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                        Quick Reference to NBC Service
   Chemical and Environmental Technologies (CET) ...................................................................... 175
   Knowledge Management and Information Analysis .................................................................. 176
   Aerosol Engineering and Biological Defense Science................................................................. 177
   Chemical and Environmental Technologies (CET) ...................................................................... 178
   Consequence Management Preparation and Support ............................................................... 179
   Human Performance and Ergonomics ...................................................................................... 180
   Technology SnowPlow ............................................................................................................. 181
Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc.
   Strategy and Technology Consultants ....................................................................................... 182
Braddock Smith Group
   NBC Marketing Consulting Services to Industry and Government .............................................. 183
Bruhn NewTech, Inc.
   Contamination Avoidance, Warning and Reporting Systems ..................................................... 184
Calspan-UB Research Center
   Homeland Security and Preparedness –Public Safety ................................................................. 185
   Biological Research and Testing ................................................................................................ 186
   Chemical Research and Testing ................................................................................................. 187
Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center
   DoD CB Defense Information Analysis Activities (CBIAC) ............................................................ 188
Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
   Company Background ............................................................................................................. 189
   Company Background (Cont’d) ................................................................................................ 190
   CBI Products and Services ......................................................................................................... 191
   Project Support and Management ............................................................................................ 192
Critical Response Engineering, Inc.
   Chemical and Biological Detection Systems - Engineering and Product Development ................ 193
   ANTHRAX Monitoring System ................................................................................................... 194
   Arms, Control, Counterproliferation, and Consequence Management ....................................... 195
   Bio Warfare Protection, Bio-Medical and Health Services, Decision Support Tools ....................... 196
Defense Group Inc.
   High Tech R&D, Analysis, Integration Management and Marketing Support .............................. 197
EAI Corporation
   CBRNE Services ........................................................................................................................ 198
   Homeland Security Services ...................................................................................................... 199
   Chemical and Materials Research .............................................................................................. 200
   Design of Engineered Systems, Biotechnology Research, Technology Transfer ........................... 201
   Design of Engineered Systems, Biotechnology Research, Technology Transfer (Cont’d) .............. 202
   Emergency Management Support for Exercises and Real Life Events ......................................... 203
The JGW Group
   NBC Detection, Protection, Decontamination, and Communications Systems ............................ 204
   NBC Detection, Protection, Decontamination, and Communications Systems (Cont’d) ............... 205

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                                                 Page 173
NBC Services

Lockheed Martin
      Full Spectrum Force Protection Against Weapons of Mass Destruction ....................................... 206
New World Associates, Inc.
      NBC Engineering and Technical Services .................................................................................. 207
Physitron, Inc.
      NBC Contamination Survivability and Homeland Security Services ............................................. 208
Response Equipment Company
      Single Source for WMD Responce Equipment ........................................................................... 209
      NBC Systems Engineering & Software Development, Consulting, & Engineering Support .......... 210
Southern Research Institute
      Chemical and Biological Defense Research, Development, Testing, Evaluation and Analysis ....... 211
SRI International
      Active and Remote Sensing Chemical Research and Development Activities............................... 212
      Chemical and Biological Defense Program ................................................................................ 213
      Technology, Product Development, and Technology Consulting ............................................... 214
      Homeland Security Technologies .............................................................................................. 215
      Military Field Systems ................................................................................................................ 216
      Wearable Systems .................................................................................................................... 217
Titan Corporation
      Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological Consequence Management Expertise ................ 218
      Pulsed Power and Plasma Physics Research .............................................................................. 219
Washington Safety Management Solutions LLC
      WSMS Integrated Threat Management Services ........................................................................ 220

Page 174                                                                                           NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                                NBC Services

505 King Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201
Contact Name: Frank J. Cox
Tel:    614-424-5214
Fax: 614-458-5214
E-mail: coxfj@battelle.org
Web: http://www.battelle.org

Company Role: Battelle Memorial Institute provides certified facilities and technical expertise to
support U.S. programs for chemical demilitarization, chemical and biological (CB) non-proliferation and
treaty verification, and related environmental restoration programs. Battelle provides a full spectrum of
scientific engineering, training and support services for both military and civilian clients with weapons
of mass destruction for defense needs. Battelle provides CB defense systems analysis and engineering
support to DoD, its service departments, and to weapons systems developers in the industrial commu-
nity. For the CB defense Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation community, Battelle applies
new technologies and operational principles to the following functional areas: operations analysis;
human factors engineering; and equipment design, development, and evaluation.
Chemical and Environmental Technologies (CET)
Battelle executes projects involving a wide variety of hazardous materials. The CET group brings
Battelle's analytical chemistry, analysis, design, and engineering skills to projects typically involving
chemical defense and survivability and chemical demilitarization support.
Additionally, it performs other difficult organic analyses and syntheses. Battelle's Hazardous Materials
Research Center (HMRC), located in rural West Jefferson, Ohio is approved by the DoD to handle
chemical surety material (CSM). The HMRC is certified both in the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological
Defense Command's Contractor Performance Certification Program (CP)2 and in accordance with ISO
9001. Additionally, Battelle operates CSM laboratories for the U.S. Army Materiel Command's Treaty
Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground (Edgewood Area), Maryland, and for the U.S. Army Test and
Evaluation Command's West Desert Test Center at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah.
Aerosol Engineering and Biological Defense Science
In compliance with the Food and Drug Administration's regulations for licensing drugs and vaccines,
Battelle assesses the safety and efficacy of medical countermeasures against chemical and biological
agents. Battelle develops, tests, evaluates, and modifies a variety of biological agent detection systems
for the Joint Services including BL-3 operations. The Aerosol Science and Technology (AS&T) group
develops lab experimental and field test procedures for battlefield smoke/obscurants, and characterizes
smoke dispersal systems and munitions. The AS&T group predicts point-source emissions and the
transport/atmospheric fate of aerosols by means of modeling and field assessments for industrial
Systems Analysis and Engineering
Battelle delivers on-site technology support for DoD and the Joint Services at client-centered offices in
Columbus, Ohio; Edgewood, Maryland; Stafford, Virginia; Natick, Massachusetts; Crystal City, Virginia;
San Antonio, Texas; Colorado Springs, Colorado; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Fort Leonard Wood,
Missouri. Battelle's technical experts provide up-to-date information and assessments of current and
future technologies for warning, detection, protection, decontamination, and modeling. Additionally,
Battelle delivers innovative design solutions for CB protective clothing and equipment needs.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                    Page 175
NBC Services

505 King Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201
Contact Name: Frank J. Cox
Tel:    614-424-5214
Fax: 614-458-5214
E-mail: coxfj@battelle.org
Web: http://www.battelle.org

Knowledge Management and Information Analysis
Battelle provides specialized data systems and content to the CB community via an integrated team of
professionals supporting three distinct functions: content development, data processing (electronic
conversion and cataloging), and information technology. Applying its scientific and technical expertise
to select and analyze relevant source documents, Battelle produces electronic encyclopedias containing
comprehensive articles on CB warfare, CB defense, chemical agents, and agents of biological origin.
Battelle's content development group conducts extensive data mining to produce articles at various
levels of understanding, and publishes the related full-text source documents in electronic format. Our
electronic processing team converts hardcopy and electronic source information for use by our informa-
tion storage and dissemination systems. Large volumes of information are processed using state-of-the-
art document conversion systems and software. Additionally, Battelle utilizes the latest information
technologies to deliver web-accessible databases and knowledge bases (full-text/image) describing
historical research and development programs for CB weapons. We also develop and support the
infrastructure (servers and software) necessary to deliver high quality web based content.
Energetic Systems & Security Technology
In support of Federal Government counter-terrorism (CT) programs, Battelle focuses its research on
characterization and suppression of bomb threats/effects, and on development of explosion contain-
ment, transport and mitigation devices. For clients in the CT and aviation security communities,
Battelle supports R&D for explosive detection systems and conducts factory acceptance and field tests
of equipment for detecting threat devices and hazardous/illicit substances. Additionally, Battelle has
tested and evaluated a developmental CB Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suit and related protective
equipment. Battelle specifies and develops laboratory simulants for CB agents, and high fidelity
simulators of foreign missile warheads (including bulk and submunition configurations). Battelle has
assessed the vulnerability of CB agents to destruction by various means, including shock, heat, light
and chemical methods. The West Jefferson, Ohio, test site has a Hypervelocity Impact Facility with
light gas guns and special impact chambers and related instrumentation for testing agent simulant
and target response. The site also has 3 indoor explosion containment chambers (up to 50 lb. TNT-
equivalent), 3 integral ballistic ranges (up to 5-inch cal. projectiles), and facilities for storage, disassem-
bly, and development of explosives, propellants and pyrotechnic-based materials and devices.
Special Program Offices
Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center (CBIAC)
   • Battelle has continuously operated the CBIAC, a full service Department of Defense (DoD) Infor-
     mation Analysis Center (IAC), under contract with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD).
     The CBIAC serves as the focal point for chemical and biological defense science and technology
   • Tooele Chemical Agent Demilitarization Facility
   • Anniston Chemical Agent Demilitarization Facility
   • Aberdeen Chemical Agent Demilitarization Facility

