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 Aluminum Radiators                              Complete Replay
   starting at                                  XD Camera System

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  DDS Brake Rotors
   your choice                                  Rust Remover Bath
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  $202.99                                           $9.99
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   Racing Gloves                                   Roll Control
   starting at                                    hur174-5000
  $103.99                                        $119.99

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   8mm Spiro-Pro                                  Body Bolt Kit
  Universal Wire Sets                              all18561
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    SALE FLYER                  krieger racing
    New Brands Added To Our Product Lines
    We are constantly adding new brands to our inventory selection. Listed below are the latest additions.

                                                                   Performance cylinder heads
                           Torque converters                            and components                                    Rust remover and
                                                                                                                          rust preventative

                                                                       Aluminum wheels                               Waxes, polishes and cleaners

                          Automotive and racing
                            lithium batteries

                   High quality safety equipment                       Motorsports cameras
                                                                                                                            Tachs, gauges
                                                                         and accessories
                                                                                                                           and accessories

    Please Note:
    • Some items not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles                      • Not responsible for typographical errors

    MANUFACTURER INDEX                                                  Boxes Highlighted In Red Denote New Manufacturers This Issue

    Manufacturer                        Page           Manufacturer                       Page               Manufacturer                           Page
    AFM Performance                        41          FLITZ                                  18             PPM Products                             22
    Allstar Performance                 6-8,43,44      Fluidampr                              19             Probe Industries                         38
    Alpinestars                             5          Ford Racing                            36             Proform                                  14
    ATI                                     9          Griffin                                 21             Prothane                                 11
    Auto Meter                             40          Hedman Hedders                         24             Pro Tru Piston                           32
    Battery Tender                          8          Hi-Lift Jacks                          21             QuickCar                                4,22
    Bart Wheels                            23          Holley                                 35             Quick Fuel                               37
    BBK Performance                        37          Hughes Performance                     28             Racestar Industries                      15
    B&M                                    31          Hurst                                  39             R2C Filters                               3
    Braille Battery                        30          Hypertech                              43             RePlay                                   20
    Brodix                                 35          Joe Gibbs Driven                       41             Seals-it                                 29
    Clevite                                15          KC HiLites                             23             Sprint Booster                           26
    Cometic Gasket                         14          Lithium-Pros                           20             Steeda                                   34
    Cool Shirt                            3,22         Longacre                               22             Superwinch                               12
    Crower                                 33          Lunati                                 30             Taylor                                   29
    Dart                                   39          Magnafuel                              29             Ten Factory                              27
    DB by Corsa                            30          Manley                                 32             Thermo-Tec                               13
    Derale                                 26          Mickey Thompson                       9,34            Triple X                                 40
    Design Engineering                    10,23        Moroso                                 39             Warn                                     19
    Dupli·Color                            40          Motive Gear                            43             Willy’s Carburetion                       3
    Duralite                               21          New Vintage Gauges                    16,17           Wilwood                                 4,21
    Electric-Life                          27          NGK Spark Plugs                        28             Workshop Hero                            14
    FAST                                   31          Nitrous Express                        42             World Products                           38
    Fidanza                                28          Performance Automatic                  31             XS Power                                 19
    Flex-a-lite                            25          Performance Friction                    3

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        krieger racing

DDS Brake Rotors
Your Choice – $202.99 Each                                            Engine Breather Filters
   Designed for dirt late models, DDS brake rotors weigh                Designed to offer racers the finest crankcase and breather
just 8 lbs., yet are exceptionally durable. Rotors are manufac-       technology currently available. Lightweight, carbon fiber
tured from superior alloys to resist cracking and use direc-          construction breathers utilize a unique flange design that
tional vanes to control air flow, increase brake performance           improves oil return and virtually eliminates the associated
and aid durability. All rotors listed are 8-bolt with a 7" bolt       dripping. Breathers are fully washable using biodegradable
circle.                                                               solvents.
    Part No.                     Description                            Part No.                   Description                      Price
 PFR295-25-0038-01     LH, 11.625" Dia. x 1.10" Thick Rotor
 PFR295-25-0038-02     RH, 11.625" Dia. x 1.10" Thick Rotor
                                                                      R2CBF10500CF          Clamp-On Breather, 1.25" Dia.          $25.99
                                                                      R2CBF10600CF           Push-In Breather, 1.25" Dia.          $25.99
                                                                      R2CBF10700CF          Clamp-On Breather, 1.50" Dia.          $25.99
                                                                      R2CBF10800CF         Clamp-On Breather, 1.375" Dia.          $25.99

                                                                      Powerflow Air Filter
                                                                      Point-Of-Purchase Display
                                                                         A display with impact. Die cut plastic
Total                                                                 display with full color graphics includes
Performance Kit                                                       a built-in brochure holder. Each display
For GM 604                                                            includes (3) 14" dia. dirt air filters. Display
                                                                      is 13.375" high x 14.00" wide x 7.00" deep
Crate Motor                                                           and includes mounting brackets that may
WCD604CRATE                                                           used to attach to a grid or slatwall.
$1,226.99 Kit                                                           Part No.                   Description                      Price
  A total performance package for the GM "604"                         R2CR10522P P.O.P. Display w/(3) 14" x 4" Dirt Air Filters   $266.99
(GMP88958604) crate motor dyno-proven to add 22 horse-                 R2CR10523P P.O.P. Display w/(3) 14" x 5" Dirt Air Filters   $290.99
power. Everything needed to get the best performance from
the "604" crate motor including fully prepped 4BBL racing
(WCD50127) carburetor, billet aluminum carb spacer, carb
stud kit, gaskets and spark plugs.

                                          Cool Shirt
                                           Pg. 3,22

2Cool Shirt
  The original Cool Shirt just got better
due to improved material and tubing
designs. The compression design and
moisture wicking fabric keeps you
cool, increases circulation, stamina, and won’t weigh you
down, while the patented new tubing design has proven
to increase cooling by 50%. Offered in blue only. Personal
cooling system must be purchased separately.
 Part No.                 Description                         Price
 CST2CW-M            2Cool Shirt, Blue, Medium           $229.99
 CST2CW-L             2Cool Shirt, Blue, Large           $229.99
 CST2CW-XL           2Cool Shirt, Blue, X-Large          $229.99

                     phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                              3
                                                                               krieger racing
                                                                                  engines                  QuickCar
                                         Wilwood                                                           Pg. 4, 22
                                         Pg. 4, 21
                                                                       Dual Dirt ICP With
                                                                       3-Wheel Brake Switch
    HP Racing Rotors                                                   QRP50-1713 $123.99 Each
    For OE Spindles                                                       Pre-wired, premium quality ignition control panel is
       Designed exclusively for classes restricted to OE style         designed specifically for dirt track cars using a back-up igni-
    components including spec. modifieds, street stocks and             tion. Panel features a 3-wheel brake switch and switches
    other hobby classes, rotors are cast from a proprietary            for start (momentary), ignition, fan, and accessory. Plugs
    iron alloy to offer the strongest, most reliable assemblies        directly into QRP50-2021 wiring harness.
    currently available. Approved by IMCA, UMP, USCS and
    USMTS, purpose built castings provide maximum strength
    in the high stress and high load areas. Rotors are fully           LED Light Strip
    machined and fitted with bearing races and 5/8" coarse              QRP61-790 $33.99 Each                           Gauges Sold Separately
    thread studs on a 5 x 5" bolt circle. Hub installation kits are
    also available, complete with inner and outer wheel bearings,         Red, 19" long LED strip,
    hub seal, spindle nut, tab washer, cotter pin and dust cap.        which may be trimmed
                                                                       to length, is typi-
     Part No.                    Description                  Price    cally mounted to
    HP Racing Rotors
                               GM Metric, 1978-Up,
                                                                       the dashboard and wired into a warning light, quickly alerting
                             10.50" Dia. x 1.00" Thick       $57.99    the driver in the event of a problem. Helpful in dark pit areas,
                            Pinto/Mustang II, 1974-80,                 light strip may also be used to illuminate the interior or
                             10.15" Dia. x .810" Thick       $57.99    exterior of car. Sold complete with necessary wiring.
    Hub Installation Kits
                          GM Metric, 1978-Up, Includes
                         Components For (1) Hub/Rotor        $30.99
                       Pinto/Mustang II, 1974-80, Includes             Temperature Gauge Adapter
                         Components For (1) Hub/Rotor        $30.99    QRP611-903 $10.99 Each
                                                                         Lightweight aluminum adapter includes
    Synthetic Assembly Lubricant                                       3/8"NPT threads.
    WIL290-11087 $8.99 Each
      Specialized synthetic lubricant is for use on pistons
    and rubber seals during the overhaul of brake cali-
                                                                       Electric Fan Relay
    pers, wheel cylinders and master cylinders. Offers                 With Thermostat
    maximum protection and performance. Sold in a 4 oz.                QRP60-039 $35.99 Each
                                                                          Relay offers protection to electric fan and associated wiring
                                                                       in the event of overload, while the included thermostatic fan
                                                                       activation feature turns fan on at 200°F., and off at 170°F. Kit
    Dual Pedal Assemblies                                              includes a 1/2"NPT fitting with probe and 40 amp relay.
      Adjustable, swing mount pedal assemblies
    combines the brake and clutch pedals in a
    single unit. Forward mount assembly locates the
    master cylinder outside the firewall,
    while the reverse mount unit
    places the master cylinder inside
    the firewall, away from engine heat.
    Pedal assemblies are constructed using
    an aluminum frame and forged aluminum             WIL340-11299
    pedal arms. Pedals feature a 6.25:1 ratio
    and use fully adjustable pads to allow
    fine-tuning of location. Assemblies are sold
    complete with adjustable balance bar, clevis     WIL340-11295
    and pin, and required hardware for installation.
      Part No.                    Description                 Price
     WIL340-11295      Dual Pedal Assembly, Forward Mount    $227.99
     WIL340-11299      Dual Pedal Assembly, Reverse Mount    $227.99

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           krieger racing
                                                   New Vendor!
                                                   New Vendor!

Tech 1-Z Glove                                             SP Shoe
  Nomex construction driving gloves use ergo-                 Ultra-lightweight shoe, which
nomically positioned memory foam backed                    meets SFI 3.2A/5 specifica-
Pittards leather palm and finger patches for                tions, is constructed from a blend
optimum grip. Gloves, which meet SFI 3.3/5                 of premium suede leathers. Perforated tongue and lateral
specifications, also include pre-curved                     panels maximize breathability. Sharp, sleek shoe profile
finger and palm construction to aid fit                      offers exceptional pedal feel. Black with white only.
and reduce material bunching. Offered in
                                                                Part No.           Size          Price
black/white only.
                                                             ALP271011110-8          8         $172.99
    Part No.                 Size                 Price      ALP271011110-85       8-1/2       $172.99
  ALP35501012M              Medium              $139.99      ALP271011110-9          9         $172.99
  ALP35501012L               Large              $139.99      ALP271011110-95       9-1/2       $172.99
 ALP35501012XL              X-Large             $139.99      ALP271011110-10        10         $172.99
                                                            ALP271011110-105      10-1/2       $172.99
Tech 1-S Glove                                               ALP271011110-11        11         $172.99
  Double layer Nomex gloves meet
SFI 3.3/5 specifications and feature
                                                             ALP271011110-12        12         $172.99
Gripster Pittards smooth leather
palms for exceptional protection,                          GP-T Suit
comfort and grip. Minimal palm padding and pre-curved         Premium, two-layer Nomex suit uses
finger construction aid comfort and further improve grip.   shoulder epaulettes and a clean, single panel
Offered in black only.                                     design. Semi-floating shoulder gussets,
    Part No.                 Size                 Price    adjustable collar, mesh lining and stretch
                                                           Preox lumbar area allow exceptional flex-
 ALP355301112M              Medium              $139.99    ibility and comfort. Meets SFI 3.2A/5
  ALP355301112L              Large              $139.99    specifications. Black with gray only.
 ALP355301112XL             X-Large             $139.99        Part No.          Size          Price
                                                            ALP335510111-52     Medium       $799.99
Tech 1 Race Glove                                           ALP335510111-56      Large       $799.99
  Nomex construction Tech 1 Race
gloves, which meet SFI 3.3/5 speci-
                                                            ALP335510111-60     X-Large      $799.99
fications, utilize single panel top
construction, pre-curved fingers and                        SP Suit
palms, foam knuckle and wrist pad-                           The SP, which meets stringent SFI 3.2A/5
ding, and elasticized wrist band clo-                      specifications, combines a Nomex outer shell
sure. Unique, silicone treated fingers                      with aramidic fiber inner lining. Pre-curved
and palms increase grip. Offered in                        sleeve and leg construction aid comfort,
white or black.                                            while shoulder epaulettes and single panel
  Size     White Part No. Black Part No.          Price    design offer a clean, professional appearance.
                                                           Offered in black only.
 Medium    ALP355111121M     ALP355111112M      $103.99
  Large     ALP355111121L     ALP355111112L     $103.99        Part No.          Size          Price
 X-Large   ALP355111121XL    ALP355111112XL     $103.99     ALP335511112-52     Medium       $599.99
                                                            ALP335511112-56      Large       $599.99
                                                            ALP335511112-60     X-Large      $599.99
                                                            ALP335511112-64     XX-Large     $599.99

                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                          5
                                                                       krieger racing
                                  Allstar Pg.

    Locking Tear Off Post Kit                                  Diaper Pins
    ALL13100 $16.99 Each                                         Steel diaper pins are zinc coated and sold each.
       Unique aluminum tear off posts have a                    Part No.              Description                   Price
    second set-screw locking the posts to                        ALL18446        1-3/4", .060" Diameter Wire        $2.49
    the shield so they don’t continually come
    loose. No need to remove shield just to
                                                                 ALL18448        2-3/4", .090" Diameter Wire        $2.49
    tighten the tear off post! Package of two.
                                                               Nuts And Bolts
                                                                 A wide variety of Grade 5 hex
    Hood Prop                                                  bolts, nuts, and washers are now
    ALL23260 $42.99 Each                                       available in coarse and fine thread.
      Aluminum hood prop is a must for asphalt tem-            Washers are available in USS flat,
    plate bodied cars. Sold each.                              SAE flat and locking types. Visit
                                                               www.allstarperformance.com for
                                                               specific sizes or refer to page 50
                                                               of the 2011 Allstar catalog.
    Gold Body Bolt Kit
      Gold anodized bolts have 1/4"-20 thread and
    a built-in captured washer. Nuts have built-in
    serrations which prevent loosening. Commonly
    used to fasten body panels and side skirts for easy        Lower Ball Joint
    removal but may be used anywhere a bolt with               ALL56276 $69.99 Each
    a captured washer is needed. 1-1/8" under head
                                                                 Screw-in GM Impala stud (common asphalt).
                                                               ALL56216 style with ALL56206 pin. Includes
     Part No.              Description                Price    adapter sleeve, ball, adjuster bushings, stud and
      ALL18561                 10-Pack                 $8.99   nut.
    ALL18561-50                50-Pack                $37.99
                                                               6-Blade Fan,
    Short Radio Box                                            18" Diameter
    ALL10441 $48.99 Each                                       ALL30100 $29.99 Each
      Aluminum radio box has a padded insert                     Heavy-duty, 27 degree, 6-blade
    to absorb vibration. Clamps to 1-3/4" roll bar             steel fan with universal bolt pattern
    tubing and fits most racing radios. Measures                has a 5/8" pilot hole.
    4"W x 2.5"D x 4"T.

    Leaf Spring Shackles                                       Tire Tool Adapter
      Six-hole brackets for mounting leaf springs have 1/2"    ALL10570 $349.99 Each
    diameter holes spaced 1" on center. Package of two.           Tire tool adapter is designed
                                                               for use as an accessory to
     Part No.              Description                Price    Allstar’s electric tire prep stand
      ALL60055             Steel, 1/4" Thick          $13.99   ALL10565. Adapter arm with
      ALL60056           Aluminum, 3/8" Thick         $19.99   cushioned handles slides left and right
                                                               allowing tire tool access to the entire
                                                               width of tire. All mounting hardware is included.
    Hair Pins                                                  Adapter accepts ALL10551 tire tool head (sold separately).
      Zinc coated hair pins are formed from .093"
    diameter steel wire. Package of two.
     Part No.              Description                Price
      ALL18442                  1-5/8"                $1.69
      ALL18444                  2-1/2"                $1.69

6                   phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
        krieger racing
           engines                                                  Allstar Pg.

                                                                    Hybrid Caliper Brackets
10-Point                                                               Specialized brackets adapt smaller hybrid
Roll Cage Kits                                                      rotor and metric calipers to Pinto / Mustang
                                                                    II spindles.
  Kits increase safety and the structural integrity of the
vehicle. Main hoops are custom bent to fit each application           Part No.        Description               Price
precisely. Hoop and bars are contructed of .134" mild steel,          ALL42118             LH                $29.99
1-5/8" diameter tubing. Welding required. Floor plates sold
separately for uni-body cars.
                                                                      ALL42119             RH                $29.99
Part No.                Description                        Price
                                                                    1/4" Coiled Zinc Tubing
 ALL22620          Camaro/Firebird, 1967-69               $289.99
                                                                    ALL48326 $13.99 Each
 ALL22621         Camaro/Firebird, 1970-81                $289.99
            G-Body Monte Carlo/Cutlass/Grand Prix                     Great for building custom length lines
                         1978-88                          $289.99   without unions. 25' roll is easily cut and
                                                                    flared to length. Flare nuts sold separately.
 ALL22630             Mustang/Capri                       $289.99
 ALL22640   Floor Plates 6" x 6" (For Uni-body) 6-Pack     $29.99
                                                                    Inverted Flare Unions
Aluminum Body Brace Starter Kit                                       Inverted flare unions are offered in three dif-
ALL23104 $59.99 Each                                                ferent sizes. Sold in packages of four.
  Basic starter kit for                                              Part No.               Description                 Price
hanging modified or late                                               ALL50131      7/16"-24 Thread, For 1/4" Tubing    $5.89
model bodies includes (6)
1" x 60" long 90° angled
                                                                      ALL50132      1/2"-20 Thread, For 5/16" Tubing    $5.99
aluminum, (2) 1" x 12" long                                           ALL50133       5/8"-18 Thread, For 3/8" Tubing    $6.59
90° angled aluminum, and
(10) 1" x 1/8" x 36" long flat                                       Braided Steel Lines
aluminum strap to connect body to frame.
                                                                      -4 hose with one -4 straight end and one
                                                                    1/8"NPT end.
Adjustable Panhard Bar                                               Part No.               Description                 Price
Drop Mount Kit                                                        ALL48197                  18" Long               $11.97
ALL60273 $399.99 Each                                                 ALL48199                  24" Long               $12.99
  Easily adjusted on frame side of Panhard bar, mount
has a threaded shaft and fastens to 1-3/4" dia. tubing.             Master Cylinder Adapter Fittings
Kit has 5" of adjustment. Each turn of the shaft moves
mount .100". Extension rod may be mounted in rear
                                                                    ALL41012 $15.99 Each
window or decking for quick, easy adjustments from                     Fittings adapt master cylinders or combina-
outside of the car. Mounting hardware and a 3/4"                    tion valves with 1/2"-20 and 9/16"-18 ports to
Panhard bar bolt are included.                                      accept 3/16" inverted flare brake line with stan-
                                                                    dard 3/8"-24 fittings. Kit includes one of each fitting.

Mustang II Spindles
  Stock height spindles for Mustang II are a
                                                                    Bushing Style Pull Bar
direct replacement for OEM units. Spindles                          ALL56365 $299.99 Each
accept stock rotors and caliper brackets but                          Torque link includes one
are commonly used with 11" Granada                                  orange (55 durometer) and one
rotors, Allstar calipers, and brackets.                             blue (80 durometer) poly bushing
                                                                    on the engine torque side. This
     Part No.              Description                   Price
                                                                    bushing combination works similar to a progressive spring;
      ALL56308                    LH                     $79.99     the softer (primary bushing) collapses at a faster rate
      ALL56309                    RH                     $79.99     than the harder (secondary bushing) until the unit is solely
                                                                    working on the secondary bushing. A single red (87 durom-
                                                                    eter) poly brake bushing is also included. 17-1/2" long unit
                                                                    weighs 11.25 lbs.

                   phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                      7
                                                                                       krieger racing

    Spring Style Pull Bar                                         Allstar Pg.
    ALL56367 $288.99 Each                                                       Solar Controller
      Torque link uses a coil spring to absorb engine torque and
    increase traction to rear tires. The twin shaft design allows               BAT021-1162 $17.99 Each
    engine torque and brake bushings to be adjusted separately.                   Allows converting an existing solar panel into a solar
    A single red (87 durometer) poly bushing is included. Unit                  charger using Battery Tender’s patented Super Smart
    requires a 5" O.D. x 6-5/8" or 7" tall coil spring, sold sepa-              Charging Algorithm. Usable input range is between 5-45
    rately. 19" long unit weighs 8.5 lbs., without spring.                      watts. Sure to be popular with RV owners and boaters.

