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Division achievement test 200920


									                                           Division Achievement Test
                                              Science and Health 5
                                                 SY 2009-2010

Name:                                 Grade & See:                          Date:

DIRECTION: Read each item carefully and choose letter of the BEST answer.

For Nos 1 2 Refer to the illustration of a male reproduction system.

______1. If the egg released by the ovary is not fertilized, it comes out of the body in what form?
         a. Ovulation     b. Menstruation c. Fertilization            d. Reproduction

______2. Why is it necessary for the boys to undergo removal of foreskin in the penis called
         a. To keep clean as part of personal hygiene.
         b. To have status symbol as teenagers.
         c. To become strong and healthy.
         d. To ease unusual pain and feel comfortable.

_____3. How will you handle the situation on puberty?
        a. Ashamed if I reach puberty ahead of my classmates
        b. Hide these bodily changes by wearing loose clothes
        c. Talk about changes in my body with my parents
        d. Unhappy about the changes occurring to my body.

_____4. How should girls take care of their reproductive organs?
        a. Change underwear every two days.       c. Eat more non nutritious foods.
        b. Clean sex organs with hot water.       d. Visit consult a physician if felt unusual pain.

_____5. When does respiration take place? Respiration takes place when
        a. air enters the lungs
        b. air leaves the lungs
        c. oxygen & carbon dioxide are exchanged in the lungs
        d. blood carries oxygen to the different parts of the body.

_____6. Cigarette smoking can cause respiratory ailment. What is considered or 3'" hand smoke2
        a. person directly smoking                c burned tobacco
        b. person inhaling the smoke              d. smoke sticking on other objects.

_____7. Why is it not easy to spot a grasshopper in the grass?
      a. It can fly high    c.It has the same color asgrass
      b. It moves very fast d. It is very tiny; the grass hides it from view.

_____8. What gas in air is needed by plants in order to make food?
      a. nitrogen oxide     b. carbon dioxide c. carbon monoxide            d. oxygen

For items 9- 10       Mario prepared two set-ups to know the basic needs of plants using the same variety of
                    Set up A                                             Set up B
                    Water                                                Water
                    Sunlight                                             Sunlight
                    Healthy soil                                         Black gases and dust
                                                                         Healthy soil

_____9. What are the controlled variables in set-up A and set-up B?
      a. water and sunlight               c. black gases and dust
      b. water, black gases and dust      d water, sunlight, healthy soil

10. What are the experimental variable in the two set up?
      a. black gases and dust                c. healthy soil only
      b. water, sunlight, healthy soil       d. water and healthy soil
11. Octopuses. Squid and mussels are animals 'with soft and fleshy bodies. What group of invertebrates do these
animals belong?
a.   arthropod       b. mollusks .        c. echinoderms                  d coelenterates

12. Pores of marine animals have important role in their survival. How are they used? They serve as passage
for/of __________.
a. foods in going out.                       c. gases which carries the nutrients and water
b. water that carries the nutrients and gas. d. gases which carries the nutrients and gases.

13. How do coral reefs protects our coastal communities?
     a. It pollute the shoreline    c. It is a tourist attractions fur cnba diver
     b. It serves as wave breakers d. Jtprcveñt fishes fromQom arthe shore,

14. Which of these animals belong to the vertebrates called mamrnals?
      a eagle. duck .        c.milkfish, sea bass
      b. alligator, turtles  d. cows,.catabaos, horses

15. What is the function of hairy leaves of the kalabasa plant?
     a. to absorb minerals and water more efficiently.
     b. to attract insects and other animals.
     c. to prevent excessive loss from leaves
     d. to support the climbing plant to bear fruits.

16. An alloy is a mixture of two solid metals. What two metals are present in bronze?
     a. copper and tin        c. mercury and silver
     b. copper arid zinc      d. iron and carbon

17. How will you describe an insulatof? They are materials that _____
      a. Conduct Heat andproduces light
      b. conduct heat but do not produce light.
      c. do not conduct heat and light.
      d. do not conduct heat but produce light.

18.   What is the advantage of series electrical connections?
       a. provides separate paths for electric currents
       b. if one burns out, the other bulbs will still lights -
       c one appliance may be tuned off' yet other applieance can still work
       d only one switch is needed to close and open the circuit.

19. What device is used for keeping temperature even especially ône that automatically controls appliances like
refrigerator and air conditioner?
        a fuse b switch        c thermostat cl transformer

20.   Oil stain can easily and totally be removed from a cloth through _______________
       a. Soaking it in powder soap overnight
       b. drying before, washing.
       c. Using stain remover and softener
       d. use talcum powder when pressing.

         for items 21- 22. Identify which of the uses of machines given below is applied in each of the following

       A. to increase the force
       B. to change the speed in each work is:
.      C. to change the direction in which the force is acting..

_____21. hitting the ball with a bat.

_____22. turning the doorknob of your door.
_____23. In which class of the levers does can opener belong?
      a. lst class lever                           C. 3rd class lever
      b. 2nd class lever                           D. no classification

____ 24. During which process of the water, cycle does rain fall?
       a. evaporation b. condensation       C. precipitation      d. sublimation

____25. It was noontime. Lotlot felt the hot sand as walked barefoot on the beach.. When she waded in the water,
she felt that the water was. cooler than the sand., Why?
        a. Land occupies bigger area than water       c. The water heats faster than land.
        b. There is more water than land.             d. The land heats faster than water.

____26. A typhoon is right over your town, but you do not feel any strong wind, why?
      a. Less wind is brought by the typhoon.      c. The typhoon is not a strong one.
      b. Your town is away from the typhoon.       d. The, eye of the typhoon is over your town.

____27. Why planets stay in their orbit? Because of the
      a. elliptical shape of their orbits.
      b. curved paths around the sun pulls the planets away but sun's gravity pulls back.
      c. planet's magnetic field
      d, spherical shape of the planets and elliptical shape of their orbits.

____28. It is the middle layer in the sun which has a "bright reddish-orange color"
      a. chromosphere          b. core c. corona     d. sunspots.

____29. Why Venus often called the Earth's twin?
      a. They have the same atmosphere. c. They have the same distances:
      b. They, have the same revolution. d. They have the same size.

____30. What happens when there is a gravitational pull of the moon on the earth?.
      a: tides      b. typhoon             c earthquake           d. flash flood

                                             GOD BLESS!!!.

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