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									                 APPROVAL LETTER FOR LEAVE OF ABSENCE /
             % CHANGE REQUESTS FOR Faculty with a VA Component



Dear Dr.               :

This is to confirm our conversation regarding the change in your UW payroll percentage,
effective July 1, XXXX.

As you know, your UW appointment has a VA component that requires you to have a
partial leave from your UW appointment.

Your appointment at the UW will be          % with a        % leave. This means you
will be paid         % of your full-time University salary rate.

Please report your UW leave based on your scheduled time at the UW. For example, if
your scheduled days at the UW are 10 hours on Tuesday, 10 hours on Thursday and 5
hours on Friday, please indicate the leave on those days only. Leave for work time at
the VA should be reported using VA leave time.

For UW health insurance premium purposes, you will continue to be considered a full-
time UW employee.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Authorized Signature
Department of

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