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          Getting Started with Google Forms
          Learn to use Google Forms to create and distribute simple electronic surveys, then use a
          Google Spreadsheet to view the collected data.

          Disclaimer: Google applications are updated regularly with no prior announcements. As a
          result, tools and functions can change without warning and may appear differently than
          represented in this document.

          In this workshop you will learn how to:

                Work with Google Docs
                Create a New Form
                Name the Form and Complete the Description
                Add questions to your survey
                Preview your Survey
                Edit your Survey
                Change the Theme of your Survey
                Email the Survey
                View Results
                Use the More Actions menu options
                See Responses
                Access your survey from the Google Docs screen
                Come back to your Survey
                Share your Results

          Software Needed
                Firefox or Internet Explorer
                Ability to access Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Forms on the Internet

          Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills
                To complete this workshop you will need to know the basics of using a Web browser like
                Internet Explorer or FireFox on either Windows or Mac.

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Google Docs Tutorial                                            file:///Projects/Training/GoogleApps/GoogleForms/GoogleFormsC...

          Google Forms is a free online program that allows users to create surveys and rubrics online
          and send them to others to electronically collect responses. Surveys created using Google
          Forms allow for quick and easy collection of data and feedback.

          Creating a Google Account
          In order to use Google Forms you will need to register for a Google account. If you already
          have one through Gmail then you can use the same login to access Google Forms. If you do
          not have a Gmail account you may want to consider signing up for one so you can also use the
          Gmail and Calendar feature within Google. Otherwise you can just sign up for a Google
          account with an email address of your choice and a password. (This type of account does not
          provide the use of Gmail.)

          Signing up with Google

          1. Go to

                       Google Docs Sign in Page

          2. If you already have a Google account type in your email and password to sign in. Otherwise
          click on the Get Started button to sign up with Google.

          3. Fill in all of the required form fields to sign up for the account, read through the Terms of
          Service, and click on I Accept. Create My Account.

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Google Docs Tutorial                                          file:///Projects/Training/GoogleApps/GoogleForms/GoogleFormsC...

                       Google Docs Create Account Page

          4. You will need to verify the email address you used to create the account by signing into it
          and clicking on the link that Google Docs sends you. By doing so you will be taken to a page
          that looks similar to the one below. Now you are ready to start creating, sharing and
          collaborating on documents.

                       Your Google Docs Home Page

          Working with Google Docs
          Now that you have created a Google account and are able to access Google Docs you can
          begin creating or adding documents to your account. In this section you will learn how to create
          a survey using a spreadsheet form, save it, edit it, and rename it. You will also learn how to let
          others know where to go to complete your survey as well as how to access the results.

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Google Docs Tutorial                                        file:///Projects/Training/GoogleApps/GoogleForms/GoogleFormsC...

          Survey Examples

          Faculty SOTL survey


          Example of a grid question type:


          Scale questions


          NOTE: Surveys don't provide the ability to include images.

          Creating a New Form

          1. Click on New on the Menu bar and select the Form option.

                       Form Option on the "New" Menu

          2. Google Docs will open a new window that will allow you to create a form.

                       Add Questions to your Form

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          Naming the Form and Completing the Description

          1. Click in the title text box and type a name for your survey.

          2. Click in the "text or info" box and type a description and any directions you want the
          respondents to follow.

          3. Save your form by clicking the Save button.

          Form Save Button

          Adding Questions to your Survey

          1. Type a title for your question or, if your question is short, you could type the question in the
          "Question Title" box.

          2. If you didn't put the question in the title box, type the question in the "Help Text" box or type
          additional instructions or information for completing the question.

          3. Select a question type from the drop down menu.

          4. If answering the question is required, select the "Make this a required question" check box.

          5. Click the Save button to save your question.

          Note in the upper right corner of the question block that you have three icons. Roll your cursor
          over each icon to see what each means . The edit icon (pencil) is a toggle. Click it once to stop
          editing; click it again to begin editing. Clicking the duplicate icon creates an exact duplicate of
          the question currently displayed. This can be very convenient if you are asking a series of
          questions where only one or two words are different or if you are using a scale that you don't
          want to recreate for each question.

                       Editing Icons

          6. Continue to add questions to your survey by clicking the Add item dropdown menu and
          selecting the type of question you would like to add.

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                       Add Item Dropdown Menu


          Many times it's necessary for surveys to present different questions to participants based on
          responses to previous questions. Google forms provides this branching feature through the Go
          to page based on answer check box in the multiple choice question type.

          Before starting your survey, write out all of your questions and determine where branching will
          need to occur. Enter your questions, and, at each point that you want the survey to branch,
          insert a page break (in the Add Item menu). You will need to name each new page (created by
          the page break) so you can refer specifically to each page when setting up the branching. After
          setting up your survey and inserting page breaks, go back to the multiple choice question(s)
          where the branching will occur and check the box next to Go to page based on answer.
          Select the page with the branching question(s) from the dropdown list. At the end of a page,
          the survey will continue to the next page unless there is an additional branching question to
          direct users to a different page.

          If you end your survey with a branching question going to a branch page, you will need to
          create a final page break to end the survey. Then, make your final branching question go to
          either the branching questions or to the end page. All participants will see the name of the final
          page and a submit button, so make the page name something descriptive that will help
          participants understand that they have finished the survey and need to click the submit button.

