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									 THE VOICE OF THE                                                                       BUILDING TRADES


 VOL. 86          NO. 1                                                           USPS 905,000                    SINGLE COPY 50 CENTS                              JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011

Trades talk
Time for union members to wake up, suit up and show up
          John Schlagheck                   contractors	who	hire	us.                  to	 Ohio.	 So	 they	 say.	 In	 fact	 we	   executing	him!	                            been	if	we	had	all	turned	out	to	vote	
        Executive Secretary/                	     Unions	 are	 not	 the	 reason	      would	not	necessarily	know	what	           	     Florida	 had	 a	 similar	 set	 up	   for	our	collective	best-interests.		
         Business Manager                   we	 are	 broke.	 Many	 States	 share	     they	would	be	doing	with	our	tax	          until	 recently.	 Their	 legislators	      	    True,	if	we	lose	the	prevailing	
            NWOBCTC                         our	 budget	 problems.	 Some	 have	       dollars	since	this	Private	Corpora-        have	passed	bills	to	return	to	the	old	    wage	laws	in	Ohio,	it	will	not	be	
	     You	are	a	union	member	who	           public	 employee	 unions	 and	 pre-       tion	 would	 not	 be	 subject	 to	 any	    government	operated	style	of	De-           the	end	of	the	world.	At	least	not	
does	not	pay	attention	to	politics.	        vailing	 wages	 and	 some	 do	 not.	      public	document	disclosure	laws	or	        partment	of	Development	with	the	          immediately.	All	public	jobs	such	
You	are	a	union	member	who	does	            North	Dakota	has	unionized	pub-           “sunshine	laws”	because	it	would	          Chamber	of	Commerce’s	blessing.	       	   as	 Universities	 and	 Libraries	 and	
not	 watch	 the	 news.	 You	 are	 a	        lic	 workers	 and	 enjoys	 less	 than	    then	be	“private.”                         There	have	been	many	complaints	           Police	and	Fire	facilities	will	be	up	
union	member	who	hardly	ever	or	            3%	 unemployment.	Texas	 has	 no	         	    Since	 our	 esteemed	 U.S.	 Su-       of	 the	 Private	 Corporation	 being	      for	grabs,	just	as	any	private	job.	
maybe	never	votes.	You	are	a	union	         unionized	 public	 employees	 and	        preme	 Court	 ruled	 last	 year	 that	     ineffective	 and	 suspicious	 due	 to	     There	will	be	no	rules	of	transpar-
member	who	rarely	attends	union	            in	fact	is	a	Right-to-Work	State	and	     corporations	 are	 just	 like	 people,	    a	lack	of	transparency.	Where	did	         ency	or	fairness.	Some	trades	will	
meetings	 or	 participates	 in	 any	        has	a	huge	budget	deficit.                thus	they	can	give	as	much	money	          the	money	go?                              fare	better	than	others.	For	a	while.	
union	 activities	or	 functions.	You	       	     The	 problem	 with	 our	 new	       as	they	want	to	political	campaigns,	      	     All	of	these	hare-brained	ideas	     It	will	then	be	a	race	to	the	bottom.	
are	a	union	member	who	does	not	            Governor	 and	 his	 Party	 Loyalists	     this	Private	Corporation	could	then	       are	coming	from	a	man	who	only	            	    We,	as	Business	Managers	and	
volunteer	 or	 “give	 back”	 to	 your	      who	 now	 control	 both	 houses	 of	      give	 our	 own	 tax	 dollars	 to	 the	     got	 49%	 of	 Ohioans	 to	 vote	 for	      Agents,	 have	 to	 adapt.	 We	 must	
local	community.	You	are	a	union	           our	 State	 Legislature	 is	 simply	 a	   people	and	the	Party	who	is	trying	        him	for	Governor.	Ted	Strickland	          constantly	evolve	our	ways	of	do-
member	who	figures	your	Business	           difference	in	ideology.	They	seem	        to	kill	us.		This	is	just	like	forcing	    got	 47%	 with	 about	 2%	 going	 to	      ing	business	or	lose	market	share.		
Agent	 or	 Business	 Manager	 or	           hell-bent	 on	 destroying	 unions	 at	    a	man	to	dig	his	own	grave	before	         “other.”		Just	think	what	could	have	                    Continued on Page 2
“somebody	else”	will	take	care	of	          all	costs.	They	do	not	seem	to	be	
all	that	stuff.		If	any	of	these	state-     impressed	by	facts	or	polls.	
ments	 describe	 you,	 then	 you	 are	      	     For	example,	he	has	proposed	
also	a	union	member	who	needs	to	           privatizing	 the	 Ohio	 Turnpike	
wake	up,	suit	up,	and	show	up!	             even	 though	 a	 recent	 Quinnipiac	
	     Now	more	than	ever,	apathy	is	        University	poll	shows	that	51%	of	
not	only	unacceptable,	it	is	unfor-         Ohioans	oppose	this	idea	compared	
giveable.	For	this	Union	Movement	          to	30%	in	favor	of	it.
to	survive,	we	need	EVERY	mem-              	     According	 to	 the	 same	 poll,	
ber	to	participate.	Life	as	we	know	        51%	 to	 34%	 oppose	 his	 plan	 to	
it	in	the	State	of	Ohio	as	unionists	       eliminate	 the	 right	 of	 public	 em-
is	about	to	change.		                       ployees	 to	 collectively	 bargain.	
	     Former	Fox	News	pundit,	for-          Also	 51%	 are	 against	 the	 Gover-
mer	Lehman	Brothers	Investment	             nor’s	idea	to	privatize	State	prisons	
Manager,	 former	 U.S.	 Congress-           versus	31%	for	it.	
man	 and	 current	 Ohio	 Governor	          	     If	he	succeeds	in	his	privatiza-
John	 Kasich	 and	 his	 like-minded	        tion	 scheme,	 it	 would	 mean	 that	
crowd	of	Legislators	say	the	reason	        the	State	of	Ohio	would	lose	tens	
for	 Ohio	 being	 broke	 is	 because	       of	thousands	of	good	paying	union	
union	 members	 earn	 too	 much	            jobs	to	private	companies.	Would	
money.	 They	 say	 that	 because	 of	       these	jobs	then	be	unionized?	How	
our	high	wages	and	pensions,	busi-          much	would	they	pay?	Who	would	
nesses	are	drawn	to	Right-to-Work	          perform	these	jobs?
States	instead	of	Ohio.	                    	     Another	 plot	 being	 hatched	
	     Their	 proposed	 remedy	 is	 to	      was	 recently	 passed	 by	 the	 new	
remove	 the	 right	 to	 collectively	       Ohio	 House	 of	 Representatives.	
bargain	 from	 public	 employees.	      	   This	 Bill	 provides	 for	 a	 Private	
This	law	was	passed	nearly	thirty	          Corporation	 to	 replace	 Ohio’s	
years	ago	under	then	Democratic	            Department	 of	 Development.	 If	
Governor	 Celeste.	 They	 also	             passed	by	the	like-minded	Senate	
wish	 to	 repeal	 the	 Prevailing	          and	 signed	 by	 the	 like-minded	
Wage	laws	which	have	been	on	               Governor,	tax	dollars	would	flow	to	
the	 books	 for	 80	 years	 protect-        this	Private	Corporation	to	develop	
ing	 local	 union	 wages	 and	 the	         business	and	attract	new	companies	                                                                                       Cartoon via the Center for American Progress
PAGE 2                                                                         VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                               JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011

Lawmakers have given up on job                                                                                                     challenges.		
                                                                                                                                   	     Among	 many	 obstacles,	 we	
creation, AFL-CIO chief says                                                                                                       have	a	newly	elected	governor	that	
                                                                                                                                   wants	to	kill	the	unions	and	make	
       By Mark Gruenberg                                                                                                                                                             THE VOICE OF THE
                                            wealthy,	compassionate	imaginative	                                                    Ohio	a	right	to	work	state.	We	will	
          PAI Staff Writer                  country	we	are	–	not	try	to	turn	our-                                                  once	again	start	negotiations	very	               BUILDING TRADES
	    WASHINGTON	 (PAI)—                     selves	into	a	third-rate	impoverished	                                                 soon.	It	is	my	hope	that	we	can	get	         Published	by	the	Northwestern	Ohio	
Many	politicians	in	both	major	par-         ‘has-been,’”	 Trumka	 stated.	 	 “We	                                                                                              Building	&	Construction	Trades	Council
                                                                                                                                   the	 contract	 finished	 before	 July	
                                                                                                                                                                                          ISSN:	1057-1299
ties	have	given	up	on	the	country,	         don’t	 need	 to	 settle	 for	 stagnation	    ROOFERS LOCAL 134                         1st.
workers	 and	 creating	 jobs,	AFL-          and	ever-spiraling	inequality.”                                                        	     The	 February	 union	 meet-              Published	Bi-Monthly	by	
CIO	President	Richard	Trumka	says	
–	but	the	labor	movement	hasn’t.
                                            	    Though	Trumka	faulted	poli-
                                            ticians	 of	 both	 parties	 for	 giving	
                                                                                                THE TAR                            ing	 will	 be	 a	 busy	 one.	 We	 will	
                                                                                                                                   present	 our	 service	 awards	 there	
                                                                                                                                                                                       The	“Voice”	of	
                                                                                                                                                                                   The	Northwestern	Ohio	
	    In	a	wide-ranging	speech	at	the	
National	Press	Club		on	Jan.	19,	the	
                                            up	 on	 job	 creation	 and	 instead	
                                            listening	to	Wall	Street	and	deficit-               KETTLE                             are	 46	 members	 due	 to	 receive	
                                                                                                                                   them.	 Including	 50-	 and	 55-year	
                                                                                                                                                                               Building	&	Construction	Trades	
federation	leader	challenged	those	         cutting	calls,	he	singled	out	three	                                                   awards,	food	and	drink	will	follow	
elected	 officials	 to	 work	 for	 jobs	    Republican	governors	in	particular	                                                                                                          Toledo,	Ohio	
                                                                                        	    HAPPY	 FEBUARY	 BIRTH-                the	awards.	We	also	need	to	elect	
rather	than	for	other	narrow	causes.	   	   for	 criticism:	 Mitch	 Daniels	 of	        DAY	 WISHES	 TO	 THE	 FOL-                 a	 Sergeant-at-Arms	 as	 wells	 our	                John	Schlagheck
He	 said	 that’s	 what	 workers	 and	       Indiana,	John	Kasich	of	Ohio	and	           LOWING	 MEMBERS;	 Kevin	                   negotiating	committee.	                            Business	Manager
voters	want.                                Scott	Walker	in	Wisconsin.		                Nietrzeba,	 Leon	 Bowman,	 Hank	           	     There	 will	 also	 be	 a	 second	               909	Front	St.
	    And	if	the	politicians	won’t	go	       	    Trumka	 faulted	 Kasich	 for	          Flores,	Rich	Graeter,	Joe	Navarre,	        reading	 of	 a	 by-law	 change	 to	            Toledo,	Ohio	43605-2120
out	 and	 create	 jobs,	 he	 added,	 the	   trying	to	cut	the	wages	and	col-            Jim	 Rafferty,	 Ernie	 Rasar,	 Ser-        allow	for	a	reinstatement	into	the	                  (419)	693-7717
labor	movement	may	well	try	to	do	          lective	bargaining	rights	of	home	          gio	 Robert,	 	 Robert	 Sours,	 Doug	      death	benefit.	Also	if	the	interest	is	           	Fax	(419)	693-2813
so	itself,	as	it	now	does	with	an	ex-       care	workers,	and	the	other	two	            Wtring,	Tom	Yoder.                         strong	enough	I	would	like	to	put	
perimental	partnership	with	business	       for	 dumping	 proposed	 high-               	    	The	holidays	are	finally	over.	      on	an	OSHA	class.	These	classes	             NEWSPAPER	COUNCIL:	Joe	
and	government	in	Los	Angeles.              speed	rail	construction	projects	at	        Now	 the	 year	 2011	 begins	 with	        would	be	open	to	journeyman	as	              Cousino,	Ted	Lewis,	Reggie	
	    Trumka	 spoke	 as	 the	 112th	         a	time	of	high	joblessness	in	the	          better	 hopes	 and	 aspirations	 of	       well	 as	 to	 the	 new	 helpers	 who	        Hohenberger,	Brian	S.	Outland,		
Congress	–	with	a	GOP-run	House	            building	 trades.	 	 Such	 projects,	       more	hours.	I	am	optimistic	about	         have	 no	 OSHA	 cards	 at	 all.	 Ini-        Marty	Pedro,	Don	Huss,	Fred	
and	a	larger	Republican	contingent	         Trumka	added,	would	also	keep	              this	 year,	 there	 is	 talk	 among	       tially	it	will	be	either	a	10	or	16	         Keith,	Jr.,	Phillip	Copeland
in	the	Senate	–	got	down	to	busi-           the	U.S.	among	technologically	             contractors	 and	 general	 contrac-        hour	course	that	can	be	upgraded	
ness,	and	signaled	that	rather	than	        advancing	nations,	creating	jobs	           tors	 that	 work	 will	 pick	 up.	 This	                                               Official voice	of	the	Toledo	Area	
                                                                                                                                   to	 the	 30	 hour	 if	 the	 balance	 of	
tackling	jobs,	it	wants	to	repeal	last	     that	way.                                                                                                                          AFL-CIO	unions,	organized	labor.	
                                                                                        however,	does	not	mean	a	lack	of	          education	 is	 completed	 within	 6	
year’s	 health	 insurance	 overhaul	                                                                                                                                           The	Northwestern	Ohio	Building	
                                                                   Trades Talk
                                                                                                                                                                               and	Construction	Trades	Council	
and	institute	cuts,	as	recommended	                                                                                                	     Please	remember	to	put	your-          circulating	is	Allen,	Ashland,	Aug-
by	 a	 presidential	 commission,	 in	                                                                                              self	 on	 the	 out	 of	 work	 list	 and	    laize,	Crawford,	Clarke,	Defiance,	
Social	Security	and	Medicare.		                                                                                                    please	watch	your	dues,	there	are	          Delaware,	Erie,	Fulton,	Hancock,	
	    “Too	many	of	our	politicians	          (Continued from Page 1)                     member,	this	is	a	WE	thing	not	            some	 members	 who	 are	 getting	           Hardin,	Henry,	Huron,	Knox,	
are	 doing	 the	 opposite	 of	 what	        	    We	must	partner	with	our	con-          a	ME	thing.	If	you	are	that	union	         close	to	losing	there	cards.                Logan,	Lucas,	Marion,	Mercer,	
works,	destroying	our	public	insti-         tractors,	customers,	and	the	world	         member	who	just	pays	dues	and	             Work	safely!                                Morrow,	Ottawa,	Paulding,	Put-
tutions,	crushing	working	people’s	         we	live	in.	If	we	do	not	and	we	lose	       does	 nothing	 else,	 it	 is	 time	 to	    Mike	&	Eva                                  nam,	Richland,	Sandusky,	Seneca,	
rights	and	living	standards,	failing	       market	share,	collective	bargaining	        wake	up.	                                                                              Union,	Van	Wert,	Williams,	Wood	
to	invest	in	education.		We	know	           eventually	becomes	collective	beg-          	   We	can	help	you	suit	up	and	                                                       and	Wyandot	Counties,	Ohio.	
this	model	and	we	know	where	it	                                                                                                                                               Michigan:	Lenawee,	Monroe	and	
                                            ging.	Big	difference.                       believe	 me	 we	 have	 plenty	 of	
                                                                                                                                                                               Hillsdale	Counties.
leads:	Catastrophe,”	he	said                	    Our	 Union	 Leaders,	 how-             places	for	you	to	show	up!
	    “We	 should	 act	 like	 the	           ever,	 cannot	 do	 this	 alone.	 Re-        	   –John	Schlagheck
                                                                                                                                        THE VOICE OF THE                       Endorsed	by	The	Northwestern	Ohio	
                                                                                                                                                                               Building	&		Construction	Trades	
                                                                                                                                       BUILDING TRADES                         Council	and	the	Toledo	Area	AFL-CIO	
                                                                                                                                     Published	by	the	Northwestern	Ohio	       The	Publisher	reserves	the	right	to	
                                                                                                                                    Building	and	Construction	Trades	Council   refuse	or	discontinue	any	advertise-
                                                                                                                                                                               ment	which	is	deemed	objectionable,	
                                                                                                                                    The	 upcoming	 publication	 date	          Publication	of	advertisments	is	not	
                                                                                                                                    of	 The	 Voice	 of	 the	 Building	         to	be	construed	as	an	endorsement	of	
                                                                                                                                    Trades,	published	by	The	North-            the	Northwestern	Ohio	Building	&	
                                                                                                                                    western	Ohio	Building	and	Con-             Construction	Trades	Council	or	any	of	
                                                                                                                                                                               its	affiliates.
                                                                                                                                    struction	Trades	Council,	is:
                                                                                                                                    April 7, 2011. The deadline
                                                                                                                                    for all news copy shall be on the          POSTMASTER:	Please	send	change	of	
                                                                                                                                    first Thursday of each “even-              address	to:	The	Voice	of	the	Building	
                                                                                                                                    numbered” month of the year.               Trades,	909	Front	Street,	Toledo,	Ohio	

