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This is one of the more difficult letters to write. It would be
easy to say “I QUIT - See you later!”            However most
companies require a notice period to be given, and some
studies have shown that the employers remember more
about your performance during this period than any other

A well worded letter can help make this time comfortable,
if not enjoyable for everyone, can help get you a
favourable written reference and help the employer to
remember you well in the future if a verbal reference is



    Do not make any negative statements about the
     business or people or offer ways for the company to
     “improve” (in your opinion!).

    Clearly state the date you intend to finish and make
     sure it is the length of time required in your employment
     contract. Allow extra time if you are able.
   Give a reason why you are leaving, however you do
    not need to be too specific.

   Offer to be available to help after you finish. Indicate
    how the employer can contact you after you have
    gone, for those “where did you put the blue folder”
    type questions.

   Let them know the positive points of your time with
    them. For example, “great people”, “provided a
    valuable stepping stone in your career”, “you will miss
    the first class professional facilities”, etc

   No matter how negative, worn out or just keen to move
    on you are, try to make the letter sound sincere, not
    sarcastic or out-right lying. These are people who know
    you and will most likely have noticed any decline in
    motivation and enthusiasm toward the company / your

   Check spelling and grammar.

   Put it in a sealed envelope addressed to your
    manager, human resources manager or appropriate
    member of staff.

   Give to them directly, do not leave in a “pigeon hole”
    or on their desk as it may be overlooked or fall into the
    wrong hands and then when you come to leave there
    may be complications as no-one will know anything
    about it.


The basic structure of the letter should include 4 – 5
Avoid the temptation to be negative or sarcastic in the
letter as all this does is to undermine your professionalism
and the quality work you have provided during your time
with the company

Paragraph 1:
Should include the reason for your letter ie: you want to
notify them of your intention to resign from your position
and the date you would like to leave on.

To ensure this there are no misunderstandings include your
job title and write the date out in full. This is particularly
important if it is a large company and your letter is
addressed to the HR manager and not your direct

Paragraph 2:
This paragraph should explain why you want to leave the
company. You do not need to be too specific, however
you want to leave them feeling comfortable about having
you around as you work out your notice.

Examples include:
 I have been offered an opportunity that was too good
   to refuse and is in line with where I want to take my
   career long term.
 I have decided to attend university full time to obtain a
   qualification that would benefit my career long term.
 For medical reasons I am unfortunately unable to
   continue working in this industry.
 I have decided to take a risk and change the direction
   of my career entirely.
Paragraph 3:
In this paragraph you have to put in the feel good factor
that will help make life comfortable for everyone while you
remain with the company.

This is where you let your employers know of the positive
things about the company and the positive impact it has
had on you and your career. Compliment your manager
on things they have contributed and let them know how
valuable the experience has been and how much you will
miss them.

Don’t go overboard and don’t be insincere, it will be

Paragraph 4:
In this paragraph let them know that you are prepared to
do anything required to assist with the smooth transition to
the replacement employee. Offer to help with training
and let them know you are available to answer any
relevant questions they may have after you have
departed.      (Include your mobile phone number and
private email address at the bottom of the letter).

Paragraph 5:
Thank them once again for everything they have done for
you and wish them, the company and its employees all
the best for the future.

Sign off “Kind regards” and your name and contact

Example Resignation Letter:
Jo Bloggs
114 Any Street

10 January 2003

Mr Big Boss
Dream Jobs Ltd
100 Queen Road

Dear Mr Boss

I wish to notify you of my intention to resign from the position of Sales
Representative. I would like my last day to be one month from today,
Friday, 10th of February, 2005 as per the agreed notice period in my
employment contract.

I have been offered an opportunity that was too good to refuse and is
in line with where I want to take my career long term.

It is with great regret that I have to leave this company as I have gained
valuable experience while working with such a professional team. I
also appreciate the personal mentoring I have received.

I assure you I will do what ever I can to ensure the transition with my
replacement is as smooth as possible and would like to assist with any
training required. Please feel free to contact me any time to answer
any work related questions you may have after I have finished.

Thank you for the opportunities you have provided. I hope the
company has continued success and I wish yourself and the employees
all the best.

Kind regards

Jo Bloggs
Telephone: (649) 444-3242

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