Page 176                                                                     NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                           NBC Services

Contact Name: Frank J. Cox          Contact Name: David M. Robinson
Tel:    614-424-5214                Tel:    614-424-4057
Fax: 614-458-5214                   Fax: 614-458-4057
E-mail: coxfj@battelle.org          E-mail: robinsond@battelle.org
                                    Web: http://www.battelle.org

Aerosol Engineering and Biological Defense Science
                                             Battelle performs broad-based assessments of chemical and
                                             biological (CB) threat agents in its Medical Research and
                                                                      Evaluation Facility. In compliance
                                                                      with the Food and Drug
                                                                      Administration’s regulations for
                                                                      licensing drugs and vaccines,
                                                                      Battelle assesses the safety and
                                                                      efficacy of medical countermea-
                                                                      sures against aerosol exposure to
                                                                      threat agents
                                                                     Battelle develops, tests, and evalu-
                                                                     ates a variety of biological agent
                                                                     detection systems for the Joint
                                                                     Services. Battelle also develops
                                                                     reagents and implements novel
                                                                     testing methodologies to increase
                                                                     the cost efficiency and reproducibil-
                                                                     ity of field-testing. The Biosafety
                                                                     Level-3 (BL-3) containment facility
                                                                     permits work with pathogenic
                                                                     The Aerosol Engineering group
                                                                     develops laboratory based experi-
                                                                     mental and field test procedures
                                                                     for battlefield smoke/obscurants,
                                                                     and characterizes smoke dispersal
                                                                     systems and munitions. This
                                                                     group also predicts point-source
                                                                     CB emissions and the atmospheric
                                                                     transport and fate of aerosols and
                                                                     gases through modeling and field
                                                                        The Life Sciences Test Facility,
                                     located at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, conducts field
                                     trials of procedures, concepts, and equipment intended to reduce
                                     the effects of a biological attack by an adversary or a terrorist.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                Page 177
NBC Services

Contact Name: Frank J. Cox          Contact Name: Marty Toomajian
Tel:    614-424-5214                Tel:    614-424-3062
Fax: 614-458-5214                   Fax: 614-458-3062
E-mail: coxfj@battelle.org          E-mail: Toomajian@battelle.org
                                    Web: http://www.battelle.org

Chemical and Environmental Technologies (CET)
You can’t afford to make uninformed decisions when they impact human lives, the environment, and
your bottom line. To help gather information, you need a business partner with hazardous materials
experience and the resources to work with chemical warfare (CW) agents.
                          Battelle executes projects involving a wide variety of domestic/
                          foreign CW agents. The CET Group brings Battelle’s analytical
                          chemistry, analysis, design, and engineering skills to projects
                          typically involving chemical defense and demilitarization and
                          counter-proliferation. Additionally, it performs other sensitive
                          and difficult organic analyses and syntheses.
                          The Group consists of seven research/laboratory organizations.
                          Two are located in the Columbus, Ohio, area, while others are
                                                 located in U.S. Army facilities. Our
                                                 primary facility, the Hazardous Materials
                                                 Research Center (HMRC) is located in
                                                 rural West Jefferson, Ohio.
                                                  The HMRC provides resources and information for the
                                                  hazardous material challenges you face. As the
                                                  leading test center of its kind, HMRC is fully certified by
                                                  the U.S. Army for work with chemical warfare agents.
                                                  Battelle experts in hazardous materials, system assess-
                                                  ments and environmental remediation are unmatched
                                                  in their fields. The center has a complete range of
state-of-the-art analytical chemistry and chemical process instrumentation. Battelle’s quality certification,
conducted according to ISO 9001 standards guarantees accurate and valid test results.
The CET Analytical Chemistry group at Battelle’s main
campus in Columbus, Ohio, specializes in analytical
method development and validation. In northeastern
Maryland, the CET Group supports an Analytical Labora-
tory in the Edgewood Chemical and Biological Forensic
Analytical Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground and
analytical laboratories in the Center for Disease Control.
Additionally, the Group operates a chemical test labora-
tory in the Combined Chemical Test Facility at Dugway
Proving Ground in western Utah and several chemical
demilitarization laboratories for the Program Manager
for Chemical Demilitarization.

Page 178                                                                  NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                           NBC Services

Contact Name: Mark Juneau           Contact Name: Ray Babbie
Tel:    573-336-5726                Tel:    540-228-5607
Fax: 573-336-7093                   Fax: 540-228-5601
E-mail: healey@battelle.org         E-mail: johnsong@battelle.org
                                    Web: http://www.battelle.org

Consequence Management
Preparation and Support
If flexibility and responsiveness are on
your wish list
In the past, logistics work had you wondering whether you
were getting the best value in procurement of repair parts,
materials, end items, or services. You may have searched
high and low for information on commercial off-the-shelf
equipment to meet the requirements of your work with
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives
(CBRNE) materials. You attributed it to luck when you found
a trainer who was more than a half step ahead of you in
consequence management matters. Leave that in the past.
Battelle has what you need . . . now
Battelle’s USMC Consequence Management Prime Vendor -
Integrated Logistics support program is designed to provide
flexible and responsive support for your CM requirements.
This program offers:
   • a proven, cost-effective, and expedient procurement
     system that is FAR compliant
   • a fully functional, on-line catalog CBRNE Commercial
     Off the Shelf (COTS) equipment that easily facilitates
     supply, maintenance, and associated services support
   • a pool of very knowledgeable and highly qualified
     trainers who provide consistent, high-quality CM training.

DoD customers include USMC Chemical/ Biological Incident Response Force, Marine Expeditionary
Units, National Guard Civil Support Teams, U.S. Navy Environmental Health Center. Non-DoD custom-
ers include Department of Justice, Office of State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support,
Prepositioned Equipment Programs and the Internal Revenue Service.
Key Customer Benefits
   • Full compliance with recognized procedures and standards for all CBRNE related work.
   • Flexibility and responsiveness an integral part of support in the areas of procurement, verification
     of suitability of commercial equipment, and CM training.
   • Access to DoD’s largest, most experienced NBC defense contractor and its facilities.
   • Support from an extensive Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation infrastructure with
     more than 800 engineers, technicians, and logisticians covering all NBC defense areas.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                Page 179
NBC Services

Contact Name:                    Contact Name:
        Dr. Robert J. Woods              Dr. Rosalee Meyer-Rader
Tel:    508-647-1972             Tel:    614-424-6531
Fax: 508-647-5167                Fax: 614-458-6531
E-mail: woodsr@battelle.org      E-mail: meyerr@battelle.org
                                 Web http://www.battelle.org

Human Performance and Ergonomics
The operational effectiveness of CB clothing and protective equipment always hinges on the quality of
system integration with the user’s body, and its compatibility with mission-essential activities. The
design, development, and testing of products and systems for use in a CB environment is particularly
challenging due to the safety and cost constraints involved; and an understanding of the human
factors considerations right from the start is critical to producing a successful product.
Human Performance and Ergonomics defines interactive relationships and functions between humans
and machines, whether people serve as users or maintainers of the system. We can ensure that sys-
tems of interacting people, machines, and environments are efficient, safe, reliable, and easily used.
Battelle has applied ergonomic principles and knowledge of human performance to the design and
evaluation of products, software, and systems for decades.