                                                                                                                                                                     Timothy Grosteffon, Agent
                                                                                                                                                                   24/7 BAIL BONDS

                                                                                                                                             Payment Plans • Bond Approval By Phone
                                                                                                                                     415 N. Michigan
                                                                                                                                     (across from Lucas                                 244-8899
                                                                                                                                                                       Free	Collect	(419)
                                                                                                                                     County Common                     Toll	Free	1-888-445-8899
                                                                                                                                     Pleas Court)
                                                                                                                                     P.O. Box 9295
                                                                                                                                     Toledo, OH 43697
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011                                                           VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                                               PAGE 3

 ON THE BRIDGE                                                                                              Iron	Workers	Local	55
                                                                                                                 Retirees	Club
 IRON WORKERS                                                                            	     Hi	Everybody!                                                                 	
                                                                                                                                       freezes	‘til	he	has	to	go	back	inside.	

 LOCAL 55                                                                                	     It	has	been	some	time	since	I	
                                                                                         wrote	a	piece	for	the	paper.	Back	
                                                                                         in	October	when	I	sent	in	the	last	
                                                                                                                                       We	were	sorry	to	be	told	that	Tim	
                                                                                                                                       Wasserman’s	dad	passed	away	the	
                                                                                                                                       previous	Sunday.		He	was	88	years	        Gene Powless
	     Our	thoughts	and	prayers	are	         	     FYI –	The	Patient	Protection	          article	 there	 was	 a	 change	 in	 of-       old	and	farmed	til	he	was	about	85.	  	                        Maddy Powless
with	the	family	and	friends	of	Rob-         and	Affordable	 Care	Act	 now	 re-           fice	people	which	caused	a	lot	of	            What	a	run.		May	he	rest	in	peace.	   	
ert	 Witt.,	 a	 45-year	 member;	 our	      quires	all	over	the	counter	(OTC)	           problems.	 	 I	 guess	 they	 couldn’t	        	    Since	 January	 starts	 a	 new	
sincere	condolences	to	the	family	          medications	have	a	prescription	in	          get	the	e-mail	from	the	computer.	       	    year,	here	are	January	anniversaries	
of	Deanna	Szdlowski	for	the	loss	of	        order	to	be	eligible	for	reimburse-          Anyway,	 we	 got	 lost	 in	 cyber	            and	 birthdays:	 	 Denny	 and	 Judy	
her	brother	Troy.	Our	thoughts	and	         ment	under	your	PAP	plan,	with	the	          space.	 	 We	 are	 probably	 still	 out	      Knitz,	January	9;		Jim	and	Rebecca	
prayers	 are	 with	 Tim	 Wasserman	         exception	of	insulin.	This	new	rule	         there	someplace,	saying	“what	the	            Taylor,	January	17.		
and	family,	for	the	recent	passing	         doesn’t	include	medical	care	items	          heck	is	going	on!		Hello?		Anybody	           	    Birthdays	 were	 Jim	 Taylor,	
of	his	Dad	and	to	the	family	of	Jim	        such	as	crutches,	bandages,	blood	           there???”                                     January	 4;	 Wally	 Roloff,	 January	
Steck	for	the	recent	passing	of	his	        sugar	test	kits,	etc.                        	     Let’s	 see	 what’s	 going	 on.	    	    9;	Denny	Trease,	January	10;		Ann	        Ray Phillips          Indian
mom,	 Velma;	 our	 sincere	 condo-          	     Blood Drive – The	Ameri-               Did	 I	 tell	 you	 that	 Mingo	 joined	       Schang,	January	17;	Jim	Faykosh,	
lences	 to	 the	 family	 and	 friends	      can	Red	Cross	will	be	here	at	the	           our	group?	Welcome	Mr.	Valadez!	         	    January	 18;	 Mary	 MacDonald,	           with	 the	 articles	 but	 this	 every-
of	 Scott	 Simon	 for	 the	 untimely	       union	hall	on	March	14,	2011	from	           We’ve	also	heard	from	Val	Miller	             January	21	(95);	George	McManus,	         other-month	 publication	 gets	 me	
passing	of	his	daughter,	Allie.	May	        8:00am	–	2:00pm,	please	stop	out	            and	Craig	Tidrick.		Also	lately	we	           January	28;	Betty	Faykosh,	January	       screwed	 up.	 	 New	 schedules	 are	
their	souls	rest	in	eternal	peace.		        and	give	blood,	you	will	be	helping	         have	had	Jim	Taylor,	Frank	Legeza	            31.		Best	wishes	to	everyone.		May	       difficult	to	get	used	to,	especially	
	     Under Doctor’s Care:	 	 Mr.	          to	save	lives.                               and	his	wife	Caroline	too.		It’s	good	        you	 all	 enjoy	 many	 healthy	 and	      for	older	people	like	me.		How	did	
Ross	 (Don	 Ross’s	 dad),	 Herbie	          	     Journeyman Upgrading                   to	keep	this	going.		And	it	is	a	busy	        happy	days.                               Mark	Twain	 remember	 so	 much?	        	
Herzberg,	Russ	Eldridge,	Bill	Vas,	         Classes:                                     group.		Mike	Durso	went	to	New	               	    We	 are	 keeping	 up	 with	 our	     I’m	 lucky	 to	 recognize	 my	 own	
James	 Blaze,	 Bobby	 Scott,	 Bill	         	     Certified	welders:	Please	DO	          York	to	see	his	daughter—took	the	            50/50	 drawings	 and	 Ray	 Phillips	      house	on	a	dark	night.		I’ll	have	to	
Rubliatus,	Eugene	Ward	Sr.,	Jason	          NOT	forget	to	turn	in	your	welding	          train.		He	said	it	is	the	only	way	to	        won	the	first	half.		He	and	Joanna	       make	more	notes.	
West,	 Warren	 Logan,	 Lee	 Curtis,	        work	reports	EVERY	SIX	months.	              go.		                                         are	keeping	pretty	busy	in	spite	of	      	    Say	a	prayer	for	our	men	and	
Pete	 Wenzler,	 Gus	 Rahe,	 Matt	           If	you	let	them	lapse,	your	certifi-         	     Debbie	talked	to	Laverne	Nie-           the	 cold	 weather.	 	 Gene	 Powless	     women	in	the	armed	services	and	
Carver,	Jim	Witt	Sr.,	Wally	Roloff,	        cation	will	expire	and	you	will	be	          derriter	 who	 went	 shopping	 with	          and	his	wife	Maddy	were	the	lucky	        for	our	country,	for	all	our	friends	
George	Pilarski	and	Kylee	Blaze.	           forced	 to	 re-test,	 call	 Paul	 at	 the	   her	daughter	for	5	hours	and	said	            winners	also,	splitting	the	second	       under	care	of	a	doctor	or	provider.	    	
Here’s	 a	 get-well	 to	 our	 sick	 and	    school	to	find	out	when	you	are	due	         her	daughter	was	the	one	who	was	             half	of	the	drawing.		Collecting	his	     Call	and	find	out	how	they	are	doing.	  	
disabled.                                   to	turn	one	in.                              tired.			Norm	Barry	had	some	faint-           money,	Gene	said	that	it’s	the	first	     Take	your	pills.		It	does	help	even	
	     Food Baskets: Please	 note	           	     Please	call	Paul	at	the	appren-        ing	spells	and	found	out	his	blood	           time	an	Indian	took	something	from	                                               	
                                                                                                                                                                                 though	 it	 costs	 an	 arm	 and	 a	 leg.	
that	the	procedures	have	changed	           ticeship	school	to	be	put	on	a	list	for	     pressure	is	too	low	so	they	changed	          the	“white	man.”                          Stay	healthy	and	true	to	yourself.
for	 our	 monthly	 food	 basket	 pro-       any	future	journeyman	upgrading	             his	medication.		We	hope	he	gets	             	    I’ll	try	and	get	back	on	track	      	    Later,	Don	
gram.	In	order	to	be	eligible	to	pick	      classes	that	may	be	coming	up	(for	          better.		Joe	II	and	Marge	joined	us	
up	 a	 monthly	 food	 basket,	 please	      example-	 Qualified	 Signalman’s	            for	our	Christmas	celebration.		Joe	
stop	by	the	hall	for	a	voucher	slip.	
Food	baskets	are	available	the	third	
                                            Riggers	Course).	A	class	will	not	be	
                                            held	until	there	is	enough	interest,	
                                                                                         said	now	that	he’s	retired,	he	“don’t	
                                                                                         know	 nothin’	 ”	 but	 to	 ask	 Marge	         Smaller contract
                                                                                                                                        increases for U.S.
Wednesday	 of	 every	 month,	 for	          so	if	there’s	something	you	want	or	         who	might	have	heard	something.	          	
members	in	need.                            need,	please	let	Paul	know.                  They	might	be	able	to	join	us	again	
	     Announcements:	 We	 would	            	     Look	 for	 information	 next	          when	the	school	plays	and	sports	
like	to	congratulate	one	of	our	new	
apprentices,	 Dustin	 Glass	 Jr.	 for	
his	recent	marriage	to	Emily	Estes.	
                                            spring,	 the	 District	 Council	Ap-
                                            prenticeship	 Competition	 will	 be	
                                            held	at	our	hall	next	year.	There	will	
                                                                                         slow	down.
                                                                                         	     The	ironworkers	lost	Stan	Ku-
                                                                                         ron	in	November.		Russell	Byning-
                                                                                                                                        construction workers
May	 God	 grant	 you	 many,	 many	          be	many	vendors	there	as	well	such	          ton	passed	away	in	December	and	               	     Construction-industry	 col-        Region,	which	covers	Delaware,	
happy	years	together.	Dustin	Glass	         as	 ESAB,	 O.E.	 Meyer,	 Lowe’s,	            Bob	Witt	passed	away	in	January.	         	    lective	 bargaining	 negotiations	       Maryland,	New	Jersey,	New	York,	
Sr.	and	Tonya	Glass	just	celebrated	        Red	Wing	Shoes,	Lincoln	Electric,	           Our	 sympathy	 goes	 out	 to	 their	           completed	 in	 2010	 resulted	 in	       Pennsylvania	and	the	District	of	
their	7th	year	wedding	anniversary.	        etc.	If	you	have	any	ideas	or	wants	         family.                                        an	average	first-year	increase	in	       Columbia.
Congratulations	and	we	wish	you	            to	be	involved	in	any	way,	please	           	     I	 hope	 you	 all	 had	 nice	 holi-      wages	and	fringe	benefits	of	only	       	     Close	to	60	percent	of	settle-
many	more.                                  contact	 Paul.	 Please	 come	 down	          days	 	At	 our	 Christmas	 luncheon	      	    $0.80	or	1.7	percent,	the	lowest	        ments	reported	to	CLRC	were	for	
	     The	 2nd	 annual	 Ironworkers	        to	 show	 support	 for	 your	 fellow	        at	 the	 Scott	 Park	 Banquet	 Hall,	          percent	increase	in	25	years,	ac-        only	 a	 one-year	 duration.	 	 This	
toy	 drive	 was	 a	 HUGE	 success!	         apprentices.	                                which	turned	out	pretty	nice,	Ann	             cording	to	the	Construction	Labor	       is	 also	 a	 continuation	 of	 a	 trend	
First	 we’d	 like	 to	 thank	 Dawn	         	     Apprenticeship	Applications            Schang	did	a	bang	up	job	as	usual	             Research	 Council’s	 (CLRC’s)	           started	 in	 2009	 and	 is	 typical	 in	
Bunker	 and	 Laurie	 Duggan	 for	           	     The	 Joint	 Apprenticeship	            with	her	painting.		She	did	a	winter	          annual	report	on	settlements,	as	        tough	economic	times.		
their	tireless	efforts	for	making	this	     Training	 Committee	 is	 now	 ac-            scene	 of	 grays,	 whites	 and	 black	         reported	by	the	Associated	Gen-          	     Prior	 to	 2009,	 the	 negotia-
Christmas	 a	 little	 happier	 for	 the	    cepting	 applications	 for	 the	 ap-         on	slate.		These	slates	come	from	             eral	Contractors.	                       tion	 of	 three-year	 contracts	 was	
families	that	signed	up.	We	would	          prenticeship	program.	Applications	          an	old	barn	roof.		The	work	is	just	           	     The	 last	 time	 the	 average	     most	 common.	 	 Where	 multi-
also	like	to	say	a	special	thank	you	       are	being	accepted	every	Monday,	            beautiful.		She	also	donated	a	deco-           dropped	 below	 2	 percent	 was	 in	     year	 agreements	 were	 executed	
to	all	of	the	people	who	were	able	         Tuesday	 and	 Wednesday’s	 from	             rated	washboard,	in	the	Americana	             1985.                                    in	2010,	the	average	second-year	
to	donate	this	year,	it	really	meant	       9:00am	 to	 3:00pm	 at	 the	 training	       style.	 	 Very	 clever	 of	 her.	 	Ann’s	      	     This	reflects	a	continuation	of	   increase	 negotiated	 was	 $1.16	
a	lot	to	a	great	many	people.	And	          center	 until	 further	 notice.	 There	      aunt,	who	taught	her	when	Ann	first	           a	trend	that	began	in	2009,	when	        or	 2.1	 percent,	 and	 the	 average	
last,	 but	 certainly	 not	 least,	 we’d	   is	an	application	fee	of	$10.                started,	just	passed	away	at	93.		It	          the	average	first-year	increase	of	      third-year	increase	negotiated	was	
like	to	say	a	very	special	thank	you	       	     May	God	Bless	You	and	Your	            pays	to	have	a	hobby.		Can’t	forget	           $1.23	or	2.8	percent	was	the	low-        $1.39	or	2.7	percent.		
to	Sean	Casier	and	James	Hall	for	          Family!	                                     about	Dale.		He	has	other	projects	            est	 since	 1996.	 	Also	 like	 2009	    	     This	compares	to	$1.55	or	3.2	
their	very	“special”	donation.	             	     –Joe	Blaze	III                         around	the	house	to	keep	him	out	              settlements,	 almost	 half	 of	 the	     percent	for	the	second	year,	and	
                                                                                         of	trouble.                                    average	 total	 package	 increase	       $1.63	or	3.4	percent	for	the	third	
                                                                                         	     In	 January	 we	 went	 to	 the	          ($0.38)	 negotiated	 in	 2010	 was	      year,	in	2009.		
                                                                                         Bayshore	 Supper	 Club	 and	 had	 a	           designated	 for	 higher	 contribu-       	     Multi-year	 settlements	
                                                                                         really	good	time	and	lunch.		There	            tions	 to	 multi-employer	 pension	      were	most	common	in	the	East	
                                                                                         were	 some	 people	 missing.	 	 The	           funds.                                   North	Central	Region	in	2010,	
                                                                                         snowbirds	 are	 hopefully	 keeping	            	     A	 quarter	 of	 negotiations	      which	covers	Illinois,	Indiana,	
                                                                                         warm	 down	 south.	 	 Bob	 Laub	               settled	in	2010	resulted	in	a	wage-      Michigan,	 Minnesota,	 Ohio,	
                                                                                         called	a	few	days	ago	and	said	in	             and-fringe	freeze	or	reduction	for	      West	Virginia,	and	Wisconsin.		
                                                                                         Alabama	on	one	side	of	the	porch	              the	 first	 year	 of	 the	 agreement.	   	     (Information from the As-
                                                                                         he	can	get	a	sunburn	and	then	turns	           Freezes	 and	 reductions	 were	          sociated General Contractors
                                                                                         the	 corner	 and	 freezes	 his…uh…             least	likely	in	the	Middle	Atlantic	     of America).
PAGE 4                                                                          VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                  JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011

