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									                                                                                               Summer 2008

Dr Guy Boxall
                          Casio Electronics Co. Ltd brings you over fifty years of global experience in product
                          design and innovation, development and manufacturing. I invite you to take a look at
                          Casio’s Mobile Technology Division product line-up, and in particular, two new products
                          recently launched; the DT-X7 and DT-X30 hand-held ruggedised computers.
                          Casio recently won the prestigious ‘Good Design Award’ for the DT-X7. The ‘Best Brand
                          Performers 2008’ report, commissioned by Brand Index, saw Casio in the top ten risers
                          of customer satisfaction. Product performance and customer service are key to both
Divisional Manager        your success and our success. I hope we can tell you more about Casio soon!
Mobile Technology

     Casio’s New DT-X30 Data Capture Terminal

     Casio has launched the DT-X30 handheld data capture terminal, designed for increased comfort
     and ease of use. The new device is equipped with GPRS/EDGE, GPS, Bluetooth®, WLAN 802.11
     b/g, IrDA and a Micro SD slot. It also comes complete with an optional 2 mega pixel digital camera
     with electronic flash, 2D CMOS imager with left and right handed scan buttons, touch panel, backlit
     keyboard and three conveniently positioned trigger keys. A version with laser
     scanner will also be available.

     The DT-X30 also boasts a 3.5” QVGA transparent 2-way LCD screen
     able to retain full visibility even in strong sunlight. In addition, the device
     features colour-coded keys for easier reference to actions on screen.
     The terminal is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is highly
     ergonomic due to Casio’s stringent R&D methodology involving many
     hours of human-centred testing in the workplace and in the field to
     ISO13407. This ensures maximum convenience and comfort for the user.

           Main features of DT-X30

           3.5” QVGA screen with touch panel
           2D imager or 1D laser scanner
           Digital camera with flash
           WiFi/GSM/GPRS/EDGE with GPS positioning
           Long battery life
The Casio IT-3000 selected for e-ticketing at Heathrow

Together with our technology partner, Atos Origin, Casio have delivered the first IT-3000
handheld terminals for use on the Heathrow Express train network between London Heathrow’s
airport terminals and Paddington Station in central London. Passengers on the Heathrow
Express can now have their tickets sent directly to a WAP enabled mobile phone or PDA.
The new system allows individual customers and corporate customers to book online and
receive a bar-coded e-ticket via their mobile phone. This can then be scanned onboard the train.
Passengers are also sent a website link containing journey confirmation details.
The Casio IT-3000 delivers everything in one handheld terminal. It is a rugged, versatile
industrial data terminal with an integrated thermal printer. Its versatile communications
options include standard Bluetooth® and IrDA, and a PCMCIA slot allowing GPRS and WLAN
communications. With the built-in printer and colour touch screen making it ideal for mobile
sales, ticketing, parking enforcement and service management.
George Fripp, Heathrow Express International Corporate Account Manager comments that:
“Most of our customers are incredibly busy professionals that use our service because it’s the
most convenient way to get to and from Heathrow Airport in just 15 minutes. E-ticketing builds on
that by taking the hassle out of booking journeys and making their
travel even more seamless. All you need to do is book, board the
train straight away and go. It’s as simple as that.”

   Main features of IT-3000

    Built-in thermal printer
    Integrated CMOS imager
    Optional GPRS wireless communications
    IP54 with 1.2 metre drop to concrete

Our UK Distributor - Secure Retail Limited

As part of our restructuring process we have appointed Secure Retail Ltd as our major Distributor
in the UK. They bring a wealth of experience of stocking and fast turn around of orders together
with technical support. The majority of stock they hold are mobile technology products and can
assist the VAR network to meet the growing pricing expectations of the customer base.
In addition to the full range of Casio mobile technology products, Secure Retail can also provide
Chip & PIN payment terminals. Secure Retail is able to offer, through its sister company Mobius
Networks, data SIMs from Vodafone that can be added to the Casio range of products, offering
a resilient wireless network to support the Casio products. Working closely with Secure Retail
and our Casio Service Centre in London, we now have our product repair and service turnaround
down to less than one week on the rare occasion that you may need this. Together with extended
warranties of up to five years, our mobile technology products have guaranteed service throughout
their life.
Wilkinson Impressed with User-friendly Casio DT-X7

 Wilkinson have 304 stores across England and Wales,
 with larger stores selling around 20,000 different products,
 varying from food to garden furniture. This large product
 range means stocktaking must be fast and efficient to
 get through all of the stock. The stock operating team
 currently has seventeen members of staff around the UK.

