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					                                        Cause & Effect Connects
                                      Cause and Effect Foundation ~ Early Intervention Service Newsletter                                      January Issue, 2009

 ...Connecting our
 Families & Staff
                                       Welcome Back!
                                      Welcome back! We trust you en-              preventative measures as possible
                                      joyed a wonderful, relaxing time            in maintaining your child’s health.
 Inside this issue:
                                      with your family and friends                Please do not send your child to
                                      throughout the holiday season.              school when they present with flu
 Welcome & PD Days              1
                                       We are looking forward to the
 Music Therapy                  2     upcoming months of programming              Precautionary measures such as
                                      and growth that will be experienced         hand washing, good nutrition and
                                      by your child. Please remember              plenty of sleep are recommended.
 Transition Meetings &          2
                                      that the coming weeks will be an
 Preschool Registration                                                           Our next Professional Development
                                      adjustment in re-establishing a
                                                                                  Day will be March 11. We are
 Charitable Status              2     routine with your child. We en-
                                                                                  thrilled to present Jan Graham, a
                                      courage you to be patient through
                                                                                  puppeteer. This PD Day will be a    Hope you all enjoy this NEW YEAR
                                      this transition time, making sure to
 Winter Blahs to Winter         2                                                 combined effort with our Special    and all that lies ahead!
                                      use wise, consistent strategies to
 Fun...                                                                           Ed Teachers and Jan’s expertise.
                                      enable a good start back into ther-                                             If you have any questions about
 Winter Poems                   3     apy. We want you to feel reassured          Assessments will be occurring in    programming or anything else,
                                      that our therapists and Child               March and April and IPP meetings please feel at liberty to contact the
                                      Development Facilitators take this          are scheduled for the month of      appropriate person. You will find
 Puppets, Crafts & Activities   4-9
                                      into account in their planning and          May.                                the Admin & Coordinator contact
                                      expectations.                                                                   information in this newsletter.
                                                                                  Families that are planning on con-
                                      As a reminder you may want to               tinuing with Cause & Effect next    We take pleasure in serving you! All
  Contact Information                 review the Snow Day Letter and be           year need to make us aware of their the best in 2009!
                                      aware that many flu like illnesses          decision as soon as possible.
  President: Leslie Carpenter         are circulating at this time of year.                                                Cause & Effect Administration
         403.652.1503                 Therefore take as many
  Vice Pres: Bonnie D’Amico
   Vice Pres: Cherie Tymstra
 Admin. Assistant: Pam Davis           Professional Development Days
Family Liaison Coordinators:          Our next Professional Develop-          Anglican Church, 12707 Bonaven-              April 27—Team Building PD
                                      ment Day is March 11th. Parents         ture Drive S.E. Please note that it is        Day. We are presently re-
   Foothills: Tanya Potyondi
          403.649.1101                are invited to attend our PD Days       mandatory for CDF’s to attend                 searching Facilitators for this
                                      but we want to remind them that         these in-services so they will not be         date. More information to
  Central South: Tina Dawdy
         403.225.0334                 no child care is provided. We ask       available for your child’s preschool          come!
                                      that parents call Leslie’s office to    or in home program on the follow-
  North West: Dulaine Lough
         403.295.7430                 let confirm your attendance if you      ing days:
                                      are planning on coming. This is
   North East: Jo Dee Unger                                                   March 11—Puppeteer, Jan Graham
         403.589.1596                 to ensure that we have adequate
                                      supplies for our sessions. Our          & our Special Education Teachers
Hearing Impaired: Connie Balerud                                              are presenting our sessions.
           403.652.2693               days are typically from 9 a.m. –
                                      3:30 p.m. at Holy Nativity
       Cause & Effect Connec
                                                                                                                                     Music Therapy
                                                                                                  Rick Hertert and Sue Silverm
          We’re on the web… RECENT UPDATES                                                                                        an are con-
                                                                                                  tinuing the Music Therapy Se
                                                                                        ssions with
                                                                                                  your children. These music
          Leslie’s new email:                                                                               sessions are a
                                                                                                  great alternative and SUPPO
                                                                                                                                 RT to the
                                                                                    typical therapy sessions you
     Transition Time for Kindergarten                                                                             r child enjoys weekly.
                                                                                    We’d like to encourage each
                                                                                                                   family to make them a
     Students…                                                                      priority on the calendar and
                                                                                                                  not schedule any other
     We’d like to remind you that the Special Education Teacher                    therapy sessions on schedu
     on your team will be contacting families who have children                                                 led Music Days. Each ses-
     going into Kindergarten in September, 2009 to go over the                     sion is only 45 minutes but
     options and provide some tools to assist you in your decision                                              each minute is packed with
                                                                                   enthusiastic fun that you don
     making process.
                                                                                                                   ’t want to miss. Please
                                                                                   note a CHANGE IN DATE for
     Each Special Education Teacher will be hosting a Transition                                                     some FEB & MARCH
     Meeting in her home for our Kindergarten Families to attend.                  sessions:
     If you have any questions about Kindergarten placement or                     Get rea                 Music Therapy Dates
                                                                                            dy for some hand
     registration, please talk to your Sp. Ed Teacher.
                                                                                    clapping, feet stomping,                 North West ~ North East ~ Foothills
     Pre-School Registration Begins in                                                     good times!                       January 12          February 9 (Foothills)
                                                                                                                             Feb 23 (North)       March 2 (Foothills)
     Just a reminder to families to finalize Preschool Placement
     for next fall by Registering your child in Preschool as soon as                                                         March 16 (North)    April 20          June 8
     possible, as many of the schools fill up quickly.
                                                                               CDF YEAR END