  ELECTRICAL                                                        PIPELINES                                                          FIRE	ALARM
                                              Plumbers, Pipefitters &                                                                   SPRINKLER	FITTERS
   WORKERS                                                                                           Local 50
    LOCAL 8
                                                Service Mechanics                                                                       LOCAL	669
                                            	     Greetings	Members,                     pace	 and	 we	 expect	 some	 large	
                                            	     Work	in	the	area	remains	slow	         residential	projects	to	start	this	year	     Greetings	Members,                              	       Recently	 several	 members	
                                            and	many	jobs	we	had	hoped	would	            downtown.	                                   				As	I	start	the	writing	of	this	first	       called	 about	 to	 go	 expelled	 and	
                                            be	hiring	by	now	haven’t	done	so,	           	     Our	members	working	in	the	            newsletter	article	for	the	year	I	have	         didn’t	 have	 enough	 time	 to	 send	
                                            mostly	due	to	weather	delays	but	            service	 sector	 have	 been	 busy	           to	 think	 about	 how	 fast	 last	 year	        their	dues	payment	in	the	mail	and	
                                            some	due	to	lack	of	drawings	and	            thanks	 to	 the	 extremely	 cold	            went	 by.	There’s	 a	 lot	 of	 truth	 in	       get	 to	 the	 National	 Office	 by	 the	
	    Happy	New	Year	Brothers	&	             engineering	 delays.	 	 Despite	 this	       weather	that	we	have	been	expe-              the	old	saying	the	older	you	get	the	           deadline.	The	simplest	and	quickest	
Sisters!                                    we	remain	optimistic	that	this	year	         riencing	and	from	the	looks	of	the	          faster	they	go.	Thank	you	for	your	             way	to	pay	your	dues	is	online	es-
	    With	the	 start	of	 a	 new	 year,	     will	be	very	busy.	                          forecast	they	may	be	busy	for	some	          help	and	support	over	the	past	year	            pecially	in	their	situation.	Go	to	our	
the	 weather	 for	 2011	 is	 cold	 and	     	     We	 are	 happy	 to	 report	 that	      time.                                        and	I	look	forward	to	the	New	Year.             website	
work	is	slow,	but	things	will	con-          the	large	expansion	($400	Million)	          	     I	would	like	to	take	some	time	        	        I	just	looked	at	the	last	article	I	   hit	the	online	dues	payment	button	
tinue	to	get	brighter	with	spring	ap-       at	 the	 Pro-Tec	 Coating	 Plant	 in	        to	 thank	 the	 members	 who	 have	          wrote	in	December	and	the	unem-                 and	it	will	walk	you	thru	the	process.	
proaching.			As	the	year	progresses,	       Leipsic,	Ohio,	has	been	granted	a	           taken	part	in	many	training	classes	         ployment	list	was	at	27	members.	               There	is	$1.00	charge	but	a	stamp	is	
new	 work	 is	 becoming	 available.	    	   National	Maintenance	Agreement.	             at	 the	 Piping	 Industry	 Training	         Today	January	28th,	2011	the	list	              44	cents	so	you’re	not	out	a	whole	
Leipsic	Steel	and	Hollywood	Ca-             This	is	good	news	and	will	insure	           center.	Having	the	best	trained	and	         shows	 32	 members	 unemployed.	                lot	and	you	are	not	at	the	mercy	of	
sino	should	take	off	and	man-up	in	         that	 the	 project	 will	 use	 Union	        most	 productive	 workers	 in	 the	          With	winter	here	it	doesn’t	look	to	            the	United	States	Postal	System.
March.			Also,	with	wind	turbines	          labor.	We	met	with	representatives	          industry	is	vital	to	our	success.		          improve	any	time	soon.	There	are	               	       We	 have	 one	 member	 Shane	
going	up	in	our	jurisdiction	please	        from	Bechtel	regarding	the	upcom-            	     We	 plan	 on	 continuing	 to	          300	members	in	the	district	so	we	              T.	Spoeer	from	Ashland,	Ohio	who	
contact	the	JATC	about	the	compe-           ing	work	at	Davis	Besse	and	were	            offer	 classes	 during	 the	 day	 and	       are	right	at	10%.	It	looks	like	winter	         completed	the	JATC	program	and	
tent	climbing	class,	if	you	have	not	       told	to	expect	hiring	to	start	by	mid-	      evening	 as	 long	 as	 the	 demand	          is	 here	 in	 Northern	 Ohio.	 There	           is	 now	 a	 Journeyman	 Local	 669	
already	done	so.	                           summer	and	that	the	outage	will	be	          is	there.	To	the	many	of	you	who	            have	 been	 2	 calls	 recently	 from	           sprinkler	fitter.	Congratulations	on	
	    Contract	 negotiations	 are	           approximately	 42	 days	 in	 length.	        haven’t	taken	part	in	one	of	these	          contractors	requesting	the	list	and	            your	accomplishment	Shane.
getting	 under	 way	 for	 the	 Inside	      We	 have	 heard	 that	 the	 duration	        classes	I	would	encourage	you	to	            hired	several	members.	One	thing	               	       U N I O N 	 M E M B E R S	
Agreement	which	expires	on	April	           will	be	closer	to	70	days.	                  do	 so	 and	 if	 there	 is	 a	 class	 you	   to	remember	if	your	name	isn’t	on	              SHOULD	NOT	FORGET…
24.		Proposals	were	accepted	until	         	     Along	 with	 the	 hiring	 that	        would	like	to	see	offered,	please	           the	 list	 you	 don’t	 have	 a	 chance	         	       What	 it	 was	 like	 when	 there	
February	8.	                                Bechtel	 will	 be	 doing,	 DZ-NPS	           contact	 me	 and	 I	 will	 do	 every-        at	being	hired	when	they	call.	So	              was	no	Union	to	protect	the	work-
	    There	have	been	some	chang-            will	also	have	quite	a	bit	of	work	          thing	possible	to	make	that	class	           now	more	than	ever	it	is	important	             ing	men	and	women	in	this	coun-
es	to	the	Local	8	staff.		I	would	          before	and	during	the	outage.	DZ	            available.	 On	 that	 note,	 if	 there	      to	 call	 the	 unemployment	 line	 at	          try.	Just	imagine	there	was	a	time	
like	 to	 thank	 Don	 Burnard	 for	         is	expected	to	start	hiring	this	sum-        are	 any	 members	 who	 would	 be	           (800)	 638-0997	 every	 10	 days	 to	           when	you	worked	for	a	company	
his	 many	 years	 of	 service	 as	 an	      mer	 as	 well.	 Work	 at	 BP-Husky	          interested	in	taking	a	“Residential	         keep	your	name	on	the	list.                     and	 were	 not	 entitled	 to	 medical	
organizer.		All	of	your	hard	work	          for	the	reformer	project	continues	          Plumbing	 Service”	 class	 please	           	        The	Hollywood	Casino	has	not	          benefits,	a	pension	or	a	fair	wage.	
is	much	appreciated.		Best	wishes	          but	there	is	still	no	word	on	when	          contact	me.	                                 bid	at	this	time	but	the	contractors	           Not	 to	 mention	 a	 safe	 working	
also	to	our	new	membership	de-              they	 will	 start	 to	 hire	 out	 of	 the	   	     I	 see	 the	 residential	 service	     now	have	drawings	to	look	at.	The	              environment.	Imagine	if	you	were	
velopment	representative,	Shaun	            hall.		 	            	          	            market	as	an	area	of	growth	in	our	          site	 work	 is	 moving	 ahead	 and	             injured	 while	 working	 and	 were	
Enright.		After	six	years	as	enter-         	     The	outage	planned	at	BP	has	          industry	 and	 I	 want	 to	 encourage	       hopefully	we	will	hear	something	               on	your	own	paying	your	medical	
tainment	chairman,	Bill	Seyfried	           been	 postponed	 to	 mid-summer	             our	 members	 to	 consider	 starting	        soon	on	the	bid	date.	The	project	              bills.	 Then	 when	 you	 are	 cleared	
has	decided	to	step	down.	I	would	          with	word	that	it	may	not	happen	            a	business	in	this	market	and	will	          will	be	done	under	a	Project	Labor	             to	return	to	work	from	your	work-	
like	 to	 thank	 Bill	 for	 a	 job	 well	   until	 fall.	 Planning	 for	 the	 larger	    do	 anything	 I	 can	 to	 get	 you	 the	     Agreement	 so	 it	 will	 be	 100%	              related	 injury,	 you	 find	 out	 you	
done.                                       BP	 Toledo	 repositioning	 project	          training	needed.	                            union.	The	Defiance	General	Mo-                 had	been	replaced.	Over	the	years	
	    Please	 mark	 your	 calendars	         “TRP”	 continues	 but	 we	 are	 still	       	     On	 the	 political	 front	 we	 are	    tors	 Plant	 will	 have	 some	 good	            the	Unions	have	fought	to	give	the	
for	the	following	upcoming	events:	         waiting	 on	 the	 complete	 list	 of	        under	 attack	 at	 the	 state	 house.	       work	coming.	Bowling	Green	State	               American	worker	a	fair	standard	of	
WGA	2011	March	Madness	Fund-                contractors	who	will	perform	that	           There	are	plans	by	the	republicans	          University	has	dorm	work	ongoing	               living	and	we	can	retire	with	dig-
raiser	 on	 March	 19	 	 at	 the	 union	    work.	Work	at	the	Casino	project	            to	 do	 away	 with	 prevailing	 wage	        and	 several	 other	 projects	 winding	         nity.	It	is	important	that	everyone	
hall;	 2011	 Dinner	 Dance	 March	          has	 been	 moving	 along	 but	 at	           for	all	 state	 funded	 work,	gut	the	       down.	Other	than	that	it	seems	like	            stay	 involved.	 Everyone	 needs	 to	
26	 at	 Gladieux	 Meadows;	 IBEW	           the	 writing	 of	 this	 article	 Gem	        responsible	 contracting	 language	          smaller	jobs	and	schools	are	the	bulk	          attend	the	meetings,	especially	the	
Bowling	 Tournament	 June	 2011	            and	Mondo	only	have	a	few	UA	                that	 the	 Ohio	 School	 Facilities	         of	the	work	out	there	right	now.                apprentices,	they	are	the	future	and	
in	 NYC	 (For	 info	 contact	 Butch	        members	 onsite	 due	 to	 a	 hold	           Commission	 has	 in	 their	 guide-           	        Member	 Brian	 Heckman	                need	to	be	educated	on	the	work-
Boulton	276-0724).                          up	in	final	mechanical	drawings.	            lines,	and	they	may	even	make	it	            from	Austintown,	Ohio	works	for	                ings	of	their	Union.	
	    Hope	 to	 see	 you	 at	 the	 next	     Once	 the	 drawings	 are	 complete	          impossible	for	local	school	boards	          North	Coast	Fire	Protection	fell	in	            	       Our	next	District	Meeting	will	
union	meeting!                              we	expect	calls	in	the	hall	for	that	        to	require	prevailing	wage	be	paid	          October	and	is	still	recovering.	Ac-            be	Friday	March	4,	2011	at	the	Holi-
	    –Terry	 “Shorty”	 Short,	 Press	       site.	Work	 on	 the	 various	 school	        on	their	projects.	This	is	all	BAD	          cidents	can	happen	to	anyone	at	any	            day	Inn	French	Quarter	in	Perrys-
Secretary                                   projects	 continue	 at	 a	 very	 busy	       for	 us!	And,	 they	 are	 just	 getting	     time	anywhere.	We	are	in	a	danger-              burg,	Ohio.	The	Meeting	will	start	
                                                                                         started.                                     ous	profession	and	need	to	be	aware	            at	 7:30	 pm.	 President-	 Organizer	
                                                                                         	     If	 you	 would	 be	 willing	 to	       of	that	at	all	times.	With	winter	here	         Jim	Tucker	will	chair	the	meeting.	
               Dimitri’s Red Wing                                                        write	 your	 state	 representative,	
                                                                                         please	 contact	 the	 hall	 for	 guid-
                                                                                                                                      be	careful	and	allow	yourself	plenty	
                                                                                                                                      of	time	to	get	to	work	safely	and	on	
                                                                                                                                                                                      Please	put	the	date	on	your	calendar.	
                                                                                                                                                                                      					A	reminder	to	those	of	you	who	
                Shoes & Repair                                                           ance	on	the	details	that	should	be	
                                                                                         covered	in	your	letter.	It	would	be	
                                                                                                                                      time.	Your	family	depends	on	you	
                                                                                                                                      getting	home	the	in	same	shape	you	
                                                                                                                                                                                      have	not	sent	your	Ballot	for	Of-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ficers	 in	 you	 have	 until	 March	 1,	
                                                                                         especially	helpful	to	have	mem-              left	in	the	morning.                            2011	to	do	so.	Please	take	part	and	
   10% discount                                                                          bers	who	live	in	a	district	that	has	        	 	 	 	 	 Most	 of	 you	 by	 now	 should	       vote	if	you	have	not	already.	Those	
                                                                                         a	 Republican	 office	 holder.	 We	          have	 received	 your	 tool	 kit	 cov-           of	you	who	took	the	time	to	vote,	
    to all union                                                                         need	you	to	contact	them	and	try	            ered	 under	Article	 15	 of	 our	 new	          thank	you.
     members                                                                             to	 stop	 the	 attacks	 on	 working	         agreement.	The	 process	 has	 gone	             	 	 	 	 The	 Local	 669	 Retirees	 in	
                                            •	Professional	Shoe	Fitters                  people.		                                    fairly	 smooth	 and	 there	 has	 been	          Northwest	 Ohio	 will	 be	 meeting	
  Open 7 Days                  •Only	Location	in	Maumee                                  	     Until	 the	 next	 edition,	 work	      mixed	feelings	with	the	members	                at	 Charlie’s	 Restaurant	 on	 Rt.	 2	
  Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m. – 8 p.m. •2,000	Pairs	in	Stock                                     safe.                                        and	 the	 contractors.	 Any	 time	              Airport	Hwy.,	Swanton,	Ohio	the	
                                                                                         Fraternally,                                 there	 is	 change	 there	 is	 going	 to	        first	 Tuesday	 of	 each	 month	 at	
  Sat. 9:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.      •Life-Time	Maintenance                                    Lou	Szabo                                    be	bumps	in	the	road.	We	need	to	               10:00	am.	You	can	contact	Butch	
  Sun. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.         (excludes	soles	&	heels)                                 Business	Representative                      abide	by	the	contract	and	if	changes	           Zimmerman	at	(419)	822-4375.
             209 Conant St., Downtown Maumee                                             UA	Local	50			                               are	needed	they	will	be	addressed	              				In	closing	be	careful	out	there.	
                                                                                                                                      in	three	years	at	the	next	contract	            Work	smart	and	work	safe.	
                           (419) 893-8647                                                                                             negotiations.                                   Respectfully,	Ted	Lewis
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011                                                      VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                                                   PAGE 5