          Previewing your Survey

          To preview your survey, click the link at the bottom of the screen.

                       Preview Link at Bottom of Screen

          The preview will open in a new tab or new window depending on your browser. Click the
          previous tab or window to return to editing your survey.

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          Changing the Theme for your Survey

          By default, Google chooses the Plain theme for your Google Form. To select a different theme,
          click the Theme: button.

                       Theme Button

          1. Selecting a theme allows you to preview it.

          2. If you like the design, click the Apply button. If you don't like it, click the Cancel button and
          select another theme.

          3. If you decide to stay with the default theme, click the Cancel button and then click the Back
          to editing link to return to editing your form.

          Email the Survey

          If you have a gmail account, you can send the survey link directly to your audience from within
          the Form application by clicking the Email this form button. Fill in the email addresses of the
          people you want to have respond, type a message, and click send. If you don't have a gmail
          account or would like to use a different account to send a message with the link, copy the link
          from the bottom of the form and include it in your email message.

                       Email the URL to Participants

          More Actions Dropdown Menu

          The More actions dropdown menu allows you to access the code you will need to embed your
          form in a Web page as well as to access the text that respondents will see when they complete
          your survey.

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                       More Actions Drop Down Menu

          To embed the survey in a Web page, simply copy and paste the HTML code provided by
          Google into your HTML page.

          To change the message respondents see when they complete the survey, edit the text in the
          text box. You can also choose to allow everyone to see the response summary after they
          complete the survey by checking the checkbox.

          See Responses

                       See responses dropdown menu

          To return to your form after you view the summary, click the Back to editing link in the blue
          banner at the top of the screen.

          To return to your form after you view the results in the spreadsheet, select Edit form from the
          Form menu.

                       Form Menu in Spreadsheet View

          Accessing your Survey from the Google Docs screen
          Open Google Docs

          To come back to your survey at a later date to make edits or to view the results, you will need
          to access your Google Docs home page at Your survey will be listed
          along with any other Goolge Docs you own or share. The form you used to create the survey is

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Google Docs Tutorial                                          file:///Projects/Training/GoogleApps/GoogleForms/GoogleFormsC...

          actually a special view of a Google Spreadsheet. To access the spreadsheet, click the name of
          the survey (spreadsheet). To see the form view, select an option from the Form menu.

          Making your Survey Available and Sharing your Results
          Embedding your survey in a Web page

          In order to have people respond to your survey, you have to make it available to them. You
          have several options for doing this.

          1. You can copy and past the URL from the bottom of the form into an email message and
          send it to the people you want to have respond.

                       URL for Survey (can also be used to preview the survey)

          2. You can copy and past the HTML code from the More actions menu into a Web page that
          you have posted. This code should also work in a blog post.

          3. You can create a page in a Google Site ( and insert your survey
          using the Insert menu.

          Access to your survey is controlled through the way you share it, not through the survey itself.
          Everyone to whom you send the URL should have access to the survey, even if they don't
          have access to the Spreadsheet that contains the results.

          To turn off access to your survey, access the Google spreadsheet from your Google Docs page
          and, from the Form menu, select Accepting Responses. This item is a toggle. If it is checked,
          the survey is open for responses. If it isn't checked, the survey is closed and no one will be
          able to submit a response.

          Sharing your Survey Results

          The survey results are collected automatically in a Google Spreadsheet. If you want others to
          be able to view the results, you will need to give them access to the spreadsheet. To do this,

          1. Go to your Google Docs home page at and click the title of your
          survey. You should see the spreadsheet containing the results.

          2. Click the "Share" drop down menu above the menu bar and select Sharing Settings.

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                       Google Spreadsheet Share Drop Down Menu

           3. Enter the Google account email address of the people to whom you want to give access in
           the Add people: text box and select the level of permissions your want each person to have.
           Then, either send them the email message (if you have a gmail account) or click the Add
           without sending invitation link. If you don't send an invitation, you will need to then notify the
           people to whom you have given access.

           Printing your Survey Summary
           The summary report can be accessed under the Form dropdown menu in your Google

             1. Open a Google spreadsheet containing survey responses.
             2. From the Form menu, select Show summary of responses.
             3. User your borwser's print functon to print the entire summary.

           A Word about Writing Survey Questions
           Writing good survey questions is somewhat of an art. Questions need to be clearly stated,
           easily understood, and elicit the kind of feedback you are looking for. Here are some resources
           you should review before settling down to create your survey. Even if you already have
           questions written for your survey, you should still review these resources and evaluate your

                How to Write a Good Survey:
                Writing Good Survey Questions:
                Types of Survey Questions:
                How to Write a Survey or Questionnaire:
                Skip Logic and Conditional Branches in Surveys:

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           Survey Best Practices

                Have "another set of eyes" read through your survey after you have finished the first
                Have someone who might be a typical respondent but who hasn't been involved with
                preparation of the survey test the survey for you and provide you with feedback.
                Allow enough time for respondents to participate and send a reminder prior to closing the
                survey. Be sure to include the link to the survey in the reminder message.

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