     If your child will be 4 years old as of Sept. 1st, we would like
                                                                               WINDUP ~ June 17th                            Central South
     to request you register him/her in an afternoon preschool                                                               January 14          February 25
     class to free up available morning positions for our new                  More information to                           March 18            April 22          June 10
     younger children entering the program.
                                                                               follow…                                       Hearing Impaired: please attend the North sessions

Turn those Winter Blahs into Winter FUN!                                                                                              EXCITING NEWS!
Preschoolers and young children are always learning.
When they observe, touch, see and smell-they are learn-
ing. It is a never ending part of their young lives.
                                                                 **The list of places where preschool learning can take
                                                                 place is endless.                                                        Charitable Status
This ‘learning’ fact is a big reason why it is important for
children to experience new things and new environments.
                                                                 Preschoolers love these outings and field trip activities.
                                                                 They always are eager to learn from the things around                          has been given to
                                                                                                                                              Cause & Effect
                                                                 them and learn more about the people who make up the
As parents and teachers there are a variety of places or         community they live in.
activities that we can provide for our kids to learn from.
                                                                 In planning your field trips, please ensure adequate plan-
                                                                 ning and supervision is given. ENJOY!

Field trips or nature walks create wonderful opportunities
for children and preschoolers to learn new things. Field
trips and nature walks do not have to be a hassle but can
be simple places where children can observe and learn
new things.
                                                                 Upcoming Dates to Mark on Your Calendar:
                                                                 Feb. 12-13     Calgary Board of Ed Teachers Convention
                                                                                                                                        We are pleased to announce that our
                                                                                                                                      organization is now considered a Chari-
 “Children who aren’t challenged become bored.                   Feb. 16        Family Day STAT holiday
 But children who are pushed along too quickly
or who are asked to do things that don’t interest
                                                                 Feb. 17-20     Foothills School Division
                                                                                Teachers Convention
                                                                                                                                      table organization and we can issue tax
   them can become frustrated and unhappy.”                                                                                             deductible receipts for any donations
                                                                                                                                      you or your company wish to contribute
                                                                 Mar 23-27      Calgary Board of Ed. Spring Break
Here is a list of just some possible Field Trip places you can
take your children or students:                                  April 10       Good Friday (STAT)                                         to the work we do in the early
Police station
Fire Station                                                     April 10-19    Catholic Board in Calgary Easter Break                      intervention of our children!
                                                                                                                                               To make donations call:
SPCA or Humane Society                                                          Foothills School Division Easter Break
Seniors Home or Retirement Home
                                                                 Since ALL our children are involved in various School Breaks,             Lynzie Pilfold at 403.238.6775
                                                                 each family and CDF need to make arrangements as to what
Zoo                                                              days they will be working. Please note that these breaks are
Garden Park
Splash Park (Water Park for kids)                                not paid holidays.. Only STAT days are. If a child isn’t in
Walk in the Forest (nature walk)                                 school, our expectation is for a in home or field trip program to
Conservation Area                                                be implemented. Please mark your C & E calendars with any
Go to a Children’s Venue (Play or author)                        days which the child is unavailable or if the CDF is unavailable.
Safety Village
Train Station                                                    If CDF’s or families have any questions or concerns in organiz-
Grocery Store                                                    ing their schedules, they should contact their coordinator for
Pet store                                                        assistance.

                                                                         Pudgie Little Snowman
                                                                         A pudgie little snowman
                                                                         had a carrot nose,
                                                                         Along came a bunny
                                                                         and what do you suppose?
                                                                         That hungry little bunny
                                                                         Looking for some lunch,
                                                                         Ate the little snowman's nose
                                                                         Nibble, Nibble, CRUNCH!
Dance Like Snowflakes
(Sung to Are You Sleeping)
Dance like snowflakes,
dance like snowflakes
In the air, in the air                   Zippers
Whirling, twirling snowflakes            Three little zippers on my snowsuit, (hold up three fingers)
Whirling, twirling snowflakes            Fasten up as snug as snug can be.
Here and there, here and there           It's a very easy thing as you can see
                                         Just zip, zip, zip! (do three zipping motions)
                                         I work the zippers on my snowsuit.
Frost (Sung to The Farmer In The Dell)   Zippers really do save time for me
The frost is on the roof                 I can fasten them myself with one, two, three.
(point hands over head)                  Just zip, zip, zip! (do three zipping motions)
The frost is on the ground
(point to the floor)                     Two Little Snowflakes
The frost is on the window               Way up high in the winter sky,
(make a window with your                 2 little snowflakes caught my eye.
hands)                                   Down to the ground they fell without a sound.
The frost is all around                  And before very long,
(make large circles with hands)          It was snowing all around.