Our organization develops safe, effective products and systems by providing:
   •   Human Performance Data Collection and Analysis
   •   Test Protocol Development for Human Behavior & Function
   •   Human Factors for Chemical/Biological Environments
   •   Expertise in Training, Animation/Visualization, and Knowledge Management
   •   Clothing & Equipment Design, Development & Evaluation

At Battelle, you have access to a team of human factors engineers, cognitive psychologists, biomedical
engineers, physical anthropologists, and industrial/systems engineers. They provide technical knowl-
edge in human characteristics and abilities, physiology and performance, human modeling, usability,
anthropometry, biomechanics, task analysis & simulation, and MANPRINT to minimize the cost of
development and maximize the effectiveness of the final product.

Page 180                                                              NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                        NBC Services

Contact Name: Greg Boyd             Contact Name: Warren Carroll
Tel: 614-424-5149                   Tel: 614-424-4743
Fax: 614-424-7312                   Fax: 614-458-7312
E-mail: boydg@battelle.org          E-mail: carroll@battelle.org
Web: www.battelle.org

Technology SnowPlow

  The CB world is going through dramatic changes as
  organizations experience:
       •   Shift from Niche Markets to Mass Markets for CB Technology
       •   Unprecedented Demand for Technology Insertion
       •   Expansion of Traditional Roles
       •   Addition of New Roles
       •   Personnel Dynamics – Fluidity of the Workforce
       •   Birth of New Agencies

Leaders are faced with a vast array of technology choices and precious little time to separate the
effective alternatives from the “snow jobs”. This has led to a need for a comprehensive process to
locate, analyze, assess and index technologies and technological capabilities as they relate
to user requirements and objectives. Based on Battelle’s extensive history of analyzing technology
in support of decision makers, the concept of a Technology SnowPlow has emerged.
Technology SnowPlow activities include:               Technology SnowPlow experiences
   • Technology Survey and Assessment                 include:
   • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)                      •   Process Development
   • Analysis of Multiple Concepts                       •   Clarification
   • Technology Opportunity Assessments                  •   Objectivity Assessments
   • Operational Analysis                                •   Program Management and Administration.
   • System Engineering Process
     (System Architecting)                                Battelle adds value by providing a
   • Market Research                                         “Technology Reality Check”
   • Concept Exploration Phase Activities.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                           Page 181
NBC Services

Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc.
3190 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church, VA 22042
POC: Nate Licata
Tel: 703-289-5106
Fax: 703-289-5801
Web: www.boozallen.com

Strategy and Technology Consultants                                Our areas of expertise include:
                                                                      • CBRN Vulnerability Analysis
Booz Allen Hamilton has over 60 years experience working
                                                                      • First Responder and HAZMAT
with military organizations. As new challenges arise, we
have the knowledge and the expertise to face issues gener-
                                                                      • CBRN Preparedness and Re-
ated by the expanded chemical, biological, radiological, and
nuclear (CBRN) weapons threat. Booz Allen led the nation’s
                                                                      • Wargames and Simulations
first domestic preparedness training program, instructing
                                                                      • Installation Preparedness
120 major US cities in CBRN defense. We support the US
                                                                      • Senior Official Seminars
Departments of State, Justice, and Defense, and work with
                                                                      • Strategic Planning
government and commercial clients to plan and prepare for
                                                                      • Technology Assessments/IT
the possibility of CBRN disruptions.
Booz Allen’s CBRN experts can effectively address every step          • Continuity of Operations/
of the readiness cycle—from the corporate level to more                 Government Planning
traditional areas of military defense. And, we tailor our             • Tailored Training and Exercises
offerings and capabilities to support our client’s specific CBRN
defense needs.
                                                                   About Booz Allen
                                                                   Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the
                                                                   forefront of management consulting
                                                                   for businesses and governments for
                                                                   more than 85 years. Booz Allen
                                                                   combines strategy with technology
                                                                   and insight with action, working with
                                                                   clients to deliver results today that
                                                                   endure tomorrow.
                                                                   With 12,000 employees on six conti-
                                                                   nents, the firm generates annual sales
                                                                   of $2.2 billion. Booz Allen provides
                                                                   services in strategy, organization,
                                                                   operations, systems and technology
                                                                   to the world's leading corporations,
                                                                   government and other public agen-
                                                                   cies, emerging growth companies,
                                                                   and institutions.

Page 182                                                                NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                             NBC Services

Braddock Smith Group
10654 Chadwell Court
Great Falls, VA 22066
Tel: 703-759-9108
Fax: 703-759-7437
E-mail: braddocksmith@aol.com
Web: www.braddocksmithgroup.com

NBC Marketing Consulting Services to Industry and Government
The Braddock Smith Group is a full service consulting company serving the NBC clients in industry and
government. Braddock Smith knows the U.S. NBC community and is a founding member of the NBC
Industry Group. It maintains key business contacts in Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim.
Whether planning or directing your total marketing effort, or augmenting your existing staff, the
Braddock Smith Group is committed to providing the highest quality marketing consulting services to
U.S. and international clients in a professional, timely, and ethical manner.
Among the ways in which the Braddock Smith Group can assist you are:
   •   International and Domestic NBC Marketing Research
   •   Strategic and Business Planning
   •   Identification of Domestic and International “Strategic Partners”
   •   Export License Advising
   •   Marketing Communications
   •   Washington, DC Representation
Braddock Smith currently is assisting clients in marketing:
   •   Mobile Decontamination Systems                   •   Chemical Protective Clothing
   •   Stand-off CW Detection Systems                   •   NBC Training Videos
   •   International Trade Development                  •   RF Shielded Enclosures
   •   BW Detection Systems                             •   Mobile Collective Protection Systems
   •   CB Needs Analysis

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                  Page 183
NBC Services

Bruhn NewTech, Inc.
10420 Little Patuxent Pkwy., Suite 301
Columbia, Maryland 21044-3636
Tel: 410-884-1700
Fax: 410-884-6170
E-mail: info@bruhn-newtech.com
Web: www.bruhn-newtech.com

Bruhn NewTech provides the military and civilian sectors with products and services for handling
emergency Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) situations where lives are, or might be at risk.
Bruhn NewTech specializes in software development, system integration, consulting and training
for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological events both on the battlefield and in the civil
emergency response environment.
The company’s main product is the operational software NBC-ANALYSIS, a computerized NBC
hazard, prediction, warning and reporting software application designed to provide military
commanders and civilian emergency responders with rapid and accurate information using real
time reports from source level to higher commands.
The United States Government awarded the first contract for the Joint Warning & Reporting
Network (JWARN) to Bruhn NewTech. The NBC-ANALYSIS software systems delivered on this
contract are used by all four U.S. Military Services for NBC Battlefield Management and numerous
U.S. Government Civilian Agencies as a Domestic Preparedness and Counter-Terrorism tool.
NBC-ANALYSIS is a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product produced in compliance with NATO
standards (ATP-45/AEP-45, AdatP-3/USMTF). The software application architecture is designed for
easy integration into military C4I systems and supports Windows 95, 98, NT4.0, 2000, 2000ME,
XP LINUX and UNIX platforms.
NBC-ANALYSIS is today (2002) in use in 16 NATO nations, various NATO commands including the
NATO School SHAPE and several Partnership for Peace (PfP) countries.
The company has a certified Quality Assurance System in accordance with NATO standards AQAP
110 (ISO 9001) and AQAP 150 (similar to US DOD MIL-STD-498) for software development and
ISO 9002 for training services.

Page 184                                                            NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                         NBC Services

Calspan-UB Research Center
4455 Genesee Street
Buffalo, New York 14225
Point of Contact: David Mangino
Tel: 716 631-4151
Fax: 716 631-4166 (fax)
E-mail: Mangino@cubrc.org

Through its own resources and those of its mem-
ber organizations and other strategic partners,
CUBRC brings together a host of scientific disci-
plines including engineers (software, hardware,
electrical, chemical, mechanical, industrial, aero-
space), configuration management experts, signal
processing scientists, and many research-oriented
scientists in chemistry, physics, optics, biochemis-
try, biology, microbiology, and immunology.
Especially relevant to the Homeland Security
Mission, CUBRC’s Life Sciences Sector is comprised
of engineers and scientists that perform laboratory
research, development, and testing using hazard-
ous biological organisms and live chemical warfare
agents to support a wide variety of customers within the biological and chemical defense, homeland
security, intelligence and medical research communities.

