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					                                 FREE PROJECT SHEET              BUTTERFLY COASTER
                                                         Butterfly Decoupage Paper
                                                         Plaid Paints: 481 Aqua, 670 Metallic Pearl, 641 Brilliant Blue,
                                                                       662 Metallic Silver Sterling
                                                         Craft Smart Liquid Gloss
                                                         Craft Smart Decoupage Paste and Sealer
                                                         Craft Smart Stencil Tape
                                                         Craft Smart Mini Gas Torch
Introduction to Decoupage

                                                      1. Basecoat coaster using plaid FolkArt Aqua paint. Let dry.
                                                      2. Using FolkArt Brilliant Blue and Metallic Pearl lightly paint in a
                                                          crosshatch method over coaster.
                                                      3. Paste butterfly picture in position using Craft Smart Decoupage Paste
                                                          and Sealer making sure there are no air bubbles. Let Dry.
                                                      4. Paint the paste and sealer over the whole surface.
                                                      5. Using the Craft Smart Stencil Tape, mask around the edges of the
                                                          coaster. Do not allow the tape to form a lip.
                                                      6. Place the coaster on an elevated surface such as a jar or glass above a
                                                          plastic sheet.
                                                      7. Mix the two part Liquid Gloss together following the instructions on
                                                          the bottles. Ensure they are mixed together thoroughly.
                                                      8. Pour the solution over the coaster. Some will drip over the edge.
                                                      9. To remove the air bubbles use the Mini Torch quickly over the
                            Using Plaid                   coaster.
                            Paints and                10. Leave to dry in a dust free environment over night. The masking tape
                                                          can be removed up to 12 hours after application.
                            Craft Smart                  The project will be touch dry after 12 hours but curing will take
                            Liquid                       several days.

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Description: This is an example of butterfly stencils. This document is useful in studying butterfly stencils.
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