stuart Brown, “this is probably    tremely popular as well, I get asked a
                                                                                                               because computers are more a part of       lot for change for the machines,” White
                                                                                                               our society than books.”                   explains, “it’s probably so popular be-
                                                                                                                   Not only does the invention known      cause you’re not allowed to check out
                                                                                                               as the laptop house much more infor-       some of the books.” That is possibly
                                                                                                               mation than a single book, it is equally   the case, or perhaps students are just
                                                                                                               as effortless to carry around. As an       avoiding a trip back.
                                                                                                               accelerating amount of
                                                                                                               students bring their lap-
                                                                                                               tops to school daily, the
                                                                                                               library is becoming more
                                                                                                               frequented for its abun-
                                                                                                               dance of outlets than for
                                                                                                               the knowledge it holds
                                                                                                               in the form of published
                                                                                                               d o c u m e nt s . “I u s e my
                                                                                                               own laptop a lot because
                                                                                                               I have access to w hat -
                                                                                                               ever I want,” first year
                                                                                                               John Abbott student Steve
                                                                                                               Labreque states, “[and if
                                                                                                               I] use the library volun-
                                                                                                               tarily, it is usually to just

             Bandersnatch Campus Life                                                                                                                          Wednesday March 31th, 2010 • 3
              “Sabrina Smoking”                                                   “Bandersnatch Mascot”
                 By Sofia Ajram - Contributor                                   By Fanny Abbondanza-Bergeron - Contributor

“Bitches”                        that’s all I could think about,
                                 really. I couldn’t help being
                                                                          There was nothing in this
                                                                          world that didn’t tell me we
                                                                                                                Once again, I was discrim-
                                                                                                             inated. If neither could un-
Short Story by Patricia Fitz     outrageously jealous of this             weren’t meant to be. He was        derstand my feelings or even
- Arts Editor                    bitch. My high school men-               everything I had ever hoped        b e considerate enoug h to
   I watched her f rom the       tality has programmed me                 to find. Once again that high      realize all the pain I was go-
corner of my eye. That stu-      to think like that so I hated            s cho ol me nt a l it y tol d me   ing through, I knew I had to
pid bitch; she destroyed all     her. I was going to start a              he was the one that liked to       finish them. They deserved
my plans for happiness. I        club to discuss how much I               cuddle and share secrets and       each other and deserved to
could have had that “hap-        hated her. Just looking at her           tell me he loved me ever y         learn a lesson together, and
pily ever after” I’ve always     walking down that hallway                single day. I remember the         t hat was exac t ly w hat my
dreamed of with that “hand-      bouncing what she claims to              time when I had gained the         psychopathic mind told me.
some prince charming” the        be her breasts. I bet she did            courage to speak to him I was      I am dramatic. I am over-
entire school is after. The      that on purpose. I bet they              certain we could’ve eventu-        sentimental. I take things to
Prince and I were perfect for    were not even real. I bet she            ally shared the same bottle of     the extreme because that’s
each other and we were going     couldn’t even grow a mous-               lube. But no, that bitch just      what I am programmed to
to get married until she came    tache like I can. Bitch.                 had to ruin everything. His        do. So I grabbed that nice
along. Since I am mediocre          I w at c h e d h i m c l o s e l y.   attention had turned away          bottle of lube I had bought
and like ever y other usual      Bittersweet butterflies flew             from me and onto her tender        months before and put it to
feminine figure out there,       around in my stomach.                    buttocks.                          a much better use.

4 • Wednesday March 31th, 2010                                                                                             Bandersnatch Arts
Homosexuality: a “r-evolutionary” point of view
                                         are more involved in the development of                        theory] that they’re indirectly pass-
Lance Bui                                their nieces and nephews. One can say it                       ing on at least some of the genes that
News Editor                              is a way to enhance the survival of close                      they’re sharing with their kin.”
                                         relatives, which gives credence to the                             Similar studies are being con-
    With many scientists such as Darwin theory of “super uncles.” These “super                          ducted in the United States and in
came an era of new understanding on uncles” help close relatives indirectly                             England. However they did not find
how humans – and all other living be- pass on their genes.                                              any evidence to support this theory.
ings for that matter – are the way they      Paul Vasey is an associate professor                       Vasey then thought, “I’ll do it in a
are. Why some traits and behaviours of the department of psychology at the                              non-Western culture and chances are
are still present today and others are University of Lethbridge in Alberta.                             I’m going to find exactly the same re-
nonexistent can be explained by natural Through his research, he has found evi-                         sults and it’ll be the nail in the coffin Photo by: Agence France-Presse
selection or Neo-Darwinism, as many in dence that gay men may be more willing                           for this hypothesis.”                        has a few ideas. Communities are a lot
the field call it today.                 to support family members, namely                                  He and his colleague, evolutionary closer in Samoa in comparison to how
    In Laymen’s terms,                                  nieces and nephews, both                        psychologist Doug Vanderlaan, moved dispersed North American families
genes are passed down        Is homosexuality financially and emotion-                                  the research to the Pacific island of can be. Similarly, homosexuality is ex-
f rom ge n e r at i on to inherited?                    ally. This brings about                         Samoa to survey women, straight men pressed differently in Western culture,
generation if they have                                 important consequences.                         and the fa’afafine, a culturally accepted shunned even in some communities.
some purpose to promote the survival Homosexuals are therefore helping their                            third gender of men who prefer other             This line of research has not offered
of the species. Genes that play no role close relatives reproduce “more success-                        men as sexual partners. The initial find- any conclusive findings yet. However,
whatsoever in helping an individual fully and at a higher rate.”                                        ings shocked Vasey. The fa’afafine said it is starting to shed some light on
survive are slowly wiped out. It is this     The other side of the debate suggests                      they were more likely and willing to questions that have puzzled many re-
simple piece of knowledge that has led an important point. Although the gene                            help kin and do not care about helping searchers for many decades now. The
many to question the role of homosexu- may seem inheritable, if homosexual                              children who were not a part of their implications of homosexuality being a
ality in society and inevitably resulted men are less likely to reproduce than                          family. This was the first evidence that part of our genetic heritage can be the
in this very controversial question: is heterosexual men, how then can the                              supports the “kin selection hypothesis.” beginning of a new age for a commu-
homosexuality inherited?                 gene for homosexuality be passed on                                “I think I’ve convinced myself it’s nity that has known difficult moments
    A study by Canadian researchers has instead of being extinguished a long                            real,” says Vasey about this selective in this day and age. Professor Vasey is
begun to show evidence that homosexu- time ago?                                                         form of altruism.                            still undergoing his research and will
ality may have evolutionary advantages.      Professor Vasey offers an explana-                             Why are these results not apparent hopefully later extend it to homosexual
This study demonstrated that gay men tion, “Maybe it’s in [the ‘super uncle’                            in Western communities? Again, Vasey women as well.