    Poly Bushings                                                               Solar Chargers
      Poly bushings are designed for racing and work                            With Built-In Controllers                                    BAT021-1163
    great in pull bars (torque links) and bump stops.                              Innovative new Solar panels feature
    1.06" tall bushings feature a progressive rate,                             integrated Battery Tender chargers for
    starting softly and quickly “ramping up.” Sold each.                        100% portable charging and mainte-
    Part No.                   Description                        Price         nance. Perfect for storage spaces
     ALL56369 Green Bushing, 2.25" O.D. / .750" I.D., 50 DR      $16.99         without power access. The 5-watt
                                                                                charger is designed purely as a main-
     ALL56373    Blue Bushing, 2.25" O.D. / .750" I.D., 80 DR    $16.99         taines, the 10-watt adds a 1/2 amp
                                                                                when charging, while the 15-watt unit offers
    Sprint Rear Motor Plates                                                    nearly 1 full amp of charging. The only solar
                                                                                panels currently available with a built-in
      CNC-machined aluminum plate
                                                                                charge controller to prevent overcharging.
    fits standard and raised cam
    engines, standard and raised rail                                             Part No.                  Description                      Price
    cars as well as newer style light-                                          BAT021-1163 5-Watt Solar Panel With Built-In Controller    $54.99
    weight blocks. Multiple holes are
    drilled and tapped for mounting
                                                                                BAT021-1164 10-Watt Solar Panel With Built-In Controller   $76.99
    pumps and torque ball shield                                                BAT021-1165 15-Watt Solar Panel With Built-In Controller   $99.99
    directly to motor plate instead of the housing. The top trailing            NOTE: Output of the charger is based upon panel being fully sun loaded.
    edge of motor plate is grooved to eliminate obstruction with
    dash. 3/8" thick plate weighs 7.25 lbs.
     Part No.                 Description                        Price
      ALL38125                      Plain                       $154.99
      ALL38126                 Black Anodized                   $164.99

    Circle Track
      T-shirts with circle track
    theme have a large Allstar logo
    on the back and small logo on
    the front left chest. White only.
       Part No.                 Description                      Price
      ALL99900S                      Small                      $12.99
      ALL99900M                     Medium                      $12.99
      ALL99900L                      Large                      $12.99
      ALL99900XL                    X-Large                     $12.99
     ALL99900XXL                   XX-Large                     $14.99
     ALL99900XXXL                 XXX-Large                     $14.99

8                   phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
          krieger racing
               Super F Transmission Fluid
                              ATI teamed up with Joe Gibbs Driven to develop a 100% synthetic trans-
                            mission fluid with Type F, Friction Modifier Chemistry that offers crisp shifts,
superior heat dissipation and an extended life. Fluid has been proven in back-to-back drag strip testing to
reduce elapsed times up to .02 when compared to non-synthetic Type F fluids.
      Part No.                                       Description                                         Price
      ATI100001                           Super F Transmission Fluid, 1 Quart                             $8.99
     ATI100001-12                Super F Transmission Fluid, 1 Case (12) 1 Quart Bottles                 $98.99
      ATI100004                           Super F Transmission Fluid, 1 Gallon                           $32.99

                                                                          Mickey Thompson
                                                                              Pg. 9, 34
                            Baja Claw TTC
                              Advance radial construction Baja Claw TTC is the ultimate traction tire. Tire
                            combines the benefits of a 23° tread pattern, large directional SideBiters, strate-
                            gically placed siping and PowerPly 3-ply puncture resistant sidewalls.
                                              Side        Load Max.                   Appr.       Mea. Section Tread Overall
 Part No.                 Size                Wall Weight Range Load                  Rims        Rim   Width Width   Dia.           Price
OE Replacement Sizes
  MIC5851           31 x 10.50R15LT           BLK       48 lbs        C     2,270      7"-9"      8.5"     10.9"    8.3"    30.8"   $214.99
  MIC5854           33 x 12.50R15LT           BLK       60 lbs        C     2,205     8.5"-11"     10"     12.1"    9.7"    32.7"   $249.99
  MIC5856           35 x 12.50R15LT           BLK       67 lbs        C     2,535     8.5"-11"     10"     12.2"   10.0"    34.8"   $289.99
LT Metric Sizes
  MIC5863              LT285/75R16            BLK       59 lbs        D     3,305     7.5"-9"      8"      11.3"    8.9"    33.1"   $273.99
  MIC5866              LT305/70R16            BLK       63 lbs        D     2,910     8"-9.5"      9"      12.0"    9.8"    33.1"   $312.99
  MIC5868              LT315/75R16             BLK      67 lbs        D     3,195      8"-11"     8.5"     11.9"    9.8"    34.5"   $313.99
  MIC5874              LT305/65R17            BLK       64 lbs        E     3,195     8.5"-11"     9"      12.3"    9.8"    32.7"   $312.99
  MIC5876              LT315/70R17             BLK      68 lbs        D     3,195     8.5"-10"    9.5"     12.8"    9.8"    34.6"   $364.99

Baja STZ
  The perfect choice for work or play, the Baja STZ provides superior steering response, superior grip
and great all-weather traction. Serrated tie bars and shoulder scallops offer improved tread stability and
off-road traction, while multi draft lug angles provide self-cleaning, increase lug durability and reduce stone
                                           Side             Load Max.               Appr.        Mea. Section Tread Overall
 Part No.                Size              Wall      Weight Range Load              Rims         Rim   Width Width Dia.              Price
OE Replacement Sizes
  MIC50611             235/70R16           OWL        33 lbs     Std.      2,094      6"-8"       7"       9.5"    7.4"    29.0"    $149.99
  MIC50631             265/70R16           OWL        37 lbs     Std.      2,469      7"-9"       8"      10.9"    8.5"    30.5"    $169.99
  MIC50641             265/75R16           OWL        40 lbs     Std.      2,756      7"-9"      7.5"     10.5"    8.0"    31.7"    $164.99
  MIC50731             265/70R17           OWL        40 lbs     Std.      2,679      7"-9"       8"      10.7"    8.5"    31.6"    $184.99
  MIC50831             265/60R18           OWL        40 lbs     Std.      2,337    7.5"-9.5"     8"      10.5"    9.1"    30.5"    $209.99
  MIC50241             275/55R20            BLK       45 lbs      XL       2,883    7.5"-9.5"    8.5"     11.2"    9.4"    31.9"    $224.99
  MIC50251             275/60R20            BLK       45 lbs      XL       2,679     8"-9.5"     8.5"     12.7"    9.1"    33.1"    $239.99
LT Metric Sizes
  MIC50620          LT245/70R16            OWL        44 lbs      E        2,910    6.5"-7.5"     7"       9.8"    7.5"    29.5"    $226.99
  MIC50630          LT265/70R16            OWL        49 lbs      E        3,195     7"-8.5"      8"      10.7"    8.2"    30.6"    $234.99
  MIC50730          LT265/65R17            OWL        52 lbs      E        3,085    7.5"-9.5"     8"      10.7"    8.4"    30.6"    $244.99
  MIC50740          LT275/70R17            OWL        49 lbs      E        3,195     7"-8.5"      8"      11.1"    8.7"    32.2"    $264.99

                       phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                             9
                                                                    krieger racing
                                                                Floor And Tunnel
                                  Design Eng.
                                   Pg. 10,23                    Shield (FT II)
                                                                  Modern, multifaceted aluminum
                                                                surface can withstand up to 1,750°F. of
                                                                direct continuous heat. Works great on
 Under Carpet (UC)                                              transmission tunnels, fire walls, floor boards, fuel cells, etc.
    Ideal for use as a second layer over Boom Mat acoustical
 material. Provides additional sound deadening benefits,               Part No.                Description                     Price
 while protecting interior from heat and cold. May be secured        DSN050507             24" x 21" (3.5 Sq. Ft.)            $29.99
 in place on vertical surfaces using DEI Hi-Temp Spray               DSN050508              48" x 21" (7 Sq. Ft.)             $59.99
     Part No.             Description                  Price    Jeep Wrangler
     DSN050100          24" x 54" (9 Sq. Ft.)      $59.99
     DSN050101         48" x 54" (18 Sq. Ft.)     $109.99
                                                                  Designed exclusively for 2007-up Jeep
 Under Carpet Lite                                              Wrangler 2- and 4-door models fitted with
 (UC Lite)                                                      three-piece hardtops, sound-deadening
   Multi-layered lightweight composite                          headliner features a simple peel and stick
 material offers superior thermal and                           installation. Headliner kit reduces noise
 noise insulation. Flexible product is                          and vibration while dressing up the interior.
 well suited to trunks, door liners, rear                             Part No.                Description                     Price
 decks, head liners and more.                                        DSN050131                 4-Door, Black              $199.99
     Part No.             Description                  Price         DSN050132                 2-Door, Black              $154.99
     DSN050110         24" x 60" (10 Sq. Ft.)      $34.99
     DSN050111         48" x 60" (20 Sq. Ft.)      $69.99       T6 Turbo Shield
                                                                  T6 Titanium Turbo Shield reduces
 Under Hood                                                     underhood temperatures for increased
                                                                performance. Manufactured from
 Thermal Acoustic Lining                                        pulverized lava rock and can withstand up to
 DSN050130 $64.99 Each                                          1,800°F. of direct heat. Shield uses hi-temp
   Protect expensive paint jobs, while                          rated silica insulation padding under the outer
 reducing noise and vibration. Easy to                          layer for added protection against extreme heat.
 install; simply peel and stick. Sold in 32"
                                                                 Part No.                   Description                              Price
 x 54" (12 Sq. Ft.) roll.
                                                                DSN010146                   T6 Turbo Shield                    $334.99
                                                                DSN010147 T6 Turbo Shield Kit, 3-3/4" W x 26" circumference    $399.99
 Leather Look                                                                                                  Heat Shroud
 Sound Barrier                                                  Spooled Line
    Moisture resistant and easy to                              And Hose Sleeving
 clean, black leather-embossed material                           Popular Heat Sheath, Heat Shroud
 provides a finishing touch to a vehicle’s                       and Fire Sleeve products on spools.                    Fire Sleeve
 interior. Product offers insulation from heat and cold, and
 also delivers superior sound insulation qualities. Great for       Part No.                   Description                       Price
 door panels, floors, speaker boxes and rear package trays.      Heat Sheath
                                                                 DSN010403B50                3/4" Dia. x 50' Long              $139.99
     Part No.          Description                Price          DSN010404B50               1-1/4" Dia. x 50' Long             $179.99
     DSN050120       24" x 54" (9 Sq. Ft.)       $75.99          DSN010418B50                1/2" Dia. x 50' Long              $119.99
     DSN050121       48" x 54" (18 Sq. Ft.)     $149.99          DSN010419B50                 1" Dia. x 50' Long               $159.99
                                                                 DSN010420B50               1-1/2" Dia. x 50' Long             $209.99
 Boom Mat Installation Roller                                   Heat Shroud

 DSN050218 $14.99 Each                                           DSN010405B50        1/2" To 1-1/4" w/Velcro x 50' Long        $349.99
                                                                Fire Sleeve
   Heavy duty, 2" wide roller eases the installation             DSN010470B25                3/8" Dia. x 25' Long               $79.99
 of Boom Mat.
                                                                 DSN010472B25                5/8" Dia. x 25' Long              $105.99
                                                                 DSN010474B25                 1" Dia. x 25' Long               $149.99

10               phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
        krieger racing

2010-11 Camaro V8                                              2005-Up Mustang Front Control
Motor Mounts                                                   Arm Bushings And Brackets
PTN7-518BL $224.99 Pair                                        PTN6-220BL $99.99 Kit
  A Prothane exclusive. “Bullet” motor mounts are machined       Eliminates unwanted wheel movement
from rigid, billet aluminum and coupled with super strong      during aggressive driving. Kit
black urethane for superior engine control. Sold in pairs.     replaces the OEM front control
                                                               arm, rear position hydraulic bushing
                                                               with a custom bracket and specially
2010-11 Camaro                                                 formulated bushing. Fits all 2005-up Mustang,
                                                               Mustang GT and Shelby GT500. Black only.
Suspension Bushings
  Specially engineered urethane
bushings improve handling without                              1999-2004 Mustang
sacrificing ride. All bushings listed
are black and need no specialized                              Trans Mount Kit
tools for installation. Black only.                            PTN6-1607
 Part No.               Description                   Price    $49.99 Kit
 PTN7-142BL         Rear Subframe Bushings           $129.99     Unique crossmember, which
                                                               fits all 1999-2004 Mustang, provides
 PTN7-238BL      Front Control Arm Bushing Set        $54.99   adjustability to compensate for varying factory tolerances.
 PTN7-318BL      Rear Control Arm Bushing Set         $79.99   Transmission mount not included. Black only.
 PTN7-404BL           Special End Link Kit            $49.99
 PTN7-703BL       Rack And Pinion Bushing Kit         $17.99
PTN7-1192BL           Sway Bar Bushings                $8.99   1964-73 Mustang
                                                               Lower Spring Perches
Camaro Bump Stops                                              PTN6-1702BL $93.99 Pair
  Designed for the front lower control arms.                     A direct replacement for 1964-73 Mustang, front spring
Black only.                                                    perches offer a vast improvement in handling when com-
                                                               pared to the OEM units. Sold per pair, black only.
  Part No.         Description               Price
 PTN7-1301BL       1968-69 Camaro            $8.99
 PTN7-1302BL       1970-81 Camaro            $8.99             Chrysler “B” And “E” Body
                                                               Front Strut Rod Bushings
                                                               PTN4-1207BL $15.99 Set
Camaro Spring And                                                Heavy duty urethane bushings fit all
                                                               1966-72 “B” body and 1970-74 “E”
Shackle Bushings                                               body Dodge/Plymouth. Black only.
  Designed to directly replace the OEM
rubber bushings. Black only.
 Part No.               Description                   Price
              Rear HD Shackle Kit Only, 1967-81
              Multi-Leaf, Includes Rear Only Eye
            Bushings, Shackle Bushings, HD Shack-    $81.99
                    les, Bolts And Locknuts
             Spring Eye And HD Shackle Kit, 1967-
              69 Mono Leaf, Includes Spring Eye
            Bushings, Shackle Bushings, HD Shack-    $79.99
                    les, Bolts And Locknuts
              Rear HD Shackle Kit Only, 1967-69
              Mono Leaf, Includes Rear Only Eye
            Bushings, Shackle Bushings, HD Shack-    $79.99
                    les, Bolts And Locknuts

                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                 11
                                                                        krieger racing
                                                                  LP10000 Winch
                                                                  SUP1510200 $514.99 Each
                                                                    LP10000 winch, which features
                                                                  a 10,000 lb. rated line pull, offers
 Winch-In-A-Bag Plus                                              exceptional reliability for inter-
 SUP1125149 $239.99 Each                                          mediate level off-road and utility
    A fully portable winching                                     applications. Unit includes a 5.1 HP
 kit with everything needed                                       weather sealed motor, 3/8" dia. x
 to keep you going. Well                                          85' wire rope, heavy duty 4-way
 suited to loading or                                             roller fairlead and 12' remote.
 unloading of boats, ATV’s,
 snowmobiles or off-road
 4-wheel drive vehicles. Kit                                      Talon Winches                                              SUP1695200
 features a 2,500 lb. rated                                         The first truly sealed vehicle
 line pull winch complete with 3/16" dia. x 40' long wire rope,   recovery winch, including motor,
 8' remote control, two 6' long choker straps, a one ton bow      gearbox, solenoid and remote that
 shackle and a pair of heavy duty winch gloves. Unit does not     meet IP67 standards. It also is the
 require a winch mount for operation.                             first winch that includes a vented,
                                                                  submersible and stabilized sealed
                                                                  socket solenoid. The Talon series
 LT3000 ATV Winch                                                 winches additionally include the
                                                                  benefits of 5.2 or 6 HP sealed
 SUP1130220 $167.99 Each                                          wound motors, heavy duty, 4-way
   Designed for installation on ATV’s,                            roller fairleads, 3/8" dia. x 85'
 UTV’s or side-by-sides, the LT3000                               long wire ropes and 15' hand held
 ATV winch has a 3,000 lb. rated line                             remotes.                                                   SUP1695210
 pull. Winch features a 1.2 HP per-
 manent magnet motor, 3/16" x 50'                                  Part No.                  Description                      Price
 long wire rope, 4-way roller fairlead                            SUP1695200               Talon 9.5, 9,500 lbs.             $794.99
 and 12' remote control. An application                           SUP1695210 Talon 9.5i, Integrated Solenoid, 9,500 lbs.     $799.99
 specific winch plate is required for installation.
                                                                  SUP1612200              Talon 12.5, 12,000 lbs.            $836.99
                                                                  SUP1612210 Talon 12.5i, Integrated Solenoid, 12,000 lbs.   $855.99
 S4000 SR Winch
 SUP1440200SR $549.99 Each                                        Rock 98
    S Series race trailer winch is virtually                      SUP1698201 $1,062.99 Each
 identical to the original S4000 with the                           The Rock 98 features a sealed
 addition of a 1/4" dia. x 50' long yellow                        5.2 HP wound motor with 2-stage
 Dyneema synthetic rope and larger,                               planetary and 2-stage spur gear
 heavy duty latched clevis hook. The                              train to deliver a rated line pull of
 synthetic rope is better suited to                               9,800 lbs. A synthetic, 3/8" dia.
 expensive race car paint surfaces and                            x 50' long rope includes genuine
 is easier to handle when compared                                AmSteel-Blue with Samthane cov-
 to traditional wire ropes. Unit uses a                           ering to resist abrasion. Unit additionally includes a vented,
 1.8 HP permanent magnet motor and                                sealed and submersible solenoid and 15' hand-held remote.
 includes a rated line pull of 6,400 lbs.
 Includes a roller fairlead and a 30' handheld remote.
                                                                  Winch Rope Dampener
                                                                  SUP2570 $29.99 Each
                                                                    Special dampener is designed to
                                                                  absorb rope energy in the event of a
                                                                  rope failure when pulling a heavy load.
                                                                  Heavy duty vinyl dampener includes
                                                                  storage pockets for shackles, pulley
                                                                  blocks or straps.

12              phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
        krieger racing

T-3/T-4 Turbo Cover                                              Thermo-Flex
                                                                    Composite material offers resistance to abrasion, thermal
THE15004 $139.99 Each                                            insulation and physical containment of hoses and wiring.
  New turbo cover, an easy install on                            Aluminum/silica construction tubing is lightweight and flex-
T-3, T-4 or T-5 turbochargers, increases                         ible, and may be slit for use as wire looms or hose covering,
performance by maintaining temperatures                          if desired. Offered in silver only.
inside the turbo, while reducing underhood temperatures.
Dual layer construction cover is sold complete with grom-         Part No.              Description                 Price
                                                                 3' Lengths
mets and wiring for installation.
                                                                   THE17100                 1" Dia.               $16.99
                                                                   THE17125               1-1/4" Dia.             $18.99
Turbo Insulating Kit                                               THE17150               1-1/2" Dia.             $20.99
                                                                 10' Lengths
For 4-Cylinder                                                   THE17062-10              5/8" Dia.               $39.99
THE15001 $97.99 Kit                                              THE17075-10              3/4" Dia.               $43.99
  Insulating kit, designed exclu-
sively for 4-cylinder applications, is
                                                                 THE17100-10                1" Dia.               $49.99
engineered to improve performance                                THE17125-10              1-1/4" Dia.             $53.99
and eliminate turbo lag. Kit includes Exhaust Insulating Wrap,   THE17150-10              1-1/2" Dia.             $67.99
a yard of Aluminized Heat Barrier, necessary hardware and        THE17300-10                3" Dia.               $99.99

Thermo-Sleeve                                                    Floor Insulating Mats
  A combination of a high temperature                               Made of the highest quality insula-
fabric laminated to a highly reflective                           tion materials available, insulating
Mylar coil, Thermo-Sleeve is fireproof and oil                    mat was designed specifically with
resistant, and reflects over 90% of radiant heat.                 the racer in mind. Mat is constructed
 Part No.              Description                  Price        with a highly textured aluminum composite
                                                                 surface on one side, a high temperature silica felt
  THE14016       1-1/8"-1-1/2" Dia. x 12' Long      $71.99       center, and a durable Mylar facing on the opposite side.
  THE14021         1-5/8"-2" Dia. x 12' Long        $98.99
                                                                  Part No.              Description                 Price
  THE14026       2-1/8"-2-1/2" Dia. x 12' Long     $113.99         THE16510                8" x 12"                $55.99
                                                                   THE16520               10" x 18"                $84.99
Cool-It Plug Wire Sleeves                                          THE16530               18" x 18"               $104.99
Your Choice – $36.99 Pack                                          THE16540               18" x 24"               $111.99
  New, improved spark plug wire sleeves fea-
ture an improved coating to better protect the
                                                                   THE16550               24" x 24"               $111.99
wire and boot. Double wall construction with-                      THE16560               24" x 36"               $118.99
stands conductive heat up to 750°F. Universal size sleeves
fit most plug boots and are easy to install.
                                                                 C5 Corvette Tunnel Heat Shield
 Part No.              Description                               THE16570 $262.99 Each
  THE14260             Natural, 4-Pack
  THE14262             Black, 4-Pack                                Aerospace quality heat shield,
                                                                 designed specifically for the C5
                                                                 Corvette, offers added protec-
                                                                 tion from exhaust heat. Heat
                                                                 shield features a highly-textured aluminum composite sur-
                                                                 face on one side, a high-temperature silica felt center and a
                                                                 durable Mylar composite facing on the opposite side. Installs
                                                                 easily in minutes.