Homeland Security and Preparedness –Public Safety
Using our extensive experience and market knowledge, we can provide our customers with solutions
that are based on a realistic assessment of the potential agent threats to apply proven protective to
minimize risk and exposure of personnel.
In support of our nation’s homeland security and domestic preparedness missions, CUBRC provides a
variety of services in direct support of local, state and federal response agencies. These include:
   • Vulnerability assessments, Engineering analysis and designs to protect buildings and critical
     infrastructure against Chemical and Biological terrorist threats.
   • Vulnerability assessments, chemical and biological monitoring and surveillance at mass gathering
     venues such as stadiums or arenas.
   • First responder training for chemical and biological agent threats.
   • Development of Integrated Incident Management and Information Systems for First Responders
     and Public Health officials.
   • Epidemiological Surveillance System Development supporting Public Health Bio-Terrorism Re-
   • Disaster mitigation, response and recovery planning support for communities, industries and
   • Information fusion technology development specifically supporting disaster response.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                             Page 185
NBC Services

Calspan-UB Research Center
4455 Genesee Street
Buffalo, New York 14225
Point of Contact: David Mangino
Tel: 716 631-4151
Fax: 716 631-4166 (fax)
E-mail: Mangino@cubrc.org

CUBRC (Calspan-UB Research Center) is a scientific research organization under IRS code
501c(3) in 1983 and is a Type C Member, Not-for-Profit Corporation comprised of two member organi-
zations, Veridian Engineering (formerly Calspan Corporation) and the Research Foundation of the State
University of New York at Buffalo. Projected FY2002 sales are $18M. CUBRC maintains a SECRET
facility clearance. CUBRC serves the NBC Community with expert capabilities in the following areas:
   •   Biological Research and Testing
   •   Integrated Incident Management
   •   Chemical Research and Testing
   •   Information Fusion for Battle and Crisis Management

Calspan-UB Research Center operates and maintains CDC-
permitted BSL-2 and BSL-3 research laboratories where
scientists perform research, development, and testing
using biological organisms to support a wide variety of
Government and commercial customers. The biological
research complex also contains fully accredited Animal BSL-
2 facilities. Currently, plans are underway to expand these
capabilities to ABSL-3 to support a wider variety of re-
search initiatives using Level 3 pathogens and animals.
CUBRC supports several areas of research related to
biological defense including:
   • Development, production, and purification of
     monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies
   • Production, purification and characterization of antigens for biological testing and evaluation
   • Evaluation of BW collectors, triggers and detectors against fluidic and aerosol challenges
   • Generation and characterization of respirable aerosols for biological detection research and drug
     inhalation studies
   • Vaccine development for various diseases with University researchers
   • Development of handling and preparation methodologies for many types of biological sample
     collection media

Page 186                                                              NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                              NBC Services

Calspan-UB Research Center
4455 Genesee Street
Buffalo, New York 14225
Point of Contact: David Mangino
Tel: 716 631-4151
Fax: 716 631-4166 (fax)
E-mail: Mangino@cubrc.org

Calspan-UB Research Center operates a chemical
agent RDT&E test facility, located on a 700-acre
parcel of land in rural Western New York. These
facilities are certified by the U.S. Army Edgewood
Chemical/Biological Center (ECBC Bailment Agree-
ment DAAD13-01-H-0001) to handle and use
chemical warfare agents. The laboratory has an
unblemished safety record since chemical operations
began in 1983.
The facility’s capability highlights are:
   • Two separate laboratories with certified fume
     hoods dedicated to testing with chemical
   • Agents GA, GB, GD, GF HD, HT, VX, HN-1, HN-2, HN-3, CK, AC, THD, TGD, and agent simulants
     are routinely in use
   • 270m3 test chamber for large-scale experiments and testing; vehicles, shelters, and stand-off
     chemical detection systems
   • Analytical instrumentation to support test programs including MINICAMS‘, GC, GC/MS, IR, UV/
     VIS, and various wet chemistry techniques

CUBRC performs chemical agent RDT&E to support a wide variety of Government and commercial
customers. Major focus areas of CUBRC’s chemical work are:
   • Chemical agent detector system evaluation and development; expertise in generation and
     characterization of agent vapors with various interfering components
   • Decontamination Effectiveness Evaluation; small-scale individual equipment to full-scale decon-
     tamination systems
   • Filtration Testing; evaluation of filters to chemical agent vapors and aerosols, and testing of full-
     scale collective protection systems
   • NBCCS Engineering and testing for System Development Programs; vulnerability analyses,
     material selection and testing of materials, components, subsystems, and full system s
   • Material and Textile Permeation; CRDC-SP-84010 and TOP 8-2-501

CUBRC provides research and testing of exceptional technical quality and is flexible and responsive to
individual customer needs.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                  Page 187
NBC Services

Chemical and Biological Defense
Information Analysis Center (CBIAC)
Location: Building E3330, Room 150, EA, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
Mailing Address: P Box 196, Gunpowder, MD 21010-0196
Tel: 410-676-9030
Fax: 410-676-9703
E-mail: cbiac@battelle.org
Web: www.cbiac.apgea.army.mil/

The Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center (CBIAC), operated
by Battelle Memorial Institute, is a full service Department of Defense (DoD) Information Analysis Center
(IAC) that functions under guidance from the Office of the Secretary of Defense and is managed by the
Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). Established in 1986, the CBIAC serves as the DoD focal
point for information related to Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) technology and technology
solutions. The CBIAC helps DoD, other U.S. government agencies, their approved contractors, and
state and local government agencies through the prompt and expert application of CBD scientific and
technical information to provide integrated solutions.
The technical scope of the CBIAC includes: Analysis of Manufacturing Processes for NBC Defense
Systems, Chemical and Physical Properties of CW/CBD Materials, Chemical Identification, Combat
Effectiveness, Counter Proliferation, Counter Terrorism, Decontamination, Defense Conversion and
Dual-Use Technology Transfer, Demilitarization, Domestic Preparedness / Homeland Security, Environ-
mental Fate and Effects, Force Protection, Individual and Collective Protection, International Technol-
ogy Proliferation and Arms Control, Medical Effects and Treatment, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
Survivability, Smoke and Obscurants, Toxic Industrial Chemicals / Toxic Industrial Materials, Toxicology,
Treaty Verification and Compliance, and Warning and Identification.
CBIAC products and services include handbooks and other CBD reports and publications, software,
databases, responses to technical and bibliographic inquiries in our scope areas, quarterly newsletters,
an extensive homepage, and technical area tasks (TATs) for government clients. TATs can cover ser-
vices in the areas of Information Acquisition, Technical Research and Development, Training Courses,
Conferences, Symposia and Working Groups, Engineering Developments, Hardware, Software and
Database Design and Development, Models and Simulations, Information Acquisition and Analysis,
Testing of Components, Systems and Subsystems, and Laboratory Studies including Agent Surety Work.

Page 188                                                                 NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                       NBC Services

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
Contact Name: Dr. Richard I. Jaffe
Telephone Number: (800) 735-9224 x145
Fax Number: (804) 648-2641
E-mail Address: rjaffe@cbi-biotech.com                  601 Biotech Drive Richmond, VA 23235
Web Site: www.cbi-biotech.com

Company Background
Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc., working for the good of all, is a full service comprehensive
contract research organization providing research and development services to the biotechnology
industry, academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. Operating
on both short- and long-term contractual bases, CBI has served nearly 2,500 customers world-
wide. CBI has been providing state of the art biological and technical services for commercial and
government agencies for the past 11 years. Services includes DNA analyses, Genomics,
Proteomics, Biochemical Analysis, Mass Spec Analysis, Microbiological Services, Pathogen Testing
(Select Agents), Food Microbiology, Peptide Services, and Protein Sequencing, and Drug Discov-
ery. The company also has a DNA reference laboratory that specializes in forensic genetic identity,
molecular diagnostics and paternity testing. CBI holds laboratory accreditations by the American
Association for Blood Banking, CLIA and the National Forensic Science Technology Council. In
addition, CBI operates a BSL-3 facility for work with Human pathogens. This facility is licensed to
receive and work with select agents as defined by the CDC.