Morality on the brain
                                                    brain. The magnetic field applied sent feeble
Sarah Michaud                                       electric currents that would cause the normal
Contributor                                                                                                  Greetings Jac-Lings!                    We would also like to draw your
                                                    activity of the brain cells to become abnormal           It’s time for another one of those  attention to the upcoming SUJAC
                                                    for a temporary period of time.                      famed ‘SUJAC Updates’!                  Executive Nominations that are tak-
      The human brain is responsible for                A couple of experiments were conducted,              We certainly hope that your se-     ing place from Monday, March 29,
  the proper operation of the entire human          all with some minor alterations. In the first        mester is going well so far, albeit the until Tuesday, April 13, 2010. The
body, including the most personal insights,         experiment the subjects were exposed to 25           fact that it’s crunch time for many     official SUJAC Executive Elections
beliefs and morals. A team of MIT neurosci-         minutes of TMS, then read several scenarios          students--busy with tests and es-       take place on Monday, April 19, 2010.
entists have recently found that disrupting         for which they would have to make moral              s ay s , e tc . C h e ck it                               So come on down to
the right temporal parietal junction using a        judgements and rate the actions taken by
magnetic field applied to the area on the scalp     the character in relation to the scenario on a
                                                                                                         out…exam schedules          …Springfest anyone? t h e S U JAC O f f i c e
                                                                                                         are already up! Glad,                                     at P- 1 0 1 a n d p i c k
can weaken the understanding we need to             scale from 1(Absolutely forbidden) to 7(ab-          however, that the weather outside is    up an Executive Nomination Form
have when comes the time to make a moral            solutely permissible). The difference in the         holding up and we’re seeing loads       and find out more about the 5 posi-
decision. The study, led by Rebecca Saxe, MIT       second experiment was simply that instead            of sunshine over the holiday break!     tions: President and Vice-Presidents
assistant professor of brain and cognitive          of a 25-minute exposure to the TMS followed              Just a reminder that Multicultural  Internal, Academic, Finance and
sciences, is published in the March 29 issue        by a judgement, TMS was administered in              Week is this week, so come on down      External! E ach Exec utive has a
of ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of          500-milisecond bursts as the subject would           to The Agora and take part in this      specific role outlined in the SUJAC
Sciences’.                                          be making the judgement.                             culture-filled event--full of food,     C ons t itut i on an d t h e y a l l wor k
     Studies previously conducted have shown            The results, as mentioned above, showed          dancing, music and much, much           together as a team on the SUJAC
the right TPJ, located behind the right ear,        that those subjected to the TMS on the right         more!                                   Executive. The Nomination submis-
is the most highly active area when a per-          TPJ had a probability of rating a failed attempt                                             sion deadline is: Tuesday, April 13,
son tries to understand a person’s beliefs or       at harm a morally permissible thing. Naturaly,

                                                                                                                                                 at 4:30 pm. Come and find out more!
thoughts on a moral issue. By applying this         it was concluded that disrupting the right TPJ                                                   Just a reminder everyone, if you
magnetic field to the area, the subject would       caused a mix-up in people’s judgment.                                                        have a problem with a teacher or a
have a more difficult time finding the reason-          Young is currently conducting a new study                                                grade that you can’t resolve directly
ing or understanding to better make a moral         that will be looking at the role of the right TPJ                                            with the teacher, get your grievances
decision.                                           in the judgement of people who are morally                                                   or Grade Review form in—don’t
     Liane Young, lead author of the publica-       lucky or unlucky. The example given is of a                                                  wait until the last week of school!
tion says “You think of morality as being a         drunk driver who hits and kills a pedestrian                                                 Come to SUJAC, P-101, if you need
really high-level behavior,”…”To be able to         (unlucky) and a drunk driver who makes it                                                    more info.
apply (a magnetic field) to a specific brain        home without harm (lucky). Of course, we                                                         Once again, we hope you’re all
region and change people’s moral judgments          know that the unlucky driver would be more                                                       The Student Union of John A
                                                                                                                                                 having a good semester and enjoying
is really astonishing.”                             likely to be judged as reprehensible.                                                        this great weather.
     The method used for the research was               This is a step forward in both understand-                                                   …Springfest anyone?
non-invasive. A technique called a transcra-        ing how the brain processes morality and
nial magnetic stimulation (TMS) was used to         what it makes of it, as well as discovering the
obstruct the activity in the specific area of the   amazing thing that is the human brain.

