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					 The Gippsland Bush Telegraph                                                                     Monday 2 August 2010
   "The Government's Climate Change White Paper on               *Coordinate and build
the future is welcomed by the Gippsland Trades and            labour cohesion in regional
Labour Council," said GTLC Secretary, John Parker.            economic development efforts.
   "We will be able to start a real discussion about             *Secure a voice for organ-
Gippsland's Transition. We call on the power compa-           ised labour in economic devel-
nies to start the discussion into a long term strategy        opment in the region.
for a smooth transition rather than the usual spin that          *Mobilise organised labour
tells workers that all is fine right up the to the day they   to seize and expand opportuni-
get their redundancy notice. We saw the spin with the         ties for partnership with
recent sackings of maintenance workers at United              regional job creation efforts,        Professor Peter
                                                                                                   Fairbrother, RMIT
Foods in Morwell and when the Kennett Government              building on mutual interests.            University
privatised the SECV without regard to the Gippsland               We must lead and initiate:
community.                                                       *Commissioned research to investigate industry
   We congratulate the State Government on its                ownership, employment trends, training needs and
courage to take the lead on climate change transition         workforce quality that will inform policymaking.
and we call on both Federal Government and the                   *Ways of securing investments that help create
Federal and State Opposition to get on board and to           quality jobs.
join the State Government in a bipartisan approach to            *Work with local government to secure a transition
assist Gippsland in its drive to become a hub for the         to a carbon-constrained economy
development of Sustainable Jobs," Mr Parker contin-              *Work in partnership with employers, farmers,
ued.                                                          community organisations and local governments on
   "The Gippsland Trades and Labour Council (GTLC)            mutual economic development goals.
will work in partnership with RMIT University to build           *A business-union practitioners' network to assist
a better future. Together we will develop a transition        in attracting companies to the region (e.g. participat-
program, which will lay the grounds for a low carbon          ing in business re-location inquiries, public regional
economy.                                                      marketing initiatives).
    "This is the first step towards a sustainable future         *The promotion of the region to potential employ-
for Gippsland," Professor Peter Fairbrother from RMIT         ers.
said.                                                            *Advice for at-risk companies on how to save their
    We believe that we need to link workers, business-        business and become more energy efficient.
es and community groups in the transition to a clean-            *Support and promotion for the development of
er economy'. Our objectives are now to:                       social enterprises, such as the Eureka Factory.
   *Create a strong and diversified Gippsland economy            *For the establishment of a community and/or ME
with high quality jobs.                                       Bank Branch and other community minded financial
   *Secure a 'just transition' for workers and the            institutions in the region."
region in a carbon-constrained economy.                          Some people will initially see these changes as diffi-
   *Provide input into local economic development             cult but with the White Paper we now have a signifi-
policies/issues.                                              cant opportunity to develop a sustainable future for
   *Strengthen a highly skilled workforce as a compet-        the region and we will be working towards that end,"
itive advantage.                                              Mr Parker concluded.

Support for Ark Tribe Grows
      Wonthaggi Rally

                On July 22, the trial of construction worker
             Ark Tribe was adjourned until September 13.
             Tribe is facing up to six months' jail for failing to
             attend an interrogation by the construction
             industry police - the Australian Building and
             Construction Commission (ABCC).
                Thousands of workers rallied around
             Australia to support him including workers from
             the De Sal Plant in Wonthaggi.
                 DE SAL WORKERS                 GIVE TO LOCAL CHILDREN
   Workers at the desalination plant are making a         "The last job I came from we did something
huge difference to the lives of the families of two    similar and it was just fantastic," Fergus said.
local children who are battling cancer.                   "The whole thing just fell into place."
   Schools, community groups and organisations            A five year old leukaemia sufferer from Venus
in need are also benefitting from the generosity of    Bay was the first to receive the good will of the
the CFMEU Community Support Group.                     desal workers in the lead up to Christmas.
   This Support has come from the workers who             Workers passed around a hat around the work-
have not sought publicity or recognition.              site and quickly raised close to $2,000 for the
   The CFMEU Group is just one of the groups           child and his family.
financially contributing to benefit the community,        "We bought a lot of toys for the family, and took
but this group particularly targets the young and      them for a tour of the worksite. It was just a magic
the elderly.                                           day." Fergus said.
   Dieter Berber is president of the Community            As well as the original contribution the family
Support Group and said a group of eight repre-         still receives financial assistance for regular trips
sentatives meet weekly to discuss where the            to Melbourne for treatment.
raised funds will be distributed to best benefit the      A similar story of the goodwill has helped a 20
community.                                             month old boy who is a nephew of one of the
   "While we are working here, we really want to       workers on the site.
be part of the community," one member of the              The boy is tackling a rare form of cancer which
group said.                                            threatens his eyesight, and is due for an opera-
   "If we are not being accepted by the communi-       tion.
ty, this may help."                                       While the boy still has vision, the Community
   Fergus O'Hea has played a large role in getting     Support Group will send the family on a much
the fund up and running since construction start-      deserved holiday.
ed last year.

