CREDIT RECOVERY FACT SHEET Online Summer School 2010 by stariya


									                    Intermediate Unit 1
  Online CREDIT RECOVERY Classes Available for Summer 2010
                               DEADLINE for Registration: June 18, 2010
                                                      (Revised 3-12-10)

Grade    Course Name                Course                Grade     Course Name        Course Number
8-12     Algebra 1                  OSS07-                9         English 9          OSS07-ENG9
                                    MATH 8-9
9-12     Geometry                   OSS07-                10        English 10         OSS07-ENG10
                                    MATH 9-10
9-12     Math Essentials            OSS07-                11-12     Amer. Lit. & Comp. OSS07 ALIT
                                    MATH 9-12                                          11-12
9-12     Adv. Algebra (2)           OSS07-                11-12     World Lit & Comp. OSS07 WLIT
                                    MATH 9-12                                          11-12
9-12     Environ. & Earth           OSS07-SCEE            9-12      American History   OSS07-SSAMH
         Sc.                        9-12                                               9-12
9-12     Biology                    OSS07-                9-12      Civics/Government OSS07-SS
                                    SCBio 9-12                                         CivicG 9-12
                                                          9-12      World History &    OSS07-SSWH
  Additional Information at
                                                                    Geography          9-12
  Student should have basic computer skills, experience with WORD or WORKS,
  saving files, using the internet and sending & receiving email. Access to a
  computer and internet are required. Students must commit to a regular weekly
  schedule of online work to be successful.
  Student must get permission from Guidance Dept. or Principal and a code to register online.

  Cost: $215 per class - paid in advance by June 21st. Credit card payment available
  online or send a money order (payable to Intermediate Unit 1) to Intermediate Unit I, One
  Intermediate Unit Drive, Coal Center, PA 15423 (attn. C Diehl) NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.
  Maximum number of students per class = 25 Students can register for only 1 or 2 classes.

  Student must attend a regional computer lab once a week to take tests and meet
  with a teacher. Tentative Locations for 2010: Albert Gallatin High School, Canon-McMillan
  High School, Ringgold High School. Depending on enrollment, there may be computer labs in other
  schools. Full list available in May. Call to discuss options.

  Duration: June 23rd to August 9th, 6 weeks, minimum of 60-70 hours online (or 10-12 hr/week)
  Classes Offered: credit recovery classes for grades 8-12 only, see complete list above
  (NOTE: Accelerated classes available, but you must get district approval, pricing varies, call for

  Student and one adult must attend one 3-hour Orientation Session: attend either
  June 23rd or June 24th at Intermediate Unit 1, Coal Center, or June 25th at Albert Gallatin High
  School (must attend 1 of the 2 sessions offered each day – either 9:00 am or 12:30 pm)
  Questions: contact Pamela Hupp, or 724-847-4034 (home office)

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