                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                     13
                                                                        krieger racing
              Call For
            Great Prices!

 SB Chevy Nitrile Rubber/Steel
 Core Valve Cover Gaskets                                         Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath
                                                                    Metal Rescue is a non-hazardous, easy, safe, clean and
 CAGC5973-2P $59.99 Pair                                          effective method of rust removal without the any of the risks
   New, improved valve cover gaskets for 1958-86 small            involving health or environmental concerns. Usage is easy;
 block Chevy incorporates molded nitrile rubber that is           simply immerse rusty parts in the liquid from 5 minutes to 24
 bonded to a steel core for exceptional sealing and durability.   hours based on the amount of rust, temperature of the liquid,
 Truly reusable, perimeter style gaskets surpass the ability      and type of steel. Metal Rescue removes the rust from the
 of typical cork or rubber gaskets. Gaskets also resist high      part and the rust becomes suspended in the solution. Once
 vacuum, blowing out and over tightening. Sold per pair.          rust is removed, simply rinse part off and dry, and the part is
                                                                  ready for use.
                                                                     Part No.              Description                Price
                                                                  WSHWH290497       Metal Rescue, 1 Quart (32 ozs.)   $9.99
                                                                  WSHWH290487           Metal Rescue, 1 Gallon        $19.99
                                                                  WSHWH570295           Metal Rescue, 5 Gallon        $89.99

 Ford 289-351W                                                    Dry Coat Rust Preventative
 Slant-Edge Valve Covers                                            Water-based rust preventative is a significant
    Using an innovative mold                                      advancement in corrosion protection technology,
 design, these die-cast slant-                                    replacing solvent and oil-based corrosion inhibitors.
 edge valve covers offer                                          After applications, clear protective coating is dry to
 more internal clearance for                                      the touch and does not attract dirt or dust on metal
 large valvetrain applications.                                   parts. Product is non-hazardous and washes off using
 All valve covers are tall with remov-                            mild detergents.
 able baffles. Sold in pairs, complete
                                                                    Part No.               Description                Price
 with necessary grommets and
 fasteners. Choose from valve covers emblazoned with Ford
                                                                  WSHWH570285             Dry Coat, (8 ozs.)          $6.99
 Racing or Ford Mustang logos. Not for use on EFI manifolds.      WSHWH238149        Dry Coat, 1 Quart (32 ozs.)      $14.99
      Part No.               Description                 Price
     Ford Racing
     PFM302-135       Black Crinkle, Raised Emblems     $229.99
     PFM302-136        Ford Blue, Raised Emblems        $229.99
     PFM302-137     Cast Gray Crinkle, Raised Emblems   $229.99
     PFM302-138     Polished, Recessed Black Emblems    $229.99
     PFM302-139     Chrome, Recessed Black Emblems      $209.99
     Ford Mustang
     PFM302-140       Black Crinkle, Raised Emblems     $306.99

 Ford Racing
 Air Breather Caps
   The top of each breather is
 embossed with the Ford Racing logo.
 Push-in design.
      Part No.               Description                 Price
                      Chrome Breather With Hood
                      (formerly FRDM6766-K302)          $22.99
                     Chrome Breather Without Hood
                      (formerly FRDM6766-H302)          $18.99

14                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
          krieger racing
                Victor Reinz Engine Gaskets
                                     For Ford 6.0L 32V Turbo Diesel
                                       Victor Reinz now offers a full selection of engine gaskets for the popular 2003-08 Ford 6.0L
                                     32V Turbo Diesel.
                                        Part No.                                         Description                                     Price
                                        M7754450       Multi-Layered Steel Head Gasket, 2003 “F” Series; 2004-06 “E” & “F” Series     $54.99
                                        M7754579       Multi-Layered Steel Head Gasket, 2005-07 “E” & “F” Series; 2008 “E” Series     $73.99
                                       M77JV1684                   Rear Main Seal Set, 2003-08, Requires M77OS32271                   $46.99
                                       M77JV5066                             Timing Cover Gasket Set, 2003-08                         $33.99
                                      M77MIS19311        Intake Manifold Gasket Master Set, 2003-08, All Gaskets & Seals Required     $75.99
                                      M77MS19311                            Intake Manifold Gasket Set, 2003-08                       $55.99
                                      M77MS19312                       Multi-Layered Steel Exhaust Gaskets, 2003-08                   $18.99
                                      M77OS32271                                Oil Pan Gasket Set, 2003-08                           $33.99
                                      M77VS50395         Valve Cover Gaskets, 2003-08, Upper And Lower Gaskets, And Grommets         $105.99

                    New Vendor!
                    New Vendor!
                                                               Part No.            Size             Bolt Circle           Spacing        Price
                                                          RSI92-537340P*         15 x 3.75"   5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    1.50"     $159.99
                                                           RSI92-550344P          15 x 5"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    2.50"     $174.99
                                                           RSI92-570346P          15 x 7"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    3.50"     $174.99
                                                           RSI92-580348P          15 x 8"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    4.50"     $184.99
92 Drag-Star                                               RSI92-580350P          15 x 8"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    5.50"     $179.99
   Lightweight, one-
piece alloy wheels
                                                           RSI92-510348P         15 x 10"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    4.50"     $194.99
offer maximum                                              RSI92-510350P         15 x 10"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    5.50"     $194.99
brake clearance and                                        RSI92-510352P         15 x 10"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    6.50"     $192.99
a lifetime structural
warranty. The Drag-
                                                           RSI92-510354P         15 x 10"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    7.50"     $194.99
Star uses a tri-fit                                        RSI92-512347P*         15 x 12"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    4.00"     $249.99
bolt-circle application                                   RSI92-514347P*         15 x 14"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    4.00"     $259.99
thru tight lug bore                                       RSI92-745342P*         17 x 4.5"    5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    2.25"     $229.99
dimensional control
so each wheel can be offered in 5 x 4.5",
                                                           RSI92-770347P          17 x 7"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    4.00"     $249.99
5 x 4.75", and 5 x 5" bolt circles without                 RSI92-780348P          17 x 8"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    4.50"     $259.99
compromising wheel design or ride quality.                 RSI92-780350P          17 x 8"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    5.50"     $259.99
Each wheel is sold complete with bolt-on                   RSI92-795349P         17 x 9.5"    5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5"    5.25"     $269.99
center cap. Race Star Industries lug nuts,
sold separately, must be used. Standard
                                                           RSI92-795353P         17 x 9.5"     5 x 4.5"/5 x 4.75"/5 x 5    7.00"     $269.99
lug nuts are not compatible.                            * Not intended for street use.

                                                                                   Part No.                   Description                 Price
                                                                                Closed End Packages
                                                                                                 (20) 7/16" Closed, 1.38" Long, 13/16"
                                                                                                    Head, Includes Centered Washers      $64.99
Deluxe Lug Nut Packages                                                          RSI601-1416-20
                                                                                                  (20) 1/2" Closed, 1.38" Long, 13/16"
  Required for use on Race Star Industries                                                           Head, Includes Offset Washers
                                                                                                   (20) 12mm x 1.5 Closed, 1.38" Long,
wheels, each package includes (20) lug                                           RSI601-1412-20                                          $64.99
                                                                                                13/16" Head, Includes Centered Washers
nuts, (20) washers, (4) chrome valve stems,                                     Open End Packages
(4) hub centric rings, and chrome thin wall                                                      (20) 7/16" Open, 1.38" Long, 13/16"
socket. Choose from closed or open end
                                                                                                   Head, Includes Centered Washers       $79.99
lug nut packages.                                                                                 (20) 1/2" Open, 1.38" Long, 13/16"
                                                                                                     Head, Includes Offset Washers       $79.99
NOTE: Bolt pattern washer requirements: 5 x 4.75" require                                          (20) 12mm x 1.5 Open, 1.38" Long,
centered washers; 5 x 4.5" and 5 x 5" require o set washers.
                                                                                                13/16" Head, Includes Centered Washers   $79.99

                      phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                                  15
                                                                             krieger racing
                                                                          1940 Series Gauges
                                                                             New Vintage has duplicated the
                                           New Vendor!
                                           New Vendor!                    popular look of the aircraft and
                                                                          military gauges of the 30’s and 40’s,
                                                                          but with the added bonus of 21st
                                                                          century technology. Gauges utilize
 Woodward Series Gauges                                                   military style graphics with white
                                                                          tipped pointers, domed lenses and stainless steel bezels.
                                                                          Sold complete with necessary components for installation.
                                                                            Part No.                 Description                     Price
                                                                                              5-Gauge Kit, Black, 3-3/8" Mech.
                                                                                         Speedometer, 2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water
                                                                                         Temperature, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level   $325.99
                   NVG37604-2                      NVG37604-1                                              Gauges
                                                                                              5-Gauge Kit, White, 3-3/8" Mech.
                                                                                         Speedometer, 2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water
    The instrument line that changed the way the industry                 NVG40504-03                                               $325.99
                                                                                         Temperature, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level
 thinks about gauges. The first true period look series cur-                                                Gauges
 rently available. Gauges feature Deco-styled wraparound                                    5-Gauge Kit, Black, 3-3/8" Program-
 numbers, stylish hash marks, bright inner ring, contoured red                           mable Speedometer, 2-1/16" Volt Meter,
 pointers, domed lenses and hand polished stainless steel                 NVG40514-01
                                                                                            Water Temperature, Oil Pressure and     $389.99
 bezels. Sold complete with necessary components for instal-                                         Fuel Level Gauges
 lation.                                                                                    5-Gauge Kit, White, 3-3/8" Program-
                                                                                         mable Speedometer, 2-1/16" Volt Meter,
      Part No.                  Description                      Price    NVG40514-03
                                                                                            Water Temperature, Oil Pressure and     $389.99
                    2-1/16" Clock, Black, Quartz Movement                                            Fuel Level Gauges
                                With Second Hand                $79.99                   6-Gauge Kit, Black, 3-3/8" Mech. Speed-
                       2-1/16" Clock, Beige, Quartz Move-                                   ometer and 8,000 RPM Tachometer,
                             ment With Second Hand              $79.99    NVG40604-01
                                                                                          2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water Temperature,    $439.99
                       2-Gauge Kit, Black, 3-3/8" Program-                                  Oil Pressure and Fuel Level Gauges
                      mable Speedometer and 3-3/8" Quad                                       6-Gauge Kit, White, 3-3/8" Mech.
     NVG37204-01     Gauge Set Including Volt Meter, Water      $379.99                   Speedometer and 8,000 RPM Tachome-
                     Temperature, Pressure and Fuel Level                 NVG40604-03
                                                                                          ter, 2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water Tempera-   $439.99
                                      Gauges                                             ture, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level Gauges
                       2-Gauge Kit, Beige, 3-3/8" Program-                                  6-Gauge Kit, Black, 3-3/8" Program-
                      mable Speedometer and 3-3/8" Quad                                     mable Speedometer and 8,000 RPM
     NVG37204-02     Gauge Set Including Volt Meter, Water      $379.99   NVG40614-01      Tachometer, 2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water    $479.99
                     Temperature, Pressure and Fuel Level                                Temperature, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level
                                     Gauges                                                                Gauges
                      2-Gauge Kit, Black, 5" Programmable                                   6-Gauge Kit, White, 3-3/8" Program-
                     Speedometer and 5" Quad Gauge Set                                      mable Speedometer and 8,000 RPM
                      Including Volt Meter, Water Tempera-      $389.99
                      ture, Pressure and Fuel Level Gauges
                                                                          NVG40614-03      Tachometer, 2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water    $479.99
                                                                                         Temperature, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level
                      2-Gauge Kit, Beige, 5" Programmable                                                  Gauges
                     Speedometer and 5" Quad Gauge Set
                      Including Volt Meter, Water Tempera-      $389.99
                      ture, Pressure and Fuel Level Gauges                1969 Series Gauges
                       5-Gauge Kit, Black, 3-3/8" 140 MPH
                                                                            The first true 60’s themed gauges
                    Speedometer, 2-1/16" Water Tempera-
                     ture, Volt Meter, Oil Pressure and Fuel    $439.99   currently available with mint green
                                   Level Gauges                           through-the-dial lighting, flat glass
                       5-Gauge Kit, Beige, 3-3/8" 140 MPH                 lenses, chrome bezels and modern
                    Speedometer, 2-1/16" Water Tempera-                   stepped motor technology. All 2-1/16"        NVG69601-30
                     ture, Volt Meter, Oil Pressure and Fuel    $439.99   gauges feature peak hi-low warning and recall. Sold com-
                                   Level Gauges                           plete with necessary components for installation.
                     6-Gauge Kit, Black, 3-3/8" 8,000 RPM
                      Tachometer and 140 MPH Speedom-                       Part No.                 Description                     Price
     NVG37604-01     eter, 2-1/16" Water Temperature, Volt      $532.99                  6-Gauge Kit, 3-3/8" Programmable
                        Meter, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level                             Speedometer and 10,000 RPM Tachom-
                                     Gauges                                NVG69601-30 eter, 2-1/16" Programmable Volt Meter,       $579.99
                     6-Gauge Kit, Beige, 3-3/8" 8,000 RPM                               Water Temperature, Oil Pressure and
                      Tachometer and 140 MPH Speedom-                                             Fuel Level Gauges
     NVG37604-02     eter, 2-1/16" Water Temperature, Volt      $532.99    NVG69193-30     2-1/16" Oil Temperature Gauge            $109.99
                        Meter, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level
                                                                           NVG69194-30        2-1/16" Vacuum/Boost Gauge            $174.99

16                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
        krieger racing
                                                        New Vendor!
                                                        New Vendor!

Redline Series Gauges                                            3-In-1 Gauge Kits
  Gauges combine the styling of                                     The 3-In-1 Gauge Kits brings
pro-touring and classic, 60’s muscle                             all the information you need in a
cars. Redline series gauges, which                               single, easy-to-read package. A bal-
incorporate spun-metal look dials                                anced layout features a 4-3/8" dia.       Woodward Series
with easy to read graphics and                                   programmable 140 MPH speedom-
through-the-dial lighting, use                                   eter combined with oil pressure and
modern, full sweep stepper motor                                 water temperature gauges, while a
technology, peak high-low warning and                            4-3/8" dia. 8,000 RPM tachometer
recall, and choice of white or amber LED lighting. Sold com-     is combined with volt meter and fuel
plete with necessary components for installation.                level gauges. Kits are offered in
                                                                 Woodward Series, 1968 Series and            1968 Series
  Part No.               Description                     Price
               6-Gauge Kit, 3-3/8" Speedometer and
                                                                 1969 Series gauges. Sold complete
               Tachometer, 2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water             with necessary components for installation.
                 Temperature, Oil Pressure and Fuel    $629.99
                                                                   Part No.              Description                  Price
                           Level Gauges
                                                                                Woodward Series, Black, 0-90 Ohms
NVG06193-35        2-1/16" Oil Temperature Gauge       $109.99   NVG37253-01
                                                                                         (GM) Fuel Level             $499.99
                                                                                Woodward Series, Beige, 0-90 Ohms
NVG06194-35       2-1/16" Vacuum/Boost Gauge           $174.99   NVG37253-02
                                                                                         (GM) Fuel Level             $499.99
                                                                                Woodward Series, White, 0-90 Ohms
                                                                                         (GM) Fuel Level             $499.99
                                                                               Woodward Series, Black, 240-33 Ohms
Performance Series Gauges                                        NVG37254-01
                                                                                      (Universal) Fuel Level         $499.99
  Bold, easy-to-read gauges feature                                            Woodward Series, Beige, 240-33 Ohms
an upscale performance appear-
                                                                                      (Universal) Fuel Level         $499.99
ance, yet are coupled with an eco-                                             Woodward Series, White, 240-33 Ohms
                                                                                      (Universal) Fuel Level         $499.99
nomical price. Gauges have titanium                                            Woodward Series, Black, 73-10 Ohms
smoked chrome bezels, red/black                                  NVG37255-01
                                                                                    (Ford/Chrysler) Fuel Level       $499.99
pointers and flat glass lenses. Sold                                            Woodward Series, Beige, 73-10 Ohms
complete with necessary compo-                                   NVG37255-02
                                                                                    (Ford/Chrysler) Fuel Level       $499.99
nents for installation.                                                        Woodward Series, White, 73-10 Ohms
                                                 NVG01650-01     NVG37255-03
                                                                                    (Ford/Chrysler) Fuel Level       $499.99
                                                                                1968 Series, 0-90 Ohms (GM) Fuel
  Part No.               Description                     Price
                                                                                              Level                  $549.99
               6-Gauge Kit, Black, 5" Programmable                               1968 Series, 73-10 Ohms (Ford/
              Speedometer and Tachometer, 2-1/16"
                                                                                       Chrysler) Fuel Level          $549.99
                 Volt Meter, Water Temperature, Oil    $459.99                  1969 Series, 0-90 Ohms (GM) Fuel
                      Pressure and Fuel Level
                                                                                              Level                  $549.99
               6-Gauge Kit, White, 5" Programmable                               1969 Series, 73-10 Ohms (Ford/
              Speedometer and Tachometer, 2-1/16"
                                                                                       Chrysler) Fuel Level          $549.99
                 Volt Meter, Water Temperature, Oil    $459.99
                      Pressure and Fuel Level
                6-Gauge Kit, Black, 3-3/8" Program-
               mable Speedometer and Tachometer,
              2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water Temperature,
                     Oil Pressure and Fuel Level                 Camaro/Firebird
                6-Gauge Kit, White, 3-3/8" Program-              Mounting Kit
               mable Speedometer and Tachometer,
              2-1/16" Volt Meter, Water Temperature,   $425.99   NVG88001-09 $49.99 Kit
                     Oil Pressure and Fuel Level                   Custom, 1/16" thick aluminum plate
                                                                 provides a professional installation of
                                                                 New Vintage 3-in-1 4-3/8" gauges into
                                                                 the stock 1967-68 gauge housing.

                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                   17
                                                                        krieger racing
                                       New Vendor!
                                       New Vendor!
                                                                 Buff Balls
                                                                   Special tool allows the buffing
 Polish                                                          of hard-to-reach areas in sec-
   The original signature Flitz product is                       onds, safely and easily. Fits any
 unsurpassed in cleaning, polishing,                             3/8" drill or air tool.
 deoxidizing and protecting. May be
 used on painted surfaces, chrome,                                  Part No.            Description               Price
 aluminum, glass, plastics, etc.                                    FTZ10250         2" Super-Mini Buff Ball      $28.99
 Removes rust, oxidation, bugs, tar,                                FTZPB101           Large 5" Buff Ball         $27.99
 tree sap, black streaks, scuff marks,
 etc. Available as concentrated paste
                                                                    FTZWB201          X-Large 7" Buff Ball        $31.99
 or liquid.
     Part No.              Description                  Price
                                                                 Headlight Restoration Kit
     FTZBP03511   Paste Polish, 1.76 oz. Blister Tube    $8.99   FTZHR31501 $39.99 Kit
                                                                   Restores like-new clarity to plastic
     FTZBU03515   Paste Polish, 5.29 oz. Boxed Tube     $19.99   including headlights, tail lights, wind-
     FTZLQ04535         Liquid Polish, 3.4 oz.           $7.99   shields, plastic windows, bug deflec-
     FTZLQ04587         Liquid Polish, 7.6 oz.          $12.99   tors, etc. Kit includes XL 7" Buff Ball,
                                                                 polish-paste, abrasive scuffing pad and
 Stainless Steel
 And Chrome Cleaner
 FTZSP01506 $10.99 Each                                          Mag Wheel Restoration
    Water-based formula removes grease, oil, automo-             And Care Kit
 tive fluids, brake dust, water spots, fingerprints and            FTZMW51502 $38.99 Kit
 more. Sold in a 16 oz. trigger spray bottle.
                                                                   The easy, safe way to remove brake
                                                                 dust, dirt and oxidation on uncoated alu-
                                                                 minum or chrome wheels. Works equally
 Stainless Steel                                                 well on painted or clear-coated wheels.
 And Chrome Polish                                               Kit includes large 5" Buff Ball, polish-
 FTZSS01306 $11.99 Each                                          paste and wax protectant. Fits any 3/8"
                                                                 drill or air tool.
   Polish delivers a deep gloss shine. Water-
 based formula is non-toxic and eco-friendly.
 Sold in a 16 oz. trigger spray bottle.
                                                                 Diamond Plate
                                                                 Restoration And Care Kit
 Waxx Speed Waxx                                                 FTZTTB31505 $38.99 Kit
 FTZSW02806 $11.99 Each                                             Cleans and polishes aluminum diamond
   Premium grade detailing spray is perfect for a                plate, polished and brushed stainless
 super-fast shine. Works on painted surfaces, fiber-              steel and painted boxes. Removes oxida-
 glass, plastics, etc. Spray-on, wipe-off wax is made            tion, dirt, grease, etc. Kit includes large
 with Brazilian Carnauba. Sold in a 16 oz. trigger               5" Buff Ball, polish-paste and wax protec-
 spray bottle.                                                   tant.