     Working Safely With
   South Gippsland Shire Council is pleased to            Asbestos became increasingly popular among
support an OH & S Forum "Working with                  manufacturers and builders in the late 19th cen-
asbestos" at the Leongatha Dakers Centre on            tury because of its sound absorption, average
Wednesday 11 August from 1pm to 5pm.                   tensile strength, and its resistance to heat, elec-
   Sustainability Director Andrew McEwen urges         trical and chemical damage.
all building tradespeople and home renovators to          When asbestos is used for its resistance to fire
take advantage of this free seminar to protect         or heat, the fibres are often mixed with cement or
themselves and others from the deadly effects of       woven into fabric or mats.
asbestos                                                  Asbestos was used in some products for its
   Presentations will be made by the Gippsland         heat resistance, and in the past was used on
Asbestos related Diseases Support (GARDS)              electric oven and hotplate wiring for its electrical
group, Slater and Gordon Lawyers and the               insulation at elevated temperature, and in build-
Gippsland Trades and Labour Council (GLTC).            ings for its flame-retardant and insulating proper-
WorkSafe Victoria will also be in attendance.          ties, tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to
   Bookings are required and places are limited.       chemicals.
To register, please phone GLTC on 5133 7684 or            The inhalation of asbestos fiberes can cause
email to                          serious illnesses, including malignant lung can-
   "While the dangers of asbestos are widely           cer, mesothelioma (a formerly rare cancer strong-
known, many people are still being exposed to          ly associated with exposure to asbestos and fibre
this toxic material on building and construction       glass), and asbestosis (a type of pneumoconio-
sites, in the workplace and while undertaking          sis)
home renovations" said Mr McEwen.
                        OH&S Forum


                                        IN THE WORKPLACE

 Wednesday 11 August 2010
                   1pm - 5pm
                  Daker Centre
             Cnr Smith & Watt Street
                   Presentations from
         Gippsland Trades & Labour Council Inc
      Gippsland Asbestos Related Diseases Support
                Slater & Gordon Laywers
         WorkSafe Victoria will be in attendance
Bookings and Enquiries
Tel GTLC on 03 5133 7684
Book Early: Places Limited.

                              SUPPORTING WORKERS AND COMMUNITIES
                                               THE GEMAD CHARTER
                                     (Gippsland Employers making a difference)
 At the Gippsland Trades and Labour Council’s June meeting, the following Charter for
People with a Disability in the Workplace was endorsed. We would like to encourage
employers to voluntary participate and to sign the charter.
  Equal Opportunity Policies and Procedures
  Employment of people with disability will form an integral part of all equal opportunities policies and
practices. A company-wide policy will be developed by Management and communicated to the rest of
the organisation.
  Staff Training and Disability Awareness
  Specific steps will be taken to raise awareness of disability throughout the organisation.
  The Working Environment
  All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the working environment does not prevent people
with disability from taking up positions for which they are suitable qualify.
  Recruitment Commitment
  Recruitment procedures will be reviewed and developed to encourage applications from the
employment of people with disability.
  Career Development
  Specific steps will be taken to ensure that employees with disability have the same opportunity as
others to develop their career and reach their full potential within organisation.
  Training and Work Experience
  People with disability will be involved in work experience, training and education.
  The Wider Community
  The organisation recognises and responds to people with disability as clients, suppliers and mem-
bers of the community at large.
  Involvement of People with Disability
  Involvement from all employees will be encouraged in the implementation of this Charter to ensure
that whenever possible employment practices recognise and meet their needs.
  Influencing other Organisations
  Major suppliers, contractors and franchisees will be encouraged to adopt this Charter.
  Monitoring Performance
  Management will monitor and review the organisation's progress and performance in implementing
the principles above.

   Adopted from the UK Employers Forum on Disability, published ILO documents and the Australian Network on Disability
                                   Employment Charter for People with Disability

    We the undersigned agree to apply the principles as detailed above in the
   GEMAD Employment Charter for People with a Disability from the Gippsland



       2010 Diary
10 August      GTLC General Meeting
               5.30pm at the GTLC office.
11 August      Asbestos Forum, Leongatha
27 August      John Cummins Memorial
14 September   GTLC General Meeting &
               5.30pm at the GTLC office.
12 October     GTLC General Meeting         9 November    GTLC General Meeting
               5.30pm at the GTLC office.   14 December   Christmas Break Up
                                  LINK                              Getting the message out

                                       GIPPSLAND ASBESTOS RELATED DISEASES SUPPORT INC.
                            Provides support & information to asbestos sufferers, their families & carers.
          41 Monash Road, Newborough, Vic. 3825
           Phone: 5127 7744 Fax:            5126 0354
                    Mobile: 0407 274 173
         Email: Web.
                  Call in for a chat and a cuppa

  Learn to find funding                                        IF   YOU WOULD LIKE ASSISTANCE IN GETTING YOUR MESSAGE OUT,
Free roadshows offering 'how-to' information                     JUST GIVE US YOUR DETAILS AND WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO HELP
    on applying for grants will be held at:
              - Golden Beach Hall                                                       Published by:
                August 3, 7-9pm                                             Gippsland Trades & Labour Council Inc
       - Rosedale Multipurpose Centre                                                Tel: 03 5133 7684
              September 7, 7-9pm                                                     Fax: 03 5133 3313
          - Heyfield Resource Centre                                                PO Box 240, Morwell
                October 5, 7-9pm                                                Email:
         - Stratford Hall Supper Room                                           Website:
              November 3, 7-9pm
  Presenters include: Regional Arts Victoria,                               Proudly supported by
   Gippsport, Department of Planning and
     Community Development, Regional
Development Victoria, Kilmany Uniting Care,
Westpac Bank and Wellington Shire Council.
 More? Wellington Shire Council Community
          Wellbeing Unit 1300 366 244

         Women’s Action
  The Women’s Action Coalition (WAC) is a
 sub-committee of the Gippsland Trades and
             Labour Council.
  Its purpose is to provide a forum for issues
               related to women.
WAC will address these issues through politi-
cal and social activism and working coopera-
      tively with both men and women.
    If anyone is interested in joining WAC
  please contact the GTLC Office by email at to request a member-
ship application form or ring Val on 5133 7682

The Gippsland Trades and Labour Council wishes to advise that the views or remarks expressed in this newsletter not neces-
sarily the views of the Council or any of its members or affiliates.