Bandersnatch News                                                                                                                                        Wednesday March 31th, 2010 • 5
All in good time                                                                                                                                                           New Releases
                                                        spiteful sounding lyrics. The album starts with               Jim Creegan, the band’s bassist, also con-
Adam Chan                                               their first single “You Run Away,” a song written        tributes a couple of songs to this album. ‘On the         In Theaters
Staff Writer                                            to express feelings towards Steven’s departure,          Lookout’ and “I Saw It” are both written and sung
                                                        among other things. Although the odd wacky               by Creegan. Based on the songs I am familiar              Chloe
     Before I begin this review, I’d like to make       style can still be heard, the songs aren’t as silly as   with, this does seem strange to me. Other than            Diary of a Wimpy Kid
one thing clear. While I may be a Barenaked             they previously were.                                    backup vocals, I have never really heard Jim              How to Train your Dragon
Ladies fan I am not familiar with much of their              Ever since Steven’s departure, I’ve been won-       Creegan sing in any of the songs.                         Hot Tub Time Machine
older material., I am familiar with their album         dering how it would affect the dynamic of the                 After giving this album a couple of listens I
Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits and all their         group. For the past ten years the Barenaked Ladies       can definitely say that it is a great album, given the    CDs
main albums since. So any factual errors can be         have harmoniously taken advantage of having              circumstances. It does a wonderful job of convey-
attributed to this.                                     two lead singers. Some songs would have Steven           ing the emotions of Steven Page’s departure while         Drake - Thank Me Later
     All in Good Time is the latest album by the        as the main vocalist, while others would have Ed         still maintaining the band’s dynamic. Though              Slow Club - Yeah, So
Barenaked Ladies. While the Barenaked Ladies            take the spotlight. As a fan I’d often wonder, would     the album is generally more sombre and lacks              Paper Tongues-Paper Tongue
usually portray themselves as silly and upbeat, All     I get tired of too much of Ed’s singing? That’s a        Steven Page’s vocals, it still has that Barenaked         The Revere - The Great City
in Good Time gives listeners a different perspec-       question that won’t be answered anytime soon             Ladies sound. I recommend this album to any
tive of the group. The album is heavily influenced      since the Barenaked Ladies don’t fail to deliver.        Barenaked Ladies fans; it’s definitely worth a            DVDs
by the departure of vocalist Steven Page. This is            Kevin Hearn, pianist and occasional player          listen to. Even if you’re not a big fan I still say you
the first album to be released since the departure.     of the accordion, guitar and mandolin takes on           should check it out.                                      Fantastic Mr. Fox
     The first indication as to the direction the       a bigger singing role.                                                                                             An Education
album takes can be seen on the album sleeve.            Kevin Hearn, who had                                                                                               Sherlock Holmes
Aside from the album title All in Good Time             taken on lead vocals for                                                                                           Loft
and song names which are in orange, the entire          a couple of songs in the
sleeve is black and white. This is a first, seeing as   previous two part album                                                                                            Upcoming Releases
every other album has usually featured colourful        consisting of: Barenaked
artwork. Current band members Ed Robertson,             Ladies Are Me and
Jim Creegan, Kevin Hearn and Tyler Stewart can          Barenaked Ladies Are                                                                                               In Theaters
be seen with uncharacteristically serious faces.        Men brings three more
     The songs themselves have a very melancholy        songs to this album.                                                                                               The Last Song
quality about them. Many of the songs sound             “Another Heartbreak”,                                                                                                     March 31
as though they are yearning for everything to           “Jerome” and “Watching                                                                                             Clash of the Titans
return to how it used to be. The album title and        the Northern Lights”                                                                                                      April 2
imagery in the album sleeve seem to reflect this        are all written and per-                                                                                           Gainsbourg
theme. Some songs however, contain somewhat             formed by Kevin Hearn.                                                                                                    April 2
                                                                                                                                                                           Date Night
Alternative listeners, rejoice!                                                                                                                                                   April 9