 Waxx Wax Protectant                                             Motorcycle
 FTZWX02506 $24.99 Each                                          Detailing Kit
   Premium wax protectant is formulated with a                   FTZCY61501 $34.99 Kit
 blend of white carnauba and natural beeswax.                      Buff hard to reach areas in seconds,
 The ultimate in UV and rain protection. Perfect for             safely and easily. Clean and polish
 painted surfaces, aluminum, fiberglass, plastics,                brake hardware, mag and spoke wheels,
 etc. Will not dull. Sold in a 16 oz. bottle.                    engine, plastic tail lights, etc. Kit includes
                                                                 Super-Mini Buff Ball, polish-paste and wax

18                phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
      krieger racing

CT Gold Dampers                                                  9.5cti Winch
   CT Gold Dampers incorporate centering                         WAR97550 – $1,199.99 Each
technology, which is used to control torsional
                                                                   The latest addition to
vibrations above 6,000 RPM in race engines. Patent-pending
                                                                 the Ultimate Performance
technology, which allows the inertia ring to remain centered
                                                                 Series. An improved ver-
in the housing cavity when the damper is at rest, also allows
                                                                 sion of the 9.5ti, new 9.5cti
the crankshaft to be balanced with the balancer installed
                                                                 winch includes the added
on the crankshaft. Well suited to drag or circle track racing,
                                                                 features of contractor
dampers are SFI approved and include a bright, gold zinc
                                                                 control and a durable,
chromate finish.
                                                                 ergonomic rubber remote.
 Part No.               Description                   Price      The 4.6 HP motor, 3-stage
 FLU62260D SB Chevy, 6-1/4" O.D., Internal Balance   $343.99     planetary gear train and
                                                                 156:1 gear ratio combine to deliver a 9,500 lb. capacity.
 FLU80250E     BB Chevy, 8" O.D., Internal Balance   $416.99     Unit additionally features a 5/16" dia. x 125' wire rope, roller
 FLU80251E     BB Chevy, 8" O.D., External Balance   $458.99     fairlead and 12' handheld remote.
                                                                  Part No.       Depth         Width         Height     Weight
                                                                  WAR97550       25.50"         7.50"         18.25"     97 lbs.

                                                                 VR Series Winches
                                                                    Big on power and value,
                                                                 VR Series winches are
                                                                 well suited to mounting on
                                                                 Jeeps, trucks and SUV’s.
                                                                 Series-wound motors offer
                                                                 plenty of power and fast
XP1000 16-Volt                                                   line speed, while the three-
AGM Power Cell Battery                                           stage planetary gear train is
                                                                 durable, smooth and reliable.
XSPXP1000 $259.99 Each                                           Separate control pack allows for various mounting options.
  XP1000 16-volt AGM battery is manufactured using               VR Series winches are offered in 8,000 lbs., 10,000 lbs. and
industry leading Lead Tin Technology, allowing it to work as     12,000 lbs. line pull capacities, and include 12' remotes for
starting and secondary battery, while also having the ability    easy operation.
to be discharged lower and recover faster. Group 34, top
post style battery is 10.28" long x 6.75" wide x 7.19" tall       Part No.                Description                   Price
                                                                                    VR8000 Winch, 8,000 lbs.,
and weighs 46.5 lbs. Max Amps is 2,400, CA@32°F is 675,           WAR86245                                             $484.99
                                                                                  5/16" Dia. x 94' Long Wire Rope
reserve capacity of 84 and amp hours is 50.                                        VR10000 Winch, 10,000 lbs.,
                                                                                  3/8" Dia. x 94' Long Wire Rope       $587.99
                                                                                   VR12000 Winch, 12,000 lbs.,
XP1000 16-Volt AGM Battery                                        WAR86260
                                                                                  3/8" Dia. x 94' Long Wire Rope       $818.99
and 16-Volt HF Intellicharger
Combo Kit
XSPXP1000CK1 $456.99 Kit
   Combo kit includes a
XP1000 16-volt AGM bat-
tery and High Frequency
Intellicharger battery
charger. Compact battery
charger, which has a max-
imum charging rate of 15 amps,
meets the specific charge voltage and amperage
requirements for XS Power 16-volt AGM batteries.
Charger will not work on 12- or 14-volt batteries.

                 phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                         19
                                                          krieger racing
                                    Complete Replay XD Camera System
                                    REP01-RPXD-CS                                                                      New Vendor!
                                                                                                                       New Vendor!
                                 Ideal for recording in-car motorsports action, the Replay XD
                               camera offers high clarity video and audio quality in an extremely
 compact package. Durable, aluminum housed unit is easy to operate; simply turn it “on” to record
 and “off” to finish. Camera uses a rechargeable internal polymer Li-ion battery for power and will
 playback on a PC with Windows XP or Mac OS X. Camera is 21.4mm x 69mm and weighs just 1
 oz. Includes USB DC car and wall chargers, USB cable, microSDHC 4GB card, soft case, soft bag,
 lanyard, swivel and clip/tilt mounts, and user guide. May be mounted with chassis clamps or suc-
 tion cup mounts. Suction cup mini clamp (REP70-RPXD-SCM-MC) allows adding one, two or three
 more cameras to the suction cup mount, ideal when multiple camera angles are desired.

 Replacement Components And Accessories
             Part No.                 Description               Price              Part No.                   Description              Price
           REP20-RPXD-LB              Lens Bezel Kit           $9.99        REP70-RPXD-CM-1-1/2*           Chassis Clamp, 1-1/2"       $40.99
      REP20-RPXD-CAP-ORING           Rear Cap O-Ring            $.99        REP70-RPXD-CM-1-3/4*           Chassis Clamp, 1-3/4"       $40.99
        REP70-RPXD-CC480            Camera Clamp 480          $39.99        REP70-RPXD-SCM-SA*          Suction Cup Mount, Short Arm   $40.99
         REP70-RPXD-CM-1*           Chassis Clamp, 1"         $40.99        REP70-RPXD-SCM-LA*   Suction Cup Mount, Long Arm           $44.99
       REP70-RPXD-CM-1-1/4*        Chassis Clamp, 1-1/4"      $40.99        REP70-RPXD-SCM-MC* Suction Cup Base, Mini Clamp Arm        $25.99
 * Chassis clamps and suction cup mounts must be used with a REP70-RPXD-CC480 camera clamp for proper mounting.

                              Lithium Powerpack 16-Volt                                                                  New Vendor!
                                                                                                                         New Vendor!
                              Battery And Battery Charger Kits
                          The cost effective method of switching to lithium-ion batteries. Each kit
                        includes a Lithium Powerpack 16-volt battery and Intellicharger battery charger. Fully automatic charger
                        produces 14 amps @ 18.0 volts, and includes LED status indicators for voltage, charge amperage,
 state-of-charge, amp-hours charged and time of on-charge. The “L” series batteries include low voltage, MOSFET protec-
 tion, while “C” series batteries lack this feature and are designed for applications where an alternator is used.
        Part No.     Description                Dimensions                Amps AH Weight                   Price
     “C” Series
     LPBC680-16CK       C680 16V         7.16" L. x 3.03" W. x 6.57" H.     880     11    5.12 lbs.      $999.99
     “L” Series
     LPBL925-16ACK      L925 16V         6.25" L. x 6.93" W. x 4.92" H.     880     11    6.12 lbs.     $1,472.99
      LPBL1600ACK       L1600 16V       10.28" L. x 6.75" W. x 7.24" H.    1,200    23    11.87 lbs.    $1,996.99

 Lithium Powerpack 12-Volt Batteries
   Exceptionally lightweight, 12-volt Lithium Powerpack Batteries feature world class lithium-ion perfor-
 mance at an affordable price. “C” series batteries are designed to be alternator compatible. Batteries
 include fast cell balancing for safety, long life and maximum capacity.
     Part No. Description                   Dimensions                    Amps AH Weight                 Price
      LPBC680      C680 12V           7.16" L. x 3.03" W. x 6.57" H.       800     11     4.63 lbs.     $529.99
      LPBC925      C925 12V           6.25" L. x 6.93" W. x 4.92" H.      1,200    20.7   8.88 lbs.    $1,161.99

 Lithium 12-Volt Intellicharger
 LPB1011 $317.99 Each
   Designed for charging 12-volt lithium-ion batteries, Intellicharger produces 14 amps @ 14.4 volts.
 Fully automatic charger includes LCD status indicators for voltage, amperage, state-of-charge,
 amp-hours charged and time of on charge. Compatible with C375, C545, C680, C925, L545, L680
 and L925 models.

20                   phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
       krieger racing                                                          sale priced

                                                                                                Pg. 4, 21

Non-Beadlock                                                    GM Metric Calipers
                                                                   GM metric racing calipers represent the latest refinements
Wide 5 Racing Wheel                                             in caliper design and manufacturing through computer-based
DRL30-151405 $159.99 Each                                       solid modeling and stress simulation programs. Calipers
   Wheel is forged and machined in the U.S.A. using the         are a direct replacement for the 1978 and later D154 type
highest quality alloys available resulting in a wheel that is   GM metric calipers. Weighing a mere 2.97 pounds each,
lightweight and durable. Non-beadlock wide 5 wheel is           they offer a substantial weight savings over stock cast iron
15"x14" with 5" back spacing.                                   calipers. Use D154 style pad sets.
                                                                                 Piston    Rotor
                                                                  Part No.      Diameter Thickness                  Price
                                                                 WIL120-6426        2.38"           .810"           $98.99
                                                                 WIL120-7197        2.38"          1.000"           $98.99

Aluminum Rac-
ing Radiators                                                   Hi-Lift Jack
  Each Griffin radiator is die                                   Original Power Tool
formed, with heli-arc welded                                      High yield and tensile strength malleable and
tanks and connections. An                                       ductile castings are used in the Hi-Lift Casting
oven-bonded aluminum core                                       Jack, the Hi-Lift Casting and Steel Jack and the
provides efficient cooling with                                  Hi-Lift X-treme Jack. The Casting and Steel Jack
the lightest weight possible. Before shipping, radiators are    has four stamped steel parts - the top clamp,
pressure checked and tested to 22 PSI. Pro Series radiator      handle socket, Pitman, and foot piece. The
uses a standard core, serpentine fins and in-line, 1" tubes      Hi-Lift® X-TREME is an all-cast jack with a char-
with 2 rows.                                                    coal metallic powder-coat finish, gold zinc-coated
                                                                hardware, handle and a top winch-clamp-spreader
   Part No.            Size          Outlets          Price     attachment. All have 3-1/2 ton capacities.
  GRI125182X        22" x 19" x 3"     Chevy       $179.99
                                                                Part No.                Description                     Price
  GRI125202X        24" x 19" x 3"     Chevy       $179.99       HLJHL485           48" Casting Jack - Red             $85.79
  GRI125222X        26" x 19" x 3"     Chevy       $179.99       HLJHL484       48" Casting/Steel Jack - Black         $72.79
  GRI125272X        31" x 19" x 3"     Chevy       $179.99       HLJXT485      48" All Cast With Special Features     $110.99
  GRI126202X        24" x 19" x 3"      Ford       $174.99       HLJHL605           60" Casting Jack - Red             $89.99
  GRI126222X        26" x 19" x 3"      Ford       $174.99       HLJXT605      60" All Cast With Special Features     $115.99

                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                    21
     sale priced                                                     krieger racing
                                     QuickCar                    QuickScale
                                     Pg. 4, 22                     QuickScale incorporates many features
                                                                 common to much more expensive scales.
 Deluxe Sprint Gauge Panel                                       Affordable, yet high quality scales feature
 QRP61-6005 $214.99 Each                                         two full screen displays; one for all four
                                                                 wheel weights and a second screen
   Nothing like this anywhere. Gauge
                                                                 for all weights and percentages with
 panel with self contained oil pres-
                                                                 different modes to select. Scales are
 sure warning system. Includes 2-5/8"
                                                                 accurate within 0.1 of 1%. Sold with either 15"
 QuickCar Sprint gauges.
                                                                 CNC-machined billet aluminum pads or cast pads, color-
                                                                 coded cables, related hardware and instructions. Covered by
                                                                 a full two year warranty.
 Pro Sprint Gauge Panel
                                                                  Part No.              Description                         Price
 QRP61-6004 $169.99 Each
   The gauge panel fastens to dash
                                                                  QRP56-181   QuickScale with Billet Aluminum Pads        $1,309.99
 from engine bay and stays with engine                            QRP56-182        QuickScale with Cast Pads              $1,158.99
 when it’s pulled. Includes 2-5/8"
 QuickCar Sprint gauges.                                         Aluminum
                                                                 Toe Plates
 Quick-Light Water Pressure                                      QRP64-704
 Kit with Gauge                                                  $54.99 Each
 QRP61-716 $52.99 Each                                             Simple yet accurate. Lean against tire and measure
   Light alerts driver if a loss of water pres-                  between them. Includes two 12 foot tapes.
 sure occurs. Includes 2-1/16" gauge, sender
 and warning light.
                                                                 Toe-in Gauge Assembly
                                                                 QRP64-711 $87.99 Each
 Tire Scribe                                                       Measure to 1/32" easily with
 QRP64-720 $52.99 Each                                           just one person.

 Hex Hub
 360° Aluminum
 QRP68-012 $35.99 Each
                                                                 Ballast Brackets
                                                                  Circular mounts have hex head bolts to
                                                                 mount ballast easily and effectively.
                                                                  Part No.                Description                        Price
                                                                  PPM1105-R            1" Dia. Round Mount                  $10.99
                                                                  PPM1140-S              2" Square Mount                    $12.99
 High Density
 Roll Bar Padding
                                                                                                             Cool Shirt
   Padding provides maximum                                                                                   Pg. 3,22
 energy absorption and uses a pre-
 tape adhesive for installation. Fits
 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" tubing. “Mini” style improves line of sight
                                                                 Portable Bag System/6-Pack
 and reduces blind spots. Offered in black or red, 3' lengths.   CSTBS-6 $219.00 Each
                                                                   The Portable Bag System can
     Part No.            Description                  Price
                                                                 easily be secured in any cockpit. The
     LON65182    “Mini” Roll Bar Padding, Black, 3'   $11.99     double insulated pump can be con-
     LON65184    “Mini” Roll Bar Padding, Red, 3'     $11.99     nected to any switched 12 volt power
                                                                 source. Bag dimensions are 15" long x
                                                                 6.5" wide x 9.5" high. Cool Shirt must be
                                                                 purchased separately. Requires only 1.8 amp/12 volt power.

22                phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
        krieger racing                                                                sale priced
           engines                                                                                                  Design Eng.
                                                                                                                     Pg. 10,23

Standard Weight                                                          Heat Sheath
Wheels                                                                   Aluminized Sleeving
                                                                           Heat Sheath slides over wires, cables and hoses to reflect
  Bart standard weight wheels, which feature “D”-shaped
                                                                         up to 90% of radiant heat and insulate up to 500°F. of direct,
holes, will fit any racer’s budget. Wheels are 360° welded
                                                                         continuous heat. Also protects from oil, dirt and road grime.
construction and are available in 15" x 7", 15" x 8" with a hi-
luster black painted finish. Approximate Weight: 15" x 7" – 27              Part No.      Description               Price
lbs., 15" x 8" – 28 lbs.                                                  DSN010418       1/2" Dia. x 3'         $13.29
Note: 15" X 7" wheels recommended for cars weighing 2800 lbs. or less.    DSN010403       3/4" Dia. x 3'         $10.99
                                                                          DSN010419        1" Dia. x 3'          $16.99
    Part No.                   Description                  Price         DSN010404      1-1/4" Dia. x 3'        $16.39
15" x 7" with 4-3/4" Bolt Circle
  CLE537-57343                 3" Back Spacing             $50.99
                                                                          DSN010420      1-1/2" Dia. x 3'        $18.99
  CLE537-57344                 4" Back Spacing             $50.99
15" x 8" with 4-3/4" Bolt Circle                                         Heat Shroud
  CLE537-58343                 3" Back Spacing             $50.99        DSN010405 $30.99 Each
  CLE537-58344                 4" Back Spacing             $50.99          Fireproof and easily shaped, Heat
  CLE537-58345                 5" Back Spacing             $50.99        Shroud can be installed to protect cables,
15" x 8" with 5" Bolt Circle                                             hoses and wires without removing them.
  CLE537-58503                 3" Back Spacing             $50.99        Fits 1/2" to 1-1/4" diameters. 1" dia. x 3' long.
  CLE537-58504                 4" Back Spacing             $50.99
  CLE537-58505                 5" Back Spacing             $50.99
                                                                         Cool Tube Wire And
                                                                         Line Protector
                                                                           Protect wires, fuel and brake lines
                                                                         and other areas from extreme heat
                                                                         and reduce temperatures by as much as 43%. May be slit
                                                                         lengthwise for installation without removing or disconnecting
                                                                            Part No.             Description                      Price
                                                                            DSN010414        1/2" I.D. x 3' Cool Tube             $17.69
                                                                            DSN010415        1/2" I.D. x 15' Cool Tube            $62.99
                                                                            DSN010406        3/4" I.D. x 3' Cool Tube             $26.49
6" Daylighters                                                              DSN010407        3/4" I.D. x 15' Cool Tube            $72.99
  When it comes to off-road lighting, KC has illuminated the
way for more winning vehicles than all other brands com-
bined. Pair packs include two Daylighters, switch kit, and               Fire Sleeve And Tape Kit
Daylighter Happy Face style covers.                                        Woven fiberglass braided sleeve,
                                                                         covered with 100% iron oxide silicone
Part No.                       Description                     Price     rubber sleeve is capable of with-
Stainless Steel 100 Watt-Daylighter,
200,000 Candlepower Quartz Halogen Bulb                                  standing 2,000 degrees intermittently,
 KCH239      Pair Pack, Includes Pre-Terminated Wire Ends    $133.99     500 degrees continuously and will
Chrome 100 Watt-Daylighter,                                              protect wires, hoses, oil and fuel lines
200,000 Candlepower Quartz Halogen Bulb                                  from underhood heat.
 KCH232        Pair Pack, Requires Crimping of Wire Ends     $114.99
                                                                            Part No.              Description                      Price
 KCH237      Pair Pack, Includes Pre-Terminated Wire Ends    $117.99
Black Painted 100 Watt-Daylighter,                                          DSN010470      Fire Sleeve 3/8" I.D. x 3' Kit         $21.99
200,000 Candlepower Quartz Halogen Bulb
 KCH233        Pair Pack, Requires Crimping of Wire Ends     $119.99
                                                                            DSN010472      Fire Sleeve 5/8" I.D. x 3' Kit         $25.99
 KCH238      Pair Pack, Includes Pre-Terminated Wire Ends    $117.99
                                                                            DSN010474        Fire Sleeve 1" I.D. x 3' Kit         $31.99