 Laborers Local 480                                                                                            The Mud Box                                                      BOILERTALK...
  What’s Happening                                                                                                                                                             BOILERMAKERS
	    The	 December	Arctic	 Jacket	         nasty.	It	looks	like	we	should	have	
                                                                                                                                                                                     LOCAL 85
giveaway	 and	 health	 screening	          a	 pretty	 good	 spring	 with	 some	
went	well.	Local	480	will	be	sell-         projects	 ready	 to	 start	 bidding.	
ing	 the	 leftover	 jackets	 for	 $65.	    The	 Kalahari	 Convention	 Center	                                                                                                  Dear	Brothers	and	Sisters:
Please	call	for	availability,	we	have	
limited	sizes.
                                           expansion	 is	 due	 to	 bid	 Feb.	 23,	
                                           2011.	I	was	able	to	get	Target	Fund-
                                                                                                       Heat and Frost                                                          	     Our	 next	 union	 meeting	 is	
                                                                                                                                                                               scheduled	for	Thursday,	February	
	    Our	STP	training	class	will	be	
held	on	Feb.	8-9	from	8	a.m.	to	4:30	
                                           ing	for	this	project,	Ohio	Turnpike	
                                           and	some	other	projects	like	Davis	
                                                                                                     Insulators Local 45                                                       17th	2011.		As	always	we	hope	to	
                                                                                                                                                                               see	you	there.
p.m.	Lunch	will	be	provided,	this	         Besse,	 schools	 in	 Bellevue	 and	                                                                                                 	     Last	month’s	meeting	was	our	
class	is	full.	We	are	in	the	process	      Canton.                                    	     To	All	Our	Brothers	and	Sis-          are	 some	 members	 who	 are	 still	         annual	 retiree’s	 celebration	 and	
of	trying	to	schedule	another	class.	      	     The	 District	 Council	 has	         ters,                                       behind.		Please	mail	any	per	capita	         continuous	membership	service	pin	
The	STP	training	will	be	required	         recently	said	that	they	will	be	di-        	     February	union	meeting:	Our	          dues	to	Local	45,	4904	North	Sum-            recognition.		Congratulations	to	our	
to	 be	 renewed/updated	 every	 five	      recting	the	organizing	department.	        February	 17th,	 2010	 union	 meet-         mit	 Street,	 Toledo,	 Ohio	 43611.	     	   2010	retirees:		Art	Martinez,	Rich-
years	 as	 of	 May	 1,	 2011.	 This	 is	   Matt	MacLellan	and	his	organizers	         ing	will	be	held	at	our	union	hall	         All	 dues	 are	 to	 be	 paid	 by	 check	     ard	 Eversole,	 Roger	 Thompson,	
part	 of	 the	 new	 Heavy-Highway	         will	be	located	at	the	Westerville,	       located	 at	 4904	 North	 Summit	           or	money	order.		No	cash	will	be	            Lee	Witt,	Wes	Horner,	Tom	Brad-
Agreement	(can	be	found	on	Pages	          Ohio	 office.	 The	 organizers	 will	      Street,	Toledo,	Ohio	at	7:30	p.m.	on	       taken.		If	you	have	any	questions	           ley,	Terry	 Franklin,	 Glen	 Keaton,	
11-12).	                                   visit	each	Local	in	Ohio	to	discuss	       Thursday.		During	the	January	2011	         or	concerns,	please	call	the	hall	at	        Steve	Pasztor,	Bill	Braden,	Harlan	
	    The	STP	renewal	will	not	be	          what	they	can	do	to	help.                  meeting,	we	passed	the	additional	          419-726-4683.                                Dillon,	Robert	Arellano,	Ron	Eisel,	
held	 against	 you	 or	 the	 contrac-      	     We	received	our	request	with	        fee	of	$0.04	to	be	applied	towards	         	    Supervisor	 and	 Contractors	           Joseph	Everhardt,	Jr.,	Richard	My-
tors	if	it	is	not	renewed	by	May	1,	       the	 approval	 for	 a	 variance	 to	       the	 Pension	 Rehabilitation	 Plan.	 	      Competent	 Person	 Course	 –	 40	            ers,	Fred	Lowe,	Dennis	Barker	and	
2011.	The	Training	Center	District	        retain	our	monthly	dues	at	$27	a	          The	four	cents	came	off	our	base	           hour	 Class:	 	 The	 following	 is	 a	       Mark	Matuszewski.		
Council	 and	 the	 Local	 Union	 are	      month.	The	monthly	dues	are	due	           rate	wages.                                 schedule	 of	 the	 Supervisors	 and	         	     Continuous	Membership	Ser-
working	on	making	the	additional	          on	or	before	the	first	of	the	month.	      	     Also,	just	a	reminder	that	our	       Contractors	 Competent	 Person	              vice	pins	were	given	as	follows:		
classes	available.	Due	to	the	new	         Please	 make	 checks	 payable	 to	         March	union	meeting	will	be	on	St.	         Course	which	will	be	held	at	Cotter	         	     15	 Yrs.	 –	 Chris	 Coutcher,	
OSHA	 Rigging	 and	 Lifting	 Stan-         Local	480.                                 Patrick’s	Day,	March	17th,	2011	at	         School	(Northwest	Ohio	Construc-             Jim	 Dombrowski,	 Dan	 Hartwig,	
dard	 the	 Training	 Center	 is	 over-     	     The	following	members	have	          7:30	p.m.	on	Thursday	here	at	our	          tion	 Education	 Center)	 located	 at	       Joseph	Imre,	Mike	Killion,	Dennis	
whelmed	with	extra	classes.                failed	to	pay	their	monthly	dues	and	      union	 hall	 located	 at	 4904	 North	      4535	 Hill	Avenue,	 Toledo,	 Ohio	           Koehler,	Mike	Patterson,	Herman	
	    The	Dependent	Eligibility	Au-         as	 a	 result	 have	 been	 suspended.	     Summit	 Street,	 Toledo,	 Ohio,	            43615.	 	 To	 receive	 credit	 for	 the	     Pfaff,	 Sean	 Scanlon,	 Jeff	 Stahl,	
dit	is	now	complete	with	the	total	        Please	 remind	 these	 members:	           43611.				                                  course,	you	must	attend	all	classes.	    	   Shane	Timmons,	Don	Waltermier,	
cost	to	perform	the	audit	$200,000.	       Ricky	Johnson,	Ronald	Ball,	Bran-          	     2010	 Union	 Dues:	 For	 all	         There	are	no	make-up	dates	avail-            and	Mike	Watson.		
They	 estimated	 a	 savings	 of	 $3.5	     don	 Gordon,	Alex	 Hartleib,	 Seth	        members	 who	 worked	 in	 2010,	            able.	 	 To	 register,	 please	 call	 the	   	     20	Yrs.	–	Don	Barror,	Pat	Dan-
million.	 SECOVA	 is	 no	 longer	          Graves,	 Mike	 Rutherford,	 Jason	         Local	45	have	summary	sheets	of	            hall	at	419-726-4683	by	February	            dino,	Al	 Sprouse,	 Tim	 Timmons,	
handling	 calls.	Any	 questions	 or	       Stout,	 Joseph	 Rospert,	 Joseph	          the	union	dues	paid	during	2010	for	        11,	2011.                                    David	Coker,	Fred	Lowe,	and	John	
problems	 please	 call	 the	 OLFBP	        Knudsen,	Vince	Thompson,	Kevin	            your	information.		You	may	come	            	    February	18	 6	p.m.	–	10	p.m.	          Pelton.	
Fund	 office	 at	 (800)	 236-6437.	        Smith,	 Jonnie	 Hobbs,	 Andrew	            into	the	hall	to	pick	up	your	copy	         Friday	 	            	                       	     30	 Yrs.	 –	 Jeff	 Abram,	 Jim	
There	 could	 possibly	 be	 a	 24-	 to	    Kowalski,	Brandon	Smith,	Clinton	          or	give	us	a	call	to	make	other	ar-         	    February	19th	7:30	a.m.	–	4:00	         McRury,	 Russ	 Wagner,	 Kevin	
48-hour	 response	 time.	 Leave	 a	        Stocker.                                   rangements.                                 p.m.	Saturday                                Ruedy,	 Doug	 Martin,	 and	 Don	
message	if	you	don’t	get	through.          	     Congratulations	to	Scott	Man-        	     Per	Capita	Dues:	Overall,	we	         	    February	20th	7:30	a.m.	–	4:00	         Leichty.		
	    Work	in	our	area	is	still	slow	       tz	 our	 newest	 Executive	 Board	         are	 doing	 well	 keeping	 our	 per	        p.m.	Sunday                                  	     35	Yrs.	–	Keith	Lenz.
with	the	winter	months	still	pretty	       member.                                    capita	dues	current.		However	there	        	    February	25th	6	p.m.	–	10:00	           	     Our	 condolences	 are	 offered	
                                                                                                                                  p.m.	Friday                                  to	 the	 families	 of	 the	 following	

  Another drop for union membership
                                                                                                                                  	    February	26th	7:30	a.m.	–	400	          members	whose	loved	ones	passed	
                                                                                                                                  p.m.	Saturday                                away	 recently.	 	 Bob	 Wasserman,	
                                                                                                                                  	    February	27th	7:30	a.m.	–	4:00	         (father),	 Mark	 Rohm,	 (brother),	
       By Mark Gruenberg                   health	 care	 and	 hospitality,	 were	     nois	was	down	from	17.5	percent	to	         p.m.	Sunday                                  Jerry	 Bullock,	 (father	 in	 law),	
          PAI Staff Writer                                                        	
                                           not	 as	 hard	 hit	 by	 the	 recession.	   15.5	percent,	with	a	107,000-mem-           	    Work	Status:	Work	is	slowing	           Ken	 McCarthy,	 (grandmother),	
	    WASHINGTON	(PAI)	–	The	               As	a	result,	6.9%	of	private	sector	       ber	decline	in	one	year,	to	844,000.        down	for	the	time	being.		Hopefully	         Andy	 Zapata,	 (father),	 Ramon	
nation’s	 unions	 had	 14.7	 million	      workers	 are	 unionized,	 compared	        And	Michigan,	reflecting	the	con-           by	the	next	Mud	Box	article,	work	           DeAnda,	 Sr.,	 (mother),	 Ramon	
members	last	year,	or	represented	         to	36.2%	of	public	workers.		Public	       tinuing	 ills	 of	 the	 auto	 industry,	    will	be	picking	up.                          DeAnda,	 (grandmother),	 Johnny	
11.9%	 of	 all	 U.S.	 workers,	 the	       sector	unionists	outnumber	private	        shed	83,000	union	members,	down	            	    New	Arrival:	It	is	always	nice	         Willett,	 (mother),	 Don	 McGrana-
Bureau	 of	 Labor	 Statistics	 (BLS)	      sector	unionists	by	500,000.               to	627,000,	while	density	dropped	          to	 share	 the	 news	 of	 new	 births.	  	   han,	 (grandson),	 Gary	 Maynard,	
reported	 Jan.	 21.	 	 Both	 union	        	    Some	private	sectors	are	more	        from	18.8	percent	to	16.5	percent.	         Brother	Joe	Evans	and	his	wife	are	          (brother),	 Fred	 Diebert,	 (wife),	
membership,	 down	 by	 612,000,	           unionized	 than	 others,	 however,	        As	recently	as	2005,	Michigan	had	          proud	 parents	 to	 a	 new	 baby	 boy	       John	 Bates,	 (father	 in	 law),	 Win-
and	density,	down	0.4%,	declined	          led	by	Transportation	and	utilities	       the	 third	 highest	 union	 penetra-        born	in	January.	                            ston	 Cooperwood,	 (mother),	 Josh	
from	the	year	before.                      (21.8	percent),	telecommunications	        tion	 among	 all	 the	 states,	 at	 21.6	   			 In	closing,	it’s	already	Febru-          Harmon,	 (grandfather)	 and	 to	 the	
	    The	 Great	 Recession	 has	           (15.8	 percent),	 and	 construction	       percent.                                    ary	 and	 changes	 are	 all	 around	         family	 of	 retired	 member	 Jack	
pushed	 down	 union	 membership	           (13.1	percent).                            	    With	the	exception	of	a	slight	        us.		Let’s	hope	this	year	brings	us	         Parker.
by	a	total	of	1.3	million	in	the	last	     	    The	 decline	 in	 union	 mem-         rise	in	2007	and	a	significant	jump	        opportunities	to	be	our	best	in	our	         	     The	 Monroe,	 DTE	 outage	
two	years	combined.	That’s	double	         bership	 from	 2009	 to	 2010	 was	        in	 2008,	 union	 membership	 per-          trade	and	to	our	families,	friends,	         starts	 the	 week	 of	 February	 7th.,	
the	total	membership	gains	unions	         widespread,	 as	 even	 states	 with	       centage	 has	 been	 on	 a	 steady	 de-      and	those	we	greet	each	day.		               WORK	 SAFE,	 and	 make	 all	 the	
made	in	2007-08.                           high	union	density,	such	as	New	           cline	from	its	high	of	20.1	percent	        	    Time	is	passing	by	quickly.		           money	you	can.
	    BLS	 union	 data	 analyst	 Jim	       York	 (24.2	 percent),	 dropped.	      	   in	 1983,	 the	 first	 year	 for	 which	    	    Fraternally	yours,                      	     Our	training	center	renovation	
Walker	told	Press	Associates	Union	        Though	the	Empire	State	led	the	           comparable	 union	 data	 are	 avail-        	    Mark                                    project	is	complete.		If	you	are	in	
News	Service	the	recession	particu-        nation	 in	 union	 density	 for	 the	      able.                                                                                    the	 area	 stop	 in	 and	 see	 it.	 	 The	
larly	hit	hard	at	three	more-densely	      second	 straight	 year,	 as	 well	 as	     	    New	Jersey	and	Illinois	were	                                                       work	 was	 done	 by	 Dodson	 and	
unionized	sectors:	Manufacturing,	         in	number	of	union	members,	its	           among	 the	 six	 states,	 along	 with	                                                   Sons.		It	looks	great.
construction	and	local	government.	        percentage	 declined	 from	 25.2	          California	 (2.431	 million,	 down	                                                      Fraternally	yours,
	    “Also,	men	dominate	those	in-         percent	in	2009	and	its	member-            22,000),	New	York,	Pennsylvania	                                                         Fred	Keith,	Jr,	BM-ST
dustries	–	especially	manufacturing	       ship	 rolls	 fell	 by	 60,000,	 to	 1.9	   (770,000,	down	74,000)	and	Ohio	                                                         Boilermakers	Local	85
and	construction	–	and	they	have	a	        million.                                   (655,000,	 down	 30,000),	 in	 that	
higher	share	of	union	membership	          	    Three	states	had	big	drops	in	        order	 which,	 combined,	 enrolled	
and	 were	 particularly	 hard	 hit	 by	    union	 density.	 	 New	 Jersey	 lost	      almost	 half	 of	 all	 U.S.	 unionists.		
the	downturn,”	he	said.		                  84,000	 union	 members,	 down	 to	         Despite	 Ohio’s	 numbers	 decline,	
	    By	 contrast,	 he	 said,	 more	       637,000,	and	density	declined	from	        its	union	density	rose	from	13.7%	
lightly	unionized	sectors,	including	      19.9	percent	to	17.6	percent.		Illi-       to	14.2%.
PAGE 6                                                                     VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011