                                         Making A Snowman
                                         (Sung to Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Snowflakes (Sung to Sailing, Sailing)    Roll it, roll it, get a pile of snow.
Snowflakes, snowflakes                   (make rolling motion)
Falling to the ground                    Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling,
Each one rests so gently                 rolling we will go!
They never make a sound                  Pat it, pat it, face it to the
Snowflakes, snowflakes                   south. (patting motion)
Are so pure and white                    Now my little snowman's done,
The special thing about them is          eyes, nose and a mouth!
No two are alike!                        (point to each)

Snowflakes Falling Down
(Sung to Row, Row, Row Your                                              Wintery Wind
Boat)                                                                    (Sung to Happy Birthday)
Snowflakes falling down                                                  The winter wind blows
Falling to the ground                                                    The winter wind blows
Big white fluffy flakes                                                  It gives me the shivers
That do not make a sound                                                 From my head to my toes!

Puppet Magic...
Puppets are fascinating to children. They know that puppets are not alive,
yet they often listen to and talk with them as if they were real.
                    What You Need
                    ★   An old, clean sock
                    ★   Buttons
                    (larger than 1 inch in diameter to prevent swallowing)
                    ★   Needle and thread
                    ★   Red fabric

                      An old glove                                                           SNOWMAN
                    ★ Felt-tipped pens

                    ★ Glue
                    ★ Yarn
What to Do
★ To make puppets:
—Sock puppet: Use an old, clean sock.                                                        Materials:
 On the toe-end of the sock, sew on buttons for eyes                                           creamer bottles (You know, the flavorful
and nose. Paste or sew on a piece of red fabric for the
                                                                                                ones found in the refrigerator section)
mouth. Put a bow made from ribbon at the neck.                                                googly eyes
—Finger puppets: Cut off the fingers of an old glove.                                         black beads for mouth
Draw faces on the ends of the fingers with felt-tipped                                        colored toothpick for nose - cut in about
                                                                                                1 " length
pens. Glue on yarn for hair.
                                                                                              glittery pompoms for top of hat
                                                                                              black pompoms for front of snowman
                                  ★ Things     to do with puppets:
                                                                                              yarn or something to make a "scarf"
                                  —Have the puppet talk to your child: “Hello.                Small twigs for arms/hands - about 5
                                  My name is Tanya. What’s yours? Kaylee.                       inches in length and in a Y form
                                  That’s a pretty name.                                      Tacky glue works best for this project
                                  What a great T-shirt you have on, Kaylee! I
                                  like the rabbit on the front of your T-shirt.”             Instructions:
                                  —Or have the puppet sing a simple song. Use a special
                                                                                                Remove the plastic wrapper from the
                                  voice for the puppet.                                          creamer bottle and put about a cup of
                                  —Encourage your child to talk to the puppet, answering         sand in the bottle.
                                  its questions and asking questions of her own.                Glue on the googly eyes
                                  —Put finger puppets on your child’s hand to give him
                                  practice moving his fingers one at a time.
                                                                                                Glue on black beads for the mouth
                                  —The next time you want your child to help you clean          Poke holes for nose and arms with ice pick
                                  up, have the puppet make the request: “Hello, Max. Let’s       (it is much easier to insert them)
                                  put these crayons back in the box and these toys back on      Insert the colored toothpick for nose
                                  the shelves. Can you get the ball for me?”                    Glue on glittery pompoms for top of hat
                                                                                                Glue on black pompoms for the front of
              Puppets provide another opportunity for                                            the snowman
              you to talk to your child and encourage                                           For the scarf, wrap yarn around a piece
                    him to talk to you as well.                                                  of cardboard - about three times. Use
               They also help your child to learn new                                            another piece of yarn to tie the ends to-
              words, use his imagination and develop                                             gether. Then wrap it around the neck of
                   hand and finger coordination.                                                 the snowman and tie it.
                                                                                                Insert small twigs for arms/hands

                                                                                             Be creative and add your own flare to the
                                                                                             project!! The possibilities are endless!
                                                                                             ...Well, almost!
Can you give Percy the Penguin a FACE?

Bingo Dauber Snow Man...

Fill in my holes with a Bingo Dauber!

Decorate my snow suit with a Bingo Dauber!


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