                     phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                            23
     sale priced                                                                        krieger racing
                                                                                           engines                        Tubing &
                              Part No.                                     Description                                      Size           Price
                              HTC Coated Hedders
                              HED68096                            ’65-82 BB Chevy Corvette Headers                           2", 3"       $497.99
 Hedders                      HED68126                               ’55-57 SB Chevy Passenger                             1-5/8", 3"     $387.99
 HTC Hedders
                              HED68166                                    ’62-67 SB Chevy II                               1-1/2", 3"     $449.99
 • Thermal Protection up to
                              HED68196                      ’67-69 BB Chevy Camaro, ’65-70 Passenger Car                   1-3/4", 3"     $377.99
                              HED68276           ’68-79 Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400          1-5/8", 3"     $377.99
 • Won’t Chip or Blue         HED68296     ’64-77 Chevy Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400      1-5/8", 3"     $377.99
                              HED68306                                ’63-82 SB Chevy Corvette                             1-5/8", 3"     $367.99
 Elite Hedders                HED68316                 ’78-87 SB Chevy Monte Carlo, Chevelle, El Camino/Regal              1-1/2", 3"     $367.99
 • 14-Gauge Primary Tubes     HED68606           ’67-81 SB Chevy Camaro, ’68-79 Nova, ’78-87 Regal, 442, Cutlass           1-5/8", 3"     $372.99
 • Thermal Protection up to   HED78036           ’67-74 BB Charger, Belvedere, Challenger, Road Runner, Super Bee          1-3/4", 3"     $367.99
   1400°F                     HED78056           ’66-77 SB Charger, Belvedere, Challenger, Road Runner, Super Bee          1-5/8", 3"     $377.99
 • Leak Free 3/8" Flanges     HED88306           ’64-73 Mustang, Fairlane, Falcon, Torino, Comet, Cougar, 260-351W         1-5/8", 3"     $372.99
                              HED69096      ’67-87 2wd & ’82-86 4wd SB Chevy GM 1/2, 3/4, 1 Ton P/U, Jimmy/Blazer           1-5/8", 3     $377.99
                              Shorty HTC Coated Hedders
                              HED68506                             SB Chevy Street Rod, Tight Tube                         1-5/8", 2"     $442.99
                              HED68406                                  SB Chevy Street Rod                              1-5/8", 2-1/2"   $387.99
                              HED68366                                  SB Chevy Street Rod                              1-1/2", 2-1/2"   $367.99
                              HED69446                                  SB Chevy Street Rod                                1-3/4", 3"     $446.99
                              HED68476                 ’82-91 Pontiac Firebird 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400           1-5/8", 3"     $379.99
                              HED68516                             BB Chevy Street Rod Tight Tube                            2", 3"       $467.99
                              Elite Series Hedders
                              HED68198                        ’67-69 BB Chevy Camaro, ’65-70 Pass. Car                     1-3/4", 3"     $389.99
                              HED68278                                ’67-81 SB Camaro/Firebird                            1-5/8", 3"     $298.99
                              HED68298                        ’64-77 SB Chevelle, ’70-77 SB Monte Carlo,                   1-5/8", 3"     $369.99
                              HED68308                                   ’63-82 SB Corvette                                1-5/8", 3"     $299.99
                              HED68478                                    ’82-92 SB Camaro                                 1-5/8", 3"     $342.99
                              HED68608               ’67-81 SB Camaro, ’68-79 SB Nova, ’78-87 Regal, 442, Cutlass          1-5/8", 3"     $298.99
                              HED68618                ’67-81 Chevy Camaro 396, 400, 402, 427, 454, 502 (Shorty)            1-3/4", 3"     $298.99
                              HED78038           ’67-74 BB Charger, Belvedere, Challenger, Road Runner, Super Bee          1-3/4", 3"     $349.99
                              HED88308           ’64-73 Mustang, Fairlane, Falcon, Torino, Comet, Cougar 260-351W          1-5/8", 3"     $317.99
                              HED88408                             ’62-70 Ford Falcon 260, 289, 302                      1-1/2", 2-1/2"   $312.99
                              HED69088      ’67-87 2wd & ’82-86 4wd SB Chevy GM 1/2, 3/4, 1 Ton P/U, Jimmy/Blazer          1-3/4", 3"     $312.99

 Stainless                                                                                                              Tubing &
 Steel                        Part No.                                   Description                                      Size             Price
                              Uncoated Hedders
 Hedders                      HED62560                       2010-11 Camaro 6.2L V8, Shorty Hedder                       1-3/4", 3"       $589.99
   Offered in uncoated
 and with high tem-
                              HED62570                    2010-11 Camaro 6.2L V8, Full Length Hedder                     1-3/4", 3"       $549.99
                                                      2001-05 1500-2500 Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon XL, Yukon,
 perature coating. HTC        HED62700
                                                                   Cadillac Escalade and ESV
                                                                                                                        1-3/4", Stock     $509.99
 hedders offer thermal
 protection up to 1400°.
                              HED82700                          2005-10 Mustang 4.6L, “Shorty”                          1-5/8", Stock     $499.99
 Won’t chip or blue like
                              HED82710                          2005-10 Mustang 4.6L, Full Length                       1-5/8", Stock     $527.99
 chrome.                      HED72580                       2003-07 Dodge 1500 Ram 5.7L HEMI 4x4                       1-1/2, Stock      $504.99
                              HED82630         2004-07 F-150, F-250, F-350 (Light Duty) 5.4L Pickup, Full Length        1-1/2, Stock      $504.99
                              HTC Coated Hedders
                                                      2001-05 1500-2500 Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon XL, Yukon
                                                                  Cadillac Escalade and ESV,
                                                                                                                        1-3/4", Stock     $737.99
                              HED82706                          2005-10 Mustang 4.6L, “Shorty”                          1-5/8", Stock     $727.99
                              HED82716                          2005-10 Mustang 4.6L, Full Length                       1-5/8", Stock     $752.99
                              HED82636         2004-07 F-150, F-250, F-350 (Light Duty) Pickup 5.4L, Full Length        1-1/2, Stock      $734.99

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           krieger racing                                                                     sale priced
                                Low Profile S-Blade Fans
                                   Ideal fans for critical clearance. Eight-blade 12-1/8" dia. fans
                                are a universal fit and available in pusher or puller configura-
                                tions with the lowest profile on the market.
Part No.            Dimensions           CFM Draw                         Controls Included                             Price
Single Puller Fan
  FLE111      13-1/2" x 15" x 2-5/8"      1250      11              Adjustable Thermostat And A/C Relay               $193.99
  FLE123      13-1/2" x 15" x 2-5/8"      1250      11                         No Controls                            $169.99
Single Pusher Fan
  FLE133      13-1/2" x 15" x 2-5/8"      1250      11              Adjustable Thermostat And A/C Relay               $189.99
  FLE143      13-1/2" x 15" x 2-5/8"      1250      11                         No Controls                            $169.99
Dual Puller Fans
  FLE410    15-1/2" x 26-1/4" x 2-5/8"    2500     14-22         Adjustable Thermostat, A/C Relay And VSC†            $369.99
  FLE412    15-1/2" x 26-1/4" x 2-5/8"    2500     14-22             Adjustable Thermostat, A/C Relay                 $319.99
  FLE420    15-1/2" x 26-1/4" x 2-5/8"    2500     14-22                       No Controls                            $314.99
Dual Pusher Fans
  FLE430    15-1/2" x 26-1/4" x 2-5/8"    2500     14-22         Adjustable Thermostat, A/C Relay And VSC†            $369.99
  FLE432    15-1/2" x 26-1/4" x 2-5/8"    2500     14-22             Adjustable Thermostat, A/C Relay                 $319.99
  FLE440    15-1/2" x 26-1/4" x 2-5/8"    2500     14-22                       No Controls                            $314.99
† Equipped with a Variable Speed Control (FLE31165), which matches fan motor speed to cooling demand.

Trimline Reversible Electric Fans
  An excellent fan for tight spaces. Each fan has ten blades set at a 21° angle. Through core mounting system.
Part No.       Required Mounting Surface                   Dia.     Fan RPM        CFM       Amp Draw           Price
  FLE108              11-1/4" x 10-3/4" x 2-1/2"           10"         2460         800          6.5           $84.99
  FLE112                  13" x 12" x 3-1/2"               12"         2150        1105           8            $85.99
  FLE114              14-3/4" x 14-1/2" x 3-1/2"           14"         2220        1585          9.5           $97.99
  FLE116                16-1/2" x 16" x 3-3/4"             16"         2200        2215          11            $98.99

Black Magic Electric Fans                                                      TransLife Transmission
  Powerful, puller fan constantly cools regard-                                Oil Coolers
less of engine RPM and outputs 3,000 CFM.
                                                                                 Transmission oil coolers can help
S-blade design provides quiet operation.
                                                                               extend transmission life considerably.
Mounting brackets, adjustable thermostat and
                                                                               Tests have shown that a 20 degree
A/C relay are included. Requires 18" x 16" x
                                                                               drop in oil temperature can double
4-1/4" mounting surface.
                                                                               the life of the oil and transmission com-
 Part No.                  Description                       Price             ponents, adding up to big savings for the vehicle owner.
   FLE160                Puller With Controls               $295.99            A transmission cooler is a must for all towing and off-road
                                                                               applications. All coolers include hardware and fittings.
   FLE168               Puller Without Controls             $159.99
                                                                               Part No. Application                   Size               Price

Black Magic                                                                      FLE4110       Light Duty      5" x 12" x 3/4" Depth     $29.99
                                                                                 FLE4112     Standard Duty     5" x 15" x 3/4" Depth     $45.99
Extreme Electric Fans
  Fan houses a 16" diameter fan and
                                                                                 FLE4116     Added Cooling   7-1/2" x 12" x 3/4" Depth   $39.99
requires a surface of 21-1/2" x 17-1/2"                                          FLE4118      Performance    7-1/2" x 15" x 3/4" Depth   $45.99
x 4-3/16". The fan has an A/C relay                                              FLE4120      Heavy Duty     7-1/2" x 20" x 3/4" Depth   $47.99
and turns 2,450 RPM. Curved blades move 3,300 CFM.
Thermostat is adjustable and the rigid mounting bracket
does not mount through the core.
 Part No.                  Description                       Price
   FLE180                Puller With Controls               $319.99
   FLE188               Puller Without Controls             $284.99

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      sale priced                                                                    krieger racing
                                               Call For
                                             Great Prices!

                                                                              H.O. Extreme
 SBC Sprint Booster                                                           Curved Blade Fans
                                                                                High performance, primary cooling fans have
 Throttle Control                                                             powerful, high watt/high torque motors that will last up to
    Most cars in the 21st century have replaced                               three times longer. All are pullers and include mounting kit
 the more conventional throttle cable with an                                 and instructions.
 ECM (Electronic Control Module) that trans-
 lates how hard the pedal is pushed into electronic signals                                                                 Amp
 in order to provide power to the wheels. A slight delay in                    Part No.       Description         CFM       Draw       Price
 throttle response is often experienced. Sprint Booster                         DER16110    10" High Output Fan     802       9.2      $87.99
 overcomes throttle response delay by providing crisp, on-tap                   DER16112    12" High Output Fan    1328      14.2     $123.99
 acceleration for whenever the driver demands it.                               DER16114    14" High Output Fan    1864      21.5     $159.99
         Part No.
                                           Description                          DER16116    16" High Output Fan    2024      21.0     $159.99
      SBPSBCH0021S                     Camaro 2010-11 Manual
      SBPSBCH0022S                    Camaro 2010-11 Automatic
      SBPSBCH0001S                 Corvette Manual 2006-10 C6, Z06
      SBPSBCH0002S               Corvette Automatic 2006-10 C6, Z06           H.O. Extreme
      SBPSBCH1002S              Silverado Automatic 2007-10 Gas Only
      SBPSBCH1002S                Tahoe Automatic 2007-10 Gas Only            Curved and Paddle
                                Suburban Automatic 2007-10 Gas Only           Blade Fans
                       300/Magnum/Charger Automatic 2005-06 V6 3.5, V8          Designed for maximum performance
                               5.7 & SRT-8 6.1,Includes C, SRT-8              at high static pressure loads for more
                               300/Magnum/Charger Automatic                   effective cooling in puller applications.
                              2007-10 All Engines Incl. C & SRT-8
      SBPSBDO0011S        Dodge Challenger Manual 2009-10 All Engines                                                  Amp
                                  Dodge Challenger Automatic                   Part No.        Description         CFM Draw            Price
                                      2009-10 All Engines
                                  Dodge RAM 1500 Automatic
                                                                                DER16104     4" High Output Fan     125       1.9      $82.99
                                   2006-2008 All Gas Engines                    DER16105     5" High Output Fan     315       3.6      $82.99
      SBPSBDO1012S           Dodge RAM 1500 Automatic 2009-10                   DER16918    12" High Output Fan     1350     16.0     $139.99
                                  Dodge RAM 2500 Automatic
                                 2003-2008 All Diesel Engines
                                                                                DER16142    13" High Output Fan     1640     21.8     $159.99
                                   Dodge RAM 1500 Manual                        DER16136    16" High Output Fan     1918     25.4     $166.99
                                   2006-2008 All Gas Engines
      SBPSBDO1001S            Dodge RAM 1500 Manual 2009-10
                             Dodge RAM 2500 Manual 2003-2008                  Dual Circuit
                                       All Diesel Engines
                            Wrangler, Grand Cherokee (JK) Manual              Fluid Coolers
                                      2007-11 JK Chassis                        Coolers use 1/2" copper tubing
                                Wrangler, Grand Cherokee (JK)                 expanded into formed aluminum
                                Automatic 2007-11 JK Chassis                  cooling fins. Coolers can cool two
      SBPSBFO0001S             Mustang Manual 2005-10 All Gas Engines         systems and are available with
      SBPSBFO0002S          Mustang Automatic 2005-2009 All Gas Engines       push-on or -8AN inlets. Five sizes are available, all are black
                                   F-Series Truck Manual 2004-2008            powder coated. 13302 and 13322 both have (2) 11/32" and
                                             All Gas Engines                  (2) 1/2" barb.
      SBPSBFO1011S          F-Series Truck Manual 2009-10 All Gas Engines
                                  F-Series Truck Automatic 2004-2008           Part No.                Description                     Price
                                             All Gas Engines                    DER13302       Dual Circuit Oil Cooler, 4&6 Pass      $45.99
      SBPSBFO1012S         F-Series Truck Automatic 2009-10 All Gas Engines
     Pontiac                                                                    DER13322       Dual Circuit Oil Cooler, 4&4 Pass      $42.99
      SBPSBPN0001S                       G8 2008-09 Manual
      SBPSBPN0002S                      G8 2008-09 Automatic
                                                                                DER15301    Dual Circuit Oil Cooler, 8&8 Pass, -8AN   $86.99
                                                                                DER15321    Dual Circuit Oil Cooler 4&4 Pass, -8AN    $75.99
                                                                                DER15331    Dual Circuit Oil Cooler 4&2 Pass, -8AN    $54.99

26                   phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
       krieger racing                                                          sale priced
Universal Flat Glass Kits
Power Window Kit
ELEEL1000 $259.99 Kit
  Kit includes two screw cable
drive regulators and motors,
glue-type glass sashes and                                      Rear Axle Kits
dual sliding rollers on the                                     Your Choice – $259.99 Kit
mounting head. Sashes are 24"                                     High manganese 1541H or 4140 chrome moly axles are a
long and can be cut to length.                                  bolt-in performance upgrade and include axle bearings, seals
Extra long sash easily supports one-piece glass conver-         and wheel studs. Ten year warranty.
sions. O.E. style narrow motors can be mounted in doors as
thin as 2". Switches sold separately.                                                                                     Spline,
                                                                 Part No.                    Description                 Bolt Circle
                                                                Ford 8.8
                                                                TENMG22180            1979-93 Mustang 5-Lug Upgrade       28, 5-4.5"
Power Window Kit                                                TENMG22181           1979-93 Mustang 5-Lug, Big Spline    31, 5-4.5"
                                                                TENMG22182                   1979-93 Mustang              28, 4-4.5"
ELEEL2000 $259.99 Kit                                           TENMG22183           1979-93 Mustang 4-Lug, Big Spline    28, 4-4.5"
   A kit truly designed for the do-it-                          TENMG22184                   1994-98 Mustang              28, 5-4.5"
yourselfer when it comes to ease                                TENMG22185           1994-98 Mustang 5-Lug, Big Spline    31, 5-4.5"
of installation. The unit includes                              TENMG22186                   1999-04 Mustang              28, 5-4.5"
a floating mounting head with two                                TENMG22187          1999-04 Mustang Big Spline Upgrade    31, 5-4.5"
                                                                GM 7.5"/7.6" 10-Bolt
rubber isolated motors that clamp directly to the glass. The    TENMG22103                   1990-92 Camaro               28, 5-4.75"
unit is also self-centering, which insures that the window      TENMG22104                   1993-96 Camaro               28, 5-4.75"
                                                                GM 8.2"/8.5" 10-Bolt
is fully closed and seated in the sill. Kit is the same as
                                                                TENMG22100      1965-67 Chevelle, 1970-75 Nova            28, 5-4.75
ELEEL1000 with the exception of the mounting system.            TENMG22101 ’68-72 Chevelle, El Camino, ’70-81 Camaro      28, 5-4.75"
Switches sold separately.                                       TENMG22102        1973-77 Chevelle, El Camino             28, 5-4.75
                                                                GM 8.875" 12-Bolt
                                                                TENMG22109 ’68-72 Chevelle, El Camino, ’70-72 Camaro      30, 5-4.75"
                                                                                      1965-67 Chevelle,
Wire Looms                                                      TENMG22110
                                                                                1967-69 Camaro, 1968-72 Nova
                                                                                                                          30, 5-4.75"

ELE94201 $64.99 Pair
  Billet wire looms are designed for                            Replacement Axles
easy installation above door hinges.
A small billet collar and set screw attach looms for a clean    Your Choice – $109.99 Each
look. Looms have a Teflon lining and provide RF insulation         Replacement rear axle shafts are sold individually to replace
and waterproofing. Among the largest looms around, they          a broken or worn out shaft or shafts. These are the same
utilize a 1/2" opening and are sold in pairs. 10" long.         tough material, forging and heat treating as the Rear Axle Kits,
                                                                but without the black oxide coating. Ten year warranty.
Four Window                                                      Part No.
                                                                Ford 8.8"
                                                                                             Description                 Bolt Circle
Switch Kit                                                      TENMG25116                  1979-93 Mustang               28, 4-4.5"
                                                                TENMG25117                  1994-98 Mustang               28, 5-4.5"
ELE4990-50-356                                                  TENMG25154                  1999-04 Mustang               28, 5-4.5"
$164.99 Kit                                                     Ford 9"
                                                                TENMG25150       1966-70 Mustang, 1967-69 Cougar, LH      31, 5-4.5"
  GM style four window chrome switch kit includes a four-       TENMG25151       1966-70 Mustang, 1967-69 Cougar, RH      31, 5-4.5"
                                                                GM 7.5"
switch driver’s door panel, three single switches and a plug-
                                                                TENMG27126                   1990-92 Camaro               28, 5-4.75"
and-play harness for quick and easy installation.               TENMG27127                   1993-96 Camaro               28, 5-4.75"
                                                                GM 8.2"/8.5"
                                                                                            1965-67 Chevelle,
                                                                TENMG27121                                                28, 5-4.75"
Power Trunk Lock Kit                                            TENMG27122
                                                                                     1967-69 Camaro, 1970-75 Nova
                                                                                    1968-72 Chevelle, 1970-81 Camaro      28, 5-4.75"
ELETK01-00-001 $29.99 Kit                                       TENMG27123           1973-77 Chevelle And El Camino       28, 5-4.75"
                                                                GM 8.875" 12 Bolt
  Kit converts the manual trunk release to power.               TENMG27119          1968-72 Chevelle, 1970-72 Camaro      30, 5-4.75"
                                                                                            1965-67 Chevelle,
                                                                TENMG27120                                                30, 5-4.75"
                                                                                     1967-69 Camaro, 1968-72 Nova
Single 60 Lb. Solenoid
ELE99003 $45.99 Each