       CBI’s state-of-the-art
        32,000 ft2 facility.

                                      CBI cutting edge science .

                                                                      Serving the Biodefense sector.

In the Biodefense arena, CBI has made a name for itself as a provider of cutting edge science and
technology to government agencies and the military over the past six years. CBI operates in a
secure environment with staff holding security clearances and credentials. Strong program man-
agement and quality science have been CBI’s hallmark and driving force behind our success and
rapid expansion into the Biodefense business sector. CBI has developed a strong program in
microbial Genomics of pathogenic organisms and has developed an extensive catalog of molecu-
lar diagnostic capabilities. Novel science has driven this program and enabled CBI to provide the
answers to some of the most difficult problems facing detection of bioterrorist agents. This is
illustrated by CBI’s Mass Spec Analysis program for the study of biowarfare CB agents including
bacteria and toxins. CBI’s renowned toxin laboratory contains an extensive library of toxin data.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                            Page 189
NBC Services

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
Contact Name: Dr. Richard I. Jaffe
Telephone Number: (800) 735-9224 x145
Fax Number: (804) 648-2641
E-mail Address: rjaffe@cbi-biotech.com                    601 Biotech Drive Richmond, VA 23235
Web Site: www.cbi-biotech.com

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. (CBI), has a long history of service to
government agencies and has provided program management for long-term
contracts. CBI has formed research CRADAs with numerous US government
research facilities and agencies. The experience and our record of outstand-
ing technical service have leveraged CBI into the position as a leader in the industry.
Overview of CBI
Four experienced research scientists founded CBI in 1992 to provide sophisticated research and devel-
opment services on a contract basis to the biotechnology industry. CBI’s customers consist of private
companies, academic institutions and government agencies, all of which use biological processes to
develop products for health care, agricultural and other purposes. CBI has developed a strong reputa-
tion as a leading provider of biotechnology research and development of analytical services. Providing
a wide range of services is an important element of our strategy. There are few major competitors
which offer integrated DNA/RNA and protein/peptide technologies and none that offer these tech-
nologies combined with sophisticated biophysical techniques, such as calorimetry, spectroscopy and
mass spec analysis.

                    Thus, CBI can provide “one-stop shopping” for biotechnology services
CBI is currently located in a new, 32,000 ft2 state-of-the-art facility located in the Gateway Centre Office
Park, Chesterfield County, Virginia. This facility houses all of CBI’s equipment and personnel. Each
laboratory at CBI is fully equipped with necessary power, water, fume and/or bio-safety hoods. CBI
operates a fully equipped and certified 500+ square ft BSL-3 laboratory. The BSL-3 laboratory is
equipped with a bio-vestibule (190 sq ft) for changing, all the necessary safety equipment, autoclave,
incubators, water baths, and analysis equipment. CBI operates a CLIA certified clinical DNA Reference
lab and fully functional computer center
                  See the next page for a sampling of services offered by CBI.
                          Please contact us for additional capabilities.

Page 190                                                                  NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                             NBC Services

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
Contact Name: Dr. Richard I. Jaffe
Telephone Number: (800) 735-9224 x145
Fax Number: (804) 648-2641
E-mail Address: rjaffe@cbi-biotech.com                    601 Biotech Drive Richmond, VA 23235
Web Site: www.cbi-biotech.com

Vaccine Development/Clinical Support
CBI provides support for Vaccine development by offering an array of clinical Biosafety testing services,
assays and protocol development under GLP and 21 CFR guidelines. CBI’s focus has been laboratory
analysis throughout the process of manufacture of pre-clinical and early-stage (Phase I/II) clinical trial
materials for vaccines cultivated by mammalian cell culture. Being fully integrated, CBI can work with a
client from the initial development stage (concept), provide the scientific laboratory support all the way
through final product Biosafety testing and stability studies prior to distribution to clinical trial sites
CBI Pathogen Testing Service
CBI has developed expertise over the past six years in biodefense related contracts to both government
and industry. CBI has developed services for microbial pathogen detection, on-site sampling and
monitoring solutions to provide effective means for detecting and identifying pathogenic agents
including Anthrax. CBI’s support combines expert consultation with rapid response and result.
Environmental Testing/Powders
During the course of investigation, important information may be
obtained from sampling the environment where the exposure may
have occurred. Testing of the environment is useful for detecting
trace amounts of anthrax spores. Lab testing of powders or other
materials suspected of harboring anthrax bacteria can be performed.

                     CBI experts can work with you to devise continual monitoring of your facility or
                     place of business for detection of anthrax or other agents. CBI’s monitoring
                     program can include post-decontamination surface testing and viability testing of
                     decontaminated materials.

Mass Spec Analysis
CBI has been in the forefront of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry performing foundation studies in toxin
research as well as in the pathogen identification field.
Food Safety Testing
Currently at CBI we use PCR-based kits combined with the latest in microbiological and molecular
biological assays to improve the continued safety of the nation’s food supply. CBI has initiated a rapid
and sensitive food-safety testing platform to detect pathogens in foods and production facilities.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                 Page 191
NBC Services

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc.
Contact Name: Dr. Richard I. Jaffe
Telephone Number: (800) 735-9224 x145
Fax Number: (804) 648-2641
E-mail Address: rjaffe@cbi-biotech.com                601 Biotech Drive Richmond, VA 23235
Web Site: www.cbi-biotech.com

Commonwealth Biotechnologies Is Your Source for
Complete Project Support and Management From “Concept to Clinic”
Peptide/Protein Technologies                        Drug Development/Vaccine Development
   • Peptide Synthesis                                Molecular Modeling for Drug Discovery,
     Solid-Phase                                      Pre-Clinical Lab Studies, Clinical Trial Support,
     Solution-Phase (multi-gram)                      Regulatory & Compliance Services., 21 CFR
     Multiple Simultaneous Synthesis                  Guidelines, bulk vaccine testing
     Chromogenic, Fluorogenic Peptides              Microbiology
   • Protein Sequencing                               Risk Assessment Management Program
     N&C Terminal                                     Fully Capable BSL3 Labs/CDC Registered
     Complex Mixtures, SDS Gels, and Transblots       Pathogen Detection
     Solid Phase Sequencing                           Microorganism Identification
     Peptide Mapping                                  Food Safety Testing and Rapid ID
                                                      Growth of Large and Small Scale Preps
   • Amino Acid Analysis                              Purification of Cellular Components
     Protein Purification
     Recombinant Proteins                           DNA Technologies
     Overexpression Experiments                       • GLP DNA Sequencing
     Preparation for Immunogens                          Plasmid, PCR, Cosmid Lamda, P1, BAC,
     Chemical Modification of Immunogens                 Yeast Hybrid Clones
   • Antibody Services                                   Econo-Sequencing, Comprehensive
     Polyclonal, Monoclonals, Mono-specific              Sequencing, Finished Sequence
     Polyclonals                                         Small Genomes
     Purification                                        cDNA Library Projects
     Subtyping Binding Studies                           Computer Analysis of DNA Sequences
                                                      • Nucleic Acid Synthesis
   • ELISA Development Calorimetry                       Custom DNA Synthesis
     Experiments                                         Custom PNA Synthesis (a CBI specialty)
     Isothermal Titration                                Custom RNA Synthesis
     Differential Scanning                               Custom Gene Synthesis
                                                      • Genetic Testing Services
   • CD and UV Fluorescence Spectroscopies
                                                         Human DNA Identity Testing
   • Mass Spectroscopy
                                                         Human Genetic Analysis, P53, BRCA1, New
     PSD/CID Fragment Analysis, In Situ Peptide –
                                                      • Molecular Biology Services
                                                         Large Scale Plasmid Preps (1-500mg)
     – ES/MS
                                                         Cloning Projects
     – HPLC/ES/MS
                                                      Overexpression Projects
   • Proteomics                                       Site-Directed Mutagenesis Projects
     Comparative 2D Gels                              Batch Fermentation Services
     Protein Identification from 2D Gels by Mass      Library Screening
     Spectral Analysis                                • TaqMan & PCR Assays
                                                         Accurate Gene Expression Profiling
                                                         Quantification of RNA and DNA Targets
                                                         Diagnostic Applications
                                                         Custom Assay Development