 The Challenge
 Wilkinson has worked with Casio and BNE Electronics for over ten years. BNE Electronics was
 established 25 years ago, designing and developing cost effective solutions for any application
 using the most up to date technology. Casio supply advanced handheld data collection devices,
 and has previously supplied Wilkinson with a Casio DT-800, DT-810 and DT-X5. Wilkinson
 recently requested an upgrade to their system and hardware, and looked to Casio and BNE to
 meet this challenge.

   ‘The DT-X7 is very user-friendly, and is more like a mobile phone than a
  handheld terminal. …Battery life is excellent, and the speed of scanning is
          impressive, the DT-X7 really does exceed expectations.’
                                                      Helen Cutts, Stocktake Manager, Wilkinson.
 The Solution
 Wilkinson chose to upgrade to the Casio DT-X7. This is a lightweight grip-type handheld terminal
 with laser scanner. It offers a choice of a wireless connection or batch processing using the LAN/
 USB docking cradle to transfer data to a host.
 This lightweight terminal has been designed in accordance with the concept of human-centred
 design for interactive systems, based on the internationally recognized ISO 13407 standard. The
 Casio DT-X7 has versatile communications, WLAN, Bluetooth® and IrDA. Its contoured design
 makes it comfortable to hold, and quick and easy to use. The unique shape allows for faster,
 more accurate barcode scanning. The keyboard on the new terminal has significantly reduced the
 number of keying errors.

           The Benefits
           Quick training and implementation of the solution
           Brighter, clearer screen, which is more reliable without touchscreen
           Increased ruggedness of the handheld terminal
           Lightweight terminal, reducing the fatigue in the hand and fingers
           The ability to check the scan codes as the user is scanning
           Large memory with over 40,000 SKU’s recorded on the Casio DT-X7’s

 The Future
 Wilkinson look forward to expanding their business and continuing work with BNE and Casio.
 Helen states ‘we are really pleased with Casio and BNE, both the speed and delivery of service
 have been great.’
Adrian Ward, Technical Manager at MTD Considers Windows®

At Casio, we often find ourselves explaining the differences between Windows®
Mobile and Windows® CE. There does still seem to be an element of mysticism
about the core platform when compared to the heavily marketed Windows®
Mobile platform. It’s almost as if people are a little afraid of it in case the device
manufacturer has left out some vital component that will make it impossible for
usable software to be developed. Let us set your mind at rest. No manufacturer
is going to release a Windows® CE based device without appropriate functionality
for the market and suitable development resources to enable software to be
easily developed. You’ll get an SDK, full documentation, sample code and other
developer focused resources.
What users want is a suitable device that runs the software they need to perform their tasks. In this context,
the user couldn’t care less what platform is running on the device; indeed, they should not even be able
to guess that the underlying platform is Windows® CE. What they want to see is a clear user interface and
applications that are simple to use. A rugged device designed specifically for the target market, running a
fit-for-purpose implementation of the Windows® CE ® operating system is often going to be the best choice.
If you want to remain truly device agnostic then you’d be wise to take a wider view when initially planning
your software development. This can be made a good deal easier by targeting the Compact Framework as
your runtime environment. This will give you a base on which your core solution will run and you can then
tweak this to suit the particular customer requirements or platform. There will nearly always be an element of
bespoke development anyway as APIs vary between manufacturers.
On the other hand, the VARs who are successful are the ones who ally themselves closely with a manufacturer,
learn the devices they are aiming to sell, and then produce tightly written solutions that take advantage of the
features of the particular platform. What you sell should be viewed as a solution and not a loose association of
software and hardware. The question should be: Can you make it do what the end user wants? If the answer is
“Yes” then too much debate over Windows® Mobile and Windows® CE is largely irrelevant.

Mobile Technology Product Development Kits

As our mobile technology partner, Casio Electronics would like to ensure that you are aware of our full product
range with some real hands-on experience. Our mobile technology developer’s kits include the rugged PDA
of your choice, rechargeable Lithium ion battery, communications and charging cradle, mains adaptor and
USB cable. In fact, everything you need to get started with Casio mobile technology. Each kit is provided with
the product manuals in PDF format, access to our software libraries and free technical support as required.

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