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      sale priced                                                                         krieger racing
                                                                                                        Racing Spark Plugs
                                                                                                        Your Choice – $2.79 Each
 Aluminum Flywheels                                                                                       V-Groove technology offers
                                                                                                        enhanced ignitability and lower
    Compared to steel flywheels,
                                                                                                        voltage requirements.
 Fidanza CNC-machined Aluminum                                                    Heat
 Flywheels dramatically reduce                                                   Range          Part No.
 moment of inertia to provide more                                               Specifi cations:
                                                                                 14mm, .460" Reach, 5/8" Hex,
 horsepower while relieving internal                                             Tapered Seat, Non Resistor
 engine stress. Each flywheel                                                       Hot         NGKR5673-7
 is made of 6061-T6 or 2024-T3                                                                 NGKR5673-8                 Heat
 aluminum (depending upon application). A 1050 high carbon                         Cold        NGKR5673-9                Range          Part No.
 alloy friction surface is attached to the flywheel with aero-                                                           Specifi cations:
                                                                                  Heat                                  14mm, 3/4" Reach, 5/8" Hex,
 space quality fasteners or stainless steel rivets. Compatible                                                          Non-Resistor
 with organic, Kevlar or sintered iron clutch discs. All fly-                     Range          Part No.                     Hot       NGKR5671A-7
                                                                                 Specifi cations:
 wheels listed are SFI-approved.                                                 14mm, 3/4" Reach, 5/8" Hex,                           NGKR5671A-8
                                                                                 Non-Resistor, Projected                               NGKR5671A-9
     Part No.               Application                   Lbs.         Price       Hot         NGKR5672A-8                             NGKR5671A-10
     Ford/Mercury                                                                  Cold        NGKR5672A-9                   Cold      NGKR5671A-11
     FID186481 ’96-03 Mustang, 4.6L, 8-Bolt Crank 12 Lbs              $389.99
               ’86-95 Mustang, 5.0L, 157T Ring
                      Gear, 28.5/50 Oz.
                                                  13.5 Lbs            $389.99
                  ’65-Up SB Ford 289-351W,
                         351C, 164T
                                                   13 lbs             $324.99
     General Motors
     FID198501      ’89-96 SB Chevy 350, Corvette       13.5 lbs      $389.99
     FID198541*       ’55-86 SB Chevy V8, 153T          10.5 Lbs      $374.99
     FID198681*       ’55-86 SB Chevy V8, 168T           13 Lbs       $374.99    Pro Glide III
 * Balance plate required for 383, 400 or 454 cu. in. engines. Use FID624001
 for 383 or 400; use FID624541 for 454.                                            The Hughes Performance “Pro Glide” Powerglides with
                                                                                 9310 alloy gears, billet output shafts and the Superglide
                                                                                 case are good to 1500+ HP. All units are equipped with fluid
                                                                                 release trans brakes for quicker reaction times.
 Replacement                                                                        Part No.                   Description                 Price
                                                                                               Pro Glide III Transmission, “Shorty”,
 Flywheel Inserts, Steel                                                         HUG28-4-76B2D
                                                                                                      1.76 Ratio, Helical Cut           $4,199.99
     Part No.                      Description                          Price                    Pro Glide III Transmission, Std.
                                11" Flywheel Friction Kit,                       HUG28-3-80B2D
                                                                                                  Length, 1.80 Ratio, Spur Cut          $4,275.99
                           Fits Popular Domestic Application            $63.99
     FID229001†       9" Flywheel Friction Kit Fits Popular Imports     $63.99
 † Verify tment with a sales associate before ordering.                          High Performance
                                                                                 Torque Converters
                                                                                   Ideal for bracket racing or high perfor-
 Adjustable Cam Gears                                                            mance street use, converters are brazed,
   Unique two-piece cam gears are CNC-                                           use needle thrust bearings, specially cut sta-
 machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum.                                          tors and strengthened sprag assemblies.
 Laser etched timing marks allow precise
 valve timing adjustments with up to 12°                                           Part No.                Description                     Price
                                                                                 GM TH-350, ’69-79 Non Lock-Up; TH-400, ’65-Up
 of advance and retard. Gears include
 beveled edges for increased belt life.                                            HUGGM20                  2000 RPM Stall               $165.99
 Stainless fastener arrangement prevents                                           HUGGM25                  2500 RPM Stall               $229.99
 thread damage. Gears have a clear anodized finish.                                 HUGGM30                  3000 RPM Stall               $334.99
     Part No.                    Application                           Price       HUGGM35                  3500 RPM Stall               $436.99
                                                                                 Chrysler TF-727, ’67-01, 24-Spline
     FID994204              Dodge Neon 2.0L DOHC                      $112.99      HUG24-25                2500 RPM Stall                $259.99
     FID994224          Dodge Neon 2.2L Square Tooth                  $112.99      HUG24-30                3000 RPM Stall                $399.99
     FID961994      Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo/SOHC, ’90-99             $122.99
     FID991684         Honda B-Series, DOHC 1.6/1.8L                  $112.99

28                       phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
        krieger racing                                                                  sale priced
Rod End Seals
  Rod End Seals keep dirt and water
out of rod ends for longer life and                                        ProStar 500
better performance. Excellent for use                                      Electric Fuel Pump
on dirt cars. Sold individually.                                             Pump has the capacity for up to 2,000
   Part No.         Description               Price                        horsepower with cool, low amperage operation. External
                                                                           bypass eliminates pump cavitation. Compatible with gasoline
     SIC3750         3/8" Rod End           $2.49                          or alcohol. Fittings not included. Pump can be purchased
     SIC5001         1/2" Rod End           $2.49                          alone, or with an incorporated fuel filter.
     SIC6250         5/8" Rod End          $17.99                                                              Fuel Pump
     SIC7500         3/4" Rod End          $20.99                           Fuel Pump                          And Filter
                                                                             Part No.            Price          Part No.             Price
                                                                            MRFMP-4401        $399.99           MRFMP-4450          $569.99

                                                                           ProStar EFI 750
                                                                           Electric Fuel Pump
8mm Spiro-Pro                                                              MRFMP-4703 $769.99 Each
Universal Wire Sets                                                          Pump operates from 20 to 120 PSI with high
                                                                           volume for supercharged and turbocharged
Your Choice – $63.99 Set                                                   engines. CNC-machined, aluminum pump
Features Include:                                                          weighs just 6-1/2 lbs., and includes a 360°
• Applications For Small And Big Block Chevy                               rotating head for easy mounting. ProStar EFI
• Up To 10 Times Less Resistance Than Standard Resistor Core Wire          750 is ideal for powerplants that have in excess
• 350 Ohm Per Ft. Spiral Wound Core Suppresses EMI and RFI.                of 2,500 horsepower.
• A Must For Electronic Ignitions, On-Board Computers And Pit Radios
• 100% Silicone Inner and Outer Jacket Provides Heat Protection To 600°F
• Taylor Pro Boots Feature Low Profile Silicone Boots With Grips
• Double Spring Locking Spark Plug Terminals                               Carbureted
                                                                           Fuel Pressure Regulators
Description Cyl.              Black              Red             Blue
    90° Boots       8       TAY73051            TAY73251       TAY73651
                                                                             Provides sufficient fuel supply during initial
   135° Boots       8       TAY73053            TAY73253       TAY73653    launch, gear changes or nitrous oxide activation.
   180° Boots       8       TAY73055               –              –        Compatible with gasoline or alcohol. Fittings sold
Silver Spark Plug                                                           Part No.                 Description                      Price
                                                                                      Large 4-Port Control Unit, (1) -10AN Inlet,
Boot Protectors                                                            MRFMP-9433
                                                                                                  (4) -6AN Outlets                  $215.99
  Universal fit protectors are 6 inches long                                           Large 2-Port Control Unit, (1) -10AN Inlet,
and withstand temperatures up to 1200°F.
                                                                                                  (2) -8AN Outlets                  $199.99
 Part No.               Description                   Price
  TAY2523        Boot Protector, Individual           $10.39
  TAY2524         Boot Protector, 8-Pack              $55.99               EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator
                                                                           MRFMP-9950 $210.99 Each
                                                                              EFI regulator has a guided metering valve to sta-
Professional Crimp Tool                                                    bilize fuel flow. Compatible with gasoline or alcohol.
TAY43400 $61.99 Each                                                       Large unit has (2) -8AN inlets, (1) -8AN outlet.
   Tool uses a positive ratcheting
system to produce factory
quality crimps on spark plug
wire terminals. Crimp dies may be
purchased separately and used to cut and crimp traditional
wire terminals, removing just the right amount of wire insula-
tion without damaging the wire conductor.

                    phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                                29
       sale priced                                      krieger racing
                               No-Weight Racing Batteries  engines
                                 Enhanced Mat Technology and calcium full frame powerpath grids deliver the
                               highest energy-to-weight levels in the industry. Designed specifically for a racing
                               environment, AGM style batteries use high density oxide for true deep-cycling
                               and the heavy duty, vibration-resistant power posts will not crack or deteriorate.
                                                            Pulse        Cranking
       Standard                                            Cranking       Amps@      Cold Cranking
       Part No.        Weight        (L. x W. x H.)         Amps           32°F.      Amps @ 0°F.           Price
        BRBB129         9.5 lbs.      5.8" x 3.4" x 5.1"       813          436            323           $149.99
       BRBB14115       11.5 lbs.      5.8" x 3.4" x 5.8"       904          486            360           $155.99
       BRBB2015         15 lbs.       6.8" x 3.4" x 6.1"      1067          574            425           $159.99
       BRBB3121         21 lbs.       6.6" x 5.2" x 6.8"      1380          742            550           $179.99

                                           Voodoo Camshaft Kits
                                    Voodoo hydraulic camshafts are designed with very aggres-
                                sive ramp profiles, yet the asymmetrical lobe design uses
                                slower closing rates that set the valve down easy, reducing noise
 and increasing valvetrain durability. Each camshaft features more “area under the curve”, which results in
 improved throttle response, quicker acceleration and more horsepower. Hydraulic camshaft kits include lifters.
                                                     Duration @      Adv. Duration    Valve Lift           Lobe
          Part No.            RPM Range            .050" Int./Exh.     Int./Exh.      Int./Exh.          Separation      Price
     Small Block Chevy 262-400, 1957-98
         LNT60101LK                1000-5500           213°/219°       256°/252°       .454"/.468"               108°   $194.99
         LNT60102LK                1400-5800           219°/227°       262°/268°       .454"/.468"               108°   $194.99
         LNT60103LK                1800-6200           227°/233°       268°/276°       .489"/.504"               110°   $207.99
         LNT60104LK                2200-6400           233°/241°       276°/284°       .504"/.525"               110°   $207.99
         LNT60105LK                2500-6600           241°/249°       284°/292°       .525"/.546"               110°   $207.99
     Big Block Chevy 396-454, 1965-96
         LNT60203LK                1800-6200           227°/233°       268°/276°       .542"/.554"               110°   $215.99
         LNT60204LK                2200-6400           233°/241°       276°/284°       .554"/.572"               110°   $215.99
     Small Block Chrysler 318-360, 1967-Up
         LNT60403LK                1800-6200           226°/234°       268°/276°       .494"/.513"               110°   $219.99
         LNT60404LK                2200-6400           234°/242°       276°/284°       .513"/.533"               110°   $219.99
     Big Block Chrysler 383-440, 1958-80, 3-Bolt Camshaft
         LNT60303LK                1800-6200           227°/233°       268°/276°       .494"/.513"               110°   $219.99

                                                                       Part No.              Description                 Price
                                                                       COR24200       ’99-01 GM P/U EC/SB 4.8/5.3L      $529.99
                                                                       COR24224            ’02-06 GM P/U 6.0L           $529.99
                                                                       COR24259       ’07-08 GM P/U EC/6FT 7IN BED      $529.99
                                                                       COR24260          ’02-06 GM P/U 4.8/5.3L         $529.99
                                                                       COR24267           ’07-08 GM P/U EC/SB           $529.99
 Cat-Back Exhaust Systems
                                                                       COR24292         ’03-06 GM P/U EC/SB 6.0L        $529.99
   Computerized, mandrel bent, straight-through
                                                                       COR24296       ’02-06 GM P/U CREW CAB 6.0L       $529.99
 design for maximum airflow to improve fuel                             COR24302         ’05-08 F150 EC/SB 4.6/5.4       $529.99
 economy and performance. 409 stainless steel                          COR24310             ’09- F150 4.6/5.4L          $529.99
 construction. Features an XL 12-inch 304 polished                     COR24360          ’04 F150 EC/SB 4.6/5.4L        $529.99
 stainless steel tip. Great sound without interior
 resonances while cruising. Easy, bolt-on instal-
                                                                       COR24401          ’03 Ram Quad Cab 5.7L          $529.99
 lation, no welding or cutting needed. Hardware                        COR24403         ’04-05 Ram Quad Cab 5.7L        $529.99
 and detailed installation instructions are included.                  COR24404         ’06-08 Ram Quad Cab 5.7L        $529.99
 Designed, engineered and manufactured in the                          COR24405          ’09 Ram Quad Cab 5.7L          $679.99
 USA by Corsa. 10 year limited warranty.
                                                                       COR24904      ’09 GM P/U EC/6' 7" Bed 4.8/5.3    $529.99

30                   phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
         krieger racing                                                                  sale priced

Ford C-4 Transmissions                                                      Transmission SuperCoolers
                                                                              Pressure tested to 200 PSI with a low pressure drop, light
  Performance Automatic offers four versions of the C-4. All
                                                                            and efficient SuperCoolers always assure that adequate
units have case fill dipsticks. Bellhousing not included.
                                                                            fluid, regardless of viscosity, will return to the transmission.
Pro Street has a manual/automatic valve body and can handle up to 750
horsepower.                                                                  Part No.                Description                   Price
Super Comp is the top-of-the-line with a hardened input shaft, special      BMM70255         16,000 GVW 11" x 5-3/4" x 3/4"      $54.99
sprag assembly and trans-brake valve body to withstand up to 1,000 horse-
                                                                            BMM70268         19,000 GVW 11" x 7-1/2" x 3/4"      $58.99
  Part No.                Description                      Price            BMM70264          24,000 GVW 11" x 6" x 1-1/2"       $69.99
 PAMPA26110           Pro Street Transmission           $1,846.99           BMM70266          28,000 GVW 11" x 8" x 1-1/2"       $81.99
 PAMPA26107          Super Comp Transmission            $2,139.99
                                                                            Hi-Tek Engine Oil And
Multi-Fit Block Plate                                                       Automatic Transmission Cooler
PAMPA26445 $74.99 Each                                                      BMM70298 $204.99 Each
   Ford 289-351W block plate ensures                                          Fin and plate style cooler with 12 volt
perfect starter/flywheel alignment and                                       electric fan and built-in mounting bracket
correct torque converter spacing. Plate                                     offers quick, efficient cooling and is per-
is .060" thick steel and works with                                         fect for trans-brake equipped drag cars.
manual or automatic transmissions and                                       Cooler has 1/2"NPT fittings and thermal
157- or 164- tooth flywheels.                                                switch activated fan when temperatures
                                                                            exceed 175°F. Specifications: 10" x 7-1/2" x
                                                                            4", 7" dia. fan @ 350 CFM, 6 Amps, 5 lbs.
Pro Fit SFI-Approved Bellhousing
PAMPA26577 $399.99 EAch
  Rigid and versatile aluminum Pro Fit
bellhousings are SFI 30.1 certified for use
with a Ford C-4, GM Powerglide, TH-350
and TH-400 transmissions with the proper
Pro Fit Ring. Bellhousing includes the Pro
Fit Ring (PAMPA25301) for the C-4. Rings                                    Crank Trigger Kits
for Powerglide and TH-350/TH-400 must be
                                                                              This magnet-free device
purchased separately. Bellhousings fits
                                                                            includes a wheel constructed
Ford 289-351W.
                                                                            from ASTM A36 grade steel that’s so strong, it only needs
NOTE: Pro Fit Ring PAMPA25101 Required For Powerglide; Use PAW-             to be .125" thick and is virtually indestructible. The FAST™
PA25101T For TH-350 Or TH-400                                               inductive sensor is much smaller than others and is hermeti-
                                                                            cally sealed with the connector molded into the body. The
                                                                            key to the crank trigger’s dependability and accuracy lies in
Ford C-4 Components                                                         the trigger wheel design. Rather than having added magnets,
  Performance Automatic offers a variety                                    the wheel has tabs on the outer rim. These tabs are mea-
of components to enhance the perfor-                                        sured by the inductive sensor as the wheel revolves, which
mance of Ford C-4 transmissions.                                            then provides data to the fuel injection and ignition systems
                                                                            for accurate RPM measurement. And because the tabs are a
  Part No.                  Description                       Price         part of the single wheel unit, there is no possibility of loss or
                            C-4 Trans Brake
 PAMPA26306                                                $547.99          fragmentation as with the magnetic style trigger wheels.
                      Manual Valve Body, 1970-Up
                          C-4 Pro Shift Servo,                               Part No.              Description                   Price
                         Enhances Shift Quality            $135.99
                    C-4 Race Overhaul Kit, Includes
                                                                            FST301270        SB Chevy Kit For 7" Balancer      $256.99
PAMPA26414R        All Gaskets, Seals, Alto Red Eagle      $199.99          FST301280        SB Chevy Kit For 8" Balancer      $256.99
                             Clutches, Etc.                                 FST301180        BB Chevy Kit For 8" Balancer      $256.99
                                                                            FST303565       SB Ford Kit For 6.562" Balancer    $256.99

                    phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                                  31
     sale priced                                                              krieger racing
                                                                                      Bore         Rod Comp.
                                                                        Part No.      Size Stroke Length Ht.                    Price
                                                                      SB Chevy Flat Top (2-Valve Pockets) Piston Kit,
                                                                      Use With 23° (OEM-Style) Cylinder Heads
                                                                       WPTPT003H3 4.030"        3.480"      5.700"   1.560"   $585.99
                                                                      SB Chevy Flat Top (2-Valve Pockets) Piston Kits,
                                                                      Use With 23° (OEM-Style) Cylinder Heads

 Forged Piston Kits                                                    WPTPT017H3 4.030"        3.750"      6.000"   1.125"   $609.99
   Pistons are machined for 1/16" top, 1/16" second and                WPTPT020H3 4.155"        3.750"      6.000"   1.125"   $609.99
                                                                      BB Chevy Domed Piston Kits
 3/16" rings. Kits include eight pistons, Hastings hi-tensile
 plasma moly piston rings, chrome moly wrist pins, and a full          WPTPT010H3 4.280"        4.000"      6.135"   1.645"   $696.99
 set of spiral locks.                                                 WPTPT046H6* 4.310"        3.760"      6.135"   1.760"   $696.99
                                                                      SB Ford 302 Flat Top Piston Kit
                                                                       WPTPT012H3 4.030"        3.000"      5.090"   1.600"   $585.99
                                                                      BB Chrysler 440 Flat Top Piston Kit
                                                                      WPTPT034H3       4.350"   3.750"      6.766"   2.050"   $657.99
                                                                      * BB Chevy 427 closed chamber application.

 SB and BB Chevy Crankshafts
   Heat treated 4340 non-twist forgings are lightweight design, stress relieved, shot peened, Nitrided and 100% magna-
 fluxed. Micro polished large .125" radius journals (narrowed rod bearings required).
                                                           Minimum           Main Journal               Rod Journal
      Part No.         Description            Stroke      Rod Length          Diameter                   Diameter              Price
      MAN190150      350/400, SB Chevy         3.750"        6.000"                2.450"                   2.100"            $599.99
      MAN190140        454, BB Chevy           4.250"        6.385"                2.750"                   2.200"            $727.99

 SB Chevy OEM Style                                                   Severe Duty Valves
 Superior Head Bolts                                                    Severe duty exhaust valves are made of XH-428
                                                                      stainless steel which has double the tensile strength
 MAN42171 $34.29 Kit                                                  of imported valves at 1500°F. Intake valves, con-
   Longer than stock bolts, designed for use with washers,            structed of NK-844 stainless steel, have over 1000
 are made from 170,000 PSI material with 1/2" hex heads for           times more fatigue strength than imported valves.
 improved “wrenchability”. Bolt kit includes fasteners for (1)        Sold in sets of 8.
 cylinder head.
                                                                        Part No.       Type     Size Stem         Height        Price
                                                                      Small Block Chevrolet 262-400
 NexTek Series Valve Springs                                          MAN11539-8* Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .100" Longer          $224.99
   NexTek springs are specially processed from                         MAN11826-8      Intake   2.020" .3415" .100" Longer    $224.99
 chrome silicon that undergoes winding, thermal
                                                                      * Valve has 10° Underhead Angle
 treating and finishing processes prior to shipment.
 Spring I.D.’s are fully chamfered for retainer clear-
 ance. Sold in sets of 16.                                            Bead Loc 11/32" Valve Locks
                     Max.                     Coil                    MAN13161-8 $33.99 Pack
       Part No.      Lift     O.D.       I.D. Bind       Price
                                                                        Heat treated, black oxide coated 11/32" steel
     MAN221424-16     .880"   1.640"     .860" 1.070"   $279.99       valve locks are 10°. Package of 8 (16 pieces),
     MAN221441P-16    .730"   1.570"     .750" 1.215"   $449.99       standard installed height.