                                                                                           THANKS TO Santa and his
                              SNIPS                                                     funky elf, and a talented clown,
                                                                                         for helping out at the Local 33
                                                                                                       Christmas party.
                      LOCAL 33
	      On	 January	 25th,	 2011	 we	         baked.	 	 We	 want	 to	 thank	 Teresa	
had	 a	 special	 election	 for	 Busi-        Alonzo,	Pam	Leffler,	Jason	Spears,	
ness	Agent,	 Executive	 Board	 and	          Joe	 Stallbaum,	 Corey	 Beaubien,	
Trustee.		The	results	of	the	election	       Jeff	 Heaney,	 Jake	 Spafford,	 Jer-
are	as	follows:		Matt	Cherry	is	the	         emy	 Daleska,	 Matt	 Cherry,	 Greg	
new	BA	and	Corey	Beaubien	is	the	            McClellan,	Dick	Schuller,	Reggie	
new	Executive	Board	Member	and	              Hohenberger,	Mike	Dloughy,	Nick	
John	Anderson	is	the	new	Trustee	            Miller	and	all	of	their	families	that	
from	the	Cleveland	District.		If	you	        helped	 out.	 	 We	 could	 not	 have	
see	these	guys	out	bust	their	chops	         done	it	without	all	the	volunteers.	   	
a	little	bit	and	maybe	congratulate	         Thanks	a	lot.
them	for	their	success	in	the	elec-          	     If	you	are	interested	in	taking	
tion.		We	had	a	great	turnout	for	the	       some	update	classes	please	contact	
election	here	in	the	Toledo	District.	   	   the	JATC	at	419	873-9964.		There	
We	want	to	thank	everyone	who-               are	numerous	update	classes	avail-         fort.		If	you	take	a	little	time	and	do	
showed	up	and	voted.	                        able	 for	 the	 membership	 to	 take.	 	   some	 research	 on	 your	 purchases	
	      We	want	to	let	everyone	know	         You	can	also	take	classes	at	the	De-       you	 might	 be	 surprised	 on	 the	                                                    our	fingers	crossed	that	Signatory	
that	 the	 Ohio	 Supreme	 Court	             troit	JATC	or	the	Cleveland	JATC.	     	   things	that	you	can	buy	here	from	                                                     contractors	 are	 able	 to	 land	 these	
refused	to	hear	the	Wood	County	             The	JATC	is	always	open	for	you	           the	good	old	USA.		I	read	an	article	                                                  jobs.
Prosecutor’s	appeal	on	the	case	that	
involved	Reggie	Hohenberger.		He	
                                             to	come	in	and	brush	up	on	some	
                                             of	your	skills	Monday	thru	Friday.	    	
                                                                                        that	stated	if	every	American	cared	
                                                                                        enough	to	purchase	one	USA	made	
                                                                                                                                             BRICK                             	     These	 next	 few	 years	 will	
                                                                                                                                                                               without	a	doubt	be	difficult	ones.	     	
has	been	put	back	in	office	effective	
January	20,	2011	and	has	regained	
                                             Call	the	JATC	before	you	show	up,	
                                             to	confirm	that	there	is	no	conflict	
                                                                                        garment	per	year	the	impact	would	
                                                                                        be	 $9,000,000,000.00	 (billion)	
                                                                                                                                            CORNER                             Our	newly	elected	officials	that	are	
                                                                                                                                                                               going	to	make	the	laws	that	we	live	
all	 positions	 that	 he	 held	 with	        with	 a	 scheduled	 apprenticeship	
the	 SMWIA	 Local	 #33,	 the	 GEC	           class.	
                                                                                        dollars.	 	That	 creates	 an	 amazing	
                                                                                        amount	 of	 jobs	 for	 USA	 citizens.	  	           CHATTER                            by	in	the	State	of	Ohio	have	already	
                                                                                                                                                                               made	 threats	 of	 eliminating	 Pre-
and	 any	 other	 organizations	 that	        	     Work	seems	to	be	holding	its	        Just	 something	 to	 ponder	 in	 your	                                                 vailing	Wage.		If	this	happens	it	will	
he	 was	 involved	 with.	 	 This	 was	       own	 at	 this	 present	 time.	 	 There	    spare	time.		                                                                          make	it	very	difficult	for	our	signa-
huge	 relief	 for	 him	 and	 his	 fam-       are	numerous	projects	coming	out	          	     There	 is	 a	 new	 policy	 in	 re-                                               tory	contractors	to	be	competitive	
ily.	 	 Thanks	 to	 the	 Wood	 County	       for	bid	from	the	private	sector	and	       gards	to	signing	the	books	for	Local	                                                  on	bid	day.		What	we	need	to	do	is	
Prosecutor’s	abuse	of	their	power,	          it	is	about	time.		Thanks	to	our	tax	      #33.	 	You	 will	 no	 longer	 have	 to	                                                contact	 the	 State	 Representatives	
the	membership	of	Local	#33	was	             money	 we	 helped	 save	 numerous	
                                                                                                                                         International	Union
                                                                                        drive	to	each	district.		Please	stop	                                                  and	 inform	 them	 that	 Prevailing	
cheated	out	of	his	leadership	skills	        banks	 and	 companies	 from	 going	        by	the	Union	Hall	and	pick	up	the	
                                                                                                                                       of	Bricklayers	&	Allied                 Wage	is	a	good	thing.		Prevailing	
to	move	us	forward	in	these	tough	           belly	up.		The	least	that	the	banks	       forms	that	you	will	need.		Once	you	                Craftworkers                       Wage	 (the	 Union	 Wage)	 allows	
economical	 times.	 	 We	 want	 to	          can	 do	 is	 to	 start	 lending	 some	     have	these	forms,	fill	them	out	and	                                                   for	honest,	hard	working	men	and	
thank	Mike	Coleman	for	stepping	             money	to	the	people	that	want	to	          mail	them	to	the	Districts.		
                                                                                                                                              LOCAL 3                          women	to	earn	an	honest	living.		It	
up	to	the	plate	and	doing	a	good	job	        expand	 their	 buildings	 and	 com-        	     The	 District	 will	 then	 put	                                                  allows	us	to	make	a	decent	wage,	
as	the	Business	Manager	Pro	Tem.	        	   panies.		It	looks	as	if	there	will	be	     you	 on	 the	 available	 to	 work	 list	     	    After	the	near	blizzard	condi-       have	 rights	 in	 the	 work	 place,	
Thanks	a	lot	Mike.                           some	work	at	the	GMPT	Defiance	            according	to	the	post	mark	on	the	           tions	that	we	experienced	a	couple	       health	insurance	and	most	impor-
	      The	Local	#33	Toledo	District	        and	 Toledo	 plants.	 	 Campbell’s	        envelope.		We	may	have	to	tweak	             of	weeks	ago,	it	is	hard	believe	that	    tantly	have	a	comfortable	life	after	
Christmas	party	was	well	attended.	      	   Soup	 and	 Johns	 Manville	 have	          some	things	as	time	goes	but	this	is	                                              	
                                                                                                                                     spring	 is	 just	 around	 the	 corner.	   retirement	with	a	good	pension.		
We	 changed	 the	 venue	 this	 year	         some	work	coming	that	will	keep	           a	learning	experience.		This	policy	         With	 that	 I	 hope	 to	 say	 that	 we	   	     I	plead	to	you;	please	make	the	
and	the	way	that	we	raffled	off	the	         our	industrial	contractors	busy.		         only	covers	the	jurisdiction	of	Lo-          will	have	more	work	opportunities	        call	to	the	elected	officials	and	ask	
Christmas	gifts.			We	had	a	great	           	     The	 casino	 project	 has	 been	     cal	#33.		We	have	also	made	some	            for	the	members	once	the	weather	         them	 to	 keep	 Prevailing	 Wage	 in	
time	and	we	look	forward	to	see-             a	slow	mover	for	us	due	to	some	           changes	 in	 regards	 to	 the	 Toledo	       breaks.		                                 place.		If	we	flood	their	office	with	
ing	you	next	year.		If	you	have	any	         engineering	 deficiencies.	 	 Looks	       District	Hardship	Fund.		At	times	           	    Rudolph/Libbe	 will	 continue	                                               	
                                                                                                                                                                               calls	 they	 just	 may	 get	 the	 point.	
suggestions	 please	 call	 us	 at	 the	      great	on	paper.		Huh?		Go	figure.			       the	 policy	 was	 too	 cumbersome	           to	 go	 strong	 on	 the	 Hollywood	       If	you	can’t	find	a	phone	number	
office	 (419-873-9971	 ext.	 6)	 and	        	     There	 is	 some	 school	 work	       for	the	committee	to	use	it	to	help	         Casino	 project.	 	 They	 have	 also	     please	call	the	office	and	I	can	help	
let	us	know.		Your	suggestions	are	          coming	 in	 Monroe	 and	 Lenawee	          the	membership	during	these	tough	           picked	up	some	work	at	the	Husky	         you	out.		
always	welcome.	                             counties	in	Michigan;	sixteen	and	         economic	times.                              Refinery	in	Lima.		                       	     As	 always,	 please	 make	 sure	
	      Thanks	to	the	Rec	Committee	          twenty	 million	 dollar	 projects.	    	   	     Just	an	FYI	from	the	Rec	Com-          	    At	 the	 Bowling	 Green	 State	      that	your	monthly	Union	dues	are	
Volunteers	the	children’s	Christmas	         Fermi	 is	 still	 a	 go	 and	 they	 are	   mittee:	we	are	raffling	off	a	42-inch	       University-Dorm	projects,	Leidal/         paid	 up	 to	 date.	 	 If	 a	 member	 is	
party	 was	 a	 huge	 success.	 	 It	 has	    working	on	infrastructure	and	roads	       Plasma	HDTV	on	April	26,	2011.	          	   Hart	will	continue	to	work	on	the	        more	than	three	months	behind	in	
been	 a	 number	 of	 years	 since	 we	       for	the	project.		The	economic	fu-         The	costs	of	the	tickets	are	$10.00	         brick	veneers.		                          his/her	dues	that	member	is	risking	
had	 this	 party	 for	 the	 kids	 and	 it	   ture	is	looking	up	for	this	country	       each	and	we	only	have	160	tickets.	      	   	    Midwest	 Construction	 will	         being	 dropped	 from	 membership	
was	very	well	attended.		The	kids	           but	we	still	have	an	uphill	climb.         This	raffle	is	for	the	SMW	Local	            have	several	projects	in	the	area.        and	will	be	required	to	pay	a	re-in-
enjoyed	the	crafts,	clown	and	the	           	     We	are	just	starting	the	Local	      #33	membership,	active	and	retiree.	     	   	    Brescol	Bros.	will	work	on	the	      statement	fee	to	become	current.			
piñata.	 	 Santa	 and	 his	 less	 than	      #33	 Toledo	 District	 Residential	        You	can	purchase	the	tickets	at	the	         Cow/Hippo-Rhino	 Exhibit	 at	 the	        	
normal	 elf	 (Reggie	 Hohenberger)	          negotiations.	 	 We	 look	 forward	        Union	Hall	during	regular	business	          Toledo	Zoo.                               	     Dues	can	be	paid	several	dif-
passed	out	gifts	and	took	pictures	          to	 negotiating	 a	 contract	 that	 the	   hours.		                                     	    With	 the	 Toledo	 Public	           ferent	 ways:	 mailing	 in	 a	 check	
with	all	the	children.		We	want	to	          residential	members	will	be	pleased	       	     The	 Rec	 committee	 will	 be	         Schools	 beginning	 to	 come	 to	         (OADC	5171	Hudson	Dr.	Hudson,	
thank	Stan,	Lin,	Ashley	and	Nick	            with.		Thanks	to	the	members	that	         looking	 for	 volunteers	 again	 who	        completion	on	their	building	proj-        Ohio	44236),	paying	by	check	or	
Lewinski	for	all	the	help	with	the	          sent	 back	 the	 residential	 surveys.		   would	like	to	be	involved	in	plan-           ects	we	need	to	start	looking	to	the	     credit/debit	 card	 over	 the	 phone	
pictures.	 	 Of	 course	 some	 of	 the	      In	 the	 near	 future	 we	 will	 be	       ning	activities	for	the	membership.	     	   out-laying	areas	for	schoolwork.		In	     (1-800-442-0479)	 or	 by	 having	
kids	 were	 not	 that	 fond	 of	 Santa.	 	   sending	out	a	survey	in	regards	to	        Our	 first	 meeting	 will	 be	 held	 on	     the	month	of	February	we	will	be	         the	dues	directly	withdrawn	from	
Or	was	it	his	elf?		LOL.		                   the	 Building	 Trades	Agreement.	      	   Feb	22,	2011	at	5	pm.		Please	call	          watching	 bids	 for	 school	 projects	    a	bank	account.			 Please	take	care	
	      We	 want	 to	 thank	 Mike	 and	       Please	take	some	time	to	fill	it	out	      John	E	Russell	at	the	Union	Hall	            in	 North	 Baltimore,	 Otsego,	 Van	      of	this	so	that	I	can	spend	more	time	
Kathy	Aubry,	 Nick	 and	 Carolyn	            and	return	it.                             and	let	him	know	your	interest	to	           Wert	 and	 Vanguard	 Vocational	          recruiting	 more	 contractors	 and	
Koelsch,	Jim	and	Ann	Domanows-               	     We	know	that	it	can	be	difficult	    be	involved	on	the	committee.			             School.		I	have	been	told	that	Lake	      finding	 us	 more	 work	 opportuni-
ki,	Dick	and	Kaye	Schuller	and	Sue	          to	buy	American	made	goods	but	            	     –Don	Hafner,	John	E	Russell	           High	 School	 will	 also	 go	 out	 for	   ties.
Tuite	for	all	the	cookies	that	they	         we	should	try	to	give	our	best	ef-         and	Matt	Cherry	(Rookie)                     bid	in	the	near	future.		Let’s	keep	      	     –Fraternally,	Don	Huss
 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011                                                         VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                                                PAGE 7
                                                                                     	     I	 hope	 this	 finds	 you	 well.	          and	 has	 very	 important	 informa-        Drywall	finishers	that	can	run	the	
                                           PAINTER’S POT
                                                                                     Brother	 Ed	 Dibble	 is	 recovering	             tion.	We	also	have	a	link	for	general	     tools.	
                                                                                     from	 a	 heart	 attack	 so	 please	 put	         comments	or	concerns	and	you	can	          	    With	the	upcoming	work	we	
                                                 Painters &                          him	in	your	thoughts	and	prayers.	               even	email	your	officers	privately	        look	 forward	 to	 putting	 many	
 LEVEL...                                        Decorators
                                                                                     	     Please	visit	the	District	Coun-
                                                                                     cil	6	(	website	
                                                                                                                                      with	comments	or	concerns.	If	you	
                                                                                                                                      can’t	make	it	to	a	meeting	please	
                                                                                                                                                                                 more	 to	 work.	 Please	 make	 sure	
                                                                                                                                                                                 your	 contact	 information	 is	 up	
                                                                                     for	 statewide	 training	 classes	 and	          contact	the	officer	of	your	choice	        to	date.	I	tried	to	put	calls	out	for	
 CEMENT MASONS &                                  Local 7                            information.	 You	 can	 also	 visit	             and	 get	 your	 answers.	We	 are	 all	     people	 recently	 and	 had	 several	
   PLASTERERS...                                                                     Local	7	website	(www.iupatlocal7.                here	to	help	get	you	the	right	an-         disconnected	 or	 bad	 numbers.	 I	
                                                                                     org).	 Both	 are	 updated	 and	 will	            swer.	                                     can’t	 put	 you	 to	 work	 if	 I	 can’t	
       LOCAL 886                                                                     have	 this	 year’s	 Journeyperson	               	     During	 the	 annual	 respirator	     contact	you.
                                                                                     upgrade	classes	posted	on	it.	Please	            and	OSHA	refreshers	this	year	we	          	    Those	 interested	 in	 traveling	
	     FIT	 TESTING	 TO	 BE	 OF-                                                      visit	often	as	it	changes	frequently	            asked	for	comments	from	you.	The	          for	work	opportunities	can	receive	
FERED.                                                                                                                                Executive	has	gone	through	those	          text	 alerts	 from	 the	 international,	