Tim Gale
                                                        Alexisonfire hit the stage, being met                    ing throughout the arena.                                 CDs
                                                        with a thunderous applause from the                         The lights came back on and there
Staff Writer                                            crowd. They played songs from each                       they were, Billy Talent at last. Songs                    Future Islands - In the Fall
                                                        of their past two albums, seemingly                      ranged from their three albums, but                               April 6
     March 24 th was a night for alter-                 ignoring their early work. However,                      didn’t seem to be too heavy on the new                    Slash - Slash
native listeners to rejoice at the Bell                 the songs they chose were perfect, as it                 stuff, and played what the fans were                              April 6
Centre, as Billy Talent headlined an                    was what the fans there wanted to hear                   hoping to hear. Songs like “Line and                      Jonsi - go
amazing line up for the evening. The                    the most from them. Favourites like                      Sinker,” “The Ex,” and “Saint Veronika”                           April 6
l i ne up c ons iste d of t he hard c ore               “Young Cardinals,” “We Are the Sound,”                   put the crowd in the right frame of
punk rockers Cancer Bats, the “best                     and “Boiled Frogs” were performed,                       mind and everyone was jumping like                        DVDs
American band” according to Billy                       before closing with their most popular                   jack hammers.
Talent singer, Ben Kowalewicz, Against                  track, “This Could Be Anywhere in the                       Singer, Kowalewicz proved to be                        Black
Me!, Canadian hardcore favourites,                      World.”                                                  a good (and humble) front man, as                               April 6
Alexisonfire and last but not least,                        An intermission that seemed to                       he regularly took a time out to talk                      Dante 01
Billy Talent.                                           last forever made the crowd get rest-                    to the crowd, whether it be about                               April 6
     The doors opened around 5pm,                       less, but when the lights went out, the                  Montreal music, Sidney Crosby, and                        The Wave
and Cancer Bats were on stage around                    place erupted, as the opening notes to                   just sheer appreciation for coming                              April 6
6:15, playing a 30 minute set. They                     “Devil in a Midnight Mass” were echo-                    to t he show. Fol low ing t heir f irst                   Serious Moonlight
sounded just as heavy as                                                                                                          single “Try Honesty,”                          April 6
Alexisonfire, but added                                                                                                           they retreated back-
their own punk style to                                                                                                           s t a ge . But it w a s n’t
the mix, even doing a                                                                                                             too long before they                     Upcoming Events
cover of the Beastie Boys’                                                                                                        came back for a three
“Sabotage.”                                                                                                                       s o n g e n c o r e , mu c h             Julian Casablancas
     Against Me! was up                                                                                                           to the delight of the                           April 1
next, having to follow up                                                                                                         fans cramming the                               Le National
an impressive perform-                                                                                                            Bell Centre. “Devil on                   Miike Snow
a n c e by C a n c e r B at s ,                                                                                                   my Shoulder,” “Fallen                           April 2
but the y didn’t disap-                                                                                                           L eav es ,” “R ed F l ag,”                      Club Soda
point the massive crowd                                                                                                           were the closers for                     Hedley
in attendance, showing                                                                                                            the evening. Leaving                            April 7
that they too know how                                                                                                            the audience with a                             Bell Centre
to whip a crowd into a                                                                                                            great ring in their ears
frenzy. By around 8pm,                                                                                                            to take home.

6 • Wednesday March 31th, 2009                                                                                                                                                Bandersnatch Entertainment
When actors venture into music
                                                                                                                                              not seem too original,
Dominique Daoust                                                                                                                              but it does apply to the
Entertainment Editor                                                                                                                          music they are recording.
                                                                                                                                              Like their first album,
    It’s happened countless times.                                                                                                            this one goes down the
Celebrities often get too greedy and                                                                                                          same road in terms of
decide to add another profession to                                                                                                           inspiration. This isn’t a
their lists. It does not tend to vary                                                                                                         bad thing though, since
all that much; model to actor, mu-                                                                                                            it seems to really work
sician to fashion designer, and the                                                                                                           for them this way. Their
most common - actor to musician.                                                                                                              songs have this 60s vibe
Certain names tend to pop out when                                                                                                            to them that still man-
this is mentioned (do Hilary Duff and                                                                                                         ages to feel authentic to
Lindsay Lohan come to mind here?),                                                                                                            today’s listeners. Here
but sometimes some good quality                                                                                                               a g a i n , Wa r d m a n a g e s
artists can come out of this decision.                                                                                                        ever ything behind the
When an actor actually attempts to                                                                                                            s cenes. He cre ates ef-
make it as a musician, meaning they                                                                                                           fortless combinations for
write their own songs and don’t just                                                                                                          each song; giving them
want to sing for the sake of making                                                                                                           multiple influences and
more money and gaining extra atten-                                                                                                           depth without making
tion by the media, these are the ones                                                                                                         them feel overdone. It all
to look out for.                                                                                                                              compliments the simplic-
    Zooey Deschanel, sister of Bones                                                                                                          ity of the lyrics. T. Zooey
star Emily Deschanel, is an actress                                                                                                           clearly gained more con-
that has had a low profile for quite a                                                                                                        fidence in her writing and
few years now. Does her name ring                                                                                                             voice since their first re-
a bell? Roles in Elf and (500) Days                                                                                                           lease and this adds more
of Summer might sort of make some                                                                                                             playfulness and hon-
people picture the actress in their                                                                                                           esty to the overall album.
minds. Although she did sing a little                                                                                                         S o m e c o v e r s ( “ R i d i n’
bit in Elf, her eventual introduction                                                                                                         i n my C a r” by N R B Q
to musician M. Ward on the set of                                                                                                             and “Gonna Get Along
The Go Getter a few years ago was                                                                                                             Without You Now” by
the beginning of her venture into the                                                                                                         Patience and Prudence)
world of music. After collaborating                                                                                                           are advantaged by
together on a song for the movie,                                                                                                             the singer’s charm, which
M. Ward learned that Z ooey had                                                                                                               makes them feel at home
been writing her own songs but was                                                                                                            with all of her own songs.
reluctant to make them public. After                                                                                                          The duo will be touring
sending him her songs, he decided                                                                                                             in Europe in the spring
to help her record them. Under the                                                                                                            and will also take part
                                            and downs of relationships. This being    was more in the producing and mixing,
group name She & Him, they released                                                                                              in some notable music festivals such
                                            said, nothing in the combination of the   letting Deschanel’s own voice and lyr-
Volume One in March of 2008.                                                                                                     as S out h by S out hwest, C o achel l a
                                            music and lyrics makes this a heavy or    ics speak for themselves. Their album,
    Initially working in separate cities,                                                                                        and Bonnaroo. Hopefully, She & Him
                                            plain subject to base an album on. All    which they say was inspired by the city
Zooey in Los Angeles and M. Ward in                                                                                              will bring their charm all the way to
                                            is done in light-heartedness, meaning     of Los Angeles, was a massive success
Portland, they came together to put the                                                                                          Osheaga this summer so ever yone
                                            this is an easy and enjoyable album to    for indie music lovers.
finishing touches on the album after                                                                                             can enjoy their collaboration in a live
                                            listen to. It is obvious however that         After some touring, they’ve just
three recording sessions. The result                                                                                             setting.
                                            Ward doesn’t lend his voice to many       released their new album, Volume Two,
is lovely songs that reflect on the ups
                                            songs. This is because his influence      last week. The title of the album might