Page 192                                                              NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                               NBC Services

Critical Response Engineering, Inc.
1600 Prince Street, Suite 115
Alexandria, Virginia, 22314, USA                                                               C       E
POC: Patrick Minix, Vice President, Chem/Bio Programs
Tel 703-299-0252
Fax 703-549-8786
Email: CRE299@aol.COM

CRE is a small responsive, high technology company focused
on state of the art sensor systems for Chemical and Biologi-
cal Detection Systems. CRE specializes in technology
transfer programs that move technology from the laboratory
to the field. Our engineers and software developers create
superior systems from technology. Our systems are designed
for low false alarms and have been tested by independent
evaluators. CRE provides situational awareness to the NBC
operator through integrated digital moving maps, command
and control protocols that operate with the World’s best stand-
off detection systems.
SORAD provides a capability for standoff detection and
identification of chemical agents and toxic industrial chemicals
in a man-portable package suitable for
   •   Infantry or Special Forces,
   •   HAZMAT Units,
   •   Rapid Response Units,
   •   Special Operation Units
   •   Units that move quickly, without vehicles,
   •   Units that clear large areas, indoors or outdoors.

                                                              • Detects and Identifies Toxic Industrial
                                                                Chemicals (TICs) in real-time
                                                                – Up to 5Km stand-off range
                                                                – Passive detector
                                                                – Simple user operation, (Point & Click)
                                                              • Operator Interface
                                                                – 2 Buttons, Simple LCD readout
                                                                – Hand-held or Tripod Mounted
                                                              • Power
                                                                – Commercial (12, 18VDC) and Military
                                                                Batteries (24 VDC)
                                                              • Weight/Space
                                                                – Less than 15 lbs (tactical), 6x6.5x12 in.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                    Page 193
NBC Services

Critical Response Engineering, Inc.
1600 Prince Street, Suite 115
Alexandria, Virginia, 22314, USA                                                                C          E
POC: Patrick Minix, Vice President, Chem/Bio Programs
Tel 703-299-0252
Fax 703-549-8786
Email: CRE299@aol.COM

CRE is a small responsive, high technology company focused on state of the art sensor system for
Chemical and Biological Detection Systems. CRE specializes in technology transfer programs that move
technology from the laboratory to the field. Our engineers and software developers create superior
systems from technology. Our services division was there for the US Government the day after the
anthrax attack providing GSA schedule rates and state of the art detection systems.

    Suspicious parcel extraction          Environmental air sampling                 Laboratory analysis

                  Critical Response
                     • Training Support                        • Analytical Services
                       – Experienced Instructors                 – Laboratory Design,
                       – Installation                            – Support
                       – Operational Experts                   • Fielding
                       – Training materials                      – Site Survey
                     • Test and Evaluation Support               – Installation
                       – Research and Development                – Monitoring
                       – System/Component                        – Removal

                         Mobile Anthrax Laboratory for U.S. Government, From concept to
                       sampling within 72 hours. (20,000 samples, 8 confirmed positive sites)

Page 194                                                                    NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                               NBC Services

CSC National Security Programs
Point of Contact: Dr. Allan Cameron
Tel: 703.461.2161
Web: www.csc.com

 NBC Arms Control Implementation
 CSC National Security Programs provides government clients analytical
 and technical support in NBC counterproliferation, arms control, fissile
 material safeguards, and export controls. We assess emerging verifica-
 tion technologies; evaluate safeguards design; support nuclear material
 protection, control, and accountability; forecast biodefense and biotech-
 nology issues; assess CW weapons developments and controls; and help
 develop alternate treaty protocols that mitigate national risks.

 The Center for Industry Arms Control Implementation

 We use unique methods and expertise to assist private companies in implementing the require-
 ments of the Chemical Weapons Convention, including preparing for and hosting international
 inspection teams. Our support—typically site assistance visits, preparation of documentation,
 training programs, and on-site support during actual inspections—enables facilities to minimize
 expense and disruption, protect proprietary and confidential business information and comply
 with applicable U.S. laws and regulations. We also provide similar assistance for security and
 counterterrorism programs, and to define vulnerabilities and difficulties with prospective measures
 for implementation of biological arms control agreements.

 Other Products/Services in Counterproliferation and Consequence Management
 CSC National Security Programs provides training plans, curriculum, and
 on-site instruction for U.S. Government international counter-prolifera-
 tion, export control, small arms destruction, and weapons of mass
 destruction inspection programs in 24 countries in Europe, Latin
 America, and Asia. We designed and have run the Defense Threat
 Reduction Agency Chemical Technology Security Course since 1998.
 For industry and government, we help to reduce risk and maximize
 security through protection of people, programs, and confidential or
 proprietary information and technologies. Measures include facility
 vulnerability assessments, continuity of operations planning, operations and information security
 planning and integration strategies, as well as seminars, workshops, training exercises, on-site inspec-
 tion support, and program metrics, testing, and validation.
 We design and implement technical education and public information outreach programs, including
 information campaigns, articles, fact sheets, pamphlets, reference guides, and multimedia web, CD,
 and video production.
 We develop and use expert knowledge systems to screen open source and other data for explicit and
 implied sensitive and classified information.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                   Page 195
NBC Services

Point of Contact: Tim Breeyear
Tel: 703.461.2168
Web: www.csc.com

 Biowarfare Protection
 DynPort Vaccine Company LLC (DVC), a joint venture between CSC and Porton
 International, Inc., provides an integrated approach for the advanced develop-
 ment of specific vaccines and other products to protect against the threat of
 biowarfare agents. DVC is the prime contractor on the Joint Vaccine Acquisi-
 tion Program (JVAP) and is responsible for developing, licensing and supplying
 the vaccines required for the DoD biodefense stockpile. This includes process
 refinement, cGMP production, non-clinical testing, clinical evaluation, and
 successful submission of Biologic License Applications to the FDA. DVC’s mission
 is to obtain licensure and initiate production of an initial stockpile for each
 product developed. We address the issues of FDA licensure by engaging the
 existing expertise, experience, and capabilities of world-class subcontractors,
 research centers, and industry leaders in the biologics development industry. We use cutting-edge
 research and development technology, proven standards of scientific objectivity, successful perfor-
 mance-based management techniques, and current information technology standards.

 Biomedical and Health Sciences
 CSC’s Healthcare and Risk Analysis (HRA) practice provides an array of
 highly specialized scientific expertise in the biomedical and health
 science areas to government and private sector clients. Practice
 specialties include toxicology and risk analysis, health research
 management, environmental health and safety, and public health
 informatics. These activities support client strategies seeking new
 technologies and new partnerships in safety and risk analysis,
 biodefense response, WMD consequence management,
 counterterrorism, and environmental health.

 Decision Support Tools
 AdvanceMed is a business-to-business, eHealth decisionsupport
 solutions organization. The company offers a high performance
 technical and clinical team with the optimum set of skills, a solid
 understanding of healthcare industry challenges, and a fully inte-
 grated set of decision support tools powered by the Internet. With the ability to amass and harness a
 large collection of administrative health claims data including laboratory, pharmacy, and billing data
 and targeted clinical data on treatment procedures, AdvanceMed develops and maintains data marts,
 analytic methodologies, and web-enabled reporting tools that provide timely and credible informa-
 tion that can significantly and appropriately lower the cost and improve the quality of healthcare
 services in routine or responsive environments.

