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									                     Bonnydoon Investment Holdings, Inc.

                                                Business Plans

          “The executive summary is the most important part of the business plan. Many people
              will only read this. The summary in itself will not secure an investor, however,
                                           it can loose them.”

      Refer to your financial advisor, attorney, and accountant for advice in preparing your
      Business Plan.

      The following 8 outlines are not recommendations, however they are examples of different
      formats and sources that are available for the do-it-yourself market.                                         Business Package: This is a condensed
          1.0 Executive Summary - Highlights                 Business Plan format. RECOMMENDED
          1.1 Objectives                                     1 Page-Executive Summary – see download
          1.2 Mission                                        1 Page -Table of Contents
          1.3 Keys to Success
                                                             6 Pages –Business - see download
          2.0 Company Summary
          3.0 Products                                       5 Pages -Financial Data and Projections
          4.0 Market Analysis Summary                        1 Page –Appendix
          5.0 Strategies and Implementation                  14 Pages Total
          6.0 Management Summary
          7.0 Financial Plan                                          Unknown Website
        1. Executive Summary                                        Executive Summary
        2. Company Profile including mission                        Name of Company
           statement that describes your business                   Mission Statement
           and why you are in it                                    Management Team
        3. Competitive Analysis                                     Market
        4. Marketing Strategy                                       Industry
        5. Staff Qualifications                                     Pain -- The Market Opportunity
        6. Financial Information                                    Solution
        7. Appendices containing any additional                     Marketing Plan
           information you would like to include                    Financial Projections
                                                                    Valuation Analysis

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                               Bonnydoon Investment Holdings, Inc.                               
      1.0 Executive Summary - Highlights                      1.0 Executive Summary
      2.0 Company Summary                                    1.1 Objectives
      3.0 Products                                           1.2 Mission
      4.0 Market Analysis Summary                             2.0 Company Summary
      5.0 Strategies and Implementation Summary               3.0 Products
      5.1 Strategy Pyramids                                       Product Positioning
      5.2 Competitive Edge                                   3.1 Manufacturing
      5.3 Marketing Strategy                                      Packaging
      5.3.1 Positioning Statements                                Labeling
      5.3.2 Pricing Strategy                                      Organic Certification
      5.3.3 Promotion Strategy                                4.0 Market Analysis Summary
      5.3.4 Distribution Strategy                             5.0 Marketing and Sales Strategy
      5.3.5 Marketing Programs                                5.1 Placement and Distribution Channels
      5.4 Sales Strategy                                          Shipping
      5.4.1 Sales Forecast                                        Payment
      Sales Monthly                                               Pricing
      Sales Forecast                                          5.2 Sales Strategy
      5.4.2 Sales Programs                                    5.2.1 Sales Forecast
      5.5 Strategic Alliances                                  6.0 Financial Plan
      5.6 Milestones                                          6.1 Personnel Plan
      6.0 Management Summary                                  6.2 Projected Profit and Loss
      7.0 Financial Plan                                      6.3 Projected Cash Flow
                                                              6.4 Projected Balance Sheet                                     Appendix
      0. Executive Summary                                       12-Month Sales Forecast.
      1. The Company                                             12-Month Profit and Loss Forecast
      2. Products                                                12-Month Cash Flow Forecast
      3. Market Analysis                                         12-Month Balance Sheet Forecast
      4. Technology & Operations                                 12-Month Personnel Forecas
      5. Customer Interviews
      6. Marketing Strategy                        
      7. Organization                                             Executive Summary
      8. Risk Analysis                                            Table of Contents
      9. Financials                                               Introduction to the Business
                                                                   and Management                                    Products and Services
      The plan includes comprehensive sections on                 The Market
       Manufacturing                                             Competitive Business Strategy
       Distribution and Sales Channels                           Marketing Plan
       Pricing Formulas                                          Sales and Distribution
       Sales Forecasting                                         Production Strategy and Structures
       Personnel Plan                                            Financing Requirements
       12-month and 3-Year Financial Forecasts                    and Deal Structure
              Profit and Loss Forecast                           Key financial Data and Projections
              Cash Flow Forecast                                 Appendix
              Balance Sheet Forecast

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3360 N Pioneer Way   Las Vegas, NV   89129   702-523-4871   800-708-2474

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