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Bandersnatch Entertainment                                                                                                             Wednesday March 31th, 2010 • 7
This issue’s debate: Should D.D.R. be considered a sport?
                                              as volleyball. It also has tournaments in                                                  by that is you’re not actually danc-
Tricia Fitz                                   the US and Japan, and certain places in        Tim “Baland” Gale                           ing; you’re pretty much just stomping
Arts Editor                                   Europe already recognize it as a sport.        Staff Writer                                around on a mat or platform with ar-
                                                  So, as a dedicated Dance Dance                                                         rows on it. There’s a huge difference
    I’m sure you all know what ‘DDR’          Revolution player and fan, I think it              So, Dance Dance Revolution as           between dancing and playing a game
stands for but for those who somehow          should be seriously considered a sport.        a sport....we’re either getting even        of Dance Dance Revolution. Dancing
don’t, it is the acronym for the-oh so        It’s a perfect source of exercise; I’ve        closer to a society that’s solely run       is rhythmic movements and can be
popular game called “Dance Dance              heard so many stories of people who            on electronics, or we’re just getting       done as performance art. A game of
Revolution.” If you still have no idea        have lost over 80 lbs just by playing          dumber as a race. You can like DDR as       DDR, like I said above, is pretty much
what I’m talking about, google it cause       constantly. You also get into the spirit of    a game, a hobby, an activity, or even a     just jumping and stomping when the
I don’t have enough words to explain to       competition when playing with others,          reason to bring your friends over and       screen tells you to. If you need to follow
you exactly how the game works. What I        which is another sport characteristic.         get them so intoxicated that they’re        directions from a screen, is that really
can say is that the game is quite a work-     I bet if you tried it you would under-         punching you in the face, but DDR           athletic? But let’s say Dance Dance
out, which is why I believe it should be      stand. As absurd as it sounds and as           as a sport is crossing the line. As nice    Revolution is considered dance. How
considered an official sport.                 stupid you think the game is, DDR              as it is to get a nice little sweat going   can it not? It has the word dance in it
    According to the dictionar y, the         should be (and I believe one day will          from playing a game of DDR, there’s         twice! But let’s just say it’s considered a
definition for “sport” is: An individual or   be) an official sport.                         no direction in the game. What I mean       style of dance for the sake of argument.
team game requiring physical skills such                                                                                                 Last I checked dance wasn’t a sport,
as strength, stamina, or agility played in                                                                                               just an activity or a mating ritual.
a defined open-air or enclosed space;                                                                                                    You might say “Yeah, well what about
an active diversion requiring physical                                                                                                   gymnastics and figure skating, hmm?
exertion and competition. So technically                                                                                                 That’s like dancing, got ya there!” Well
speaking, DDR is already a sport because                                                                                                 first off, you’re very rude to talk to me
last time I checked, it pretty much covers                                                                                               like that. Second, skating is very dif-
all the requirements to be considered a                                                                                                  ficult and requires lots of effort and
sport. Not only that, but it focuses on                                                                                                  practice to be good enough to do back
the same things as common sports; you                                                                                                    flips off your partner. Gymnastics is
have to have hand-eye coordination to                                                                                                    the same. Also, those are sports that
follow the arrows, you have to be quick                                                                                                  are only incorporating dance elements
with your feet and have a certain amount                                                                                                 for elegance. Now if an ice skater was
of endurance; keeping your legs and                                                                                                      skating and then all of sudden was
sometimes, even your arms in constant                                                                                                    playing DDR on the ice to fit the mood
motion. Also, you can reach a higher                                                                                                     of their artistic expression, it just
level if you practice, causing yourself to                                                                                               doesn’t work because there’s no athleti-
improve. This eventually leads to some                                                                                                   cism required. No matter how fucking
species of exercise.                                                                                                                     awesome that does sound. By the way,
    I mean, seriously, they call chess a                                                                                                 have you seen some of these videos of
sport don’t they? I’m pretty sure DDR is                                                                                                 really out of shape people playing that
more of a sport than chess. It’s so much                                                                                                 game on YouTube? Just imagine seeing
more than just a mind game. Even on                                                                                                      them on the podium next to Michael
the beginner levels, you need just as                                                                                                    Phelps, receiving a gold medal for
much agility as curling, where precision                                                                                                 their country. Seems a little unfair. So
is almost all that matters. In comparison                                                                                                next time you’re having an awesome
to bowling and badminton, which are                                                                                                      time playing Dance Dance Revolution
also official sports, DDR gives a much                                                                                                   with your bros and someone exclaims,
higher workout level and people can                                                                                                      “Dude! This should be a sport! And so
easily lose weight if the game is played                                                                                                 should beer pong!”, just remember, a
frequently. It can even be as intense (if                                                                                                sport needs to actually be somewhat
not more), when played on harder levels,                                                                                                 athletic for it to be a sport.