                                             THE CUTTING EDGE
	     This	is	a	reminder	that	we	are	                                                                                                 surveys	and	will	pay	close	attention	      if	you	wish	to	register	for	the	job	
still	creating	a	list	for	FIT	Testing.	
                                      	                                                                                               to	 your	 comments	 and	 concerns.	        alerts	text	IUPAT	to	48728.
This	 list	 will	 consist	 of	 cement	                                                                                                We	 all	 want	 to	 thank	 you	 for	 the	   	    If	 you	 are	 facing	 possible	
masons	(for	grinding	and	spraying	
sealers)	and	plasterers	(for	sanding	          GLAZIERS 948                                                                           direction	 and	 hope	 to	 make	 your	
                                                                                                                                      union	one	that	uplifts	you.
                                                                                                                                      	     The	 International	 LMCI	 is	
                                                                                                                                                                                 foreclosure	 make	 sure	 you	 know	
                                                                                                                                                                                 your	rights	and	the	Save	the	Dream	
                                                                                                                                                                                 Foreclosure	Prevention	Task	Force	
drywall	and	spraying	other	finish-
es).		Contractors	have	expressed	a	                                                  for	the	beautiful	job	she	did.                   hosting	 a	 Supervisor	 Training	          created	 by	 Gov.	 Strickland	 may	
                                          	     Greetings	 members	 of	 Local	
desire	to	have	this	training	included	                                               	     Also,	 congratulations	 to	 the	           Program	 I	 March	 3-5,	 2011	 and	        be	 able	 to	 help	 connect	 you	 with	
in	the	Contract	as	a	requirement	for	                                                winners	of	those	prize	baskets.	And	             a	 Supervisor	Training	Program	 II	        a	housing	counselor,	legal	aid,	or	
                                          	     January	 birthday	 wishes	 go	
pay	raises	during	our	negotiations	                                                  they	are:	Kyle	and	Stephanie	Cain,	              March	 2,	 2011.	 Both	 classes	 are	      court	 mediation.	 Contact	 Susan	
                                          out	to:	Matt	Laytart,	Jim	Samson,	
in	2011.		It	is	our	recommendation	                                                  Scott	 Henneman,	 Joe	 Eccleston,	               in	 Toledo	 at	 the	 Northwest	 Ohio	      Choe	at	(888)	404-4674	or	(http://
                                          Nate	Leggett,	Rob	Endicott,	Brad	
to	get	it	done	now.		This	is	typically	                                              Dan	Wentland,	Mark	Fallon,	Ron	                  Construction	Education	Center	on		
                                          Brackney,	Chris	Kayser,	and	retiree	
a	4-hour	course	and	will	be	done	on	                                                 Whitcomb,	 Greg	 and	 Judy	 Herr,	               Hill	Ave.		We	also	have	a	couple	of	       they	 are	 there	 to	 help	 for	 FREE.	
                                          Dan	Wentland.
a	Saturday	morning	in	the	immedi-                                                    Phil	 Davis,	 Nate	 Leggett,	 Rich	              Lead	and	Heavy	Metal	awareness	            You	 better	 take	 advantage	 while	
                                          	     February	 birthday	 wishes:	
ate	future,	and	may	not	be	offered	                                                  Henneman	 and	 Erik	 Marsh.	 We	                 classes	coming	up.	                        you	still	can.
                                          Randy	Armitage,	Scott	Henneman	
again	for	quite	awhile.		Please	call	                                                look	 forward	 to	 doing	 this	 again	           	     If	you	are	interested	in	attend-     	    The	 Union	 Construction	
                                          and	retiree	Bill	Bowe.
the	Local	#886	Office	and	get	your	                                                  next	year.                                       ing	 any	 upcoming	 classes	 please	       Workers	 Health	 Plan	 may	 send	
                                          	     I	would	like	to	give	my	sincere	
name	put	on	this	list.		                                                             	     As	 you	 may	 have	 guessed,	              contact	Sherri	at	the	Local	7	office.	     you	 a	 request	 for	 information	
                                          condolences	to	the	friends	&	family	
	     DEEPEST	SYMPATHY.	                                                             work	is	our	area	has	really	slowed	              These	classes	and	others	like	it	will	     from	time	to	time.	It	is	extremely	
                                          members	of	union	brother	Earl	Mc-
	     Local	 #886	 recently	 had	 two	                                               down	and	may	stay	that	way	for	a	                help	increase	the	work	opportuni-          important	to	keep	costs	down	and	
                                          Donald	who	passed	away	on	Jan.	
members	 pass	 away.	 	 Richard	                                                     little	 while	 longer.	There	 is	 some	          ties	 of	 everyone	 that	 attends.	 So	    ensure	 your	 claims	 are	 handled	
                                          30	 after	 a	 courageous	 battle	 with	
Baldwin	passed	away	on	December	                                                     work	coming	in	the	spring	time	and	              please	 take	 advantage	 of	 all	 that	    timely	that	you	fill	any	request	out	
                                          pancreatic	cancer.	Earl	had	been	a	
31st	and	Robert	Puls	passed	away	                                                    we	hope	that	the	bids	start	coming	              is	offered.	Trent	has	recently	been	       accurately	and	return	them	as	soon	
                                          member	of	Local	948	since	1995	and	
on	Jan.	7th.		The	Officers	and	Mem-                                                  out	for	some	of	the	other	projects	              certified	by	the	American	Heart	As-        as	possible.
                                          leaves	to	cherish	his	memory	wife	
bers	 wish	 to	 extend	 their	 deepest	                                              shortly.	I’ll	keep	you	all	informed	             sociation	to	train	1st	AID	and	Adult	      	    As	a	reminder,	we	would	like	
                                          Pamela	and	daughters	Meagan	and	
sympathy	and	sincere	condolences	                                                    as	I	receive	the	information	myself.             CPR.	He	will	be	putting	on	a	class	        everyone	 to	 attend	 the	 monthly	
                                          Michelle.	Rest	in	Peace.
to	both	their	families.                                                              	     In	 March	 the	 LMCI	 will	 be	            very	soon	so	be	sure	to	sign	up	at	        Local	 7	 union	 meeting.	 This	 is	
                                          	     On	 a	 brighter	 note	 we	 want	
	     We	 also	 wish	 to	 extend	 our	                                               once	again	hosting	the	Supervisor	               the	hall	or	contact	Trent	by	email	        the	 second	 Wednesday	 of	 each	
                                          to	send	our	congratulations	to	Mr.	
deepest	condolences	to	Brother	Jim	                                                  Training	Classes	here	in	Toledo	and	             (	 to	 ask	           month	 at	 5:00	 p.m.	 at	 1308	 W.	
                                          and	Mrs.	Russell	Drouillard	on	the	
Haase	during	the	recent	death	of	his	                                                we	are	putting	the	list	together	for	            about	this	and	any	other	upcoming	         Sylvania	Ave.,	Toledo,	Ohio	419-
                                          birth	of	their	daughter	Bella	Marie	
wife,	Laurie.                                                                        both	the	STP	I	and	STP	II	classes.	              classes.                                   476-7505.		          	
                                          who	 was	 19”	 long	 and	 weighed	
	     KEEP	US	INFORMED.                                                              STP	II	will	be	a	one	day	class	held	             	     I	would	like	to	remind	every-        	    This	is	YOUR	opportunity	to	
                                          in	at	6lbs.	8oz.	Everyone	is	doing	
	     Please	remember	to	keep	the	                                                   on	 March	 2,	 2011	 for	 those	 who	            one	that	our	contract	is	set	to	expire	    keep	up	to	date	on	union	business	
                                          fine.	 Congratulations	 to	 grandpa	
Local	#886	Office	informed	of	your	                                                  have	already	attended	STP	I.	The	                June	30,	2011.	It	is	important	that	       and	to	discuss	any	matters	that	you	
                                          Tim	Drouillard	and	great-	grandpa	
change	in	phone	number,	address,	     	                                              STP	I	classes	which	is	a	2	½	days	               you	attend	your	union	meeting	to	          feel	need	to	be	addressed.	 	
                                          Larry	Drouillard,	also.
beneficiary,	and	e-mail	address,	if	                                                 class,	will	be	held	on	March	3-5,	               ensure	input	and	gather	information	       Respectfully	in	brotherhood,
                                          	     I	 also	 want	 to	 congratulate	
you	have	one.		We	try	to	keep	this	                                                  2011.	All	 classes	 will	 be	 held	 at	          regarding	issues	such	as	this.	            Jamie	Peppers
                                          Randy	Armitage	and	Scott	Gwozdz	
information	 up-to-date,	 but	 we	                                                   NOCEC,	 our	 training	 center,	 and	             	     There	are	several	large	projects
                                          as	the	newest	journeymen	glaziers	
can’t	do	it	without	your	help.		For	                                                 begin	at	7:30	am/	Pleases	contact	               on	the	horizon.	We	have	a	need	for
                                          in	Local	948.	Scott	and	Randy	have	
you	 to	 be	 contacted	 and	 sent	 to	    completed	 their	 requirements	 for	       Brian	to	get	your	name	on	the	list	
work	we	must	first	have	your	most	        the	 apprenticeship	 program	 and	         for	those	classes.
recent	phone	number.		Many	of	you	
are	no	longer	using	a	landline,	but	
                                          have	reached	the	status	of	Journey-
                                          man.	Congrats	guys.
                                                                                     	     Last	 but	 not	 least	 I	 want	 to	 say	
                                                                                     congratulations	to	my	good	friend	and	                  WALBRIDGE DENTAL
have	not	given	us	your	cell	phone	        	     This	year	at	our	annual	“after	      former	 co-worker	 at	 Toledo	 Mirror,	
number.		Please	do.                       the	holidays”	party	we	tried	some-         Ron	 Stefko,	 on	 his	 retirement	 from	
	     LOCAL	#886	WEBSITE.                 thing	 a	 little	 different	 from	 the	    Local	948.	Ronnie	has	been	a	member	
Just	 a	 reminder	 that	 Local	 #886	     years	past	and	from	what	everyone	         of	Local	948	since	1980	and	has	spent	              Matthew D. Freytag, D.D.S. • Jody E. Freytag, D.D.S.
has	a	website	that	you	can	visit	to	      has	told	me	it	looks	like	it	was	a	        most	of	his	career	at	Toledo	Mirror	&	
obtain	much	of	the	information	that	                                                 Glass	Company.	We	had	a	lot	of	fun	
                                                                                                                                                403 N. Main St. Walbridge, OH 43465
                                          hit.	Our	First	Annual	Monte	Carlo	
you	used	to	only	be	able	to	get	by	       Night	was	held	on	January	15th	at	         working	together	and	he	taught	me	a	lot	
calling	our	office.		Check	us	out	at:
                                      	   the	Electrical	Industry	Building	in	
                                          Rossford	and	it	was	a	lot	of	fun	for	
                                                                                     about	the	glazing	trade.	We	presented	
                                                                                     Ronnie	with	his	glass	retirement	plaque	
	     Think	Spring!!!                     all.	 Instead	 of	 having	 a	 sit	 down	   and	his	jacket	at	the	Monte	Carlo	fes-
	     –Jim,	Jeff,	Mike	&	Sally            dinner	as	we	had	in	the	past,	this	        tivities	 and	 we	 wish	 him	 well	 in	 his	
                                          year	we	livened	things	up	a	bit	by	        retirement	and	don’t	be	a	stranger.	Take	
                                          bringing	in	black	jack,	craps,	and	        care	my	friend.
                                          roulette	tables	to	let	the	attendees	      	     I	hope	to	see	you	at	our	local	
                                          gamble	for	some	great	prizes.		            meetings	which	are	on	the	second	
                                          	     There	was	still	some	great	food	     Tuesday	of	the	month	at	5pm	and	
                                          provided	by	Premiere	Catering	and	         are	 held	 at	 the	 union	 hall	 located	
                                          a	lot	of	really	nice	prizes	to	be	won	
                                          by	 those	 who	 placed	 their	 tickets	
                                                                                     at	1308	W.	Sylvania	Ave.	Toledo,	
                                                                                     Ohio	43611.
                                                                                                                                           $10 OFF ANY SERVICE
                                          in	 the	 Chinese	 raffle.	 	A	 special	    	     Until	then,	work	safe.	Be	care-                       Cannot be used with any other offer.
                                          thanks	to	Sherri	Kerner	for	putting	       ful	working	out	in	the	cold	weather	
                                          together	 all	 the	 prize	 baskets	 and	   and	look	out	for	your	co-wokers	too.                         Present coupon at time of service
                                                                                     	     Brian	Outland	
PAGE 8                                                VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011