Page 196                                                                  NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                         NBC Services

Defense Group Inc.
Corporate HQ           Alexandria Group
307 Annandale Road     2034 Eisenhower Ave., Suite 115
Falls Church, VA 22042 Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703-532-0802      Tel: 703-535-8720
Fax: 703-532-0806      Fax: 703-535-8723
Web: www.defensegroupinc.com

NBC Product and Services Handbook                            Page 197
NBC Services

EAI Corporation
1308 Continental Drive, Suite J
Abingdon, MD 21009
Tel:    1-866-676-1449
Fax: 410-671-7241
E-mail: info@eaicorp.com
Web: www.eaicorp.com

Since 1980, EAI Corporation has been a leading provider of chemical,
biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) defense services
to the U.S. Department of Defense and other government agencies. We
offer total solutions for military and civilian “all-hazards” preparedness,
protection, detection, decontamination and recovery.
The emergence of Weapons of Mass Destruction terrorism as the princi-
pal threat to national security both within the United States and interna-
tionally requires unique approaches and solutions. EAI has blended its
unparalleled depth and breadth of CBRNE subject matter expertise and
experience with its vast emergency planning and response capabilities.
The resulting capabilities to address the global challenges of homeland
security for today and the future are unmatched in the private sector.

Core services built on these experience-based capabilities
for CBRNE defense and homeland security are:
   • Assessments (vulnerability, technology, scientific and engineering,
     doctrinal and procedural)
   • Training (development, design, production and delivery in resident
     or nonresident settings
   • Exercises (tabletop, command post, full scale)
   • Technology integration (systems integration for unique applica-
   • Test and evaluation of equipment and procedures
   • Analytical laboratory services (methods development, validation
     and testing)
   • Chemical munitions and agent disposal
   • Post-incident remediation and recovery
   • Technology assessments
   • Policy formulation and assessments

Homeland Security for People and Facilities

Page 198                                                                 NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                               NBC Services

EAI Corporation
1308 Continental Drive, Suite J
Abingdon, MD 21009
Tel:    1-866-676-1449
Fax: 410-671-7241
E-mail: info@eaicorp.com
Web: www.eaicorp.com

Homeland Security Services
EAI Corporation is internationally recognized as the leader in the field of
chemical, biological radiological nuclear and explosive (CBRNE)
counterterrorism and related Weapons of Mass Destruction preparedness.
The company has built on its 23 years of CBRNE niche experience to
establish a broad-based civil response support capability since the 1995
Tokyo subway nerve gas incident. The staff’s knowledge spans the skills
needed to address the technical and procedural aspects of incident preven-
tion, response, mitigation, recovery, and consequence management. Our
services include:
   •   Vulnerability and risk assessments
   •   Response planning and consequence management
   •   Exercises (tabletop, command post, full scale)
   •   Training (over 50 tailored courses and 200 modules available)
   •   Operational and organizational assessments
   •   Equipment (evaluations and testing, selection, acquisition, training,
       maintenance, inventory control, record keeping)

EAI’s experienced staff is prepared to address the needs of states, local jurisdictions, and foreign coun-
tries in countering the growing threat from weapons of mass destruction. Our services are available for
all levels of incident participants (first responders to senior manager/officials) and in all functional areas
(fire, police, HAZMAT, EMT, hospitals, infrastructure, etc.)
Key Features:
   • Training courses designed for various levels of technical knowledge (awareness to advanced and
     specialized technical courses)
   • Planning builds on existing procedures incorporating the WMD “delta”
   • Exercises tailored to the community
   • “One-stop shopping” for equipment of the community’s choice
   • Technical assistance for assessments, planning, exercises, equipment, and “reach-back” via the
     Internet for subject matter expertise.

Target Applications:
   •   Federal, State and local emergency planners and responders
   •   Foreign governments and jurisdictions
   •   Special event planners
   •   Hospitals
   •   Food safety and security
   •   Transportation (ports, subways, tunnels)
   •   Insurance and legal aspects
NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                    Page 199
NBC Services

1655 N. Fort Myer Drive, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22209
Contact: Arlene B. Selber
Tel:    703-351-3324
Fax: 703-525-8841
E-mail: aselber@geo-centers.com
Web: www.geo-centers.com

GEO-CENTERS, INC. excels in research and product development services designed to protect
the warfighter, the civilian population and the environment. The metropolitan Washington, D.C. area
lays claim to more than half of GEO-CENTERS' highly skilled and uniquely talented workforce of over
800 The company, headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, has over 30 offices in locations through-
out the United States.

Chemical and Materials Research,                     Biomedical Health Research
Development and Characterization                     Areas of Expertise:
Areas of Expertise:                                  Combat casualty care; operational illnesses and
Chemical and biological warfare defense re-          injuries; human factors research; military infec-
search; development of chemical and biological       tious disease research programs; vaccine devel-
agent detection and identification technologies;     opment; operational medicine research pro-
materials synthesis including non-lethal riot        grams; and medical, chemical, and biological
control agents and anti-traction compounds;          defense research programs.
testing of energetic materials; synthesis and
                                                     Recent Accomplishments:
characterization of polymeric materials; identifi-
cation of chemical agents and decomposition             • Develop and deploy software packages
products; detection of drugs of abuse; and                that acquire physiologic data from multiple
materials research of novel metal alloys, ceram-          instrumented individuals during field
ics, superconducting materials, fracture mechan-          training.
ics, creep and creep fatigue, and crystal growth.       • Developed Real-Time Environmental
                                                          Protection System (REPS), a system that can
Recent Accomplishments:                                   be used to detect the dumping of harmful
   • Developed a briefcase-sized detection                substances into waterways.
     system for chemical warfare agents based           • Developed with USACEHR, deployment
     on Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography-Ion                  toxicology to archive exposure of every
     Mobility Spectrometry technology. Cur-               deployed soldier and sailor.
     rently expanding capabilities to include
     biological agents.                              Human Performance Testing
   • Developed and support CBRRT’s Command
                                                     Areas of Expertise:
     and Communications Center.
   • Developed and patented advanced                 Evaluation of the effects of sleep deprivation,
     processes to produce high-resolution liquid     diets and various environmental stressors on
     crystal displays.                               performance of military personnel; human
                                                     factors/MANPRINT evaluations of military equip-
                                                     ment and systems; anthropometry; biomechan-
                                                     ics; and consumer research.

                                                                               (continued on next page)

Page 200                                                             NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                       NBC Services

4640 Forbes Blvd., Suite 120
Lanham, MD 20706
Contact: Doris E. Bestland
Tel:    1-301-467-4241
Fax: 1-301-429-8814
E-mail: dbestland@geo-centers.com
Web: www.geo-centers.com

Recent Accomplishments:                             BIOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH
   • Designed and developed product im-             Areas of Expertise:
     provements for the Body Armor Suit             Biosensor technologies (immunoassay, PCR);
     Individual Countermine (BASIC) ensemble.       enzyme technology; bioprocess scale-up tech-
   • Since inception, have supported the U.S.       niques; molecular biology; microbiology; virol-
     Army’s Physiological Status Monitoring         ogy; toxicology; and bioactive nanomaterials.
     program in personal area networks, time
     series information management, biomedi-        Recent Accomplishments:
     cal sensors and algorithms.                       • Developed a new E.Coli clone and purifi-
   • Designed a device to evaluate human                 cation method to produce VX degrading
     perception and performance when using               enzyme in a single step, which reduces
     helmet-mounted displays and headphone               production time and costs by over 50%.
     systems.                                          • Produced potentially life saving encapsu-
                                                         lated hemoglobin for use as synthetic
Areas of Expertise:
Product development from conceptual design;         TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER
market investigation; manufacture of prototypes;    Areas of Expertise:
performance analysis of prototype hardware;         Development and execution of technology
and installation and training.                      transfer plans; identification, evaluation and
                                                    marketing of commercially useful technology
Recent Accomplishments:                             and government real property; drafting and
   • Assisted the U.S. Navy in the design and       negotiation of CRADAs and patent licenses; and
     fabrication of prototypes and complete         drafting and review of invention disclosures and
     logistics support for the Plastics Waste       applications.
     Processor—a disposal system installed on
     every major combatant and auxiliary ship       Recent Accomplishments:
     in the fleet.                                     • Marketed a government client’s intellectual
   • Developed, designed and manufactured                property and facilities and led the client’s
     an Ethylene Monitor to reduce fruit loss            CRADA and PLA negotiations, resulting in a
     and operating costs for the citrus industry.        100% return on the client’s investment.
   • Patented Energy Focusing Ground Pen-              • Developed training modules focusing on
     etrating Radar (EFGPR) for detection of             technology management, intellectual
     mines.                                              property law and process, CRADA negotia-
                                                         tion and use, software patenting, and
                                                         technology marketing strategies for scien-
                                                         tists and engineers.
                                                       • Partnered a small start-up company with a
                                                         Federal laboratory to produce a new
                                                         mountain bike part.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                            Page 201
NBC Services