If we all tried, we could be our very own prophets
                                              can transform you and your intentions         yet analyzed our own? No, we
Jess Abran                                    so quickly. It’s a joy ride, a power trip,    can not go back and undo the
Staff Writer                                  a drug, and we love it. We strive to find     massive damage and suffering
                                              a higher meaning, and then force it           we have done but we can move
     It’s comical how our own race is al-     down people’s throats when we should          for ward, and we can heal.
ien to us. It is strange how we fantasize     be striving to find ourselves instead.        We are capable of this, it scares
about how our world could be (hence           Religion is becoming a manifesto to           me. Let’s move past this rou-
Avatar) or should be (world peace)            humanity. When you think about it,            tine we’ve been programmed
when we cease to do anything about            it’s all the same thing. We all want the      to follow. We are constantly
it besides make things worse for our-         same thing; we are just taking differ-        using recycled thoughts and
selves. We create wars because we love        ent paths to get to it. Why do we need        that is what is holding us back.
to intimidate. We all seem to be caught       such hierarchy in religion? Is it really      So let us open the doors we
up in this act of expressing violence.        necessary to create another cage for          can think and see outside the
It’s a defense mechanism, but also, it’s      people to feel restricted in? Let us go       box. We have so much power
the way we’ve been conditioned, and           to a place where we can practice equal-       and we are lost on what to do
programmed. We crave for power to             ity and compassion, or better yet, let        with it. It is time to change,
dominate and change the world for the         us create this place here on earth. Why       and then maybe we can save
“greater good” but it’s funny how power       create a new world when we have not           ourselves.

8 • Wednesday March 31th, 2010                                                                                                                         Bandersnatch Opinions
                                                and friends?” and Valkos answered               with you as much as you want to be                someone tells you what you desire,
Emily Sweer                                     “Yes. Very soon you will feel more like         with him.”                                        you become relieved. We have been
Staff Writer                                    yourself and will want to be a part of              So, personally, after having seen the         socialized to want the same things:
                                                everyone’s lives again.” And my third           clairvoyant psychic, I feel relieved but          love, warmth, family, sex, etc. There
    When I heard there was going to             question was “Do you see me being in            at the same time, confused. Relieved              was nothing negative in those answers
be a psychic doing readings in the              a relationship anytime soon?” and he            because those were things that I have             but somehow, I don’t think anyone re-
Agora on Thursday, March 25th, I                answered “Yes, I do see a very gentle           been longing to hear but also confused            ceived negative answers. Some people
was ecstatic! I have always wanted to           guy coming your way. He won’t break             because the answers he gave me are                that I have talked to say that psychics
have my fortune told. Like it said on           your heart like the other one. He won’t         answers everyone wants to hear. Our               who come into John Abbott are to have
the John Abbott website, Dan Valkos             try to use you  and he will want to be          inner desires rule us all and when                people participate and get involved
was only going to be answering three                                                                                                                with show business. However, I be-
questions. Luckily, I was the first one                                                                                                             lieve it is a mix of everything. I am a
to see him and when I sat down next                                                                                                                 strong believer that there are people
to him he said to me what he was going                                                                                                              with abilities in this world who are
to be doing and what kind of psychic                                                                                                                able to foresee the future and are able
he was: a clairvoyant. Just in case you                                                                                                             to heal you. But I am also convinced
didn’t know already, the description of                                                                                                             that there are fake psychics who want
a clairvoyant is someone who is able to                                                                                                             to make a profit. I do not believe Dan
read the near future by perception and                                                                                                              Valkos was a fake but I do think that
through the senses (touching, feeling,                                                                                                              he senses our facial expressions and
etc.) Or in other words, someone who                                                                                                                body movements and has a more
is able to see things others cannot see                                                                                                             sensitive appeal rather than a full
directly. He made me laugh and sur-                                                                                                                 psychic appeal. A lot of it has to do
prisingly didn’t make me feel nervous                                                                                                               with psychology as well. To have the
at all. Dan Valkos is a very tall man and                                                                                                           ability to read people and mastering
also very funny. He had an interesting                                                                                                              the ability to give advice takes a lot
aspect about him that was very calm-                                                                                                                of psychological thinking.
ing and charming.                                                                                                                                       It is up to you as a person to
    I asked my first question: “Do you                                                                                                              believe what you wish to believe.
think I am going to be stressed in the                                                                                                              Sometimes, a psychic who isn’t re-
coming future?” He caught me off                                                                                                                    ally a psychic can be funny to see.
guard, made a sad face and answered                                                                                                                 Sometimes there are real psychics
“Yes, you are going to spiral downhill                                                                                                              who are able to help you with your
from here on out.” Then he said “No,                                                                                                                problems. And sometimes you just
no, of course you’re going to get bet-                                                                                                              need some advice. I can tell you that
ter. I know you are a perfectionist                                                                                                                 for me, it is all about the power of
and you like to get things done fast.                                                                                                               believing and thinking positively.
Very soon, you will start to feel better                                                                                                            We need people to make us feel bet-
emotionally and all that stress will dis-                                                                                                           ter about ourselves in this world and
sipate.” My second question was: “Will                                                                                                              sometimes, advice is well justified.
things get better between my family