 7.900" Chrome Moly Pushrods                                          Viton Valve Stem Seals
 MAN25712-16 $149.99 Set                                              MAN24045-8 $19.99 Set
   Heat treated, 4130 chrome                                             Viton valve seals are profiled to clear small I.D. inners in
 moly pushrods have swaged ends and are black oxide fin-               triple valve springs. Sets of eight. 11/32" seals with .674"
 ished for corrosion protection. Available in 5/16" (.080" wall)      seal O.D. and .530" guide O.D.
 as a set of 16-pieces. (SB Chevy +.100")

32                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
       krieger racing                                                          sale priced

“Coolface” Solid Lifters                                          Stainless Steel
CRO66900X980-16 $142.99 Set                                       Rollerized Rocker Arms
   Chevy V8, .842" dia. A .024" oil metering port machined           Rocker Arms are made of 17-4PH stainless steel, heat
into the face of the lifter improves durability with no signifi-   treated and fitted with oversized needle bearings, sure-
cant oil pressure loss. Ideal for high RPM engines with high      lock rocker nuts and ball race steel tip rollers. Lightweight,
rocker arm ratios and valve spring pressures. Sold in set of      narrow body rockers provide plenty of clearance when used
16. Block restrictors are not recommended with “Coolface”         with large diameter valve springs or high lift camshafts. Sold
solid lifters.                                                    in sets of 16.
                                                                    Part No.      Description       Ratio Stud        Price
Jumbo Split Lock                                                   CRO73641-16   SB Chevy 265-400    1.6   7/16"     $459.99
10° Valve Stem Keepers                                             CRO73605-16   BB Chevy 396-454    1.7   7/16"     $459.99
CRO86110X2-16 $45.99 Set
  Machined from premium chrome moly steel, heat treated           Dual Valve Springs
for maximum strength, and are .050" shorter installed heights.    with Damper
Keepers fit 11/32" valve stems, sold in sets of 16 pair.
                                                                  CRO68385X2-16 $181.99 Set
                                                                    Springs have 1.525" O.D., .750" I.D. with seat
SB Chevy                                                          pressure of 155@1.900". Coil bind is at 1.100"
                                                                  Sold as set of 16.
Severe Duty Roller Lifters
  Ideal for high RPM and high cylinder pres-
sure, lightweight lifters have billet alloy                       Crower Killer Profile
bodies, and heavy duty blades, which are
raised for use with late model blocks.                            Metal Sign
“HIPPO” (Hi-Pressure Pin Oiler) lifters                           CRO86441 $34.99 Each
have a .024" orifice to direct oil to the
needle bearings, improving durability.
Lifters fit SB Chevy 262-400. Sets of 16.
    Part No.             Description                Price
   CRO66290-16              .842" Dia.           $544.99
  CRO66290H-16         .842" Dia., “HIPPO”       $667.99

                 phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                        33
      sale priced                                                                    krieger racing
                                                                           Mickey Thompson
                                                                               Pg. 9, 34

 ET Drag                                                                      Part No.             Size         Compound        Price
                                                                           ET Drag
     Black nylon, tube-type tires are proven                                   MIC3054          28.0/9.0-15           L8*      $182.99
 winners on the strip, engineered for
 longer life and consistent performance with
                                                                               MIC3055         28.0/10.5-15          M5*       $189.99
 little, or no burnout. Excellent wear.                                       MIC3055S^        28.0/10.5-15          M5*       $205.99
                                                                              MIC3062S^        29.5/10.5-15S         M5*       $236.99
                                                                              MIC3169W         33.0/10.5-16          M5*       $292.99
 ET Front Runners                                                          ET Front Runner

   Black nylon ET Front Runners offer high                                    MIC3007§          26.0/4.5-15            –       $156.99
 speed stability and excellent rollout.                                    * Medium Compound for General Use
                                                                           ^Sti sidewall. §Acceptable for highspeed use.

 Speedometer                                                               1994-04 Mustang
 Recalibration Driven Gear                                                 Bumpsteer Kit
 STD392-STE-17271-D $16.99 Each                                            STD555-8104 $167.99 Kit
    For ’79-98 Mustang manual or automatic transmissions.                    Kit replaces stock outer tie rods to keep car straight and
 Must be used for speedometer recalibration when differen-                 improve elapsed times. Prevents bumpsteer caused by
 tial gear ratios have been changed. Gears sold individually.              changes in toe-in during suspension movement. Kit includes
                                                                           two each spherical rod ends, heat treated alloy steel shafts,
                                                                           CNC-machined aluminum collars and a shim assortment.
         Part No.                   Description                Ratio
                          Manual Trans., 7-Tooth Drive Gear,
                          ’83-89 V8,’96-98 Cobra 5-Speed,       4.10
     STD392-STE-17271-D        Tremec TR-3550 & TKO                        X2 Ball Joints
                          Manual Trans., 8-Tooth Drive Gear,
                        ’90-98 5-Speed (Except ’96-98 Cobra)
                                                             3.55 & 3.73   STD555-8101 $136.99 Pair
                                                                             Ideal for lowered ’94-04 Mustangs, custom
                                                                           length ball joints raise the roll center, enhance
 Mustang Clutch Quadrant,                                                  handling and reduce body roll.
 Cable and Adjuster Package                                                Oversized sway bars and/or
                                                                           increased spring rates are not
   Quadrant is compatible with firewall
                                                                           needed. Steeda bump steer kit is
 adjusters and cables. Cable can be
 adjusted at the bellhousing or the fire-
 wall for smooth clutch operation.
      Part No.     Description         Price                               Tri-Ax Shifters
     STD555-7040 ’82-95 Mustang     $104.99                                  CNC-machined aluminum shifters have positive
     STD555-7041 ’96-04 Mustang     $104.99                                stops, two-position height adjustment and exclu-
                                                                           sive BootGuard to protect the stock inner shift
                                                                           boot. Revised pivot shortens throw without
 3-Bolt Caster/Camber Plates                                               sacrificing comfort.
 STD555-8094-3 $199.99 Pair                                                   Part No.                Description               Price
   TIG-welded, nickel plated plates allow                                                            ’83-01.5 Mustang,
 precise caster and camber adjustment.
                                                                                                   T-5/T-45 Transmission       $189.99
 Spherical bearings maintain precise align-                                                          ’01.5-up Mustang,
 ment in all driving conditions. Each pair
                                                                                                   TR-3650 Transmission        $189.99
 includes hardware and instructions.

34                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
       krieger racing          sale priced
          engines And BB-2X Series
              BB-2 Plus
                                   BB Chevy Cylinder Heads
                                  Ready to bolt-on, high flowing aluminum cylinder heads include
                               blended bowls, matched ports and a competition valve job. BB-2
heads are ideal for 427-509 cu. in. applications, while the BB-2X are recommended for 482-572 cu. in. engines. Fully assem-
bled cylinder heads include 119cc combustion chambers, stainless valves, phosphorous bronze valve guides, 7/16" rocker
studs, 3/8" guide plates and roller valve springs. Sold individually.
                                    Int.        Comb.           Valve
  Part No.       Description       Runner       Cham.           Spring       Int. Valve      Exh. Valve     Retainer              Price
 BRO2021012        BB-2 Plus        312cc       119cc           1.550"          2.250"           1.880"        Steel             $948.99
 BRO2021038         BB-2X           340cc       119cc           1.625"          2.300"           1.880"       Titanium          $1,154.99

Track 1 SB Chevy Cylinder Heads Intake Manifolds
BRO1001001 $1,500.99 Pair                                                  All manifolds listed are single
  Track 1 Brodix small block                                             plane 360°, high velocity design.
Chevy aluminum heads deliver                                             Available with standard or
economical, out-of-the-box                                               Dominator carb flange.
horsepower. Assembled heads                                                Part No.        Port Design      Carb. Flange            Price
include 2.08" x 1.60" stainless                                          Small Block Chevy
steel valves, bronze guides, 7/16"                                         BROHV1000          Standard          Standard          $345.99
screw in studs, 5/16" guide plates, 1.550" diam-
eter roller valve springs, and 10° steel retainers and locks.
                                                                           BROHV1003          Standard      Special Round Top     $365.99
                                                                         Big Block Chevy
Heads blended bowls and matched ports are sold per pair.                   BROHV2001         Rect./Brodix      Dominator          $396.99

                                                                         IK Series
                                                                         SB Chevy Cylinder Heads
                                                                         BRO1021001 $1,210.99 Pair
                                                                           Ideal for mild drag racing and street/
                                                                         strip, IK Series 23° aluminum cyl-
Ultra 4150 HP                                                            inder heads combine performance
                                                                         and value. 200cc intake port ver-
Carburetors                                                              sion has 64cc combustion chambers,
  All of the features of standard HP carburetors plus billet             phosphorous bronze valve guides,
baseplates and metering blocks with changeable idle feed                 straight spark plugs, ductile iron valve seats, 1.470" diameter
restrictors and emulsion jets. Wet flow tested and calibrated             valve springs and are compatible with accessory mounting.
for maximum performance.                                                 All heads are sold in pairs, fully assembled.
 Part No.                 Description                   Price
 HLY0-80675                    750 CFM             $804.99
 HLY0-80676                    950 CFM             $812.99

4150 HP Carburetors
  Built only for all-out performance, Pro-Series 4150 Carburetors have mechanical secondaries and perform like the more
expensive “modified” carburetors at a considerably lower cost. Airhorn and choke towers have been removed to
improve air flow, venturi sections have been modified, and the through-holes have been machined to .440".
Pro-Series carbs have been fit with 4500 Dominator fuel bowls, high flow power valves, accelerator
pumps equipped with severe usage diaphragms and have improved main metering circuitry.
                               Primary Secondary
  Part No.        Description Acc. Pump Acc. Pump Boosters                       Price
 HLY0-80507-1*    390 CFM Gas            30cc    30cc       Straight-Leg       $732.99
 HLY0-80498-1     950 CFM Meth.          50cc    50cc           Down Leg       $777.99
* NASCAR Approved

                    phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                              35
     sale priced                                                          krieger racing

 “Ford Racing” Fender Cover                                      429/460 Super Cobra Jet
 FRDM1822-A2 $12.99 Each                                         Aluminum Cylinder Head
   Fender cover is 27" x 36", protects from scratches, chemi-    FRDM6049-SCJA $849.99 Each
 cals and fluids, and has a blue oval Ford Racing logo.
                                                                   The best street/strip cyl-
                                                                 inder head currently offered
                                                                 for big block Ford engines.
 39 Lbs./Hr.                                                     High flowing head fits 429-
 High Flow Rate Fuel Injector Kit                                460 engines and includes
                                                                 290cc intake runners and
 FRDM9593-M39 $404.99 Kit                                        72cc combustion chambers. Assembled head includes valve
    Kit contains eight high flow rate fuel injectors              springs, retainers, valve locks, 2.200" intake and 1.760"
 engineered for race use. Injectors work best with               exhaust valves. Sold individually.
 air meters that have been recalibrated. For use with
 Hi-Flow mass air sensors only. 39 lbs/hr injectors use
 USCAR connector.
                                                                 CNC Ported
 BOSS 302 Intake Manifold                                        Windsor Z Head
 FRDM9424-M50BR $549.99 Each                                     FRDM6049-Z304P $914.99 Each
    Original equipment on Mustang BOSS 302,                      • Designed Using Solid Modeling Technology
 302S and 302R race cars. Fits 2011-2012                         • Cast From Prime A356 T6 Aluminum With High-Flow Ports
 Mustang GT 5.0L engine and is made from                         • Fits 5.0L/5.8L Windsor Engines
 light-weight composite material. Short runners                  • 20 Degree Inline Valves (Suggested Valve Sizes: 2.02" Intake And 1.60"
 for optimum flow at high rpm’s. Calibration                        Exhaust)
 required and includes unique Ford Racing                        • Requires Competition Valve Job And Bowl Blending
 intake badging.                                                 • Steel Alloy Intake And Exhaust Valve Seats Installed (No Valve Job)
                                                                 • Manganese-Bronze Valve Guides Installed With Semi-Finished Id
                                                                 • 63cc CNC’d Combustion Chamber
 4.6L 3-Valve                                                    • Intake Port Volume As Cast: 204cc
                                                                 • Exhaust Port Volume As Cast: 85cc
 Intake Manifold                                                 • Bare Head Weighs 27 Lbs.
 FRDM9424-463V $623.99 Each                                      • Accepts Both Tapered Seat And Gasket Style 14mm Spark Plugs
    Fits 2005-2010 4.6-Liter 3-valve Mustang                       (Motorcraft AGSP-32-PP, Autolite 3924, 3925)
 engines and has a lightweight composite                         • Requires Guide Plate FRDM6566-Z304D (Not Included)
 construction (same material as OE intake                        • Requires 7/16" Screw-In Studs (Not Included)
 manifold). Less heat soak than aluminum                         • RequiresFRDM6564-F351 Roller Rocker Arms (Not Included)
 intakes and includes high-flow runners                           • Recommend Using FRDM6505-B304 Exhaust Valve And
                                                                   FRDM6507-A304 Intake Valve (Not Included)
 and open plenum design. Fits under
                                                                 • Raised Exhaust Port Exit, Custom Headers May Be Required
 factory Mustang hood and includes
 MAP sensor mounting boss for speed-                             • CNC Ported Cylinder Head To Increase Flow On Intake And Exhaust
 density applications and intake manifold gaskets.               • Intake And Exhaust Airflow Increased Approx. 10% Over FRDM6049-304D
 Calibration required, but it is not include. Does not fit with   • Bare Casting, Sold Individually
 Ford Racing strut tower braces.

36                phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
        krieger racing                                                         sale priced

Cold Air                                                         QFX-Series
Induction Systems                                                Drag Racing Carburetors
  Cold air induction systems deliver real world horsepower         QFX-series carburetors are
gains and great looks.                                           ideal for throttle stop and bracket
Part No.                Description                   Price
                                                                 racing, combining die cast
                                                                 aluminum main bodies, CNC-
 BBK1557         Chrome, ’86-93 5.0L Mustang         $159.99     machined billet metering blocks
 BBK1712          Chrome, ’94-95 5.0L Mustang        $179.99     and aluminum fuel bowls with
                 Chrome,’96-98 Cobra 4.6L 4-V/                   extended venturi for increased
                     ’01-02 Bullit Mustangs          $329.99     low- and mid-range torque. Annular boosters and CNC-
                                                                 machined inserts increase flow, strengthen vacuum signal
Mass Air Meters                                                  and improve fuel emulsion. Single 4-barrel gasoline setup.
   New 356 aluminum casting is powder coated                      Part No.               Description                  Price
then fully CNC machined before being fitted                                          1250 CFM, 1.900" Venturi,
with one of BBK’s new electronically calibrated                  QFTFX-4712
                                                                                         2.125" Throttle            $1,148.49
mass air sensor modules to ensure an accurate                                       1450 CFM, 2.000" Venturi,
air/fuel ratio for the best possible performance potential.
                                                                                         2.250" Throttle            $1,242.19
Designed for BBK Cold Air Calibration.
Part No.                Description                   Price      E85 Q-Series
 BBK8002           ’86-93 Mustang 76MM, 19lb         $209.99     Drag Racing Carburetors
 BBK8004           ’86-93 Mustang 76MM, 24lb         $219.99       With high flow main bodies
 BBK8005           ’86-93 Mustang 76MM, 30lb         $229.99     and fuel bowls, billet metering
                                                                 blocks and throttle bodies, and
                                                                 adjustable secondary pump cam
Power-Plus Series                                                brackets, these four barrel drag
Throttle Bodies                                                  carbs deliver crisp, reliable throttle
   Power-Plus Series throttle bodies pro-                        response. Carburetors listed are
vide crisp throttle response and improve                         for use with E85.
air flow for added horsepower. CNC-machined aluminum                 Part No.              Description                 Price
throttle body has double-sealed bearings, O-ringed throttle
shafts and precision die-stamped linkages. Each throttle
                                                                  QFTQ-850-E85     850 CFM, Mech. Secondaries       $705.59
body includes hardware for installation.                          QFTQ-950-E85     950 CFM, Mech. Secondaries       $749.69
Part No.                Description                   Price
                                                                 Q-Series Carburetors
 BBK1780         ’96-04 Mustang 4.6L 2V, 78mm        $269.99       Carburetors provide exceptional
General Motors
                                                                 performance throughout the entire
 BBK1709     ’98-02 Camaro/Firebird 5.7L LS1, 80mm   $299.99     RPM range. All new carburetors
                                                                 have die cast, high flow main
Twin 56mm                                                        bodies, billet metering blocks and
                                                                 throttle bodies, die cast alu-
Throttle Body                                                    minum float bowls and adjustable
BBK3501 $349.99 Each                                             secondary pump cam brackets.
  Power+Plus Series throttle body which fits                      Gasoline only.
’87-96 Ford F-Series trucks and RV’s, is CNC machined              Part No.              Description                  Price
from high quality 356 aluminum castings to ensure per-                           750 CFM 4BBL. Circle Track Carb,
fect OEM quality and fit every time. Features like OEM die         QFTQ-750-CT
                                                                                     Mechanical Secondaries         $677.99
stamped throttle linkages, double sealed bearings, o-ringed       QFTQ-850-B2       850 CFM 2x4 Blower Carb.        $742.99
throttle shafts and new electronic controlled injection molded
plastic gear assemblies. Direct replacement throttle body
includes new gaskets and detailed installation instructions.
Fits ’87-96 Ford F-Series/RV.

                   phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                   37
     sale priced                                                               krieger racing

 BB Chevy Merlin III                                              Ford Main Cap Girdles
 Cast Iron Engine Block                                             Main girdle kits greatly increase the bottom end strength
 WRD081100 $2,199.99 Each                                         of Ford Windsor engines. Steel versions are for 289-302 and
                                                                  351W. Kits include heavy duty studs.
    The Merlin III combines Mark IV compatibility with priority
 main bearing oiling, reinforced main webs and bulkheads,         Part No.                   Description                   Price
 and thicker decks. The block has standard cam location and                            Steel Main Girdle Kit
 is CNC-machined to be stronger and more precise than
                                                                                     w/Studs - Ford 289/302               $253.99
 stock blocks. Block has 9.800" deck height, 4.240" bore,          PEC11327 Steel Main Girdle Kit w/Studs - Ford 351W     $309.99
 nodular iron main caps and must be finish honed.
                                                                  Factory Performance Series
 BB Chevy Merlin Oval                                             (FPS) Pistons
 And Rectangular Port                                               Ideal for budget bracket racing or
                                                                  street/strip, high silicon aluminum
 Cast Iron Cylinder Heads                                         pistons are significantly stronger than
    The Merlin is a 100% bolt-on 119cc                            hypereutectic cast pistons. Pistons
 “open chamber” head that com-                                    accept 5/64", 5/64" and 3/16" rings,
 bines superior design with                                       include wrist pins and are sold in sets of eight.
 increased flow characteristics. The
 269cc oval port cast iron head is                                                                             Comp.
 engineered for street/strip applica-                                  Part No.           Bore      Stroke     Height      Price
                                                                  Big Block Chevy
 tions up to 468 cu. in. Rectangular port head is the perfect
 choice for 454-540 cu. in. drag race engines. Sold com-
                                                                    PECP2465F-030*        4.280"     4.000"     1.645"   $399.99
                                                                  Small Block Ford
 pletely assembled with 1.550" valve springs, 2.300" intake         PECP2482F-030†        4.030"     3.000"     1.605"   $399.99
 valves, 1.880" exhaust vales and 11/32" valve stems. For
 hydraulic cam applications. Sold individually.                   * Flat Top
                                                                  † Dome Top
      Part No.           Description                Price
     WRD030040-1      Merlin Oval Port 269cc      $759.99
     WRD030620-2     Merlin Rect. Port 320cc      $759.99         Sportsman Race Series
                                                                  (SRS) Pistons
                                                                     Lightweight, forged 2618-T6 aluminum
                                                                  pistons have low drag skirts and are
                                                                  designed for tighter running clearances.
                                                                  Pistons accept 1/16", 1/16" and 3/16"
                                                                  rings. Sold in sets of eight with light-
                                                                  weight, forged wrist pins.
                                                                      Part No.           Bore      Stroke Height          Price
                                                                  Small Block Chevy
                                                                    PEC12334-030*        4.030"    3.480"     1.560"     $459.99
                                                                    PEC13719-030     †   4.030"    3.750"     1.125"     $484.99
                                                                  Big Block Chevy
                                                                    PEC13729-060†        4.310"    4.250"     1.270"     $564.99
                                                                  Small Block Ford
                                                                    PEC10684-030**       4.030"    3.000"     1.600"     $484.99
                                                                  * Flat Top
                                                                  † Dome Top
                                                                  ** Reverse Dome Top

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        krieger racing                                                       sale priced

Extra Long                                                       Sealed Blue Battery Box
Bellhousing Dowel Pins                                           MOR74050 $101.99 Each
MOR37932 $11.99 Pack                                               Lightweight polyethylene battery
                                                                 box is ideal for relocating battery to
  Simplify installation of bellhousing to block.
                                                                 the trunk and it’s completely sealed to
Fit most GM V8 and V6. Standard size (1.500" long).
                                                                 prevent spills or gases from entering
                                                                 the driver compartment. Box will secure
                                                                 a Series 24 battery and is 10-1/2" deep,
SB Chevy Perm-Align                                              13" wide and 9-1/2" tall. Mounting hardware is
Valve Cover Gaskets                                              included. Battery cable not included.
MOR93020 $34.99 Pair
  Vulcanized rubber/rigid steel
frame gaskets are 3/16" thick                                    BB Chevy Billet Aluminum
and will not leak or blowout.                                    Oil Pump
Sold in pairs. Fits small block Chevy.
                                                                 MOR22163 $419.99 Each
                                                                    Failures from vibration and fatigue are elimi-
                                                                 nated with large oil passages and a mounting
Wheel Studs                                                      boss cross section three times larger than
MOR46180 $12.99 Pack                                             stock. Traditional spur gear pump is compat-
   Press-in 1/2"-20 x 3" stud with .615" dia. knurl fits most     ible with stock intermediate shafts and mounting
disc brake Ford front and rear, and Chrysler front applica-      studs. Fits 8" deep oil pans.
tions. High grade SAE 8740 steel withstands shear loads of
190,000 PSI. Hole size is .606" to .613". Five per package.
                                                                 Original Design 3-Vane
Spark Plug Indexing Washers                                      Racing Vacuum Pump
Your Choice – $16.49 Each                                        MOR22640 $425.99 Each
                                                                   Three-vane pump improves ring seal and
  Use with MOR62160 for all 14mm                                 decrease blow-by. Billet design.
spark plugs with 5/8" hex. Set includes
30 washers in three thicknesses to
correct the electrode placement on any plug, simplifying the
time-consuming task of spark plug indexing. Washers are
stamped from copper for perfect sealing and heat transfer.
Available for flat or taper seat plugs.
 Part No.                     Description
 MOR71900     Indexing Washers, Taper Seat .010", .021", .032"
 MOR71910      Indexing Washers, Flat Seat .040", .050", .064"

                                                                 SB Chevy SHP
                                                                 Dual Plane Intake Manifold
                                                                 DRT42811000 $227.99 Each
                                                                    Intake manifold provides a boundary layer of cool air
                                                                 beneath the plenum while the runners insulate the fuel/
Roll Control                                                     air mixture from engine heat. This provides a denser intake
HUR174-5000 $119.99 Each                                         charge and makes more power. Dual plane design maximizes
                                                                 mid-range torque while the ribbed plenum floor promotes
  Fully rebuildable unit has stainless steel valve assembly
                                                                 fuel atomization. Intake is recommended for 215cc and
and enclosed molded electrical coil. Finned housing helps
                                                                 smaller intake ports and accepts popular 4150 carburetors.
dissipate heat.
                                                                 Integral bosses for nitrous injectors.