                                                 RESIDENTIAL UNION CONTRACTORS

PLASTERERS                 ELECTRICAL, con’t             PLUMBERS &                       SHEETMETAL WORKERS              J & K Mechanical
Empire Builders                                          PIPE FITTERS                     Commercial Comfort Systems,     7505 Bluebush Rd.
(419) 304-2763             TAS, Inc.                     Cross Htg. & Clg. Inc.           Inc.                            Maybee, MI 48159
                           433 Dearborn Ave.             2731 Morocco Rd                  P. O. Box 8792                  (734) 587-3184
New Vision Construction    Toledo, OH 43605              Ida Mi 48140                     Maumee, OH 43537                Contact: Kyle Crossman
Services                   (419) 693-3353                (734) 856-2400                   Phone: (419) 481-4444
(419) 382-1273                                                                            Fax:    (419) 832-0126          M & M Heating & A/C
                           Regent Electric               Frische-Mullin                   Contact: Fran Lanciaux          610 Scott Street
Thourot Plastering, LLC    Kevin McCarthy                5132 Enterprise Blvd.                                            Toledo, OH 43620
(419) 335-1811             5235 Tractor Rd.              Toledo OH 43612                                                  Phone: (419) 243-3005
                           Toledo, OH                    (419) 726-4900                   Complete Heating & A/C          Fax:    (419) 243-0754
CEMENT MASONS              (419) 476-8333                                                 5520 Alger Road                 Contact: Mark Janiewicki
B & J Concrete                                           Geo. F. Peters & Son Inc.        Sylvania, OH 43560
(419) 474-8096             Service Electric              2733 Glendale Avenue             Phone: (419) 882-0175           Okuley Heating & A/C
                           Paul Barber                   Toledo, OH 43614                 Fax:    (419) 882-0035          50 W. Sylvania Avenue
Scott’s Quality Concrete   404 N. Dean Rd.               419-382-1234                     Contact: Ken Newberry           Toledo, OH 43612
(734) 888-1788             Adrian, MI 49221              Contact: Fred Peters                                             (419) 478-4699
                           (517) 263-0409                Family owned & operated since    Cross Heating & Cooling, Inc.   (419) 754-2321
JAK CC                                                   1910                             2731 Morocco Road               Contact: Bob Okuley
(419) 263-7875             Transtar Electric                                              Ida, MI 48140
                           Dan Bolin                     Laroy Plbg. & Htg. Inc.          Phone: (734) 856-2400           Perfection Heating & A/C
J.M.B. Construction        867 Warehouse Rd. Ste. C      PO Box 552                       Fax:    (734) 856-2500          5249 Secor Road, Suite #3
(419) 466-5669             Toledo, OH 43615              Sylvania OH 43560                Contact: Bill Cross             Toledo, OH 43623
                           (419) 385-7573                (419) 466-7819                                                   Phone 419-473-2665
Quinn Concrete                                                                            Executive Mechanical            Fax 419-472-9433
(419) 476-3290             Transtar Electric             Merit Plbg. Inc.                 P. O. Box 256                   Contact: Rick Stachowski
                           Security & Technologies,      8432 W Central #1                Ottawa Lake, MI 49267
Rahe Construction          Dan Bolin                     Sylvania OH 43560                Phone: (734) 854-6054           Sieb Plumbing & Heating
(419) 262-8095             867 Warehouse Rd. Ste. C      (419) 841-3216                   Fax:    (734) 856-7089          303 B. Front Street
                           Toledo, OH 43615                                               Contact: Thomas Pant            Monroe, MI 48161
ELECTRICAL WORKERS         (419) 385-7573                Ott Plbg. Inc.                                                   Phone: (734) 241-8898
Barriger Electric                                        1749 Green Valley Dr.            Frische Mullin A/C              Fax:    (734) 241-9067
Tom Barriger               Zeiler Electric               Toledo OH 43614                  5132 Enterprise Blvd.           Contact: Rich Sieb
4425 N. Stickney Ave.      Rich Zeiler                   (419) 381-7088                   Toledo, OH 43612
Toledo, OH 43612           13351 Todd Road                                                Phone: (419) 726-4900           Vintage Heating & Air
419-727-1500               Ida, Michigan 48140           Perrysburg Plumbing              Fax:    (419) 726-4114          3335 McGregor Lane
                           (734)269-3437                 625 Sandusky                     Contact: Raj Thapar             Toledo, OH 43623
Great Lakes Electrical                                   Perrysburg OH 43551                                              Phone: (419) 472-9349
Greg Krzyston                                            (419) 874-7163                   Fry Brothers Htg. & A/C         Fax:    (419) 472-9335
3156 Upton Ave.                                                                           1909 Tremainsville Road         Contact: John Crozier
Toledo, OH 43613           IRON WORKERS                  R.A. Rush Plbg. & Htg. Co Inc.   Toledo, OH 43613
(419) 480-1235             King Fence Co.                6880 Sylvania-Petersburg         Phone: (419) 472-1107
                           Temperance, MI 48182          Ottawa Lake MI 49267             Fax: (419) 472-7858
Northwest Electrical       e-mail:                       (734) 856-2489                   Contact: Jim Fry
Jody McCollum    
1617 Shanrock Dr.          Phone: (419)509-6227          Rowe Plbg. Inc.
Holland, OH 43528          Fax: (734)847-0672            3915 N Detroit Ave.
(419) 865-4557             Contact: Larry King           Toledo OH 43612
                                                         (419) 476-5663
Peak Electric
Milt McIntyre                                            Wagner Plbg. & Htg Inc.
4643 Oakbridge                                           300 Madison Ave. Suite 1200
Toledo, OH 43623                                         Toledo OH 43604
(419) 392-1274                                           (419) 478-8750

Residential Electric
Jerry Jensen
P.O. Box 352946
Toledo, OH 43617
(419) 865-8095
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2011                                                        VOICE OF THE BUILDING TRADES                                                                                              PAGE 9

Unions needs all the help we can get,                                                                                                 ‘Labor’ is a dirty word
but we won’t get it from the media                                                                                                    as Republicans rename
           By Andy Zipser                   names	to	go	with	that?	And	what	             	     Not	that	Greenhouse	is	unique-         House Committee
                 Editor                     would	folks	like	Greg	LeRoy,	who	            ly	 blinkered	 –	 virtually	 all	 main-                                   By Mark Ayers
The Newspaper Guild Reporter                for	 years	 has	 documented	 how	            stream	 press	 coverage	 of	 labor	                       President, AFL-CIO Buildikng Trades Dept.
Via the International Labor                 states	 have	 given	 away	 the	 store	       suffers	 similar	 limitations.	 The	         	     “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose…by any other name
  Communications Association                in	a	tax	dollar-draining	chase	after	        same	 day	 his	 article	 appeared,	          would smell as sweet.”		In	other	words,	Shakespeare	was	implying	
	     If	 any	 proof	 were	 needed	 of	     “economic	development,”	have	to	             a	 Wall Street Journal	 piece	 by	           that	a	name	is	simply	an	artificial	and	meaningless	convention.
the	uphill	battle	faced	by	labor	in	        say	about	that?                              Matthew	 Dolan	 reported	 on	 the	           	     But,	is	it	really?
winning	 the	 hearts	 and	 minds	 of	       	     But	the	biggest	problem	with	          UAW’s	 new	 organizing	 drive	               		 The	recent	action	by	the	Republican	majority	of	the	U.S.	House	
the	American	public	via	the	“elite”	        a	 lot	 of	 this	 kind	 of	 reporting	 is	   among	foreign	auto	companies	at	             of	Representatives	to	change	the	name	of	the	Committee	on	Education	
media,	Monday’s	(Jan.	3)	New York           that	it	rarely	acknowledges	there’s	         their	U.S.	factories	–		many,	it	goes	       and	Labor	to	the	“Committee	on	Education	and	the	Workforce”	is	a	
Times	served	it	up	in	spades.               a	 bigger	 struggle	 underway.	 The	         without	saying,	lured	to	so-called	          telling	example	where	a	name	truly	does	have	meaning	and	conviction	
	     That’s	the	day	Steven	Green-          country	 is	 being	 ripped	 apart	 by	       right-to-work	 states	 by	 lavish	           and	represents	something	more	telling.		In	this	case,	it	represents	a	
house	 wrote	 about	 a	 growing	            class	warfare	on	a	scale	that	hasn’t	        taxpayer-underwritten	 subsidies	            shot	across	the	bow	of	America’s	Building	Trades	Unions	as	a	warn-
movement	in	state	houses	to	“curb	          been	seen	in	nearly	a	century,	yet	          and	incentives.	                             ing	that	the	ideals	and	worldview	that	we	hold	dear	is	about	to	come	
the	 salaries	 and	 pensions	 of	 gov-      each	skirmish	or	battle	is	treated	as	       	     The	 companies’	 response,	            under	withering	attack.
ernment	 employees”	 –	 but	 that’s	        an	isolated	event	without	broader	           Dolan	 wrote,	 was	 to	 argue	 that	         		 The	committee’s	website,	under	the	direction	of	new	Chairman	
only	the	tip	of	the	spear.	As	Green-        context.	                                    “they	already	provide	a	fair	chance	         John	Kline	(R-MN),	has	issued	a	stark	proclamation	on	how	it	intends	
house	 also	 noted,	 the	 movement	         	     So	while	public	union	leader	          for	workers	to	decide	on	unioniza-           to	thwart	what	it	calls	“union	favoritism.”		The	statement	reads:		
is	 attempting	 to	 achieve	 “more	         Gerald	 McEntee	 gets	 an	 inch	 of	         tion”	 –	 and,	 he	 added,	 “several	        		 Concerned	citizens	from	across	the	country	continue	to	express	
far-reaching,	 structural	 changes	         New York Times	ink	to	explain	that	          company	officials	said	they	provide	         their	frustration	with	business-as-usual	in	Washington.	Far	too	often	
that	would	weaken	the	bargaining	           his	constituents	are	being	targeted	         their	workers	competitive	pay	and	           lobbyist	loopholes	and	special	interest	deals	are	placed	ahead	of	the	
power	 and	 political	 influence	 of	       as	“payback”	for	the	2010	election,	         benefits,	 and	 see	 no	 need	 for	 a	       nation’s	 best	 interest.	 Despite	 the	 public’s	 concern,	 Democrats	 in	
unions,	 including	 private	 sector	        there’s	no	mention	of	the	far	bigger	        union.”                                      Washington	are	embracing	a	culture	of	union	favoritism	that	stacks	
ones.”                                      election	 role	 played	 by	 corporate	       	     Shades	 of	 a	 plantation	 men-        the	deck	in	favor	of	union	bosses	and	against	rank-and-file	workers.
	     The	unspoken	strategy	behind	         interests.	It’s	as	if	one	football	team	     tality!	 Bet	 dem	 darkies	 felt	 the	       		 Republicans	will	fight	for	a	level	playing	field	that	enables	all	
the	first	attack	is	to	create	a	discon-     got	tested	for	anabolic	steroids	and	        same	way	‘bout	massa,	eh?	Do	we	             Americans	to	pursue	opportunity	and	economic	prosperity.	As	part	of	
nect	between	“public	employees”	            was	 forced	 to	 explain	 why	 some	         need	to	guess	how	many	of	those	             that	effort,	Republicans	will	oppose	policies	that	strip	workers	of	their	
and	 “taxpayers”	 –	 even	 though	          players	were	being	targeted	–	while	         workers	 were	 interviewed	 by	 the	         right	to	a	secret	ballot	in	a	union	election,	whether	those	policies	are	
teachers,	firemen	and	other	public	         the	other	team	not	only	doesn’t	get	         Journal	 on	 that	 issue?	 Or,	 more	        advanced	in	the	halls	of	Congress	or	through	decisions	made	behind	
workers	 are	 obviously	 taxpayers,	        tested	but	gets	to	egg	on	the	league	        provocatively,	how	many	of	those	            closed	doors	by	unelected	bureaucrats.	Republicans	will	also	ensure	
too	 –	 and	 then	 to	 demonize	 the	       officials.                                   pampered	workers	were	asked	their	           labor	bosses	are	held	accountable	to	workers	through	strong	enforce-
former	 so	 that	 all	 the	 rest	 of	 us	   	     Finally,	 there	 often	 intrudes	      thoughts	about	executive	compen-             ment	of	legal	safeguards	that	are	the	first	line	of	defense	against	union	
taxpayers	get	ticked	off.	A	similar	        into	 these	 kinds	 of	 stories	 a	 bla-     sation	packages	–	and	why	it’s	all	          corruption.
divide-and-conquer	approach	has	            tantly	 paternalistic	 overtone	 that	       right	for	CEOs	to	have	employment	           		 Republican	oversight	will	vigorously	defend	the	rights	and	free-
worked	 in	 creating	 an	 artificial	       rarely	 gets	 questioned,	 regardless	       contracts	but	not	for	assembly	line	         doms	of	all	workers.
rift	between	“workers”	and	“con-            of	how	offensive	it	might	be.	In	the	        workers?                                     		 The	committee	makes	it	explicitly	clear	that	they	are	taking	aim	
sumers,”	so	why	not	stick	with	a	           Greenhouse	 article,	 for	 example,	         	     Unfortunately,	 this	 kind	 of	        to	limit	the	scope	and	reach	of	the	Davis-Bacon	Act,	as	well	as	the	
winner?                                     Ohio	Gov.	John	Kasich	is	quoted	             biased	framing	of	labor	issues	is	           proliferation	of	federal	project	labor	agreements.		
	     The	 attack	 on	 private-sector	      as	 saying	 of	 teachers,	 “If	 they	        only	 becoming	 more	 prevalent	             		 Tellingly,	there	is	no	reference	in	the	committee’s	oversight	plans	
unions,	 meanwhile,	 riffs	 off	 the	       want	to	strike,	they	should	be	fired.	       within	 mainstream	 media,	 not	             to	any	investigation	into	the	proliferation	of	a	“race	to	the	bottom”	
attack	 on	 public	 employees	 by	          They’ve	got	good	jobs,	they’ve	got	          less.	 That	 makes	 it	 all	 the	 more	      business	model	in	the	construction	industry	which	has	consistently	
characterizing	them	as	“too	power-          good	pay,	they	get	good	benefits,	           imperative	that	whatever	limited	            been	one	of	the	single	biggest	sources	of	corporate	law-breaking	and	
ful”	and	claiming	they	have	skewed	         a	 great	 retirement.	What	 are	 they	       voice	 is	 still	 left	 to	 organized	       fraud	that	can	be	found	anywhere	in	the	United	States.		From	the	abuse	
the	 democratic	 process	 with	 their	      striking	for?”	                              labor	be	lifted	in	criticism	and	in	         and	exploitation	of	undocumented	workers,	to	the	misclassification	
outsized	 political	 campaign	 war	         	     That	 was	 a	 question,	 wasn’t	       counter-narrative.	                          of	employees	that	robs	both	workers	and	government	of	revenue,	to	
chests.                                     it?	In	which	case,	shouldn’t	there	          	     Read	critically.	Question	jour-        the	 runaway	 cost-shifting	 in	 the	 health	 insurance	 market,	 the	 non-
	     Unfortunately,	 those	 kinds	         have	been	an	answer?	Without	one,	           nalistic	 shorthand.	 Challenge	 as-         union	construction	industry	in	America	today	is	savaging	the	ability	
of	 assertions	 are	 rarely	 chal-          the	entire	quote	reads	like	a	finger-        sumptions.	And	assert	the	obvious	           of	American	workers	and	American	communities	to	maintain	decent	
lenged	 by	 reporters	 or	 put	 in	         wagging	 admonishment	 from	 a	              –	 	 because	 although	 it	 may	 be	         standards	of	living.	
any	 context,	 and	 in	 that	 respect	      wise	father	to	a	get-over-yourself-          obvious	to	you,	it	won’t	be	to	a	lot	        		 I	guess	the	GOP	simply	wants	to	“defend	the	rights	and	freedoms	
Greenhouse	 fits	 squarely	 within	         already	teenager.                            of	others.                                   of	all	workers”	to	remain	poor	and	exploited.
the	 mainstream.	 The	 statements	
about	 unions	 being	 “too	 power-
ful”	 and	 that	 they	 are	 skewing	
campaigns	with	large	war	chests,	
                                                                     IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT “TEMPORARILY AWAY”
for	 example,	 are	 vaguely	 attrib-
uted	to	“many”	state	officials	who	          	    “Temporarily	Away”…when	               in	Florida	for	four	months,	I’m	on	         ily	away”	is	the	#1	reason	why	this	     	    If	you	would	like	to	guaran-
are	then	unnamed.	The	assertions	            a	member	has	informed	the	post	             vacation	for	two	weeks,	I’m	away	           happens.	 	 When	 the	 paper	 is	 re-    tee	there	is	no	interruption	in	the	
themselves,	 meanwhile,	 are	 left	          office	 they	 will	 be	 “temporarily	       on	 a	 job	 for	 several	 months.”	 	 It	   turned	with	the	big	yellow	sticker,	     delivery	of	your	paper,	you	must	
in	 un-rebutted	 isolation,	 with	                                     away”,	the	       also	means	you will be deleted	from	        it will be deleted	from	the	Voice	of	    contact	 YOUR	 RESPECTIVE	
whatever	 lingering	 impression	                                       post	office	      the	 Voice	 of	 the	 Building	 Trades	      the	 Building	Trades	 database	and	      LOCAL	and	inform	them	of	any	
they	leave	on	readers.                                                 r e t u r n s	    database.	                                  doesn’t	 get	 back	 on	 the	 database	   updates	to	your	address	and	your	
	     Worse,	even	when	a	speaker	is	                                   this	 paper	      	    The	 Building	 Trades	 has	 no	        until	your	respective	local	indicates	   local	will	then	inform	the	Building	
identified,	his	charges	are	accepted	                                  b a c k 	 t o	    way	 of	 determining	 how	 long	 a	         for	us	to	do	so.                         Trades.
at	face	value.	So	Greenhouse,	for	                                     the	 Build-       member	is	“temporarily	away”	or	            	    The	 Voice	 of	 the	 Building	      	    In	 closing,	 I	 would	 like	 to	
example,	gives	free	rein	to	an	In-                                     ing	Trades	       even	if,	or	when,	that	member	will	         Trades	 sends	 out	 approximately	       thank	 the	 handful	 of	 members	
diana	state	lawmaker	to	assert	that	                                   with	 a	 big	     return.		Every	month	the	paper	is	          9,000	 papers	 every	 month	 and	        that	 are	 consistent	 in	 keeping	
“the	folks	who	work	day-to-day	in	                                     y e l l o w	      returned,	 another	 postage	 fee	 is	       every	month,	stacks	of	papers	are	       their	address	updated	when	they	
economic	development	tell	us	that	                                     s t i c k e r	    charged.                                    returned	 indicating	 “temporarily	      “go	south	for	the	winter”	and	also	
the	No.	1	thing	we	can	do	to	make	           indicating	 “TEMPORARILY	                   	    Some	 members	 indicate	 to	           away”,	 so	 you	 can	 imagine	 how	      when	they	return.		Those	members	
Indiana	more	attractive	to	business	         AWAY”	along	with	a	return	post-             their	 local	 “I	 use	 to	 receive	 the	    costly	in	can	get	to	pay	the	postage	    are	guaranteeing	there	is	no	inter-
is	to	make	Indiana	a	right-to-work	          age	fee.		What	does	temporarily	            paper,	but	for	some	reason,	I	don’t	        to	initially	mail	the	paper,	and	then	   ruption	in	their	paper	service.
state.”	                                     away	mean?		It	could	mean	“I’m	             receive	it	any	longer.”		“Temporar-         again	when	the	paper	is	returned.        	    Thank	you	for	your	attention.
	     Really?	 Can	 we	 have	 some	