Comparing the sciences and the social sciences
                                                I’ve received).                                     Qualitative courses ask for many more         for courses such as geography, religion,
Nathan Wong                                         The more formulas there are in quanti-      essays, orals, and research projects. We do       or anthropology? I admit that I don’t have
Staff Writer                                    tative courses, the more they build “on top”    much more note memorizing. We also try            anything close to all the answers, but I
                                                of each other (e.g. F=ma, W=Fd, therefore       to qualitatively understand the topic at          think that this kind of questioning leads us
    As a sixth semester Science and Social      W=dma). At the macro-level, the courses         hand in case they’ll have to process it in        think about the nature of the natural and
Science student, I will soon be a part of the   themselves start to build onto each other.      essay questions.                                  social sciences.
first cohort of Abbott students to graduate     This forms a line of prerequisite courses           It’s important to note the difference             My theory is that all social sciences
from a Double DEC program. Being fully          that we must follow in order to keep study-     between theory, application, and descrip-         need human beings in order to exist. They
immersed in two programs has given me           ing the discipline. This would partly explain   tion. Both programs teach us at least a           are based on humans making decisions,
the unique opportunity to compare the           why university science programs require a       bit of both, but there is much more time          and the meanings that people place on
material and the teaching methods of many       science DEC, and not vice versa.                spent on descriptions and applications in         the different things that they encounter in
different departments.                              A natural way to allow all of this theory   social science and much more emphasis on          throughout their lives. We have not been
    For example, one of the most important      to build up - and to ensure that the pre-       theories in science.                              able to objectively quantify meaning, as
factors that will determine the nature of a     requisites are being met - is by having a           For example, we describe all sorts of         meaning is completely subjective.
scientific course is whether or not it asks     standard, college-wide final exam at the        events, people, cultures, and artifacts in            The virtually limitless options of human
us to crunch formulas. The ones that do         end of semester. Then, the quizzes and as-      history and geography courses. We learn           behaviour at any given moment – let alone
on a regular basis are physics, chemistry,      signments prepare us for the tests, and the     about the Punic Wars, the 95 Theses, and          the reciprocal actions of individuals within
math, and economics, and all of the rest        tests prepare us for the final.                 the linguistic makeup of the EU nations.          groups over long periods of time – are very
don’t. (Allow me to call the first group            Final exams are good at making the          The effect of spatial and chronological           hard to predict. The natural universe, on
the “quantitative courses”, and the second      semester coherent, and encouraging the          relationships is implied, but it is never thor-   the other hand, can be immediately ma-
group the “qualitative courses”).               different sections to be fair. However, it      oughly analyzed. In sociology, we overview        nipulated in a controlled manner.
    One symptom of this disparity is the        unfortunately discourages class participa-      the 4 sociological perspective, then quickly          Some science students see this as a rea-
difference in appearance of the textbook        tion. With 15 weeks to prepare students         proceed to apply it to the sociology of           son why the natural sciences are superior
pages. Another is whether or not we carry       for the final, anything longer than a brief     the Capital Punishment, or the sociology          to the social sciences, but I beg to differ. I
calculators around with us. In quantitative     discussion that deviates away from the          of Hasidic Jews. On the other hand, the           think that they are complimentary, as one
courses, we’re asked to execute their new-      exam material is considered “wasting time”      mandatory science courses could easily            explains the inescapable physical reality
found applied mathematical skills on tests.     because it “slows the class down.”              teach about “the chemistry of toothpaste”         that we live in, while the other adds mean-
We study for them by repeating problems             In comparison, there tends to be more       or “the physics of a rock concert,” but they      ing to that reality. I’m especially glad to
over and over in order to be able to apply      class discussions in qualitative courses, and   choose not to.                                    have spent an extra year in order to benefit
it even if the input value change or the        especially the social science ones. They can        But why is this happening, when all           from both scientific fields, and to learn
question looks unfamiliar. (I personally        sometimes be very interesting, and can deal     of the disciplines are based on scientific        to appreciate a theory, with or without a
appreciate this kind of mental training that    with very modern or controversial topics.       nature? Why can’t we find the formulas            formula.

Bandersnatch Opinions                                                                                                                                  Wednesday March 31th, 2010 • 9
Sims Files: Episode 07                                                                                                                                                   Editor’s Choice
“Crybabies”                                              would be just as

Tricia Fitzgibbon
                                                         worried.                                                                                                       Perfect Dark
                                                             The experi-
Arts Editor                                              ment is a bit
                                                         monotonous                                                                                                          For those of you who don’t gener-
     This issue’s “Sims Files” is dedicated to           and rather an-                                                                                                 ally check Xbox Live Arcade, you have
answering the question of a dear friend, who             noying for the                                                                                                 probably missed the re-release of one of
is curious to know more about toddlers in The            first few Sim                                                                                                  the greatest N64 games: Perfect Dark.
Sims 3. During a deep, if not philosophical,             hours (thank                                                                                                   It has been refurbished to tighten up
conversation about Sim babies, she questioned            goodness for                                                                                                   the textures as well as the framerates,
me if they could die. I was upset at the fact that       Sound OFF),                                                                                                    giving gamers a wonderful opportunity
I did not know the answer to her question and            although the                                                                                                   to replay this classic game. We once
realized that I must find out for myself and             climax of the ex-                                                                                              again have the chance to play with our
make that an experiment. At that moment                  perience is soon                                                                                               favorite Maian Elvis, and fight against
we asked ourselves what would happen if we               to arrive as the                                                                                               the evil Skeddar. While the campaign is
deleted all doors leading inside, preventing             babies begin to enter starving status. With only      that there are only 3 crying babies in the house.        fun to play again, the multiplayer is the
any social worker from entering and taking               8 Sim hours left until starving status is over,       Just when I thought the game was as close to             biggest bonus. You are now able to play
the babies away before they die. Could there             leading to the next step “Death”, my curiosity        reality as possible, I see Marla magically disap-        online with friends, as well as through a
possibly be flying ghost babies at some point?           and anxiety increases since soon we will have         pear into thin air. Ellie and Leroy, with a tiny         system link. I can’t wait for my system
     Meet our subjects, Judy and Harly Queen,            an answer to our question and much sooner             and worthless smoke cloud following after, are           link party this year, where Halo 3, CoD:
mother and father of four (4) beautiful tod-             than I had expected. As 3 Sim hours left of           also removed from the household. No riots, no            Modern Warfare 2 will be joined by the
dlers, Marla, Arthur, Ellie, and Leroy. We set           starving status hits, a warning message from          zapping; just a lame ‘poof’ and they’re gone.            likes of Perfect Dark. Time to go retro.
them inside a cozy cottage, creating an area for         the social worker appears saying he will take              I must say I was a bit disappointed with
the parents to live separately from the children         the crying and hungry children away from the          the experiment. Although there was no kill-
without any sort of access to them. As much of           “bad” parents.                                        ing involved and toddlers are no longer being             New Releases
a heartbreaker that it is to see and listen to four          In a matter of real time minutes, the social      neglected by their parents (who now are able
crying babies, the experiment must continue.             worker appears. He does not enter the house;          to sleep soundly), I was really looking forward         Prison Break: The Conspiracy
You can see that immediately the parents are             instead he stands outside motionlessly. As            to those flying ghost babies. But if we stop and           [PC,PS3,360]
not happy and refuse to do anything else but             the suspense rises and I stare blankly into           analyze the situation, in the end The Sims 3
worry about their infants. I can’t blame them            the computer screen waiting for some sort of          did the right thing making sure those infants           Shantae: Risky’s Revenge
either, if it were my children as test subjects I        zap gun or teleporting device, I soon realize         survived. After all, babies are too young to die.         [DS]