                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                               39
       sale priced                                                                     krieger racing
 Premium Truck Bed
 Coating Kit
 SHEBAK2010 $86.99 Kit
   Complete kit with Kevlar will com-
 pletely cover one standard pickup bed.                                                                     TXR600BW0001BLK

 Premium Truck Bed                                                             TXR600BW0002
 Coating, Quart Can
 SHEBAQ2010 $35.99 Kit
       One quart can of coating with Kevlar.


 1/8" Copper Tubing
 ATM3224 $10.99 Each
   For mechanical pressure gauges (except fuel, nitrous, or
 brake pressure gauges). Includes 6 ft. of 1/8" copper line,                       TXR600BW0013                          TXR600BW0012
 1/8"NPT male to 1/8" compression fitting, 1/8"NPT female to
 1/8" compression fitting, grommet, and 1/8"NPT to 1/4"NPT                     Mini Sprint Chassis Components

                                                                                   Part No.                  Description                   Price
 5-Piece Gauge Kits                                                              TXR600BW0001                   Hood, White              $168.99
                                                                               TXR600BW0001BLK                  Hood, Black              $168.99
                                                                                 TXR600BW0002            Left Hand Guard, White           $61.99
                                                                               TXR600BW0002BLK           Left Hand Guard, Black           $61.99
                                                                                 TXR600BW0003           Right Hand Guard, White           $86.99
                                                                               TXR600BW0003BLK           Right Hand Guard, Black          $86.99
         ATM1202             ATM1102            ATM6300             ATM6900      TXR600BW0004                Floor Pan, Front             $29.99
                                                                                 TXR600BW0005                Floor Pan, Rear              $29.99
     Part No                    Description
     American Muscle Series, 3-3/8" Speedo with 2-1/16" Gauges
                                                                    Price        TXR600BW0006         Kick Panel, Left Side, 2 Pieces     $49.99
                   160 MPH Electric Speedo, 100 PSI Electric                     TXR600BW0007        Kick Panel, Right Side, 3 Pieces     $74.99
      ATM1202       Oil Pressure, 100-250° Water Temp, 8-18      $615.99         TXR600BW0010                   Motor Shroud              $39.99
                         Volt and 240 E-33 Fuel Level
                    8K Tach/120 MPH Speedo Combo, 100                            TXR600BW0011               Electronics Panel             $32.99
      ATM1205       PSI Oil Pressure, 100-250° Water Temp,       $769.99         TXR600BW0012                   Front Air Box             $32.99
                      8-18 Volt and 240 E-33 Fuel Level
     MCX Series, 3-3/8" Speedo with 2-1/16" Gauges
                                                                                 TXR600BW0013           Cockpit Panel, Left Hand          $19.99
                   120 MPH Electric Speedo, 100 PSI Electric                     TXR600DL0001             Drive Chain, Gold Link         $119.99
      ATM1102       Oil Pressure, 100-250° Water Temp, 8-18      $514.99         TXR600DL0002              Drive Tensioner Kit            $84.99
                         Volt and 240 E-33 Fuel Level
     Sport Comp Digital Series, 3-1/8" Speedo with 2-1/16" Gauges
                     160 MPH Programable Electric Speedo,
                                                                                 TXR600DL0003             Drive Tensioner Wheel           $28.99
                   100 PSI Electric Oil Pressure, 100-250° Wa-
      ATM6300                                                    $510.99
                    ter Temp, 8-18 Volt and 0-280 Program-
                                mable Fuel Level
                                                                              Hardware Kit
     Cobalt Digital Series, 3-1/8" Speedo with 2-1/16" Gauges                 TXR600CH2846
                160 MPH Programable Electric Speedo,
              100 PSI Electric Oil Pressure, 100-250° Wa-                      $89.99 Each
               ter Temp, 8-18 Volt and 0-280 Program-            $612.99        Kits includes all steel bolts and
                           mable Fuel Level                                   nuts to assemble car.

40                       phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
       krieger racing                                                                      sale priced
                                                                             SB Ford High Performance
SB Chevy High Performance                                                    Oil Pumps by Schumanns
                                                                               Iron alloy pumps are blueprinted with
Rotating Assembly Kits                                                       full flow shaft oiling and 80% less porosity
  Rotating                                                                   for a yield strength of 70,000 PSI. Pumps
assembly kits                                                                are blueprinted and precisely machined with
include Pro-Tru                                                              full flow shaft oiling, exact mesh gears and
forged, flat top                                                              anti-aeration bleed-off for exceptional high
pistons with                                                                 RPM lubrication. Choose “O.E. Plus”, or the
chrome moly                                                                  “Sportsman SSR” series which includes 50-55,
wrist pins and                                                               65-70 and 80-90 PSI pressure relief springs.
spiral locks,
                                                                              Part No.                 Description                  Price
Hastings Hi-Tensile plasma moly piston rings, Scat 4340                      Small Block Ford 289-351W
forged steel crankshaft, Scat 4340 forged steel H-beam con-                    AFM20323          Standard Volume O.E. Plus          $42.99
necting rods, and Clevite 77 “H” series high performance
main and rod bearings. Please specify standard, .030", .040"
                                                                               AFM20324             High Volume O.E. Plus           $53.99
or .060" oversize pistons.                                                    AFM20325*         High Volume Sportsman SSR          $118.99
AFM13000 –        $1,749.99 Kit                                              * Gear pressure balanced to prevent “hydraulicing.”
AFM13001 –        $1,749.99 Kit
AFM13002 –        $1,779.99 Kit

 Part No.
               Inch       Stroke
                                                                  Ratio                                            FREE
 AFM13002        383       3.750"         6.000"       1.125"     10.5:1*
*Compression ratios are based on a 67cc combustion chamber
and .030" overbore.                                                          Extreme Pressure Grease
                                                                             and Oil Promo
Heavy Duty                                                                     Purchase a case of synthetic racing oil listed below,
Engine Stands                                      AFM10175
                                                                             receive a free tube of Extreme Pressure Chassis Grease
                                                                             FREE! Must use part numbers listed below.
AFM10175 $94.99 Each
AFM10176 $114.99 Each                                                         Part No.                 Description                   Price
                                                                                            XP0 (0w-5), Case of 12 Quarts w/One
  Choice of AFM10175 with an I-shaped                                        JGP00407G
                                                                                            Free Tube of Extreme Pressure Grease   $239.89
base with support through the center,                                                      XP1 (5w-20), Case of 12 Quarts w/One
or AFM10176 with a U-shaped base and                                         JGP00007G
                                                                                            Free Tube of Extreme Pressure Grease   $239.89
an open center area. Both stands include                      AFM10176                     XP2 (0w-20), Case of 12 Quarts w/One
heavy duty casters, 360° rotating
                                                                                            Free Tube of Extreme Pressure Grease   $239.89
head assembly and sliding handle.                                                          XP3 (10w-30), Case of 12 Quarts w/One
                                                                                            Free Tube of Extreme Pressure Grease   $203.89
                 Max.                                                                      XP6 (15w-50), Case of 12 Quarts w/One
                                                                                            Free Tube of Extreme Pressure Grease   $203.89
 Part No.       Capacity      Length Width Height Weight
 AFM10175          1000             32"       30"         30"      52 lbs.
 AFM10176          1250             32"       30"         32"      59 lbs.

                                                                             Extreme Pressure
Engine Load Leveler                                                          Chassis Grease
AFM10141 $33.99 Each                                                         JGP70030 $14.99 Each
  Engine load leveler tilts forward, backward or to either                     Excellent load carrying capability under high tem-
side for easy engine handling and                                            perature and high loading, Extreme Pressure Chassis
positioning. Includes two 42" long                                           Grease provides exceptional stability in an NLG1 #2
chains. Maximum lift capacity is                                             grease. 400GM cartridge.
1,250 lbs.

                  phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                                 41
     sale priced                                                      krieger racing
                                                                   Proton Series Nitrous Systems
                                                                     Proton Series nitrous systems combine performance,
                                                                   durability and value in a compact and easy to mount module.
                                                                   Proton systems contain high quality, made in the USA, sole-
                                                                   noids that are capable of producing 150 horsepower to the
                                                                   wheels. The black anodized aluminum housing not only looks
 Hitman System For Holley 4bbl.                                    great, it pulls heat away from the solenoids for extreme
 NXS40040-10 $437.99 Each                                          durability.
    The latest product in the “next
 generation nitrous system” line
 has a Pure-Flo bottle valve and                                   Proton EFI System
 stainless steel bottle brackets.                                  NXS20420-10 $379.99 Each
 Economical “beginner” system                                         Proton EFI system includes jet-
 is adjustable to 100, 150 and                                     ting for 35HP, 50HP and 75HP.
 200 horsepower levels. Fits                                       System includes a 10lb nitrous
 Holley 4bbl. 4150 carburetors                                     bottle with a high flow bottle
 and includes spray bar plate,                                     valve, stainless bottle brackets, a
 nitrous and fuel solenoids, stainless steel line, 10lb. bottle,   single Piranha nozzle, stainless
 brackets, hardware and installation instructions.                 braided nozzle lines, extra long
                                                                   braided stainless feed line, master arming switch and a push
                                                                   button. Fits all electronic fuel injected vehicles with a single
 4.6L 3-Valve Plate System                                         throttle body.
 NXS20947-10 $891.99 Each
   Phase 3 “spraybarless” tech-
 nology has yielded a billet plate                                 Proton Plus System
 that bolts between the upper                                      NXS20421-10 $409.99 Each
 plenum and intake and offers                                         Proton Plus system includes jet-
 jetting from 50-150 horse-                                        ting for 35HP, 50HP, 75HP, 100HP,
 power. Includes wiring har-                                       125HP and 150HP. System also
 ness, integrated solenoids,                                       includes a 10lb nitrous bottle with
 Pure-Flo 45 bottle valve, plate                                   an aluminum high flow Lightning
 and all horsepower settings. A four-color manual and              45 bottle valve, stainless bottle
 hardware are also included. Fits 2005-10 Mustang GT with          brackets, a single Shark nozzle,
 4.6L 3V.                                                          nozzle adapter, stainless braided
                                                                   nozzle lines, extra long braided stainless feed line, stainless
                                                                   fuel line, master arming switch, wide open throttle switch, 40
 MainLine                                                          amp relay, relay harness as well as every nut, bolt and elec-
 Carbureted Nitrous System                                         trical connector needed to complete the installation. Fits all
                                                                   electronic fuel injected vehicles with a single throttle body.
 NXSML1000 $432.99 Each
    Designed for the high performance enthu-
 siast on a tight budget, MainLine is a basic,                     Proton Fly By Wire System
 no frills nitrous oxide system that offers up
 to 250 added horsepower. System is sold
                                                                   NXS20422-10 $551.99 Each
 complete with 10 lb. bottle, bottle mounting                         Proton fly by wire system includes
 brackets, injector plate, jetting for                             jetting for 35HP, 50HP, 75HP,
 100, 150, 200 and 250 horsepower,                                 100HP, 125HP and 150HP. System
 nitrous and fuel solenoids, stainless                             includes a 10lb nitrous bottle with
 steel line and all required hardware                              an aluminum high flow Lightning
 for installation.                                                 45 bottle valve, stainless bottle
                                                                   brackets, a single Shark nozzle,
                                                                   nozzle adapter, stainless braided
                                                                   nozzle lines, extra long braided stainless feed line,
                                                                   stainless fuel line, master arming switch, 40 amp relay, relay
                                                                   harness as well as every nut, bolt and electrical connector
                                                                   needed to complete the installation. This system includes
                                                                   a TPS Autolearn wide open throttle module for use with all
                                                                   electronic fuel injected vehicles, including those with “fly by
                                                                   wire” electronic driven throttle bodies.

42              phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11
        krieger racing                                                                       sale priced
           engines                                                                                            Allstar Pg.

Ford 9" Ring and Pinion Sets
   Heavy duty standard weight ring and pinion sets are made                     Aluminum Radiators
of 8620 steel and heat treated for extra strength and dura-                       Machined filler necks and furnace
bility. 11-3/4" cover, passenger cars, 10-bolt carrier.                         brazed tanks eliminate two prime sources of
   Part No.                 Description                        Price            leakage. Standard 1-1/2" inlets and 1-3/4" outlets
                                                                                have beaded hose fittings.
  MOTF890325            3.25 Ratio, 39-12 Teeth             $212.99
  MOTF890350            3.50 Ratio, 39-12 Teeth             $184.99              Part No.              Description                   Price
  MOTF890370            3.70 Ratio, 37-10 Teeth             $199.99               ALL30010                19" x 22"              $174.99
  MOTF890411             4.11 Ratio, 37-9 Teeth             $184.99               ALL30011                19" x 24"              $174.99
  MOTF890430            4.30 Ratio, 43-10 Teeth             $199.99               ALL30012                19" x 26"              $174.99
  MOTF890457             4.57 Ratio, 32-7 Teeth             $184.99               ALL30014                19" x 28"              $174.99
 MOTR9R28MK       28-Spline Axle Master Installation Kit    $107.99               ALL30016                19" x 31"              $174.99
  MOTR9RMK        31-Spline Axle Master Installation Kit    $112.99               ALL30042                16" x 28"              $195.99

                                                                                1955-56 Chevy
                                                                                Aluminum Radiator
                                                                                ALL30005 $361.99 Each
E-CON Programmers                                                                 A direct replacement for all 1955-56
                                                                                Chevy passenger cars with six cylinder
Your Choice – $329.99 Each                                                      engines, also ideal for 1955-57 Chevy V8’s
                                                                                with long style water pumps.

                                                                                1955-57 Chevy
                                                                                Aluminum Radiator
                                                                                ALL30006 $361.99 Each
                                                                                  A direct replacement for all 1955-57
                                                                                Chevy passenger cars with V8 engine using
                                                                                a short style water pump.
Features:                              Features:
· Gas Vehicles – Optimized engine      (Application Speci c)
  tuning for regular octane            · Gas Vehicles – Optimized engine        SB Chevy Aluminum Water Pump
  Diesel Vehicles – Fuel tuning          tuning for regular & premium octane
  “A” or “B”                             Diesel Vehicles – 3 stages of
                                                                                ALL31105 $78.99 Each
· Read, display, & clear DTCs            optimized engine tuning                  Short, lightweight pump equalizes water
                                       · Speedometer/odometer correction        flow to both sides of the engine. 3/4"
                                         for non-stock tire sizes and/or gear   diameter shaft (1971-82 Corvette), may
                                         ratios                                 need to be clearanced for use with 8"
                                       · Adjust automatic transmission shift    dampers.
                                         points and firmness
                                       · Change top speed & rev limiter
                                       · Adjust cooling fan on/off temps
                                       · Read, display, & clear DTCs
                                                                                SB Chevy Cast Aluminum
                                                                                Valve Covers
  Everyone who buys a stocking E-CON Economy Power
Programmer from now until August 31, 2011 gets to
                                                                                ALL26139 $94.99 Pair
upgrade to a full featured Max Energy Power Programmer                            Tall polished aluminum valve
for FREE. Simply buy a Hypertech E-CON Economy Power                            covers have 1-3/8" baffled breather
Programmer, then register the E-CON at www.hypertech.                           tubes on one cover. Breathers sold
com and Hypertech will upgrade it to a full featured Max                        separately.
Energy Power Programmer via the internet for FREE. That’s a
$50 savings.

                    phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11                                                               43
     sale priced                                                          krieger racing
                                   Allstar Pg.

 Chevy Performance                                                  Tire Gauges
                                                                      2" gauge has a 12" flex hose with
 Distributors                                                       swivel chuck and pressure release
   Distributors fit small and big block Chevy (except                valve.
 348 and 409). Housings are CNC-machined 6061-T6
                                                                      Part No.      Description             Price
 aluminum with an upper support bearing for accurate
 timing at higher RPM.                                                 ALL44076        0-20 PSI             $15.99
                                                                       ALL44077        0-40 PSI             $15.99
     Part No.              Description                     Price
     ALL81200   HEI Distributor With Coil And Red Cap     $144.99
     ALL81202   HEI Distributor With Coil And Black Cap   $144.99   Fast Track
     ALL81222    Ready-To-Run With Vacuum Advance         $219.99   ALL78103 $42.99 Each
                                                                      One gallon container chemically treats and
                                                                    softens tires to increase traction.
 Lower Nose Supports
   Plastic lower nose supports are
 3/8" thick x 8" wide. 38" long sup-
 ports are sold per nose half.
                                                                    Novus Plastic
     Part No.                  Color                       Price    Cleaner And Polish
     ALL23060                   White                     $42.99      Restore the finish of plastics,
     ALL23061                   Black                     $42.99    including polycarbonate windows
                                                                    and windshields. Each bottle 8 oz.
 Helmet Hooks                                                        Part No.                Description             Price
   Lightweight aluminum hook clamps on roll                           ALL78201                  Cleaner 1            $5.79
 cage tubing.                                                         ALL78202                Polish 2 - Fine        $7.69
     Part No.    Description            Price                         ALL78203               Polish 3 - Heavy        $8.69
     ALL10228        1-1/2"             $16.99
     ALL10229        1-3/4"             $16.99                      Sway Bar Wrench
                                                                    ALL11142 $23.99 Each
 Steering Wheel Pad                                                   Wrench is 3/8" thick with 5-1/2" arm. Jaw is
 ALL52320 $15.99 Each                                               rotated 30 degrees and fits 1-9/32" nuts.
   Black vinyl covered pad fastens to most racing
 steering wheels with three velcro straps.
                                                                    Allstar Gloves
                                                                      Lightweight elastic weave material with
 Seat Track Assembly                                                reinforced palm and fingers.
 ALL98100 $29.99 Each                                                Part No. Description             Price
   Mount aftermarket seats quickly                                   ALL99940      Medium           $15.99
 and easily. Includes two seat tracks,                               ALL99941       Large           $15.99
 adjustment handle and hardware.                                     ALL99942      X-Large          $15.99

                                                                    Allstar Apron
 Brake Hose Kits                                                    ALL99962 $9.99 Each
   Kits include everything needed to complete                         Black apron has pockets to keep tools
 the connection from 3/16" steel brake line to                      close at hand. Adjustable strap allows
 brake caliper.                                                     one size to fit all.
     Part No.              Description                     Price
     ALL42025      Metric Kit With 10mm-1.50 Bolts        $46.99
     ALL42027      Big GM Kit With 7/16"-20 Bolts         $46.99

44               phone or fax: 260-351-3705 - prices valid through 08/31/11

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