               Union Bulletin Board

                               Union Bulletin Board

 Local 33 Retirees Lunch Bunch meet
 for lunch and friendly conservation
 the 4th Wednesday each month 12
 noon. February 23rd we will meet at
 Tony Packo’s, 5827 Monroe St. Sylva-
 nia, chosen by Tom Kunich.
        March 23rd we will meet at
 Zacharya’s Eatery, 3455 W. Alexis,
 chosen by Dick Lake.
        We are always happy to see
 someone new.
             – Nick Koelsch
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GOP governors target public workers
       By Mark Gruenberg                   ing	public	workers	for	pay	freezes,	       Salem,	Ore.,	paper	that	the	recom-           	     “By	 blaming	 public	 service	       Shelton	called	Christie’s	cuts	“cruel	
          PAI Staff Writer                 pension	cuts	and	layoffs.	Some	Re-         mendations	are	“exactly	the	wrong	           workers	and	working	families,	the	         and	unnecessary.”	
	    COLUMBUS,	 Ohio	 (PAI)—               publicans	want	to	go	even	farther.	        thing	for	our	state’s	economy,”	the	         Right	Wing	tries	to	divert	attention	      	    Even	before	Kasich	took	office	
John	Kasich	hates	public	workers,	         	    “We	 cannot	 and	 should	 not	        Northwest	Labor	Press	reported.	             from	the	simple	fact	that	reckless,	       in	Ohio,	public	worker	unions	there	
and	he’s	not	alone.	                       maintain	 a	 system	 where	 public	        	     Still,	the	GOP	governors	elect-        unregulated	 behavior	 of	 multi-          were	fighting	back.	Unionists,	led	
	    Kasich,	 a	 former	 Lehman	           employees	 are	 the	 haves	 and	 the	      ed	in	November	are	more	radical,	            millionaires	on	Wall	Street	caused	        by	the	Fire	Fighters	and	AFSCME,	
Brothers	 bond	 trader	 and	 GOP	          taxpayers	 footing	 the	 bill	 are	 the	   following	the	lead	of	New	Jersey’s	          unprecedented	state	budget	short-          jammed	the	Middletown,	Ohio,	city	
congressman,	 became	 Ohio	 gov-           have-nots,”	 says	 new	 GOP	 Wis-          Chris	Christie,	who	ousted	Demo-             falls,	the	loss	of	15	million	jobs	and	    council	meeting	in	mid-December	
ernor	on	Jan.	10.	But	even	before	         consin	Gov.	Scott	Walker,	who	also	        crat	Jon	Corzine	in	2009.	Christie’s	        the	collapse	of	our	economy.	We’re	        to	protest	a	councilman’s	resolution	
he	settled	into	the	governor’s	chair,	     swept	 in	 a	 GOP-run	 legislature.	       cuts	 were	 so	 broad,	 so	 deep	 and	       not	going	to	let	them	get	away	with	       supporting	Kasich’s	schemes.	The	
he	 promised	 to	 try	 to	 cut	 public	    Walker	also	wants	to	yank	the	right	       so	 targeted	 against	 government	           it.	                                       protests	were	so	overwhelming	that	
workers’	pay,	pensions	and	collec-         of	government	workers	to	bargain	          workers	that	the	Communications	             	     “After	capping	private	sector	       the	resolution	failed.	
tive	bargaining	rights,	among	other	       collectively.	                             Workers	(CWA)	marshaled	35,000	              workers	 and	 their	 unions	 in	 the	      	    The	 resolution’s	 sponsor	 said	
things.	 The	 collective	 bargaining	      	    Even	 some	 Democrats,	 such	         people	 into	 a	 mass	 protest	 in	 the	     knees,	the	rich	and	the	Right	have	        state	 mandates	 for	 collective	 bar-
statute	 has	 been	 Ohio	 law	 since	      as	New	York’s	Andrew	Cuomo,	are	           streets	of	Trenton	last	May.	                set	their	sights	on	public	services	       gaining	 with	 public	 workers	 crip-
1983.	                                     casting	wary	eyes	at	public	worker	        	     The	 demonstration,	 the	 big-         and	the	men	and	women	who	pro-             pled	city	budgets,	too.	Fire	Fighters	
	    “If	 they	 want	 to	 strike	 they	    pensions.	 The	 Illinois	AFL-CIO	          gest	 in	 the	 state	 capital’s	 history,	   vide	 them.	Attacking	 public	 ser-        Local	 336	 President	 Jon	 Harvey	
should	be	fired.	I	really	don’t	favor	     tangled	with	Democratic	Gov.	Pat	          included	7,000	CWA	state	and	local	          vices	 and	 public	 service	 workers	      suggested	a	compromise	–	a	joint	
the	 right	 to	 strike	 by	 any	 public	   Quinn	 and	 the	 Democratic-run	           government	worker	members,	rep-              will	not	fix	our	broken	economy,	          labor-management	 committee	
employee.	They’ve	got	good	jobs,	          legislature	 in	 the	 last	 two	 years	    resentatives	from	20	other	unions,	          create	 jobs	 or	 solve	 the	 growing	     could	look	at	costs.		
they’ve	got	high	pay,	they	get	good	       over	workers’	pensions,	as	the	state	      and	 100	 civic	 groups.	 CWA,	AF-           income	 disparity	 in	 America,”	          	    Kasich,	like	other	Republicans,	
benefits,	a	great	retirement.	What	        faces	the	biggest	budget	deficit	in	       SCME	 and	 SEIU	 are	 among	 the	            McEntee	said.	                             may	 prefer	 confrontation	 to	 com-
are	they	striking	for?”	Kasich	said	       the	 country.	 Nevertheless,	 labor	       unions	 leading	 the	 charge	 to	 pre-       	     “We	are	experiencing	the	most	       promise.	 “There	 are	 going	 to	 be	
on	Dec.	10.	                               strongly	backed	Quinn	over	a	Radi-         serve	 public	 workers’	 jobs	 –	 and	       severe,	pervasive	and	sustained	at-        some	protests,”	he	told	the	Toledo	
	    Private	workers	aren’t	exempt	        cal	Right	Republican,	and	pushed	          state	services.	                             tack	on	public	employees,	public	          Blade.	 “Do	 they	 scare	 me?	 No.	 I	
from	Kasich’s	axe:	He	wants	to	kill	       Quinn	to	a	narrow	win.	                    	     New	 SEIU	 President	 Mary	            employee	unions	and	public	sector	         went	 to	 school	 in	 the	 ‘70s,	 come	
the	state’s	prevailing	wage	law	and	       	    And	a	commission	appointed	           Kay	Henry	warned	of	the	threat	to	           collective	 bargaining”	 in	 years,	       on.”
revoke	executive	orders	by	the	man	        by	 retiring	 Gov.	 Ted	 Kulongski,	       public	workers	in	her	first	speech	          CWA	 Vice	 President	 Chris	 Shel-
he	beat,	Democrat	Ted	Strickland,	         D-Ore.,	 advocated	 a	 6%	 cut	 in	        after	she	took	office	last	year,	and	        ton	 told	 the	 crowd	 at	 last	 year’s	
letting	 home	 health	 care	 workers	      state	payments	for	public	workers’	        AFSCME	 launched	 a	 “Stop	 The	             Trenton	 protest.	 “We	 are	 saying	
and	 day	 care	 providers	 unionize.	      pensions,	 privatizing	 some	 state	       Lies!”	 nationwide	 campaign	 on	            loud	and	clear	to	those	folks	in	the	
And	 with	 a	 GOP-run	 legislature,	       services	and	creating	a	lower-cost	        Dec.	14,	with	union	President	Ger-           statehouse,	 whether	 they	 are	 sit-
Kasich	may	well	get	his	way.	              lower-payment	health	care	plan	for	        ald	 McEntee	 calling	 Right	Wing-           ting	in	the	governor’s	office	or	the	
	    Kasich	 has	 company.	 From	          workers.	 SEIU	 Local	 503	 Politi-        ers’	 myths	 about	 public	 workers	         legislature,	we	are	fed	up,	and	we	
coast	to	coast,	governors	are	target-      cal	Director	Arthur	Towers	told	a	         “false	and	absurd.”	                         are	not	going	to	take	it	anymore.”	

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