Pokemon - A retrospective review                                                                                                                                       Samurai Shodown: Sen
                                                         any kid actually got to the Elite Four. There was a   there. I struggled alot with Karen, the Dark-type
Alex Callard                                             weird sort of mysticism surrounding it all.           trainer, and I still don’t know how I beat Lance,       Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.
Office Manager                                                Recently, Nintendo remade their Pokemon          the Dragon tamer, but I did. The credits rolled,          [DS]
                                                         Gold and Silver games (now HeartGold and              and my game saved, and I was happy to get back
     As with every other kid who was in elemen-          SoulSilver) for the DS, which was definitely a        in and start playing again when, as I start my          Dead or Alive Paradise
tary school at the turn of the millenium, I was          risky move. The original Pokemon Gold was             game, Prof. Elm tells me I am going to be riding          [PSP]
hopelessly addicted to that most infectious of fads,     one of the games I have the fondest memories          on a boat back to Kanto. I couldn’t believe it. This
Pokemon. It started with the games; I distinctly         of. They took everything that made the original       game had just literally doubled in size, adding         Sushi Go Round
remember getting my first copy of Pokemon                Red and Blue versions good and enhanced               the eight original gym badges for me to go and            [Wii]
Blue in an airport, and having absolutely no clue        them without losing any of their charm or sense       conquer after beating the game. This isn’t some
how to play it. I think I lost against the first match   of adventure. Around 100 new Pokemon, new             little sidequest here; this is literally another game   Mega Man 10
with your rival in Prof. Oak’s lab so many times         night and day cycles, and a whole new world to        of equal length added on.                                 [360]
that I’m surprised I didn’t throw my Gameboy at          explore made Gold and Silver fantastic. However,            My biggest worry with the new Pokemon
the wall. That, coupled with not knowing how to          another, almost mystical aspect of the original       Gold and Silver remakes was going to be that
save until months after getting the game, mean-          games, came when I finally beat the Elite Four. I     the developers would lose that sense of wonder,           Upcoming Releases
ing I had to restart the game every time I played,       distinctly remember it; I was in fifth grade, and     and lose the aspects that gave the world of Johto
doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of things to          sitting in my basement on a Saturday afternoon.       its charm in the first place, and I was, thankfully,    Army of Two: T40D- - CoD
keep a kid hooked.                                       My batteries were almost dead, and my mom             wrong; everything’s still here. HeartGold, the            [PS3,360]
     When everything finally clicks, the Pokemon         wanted me to get ready to go somewhere, but I’d       version I’m playing, is literally the game I and          April 1
games really are immense experiences; the world          be damned if I didn’t beat the Elite Four then and    many others loved ten years ago with the tech-
is so vast and it feels so alive that                                                                                            nical magic and new features,         City Builder
you really get a sense of explora-                                                                                               such as Wi-Fi, of the later games.       [Wii]
tion... especially the battles. Every                                                                                            This is the definitive version of        April 6
battle in a Pokemon League                                                                                                       Pokemon, and if you have ever
moves you are your Pokemon                                                                                                       loved a Pokemon game, even if         LOTR: Aragorn’s Quest
team closer to facing the hal-                                                                                                   you don’t play them anymore,            [PS3]
lowed Elite Four, a group of                                                                                                     I can guarantee you will enjoy          April 13
trainers so powerful you should                                                                                                  this game. For now, I still have 7
make sure to use the toilet before                                                                                               badges left in Kanto to conquer       TC’s Splinter Cell: Conviction
fighting them. I still remember                                                                                                  with my Typhlosion, Starmie,            [PC,360,DS]
when I was a kid, hearing about                                                                                                  Victreebel and Porygon2, and            April 13
the Elite Four from a friend.                                                                                                    you can bet that I, and many
This was before the days of kids                                                                                                 others around the school, are not     Dawn of Heroes
openly using the internet, and,                                                                                                  going to be stopping until we’ve        [DS]
at the time, the games were so                                                                                                   caught them all... again.               April 13
long and hard that it was rare if

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