4640 Forbes Blvd., Suite 120
Lanham, MD 20706
Contact: Doris E. Bestland
Tel:    301-467-4241
Fax: 301-429-8814
E-mail: dbestland@geo-centers.com
Web: www.geo-centers.com

With over 30 years of collective experience in the field of emergency management supporting exer-
cises and real-world events, the DNT consultants within GEO-CENTERS can provide expertise in the
following areas:
   •   Incident planning and response
   •   EMSe application installation and implementation services
   •   EMSe Training
   •   GIS configuration
   •   Plume modeling and analysis
   •   Custom software development
   •   Custom reports
   •   Database design and development
   •   Exercise design and support

Proven Performance
GEO-CENTERS has delivered software and 24-hour support daily operations and in critical events
   •   2002 Salt Lake City Olympics
   •   Presidential State of the Union addresses
   •   Space Shuttle Columbia disaster
   •   Unified Defense 2003 exercise
   •   Operation Iraqi Freedom

Ready to Serve
The GEO-CENTERS team can bring its expertise, experience, and technology solutions to meet your
needs for emergency planning and response improvement. With flexible contract support structures
and personnel who can go anywhere, at any time, we can augment your staff with state-of-the-art
tools and the knowledge to use them effectively.

Page 202                                                            NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                    NBC Services

ATTN: Rob Kimbrough
35 Kensington Parkway
Abingdon, MD 21009
Tel: 410-569-9550
Fax: 410-569-9553
Email: info@ieminc.com
Web: http://www.ieminc.com

D2-Puff™ is a decision-support tool that
enhances public protection by predicting the
path and consequences of a cloud of airborne
toxins. The model can be used for planning
or response to an incident involving industrial
agents or weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
D2-Puff™ represents technological advances
over standard dispersion models. It accounts
for the way in which changes in weather
and geography influence the movement of
airborne toxins, giving a more realistic picture
of the hazard.
D2-Puff™ offers users a unique and cost-effec-
tive combination of speed, ease of use, and        IEM has developed an array of specialized
accuracy. It was hailed by independent gov-        technologies for CBRNE events and Home-
ernment evaluators as the most user-friendly       land Security. Our clients include the Depart-
model in its class. D2-Puff™ is also one of few    ment of Defense, the Department of Homeland
dispersion models approved for use in Depart-      Security, Emergency Preparedness and Re-
ment of Defense emergency operations. It is        sponse (formerly the Federal Emergency Man-
currently in use at six US chemical weapons        agement Agency), the Soldier and Biological
stockpile sites.                                   Chemical Command, the Defense Threat Re-
                                                   duction Agency, state and local government,
                                                   and private industry. IEM is headquartered in
                                                   Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has six additional
                                                   offices across the US.

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                        Page 203
NBC Services

The JGW Group
10640 Main Street, Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22030
Telephone: 703-352-3400
FAX: 703-385-6470
Web: www.jgwgroup.com

NBC Detection, Protection,
Decontamination, and Communications Systems
The JGW Group is the marketing and business development representative for some of the world's
leading companies involved in CW/BW protection, avoidance, clean up and communications. If your
company or organization is interested in professional assistance in North America, or has interest in the
products and systems described here, contact Andrew Wilson or Jack O’Neil at The JGW Group or visit
our web page.
Some of our outstanding clients include:

SMITHS Detection is the original developer of the CAM (Chemical Agent
Monitor) which have been sold to most of the NATO countries, and the
US (50,000 units). The company has also developed the GID 3 detector/
monitor which has been sold to the US DOD under the ACADA program
(22,500 units). SMITHS also produces a wide range of miniature chemical
detectors and biological detectors and is manufacturing the Lightweight
Chemical Detector (LCD).

                                                                                     Lightweight Chemical
                                                                                        Detector (LCD)

                                                     Avon Technical Products, Ltd.

                                Avon is the world leader in designing, developing, and
                                producing nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) respirators for
                                military customers in more than 50 countries with over 38
                                million masks fielded and currently manufactures the S10 and
                                FM12 in service worldwide. In March 2002, Avon was awarded
                                the follow-on Engineering Design and Testing contract by the US
                                DOD for final development leading to follow-on manufacture in
                                2003 of the Joint Service General Purpose Mask (JSGPM)
                                designated the XM50/XM51for use by all US Army, Marines, Air
                                Force, and Navy ground forces.

Page 204                                                                 NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                        NBC Services

The JGW Group
10640 Main Street, Suite 200
Fairfax, VA 22030
Telephone: 703-352-3400
FAX: 703-385-6470
Web: www.jgwgroup.com

Some of our outstanding clients include: (Continued)

BIOQUELL has developed new low temperature residue-free
bio-decontamination technology using hydrogen peroxide
combined with a unique feed back loop system to control
the dew point. Hydrogen peroxide vapor is an excellent low
temperature biocide which, once the bio-deactivation
process has finished, can be catalytically converted to water
and oxygen.
BioQuell has been evaluated and tested by Porton Down in
the UK and is currently being evaluated by the US EPA.

                                           Argon Electronics is the leading provider of NBC (Nuclear,
                                           Biological, Chemical), Hazmat & Radiation Training Systems
                                           to militaries and emergency services all over the world.
                                           Argon Electronics range of products includes the Chemical
                                           Agent Monitor Simulator (CAMSIM™), the Decontamination
                                           simulator (D-SIM™), and the Radiation Detection Simulator
                                           (RADSIM™) systems.


Aircontrol Technologies has more than 50 years experience designing
and manufacturing filtration equipment and systems for applications in
fighting vehicles, naval weapons systems and other defense applica-
tions with stringent and demanding specifications. Some of the fields
that Aircontrol Technologies serves in the defense industry are Shelter
NBC Filtration & Air conditioning systems, Portable NBC Filtration & Air
conditioning systems, Demilitarization – Vapor Containment, Regenera-
tive NBC Filtration, Vehicle NBC Systems and NBC Filters

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                            Page 205
NBC Services

Lockheed Martin
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Systems
9500 Godwin Drive
Manassas, VA 20110
Tel: 703-367-1546
Fax: 703-367-3236
Web: www.lockheedmartin.com/manassas

Full Spectrum Force Protection Against Weapons of Mass Destruction
Lockheed Martin Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Systems in Manassas, VA, is a premier
developer and systems integrator of NBC defense systems for the U.S. Department of Defense. Using
a combination of software and hardware solutions, the systems are extremely sophisticated, yet user
friendly, and address an array of requirements from detection and warning to protection.
Lockheed Martin developed and fielded the Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Alarm (MICAD)
for the U.S. Army, providing the world’s first automated NBC warning and reporting system - a key
component in digitizing the NBC battlefield.
For biological detection, Lockheed Martin NE&SS-Undersea Systems has developed the Biological
Aerosol Warning System (BAWS) as an integrated network of remote sensors which permit effective
early warning via timely perimeter monitoring. Working in conjunction with the Force Protection
Battle Lab of the U.S. Air Force, Lockheed Martin is working to integrate chemical sensors and anti-
intrusion devices into the BAWS network, thus providing a complete perimeter monitoring system.
When collective protection systems are needed, Lockheed Martin NE&SS-Undersea Systems is ready.
Our advanced NBC filtration system provides clean filtered air, ventilation, and overpressure for a
variety of platforms such as the Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle for the U.S. Marine Corps.
As a systems integrator, Lockheed Martin NE&SS-Undersea Systems pulls together advanced filtration
technology, systems design, and software development to meet key requirements.
Lockheed Martin NE&SS-Undersea Systems is an SEI Level 5, ISO 9001 and 14001 company and has
become one of the world’s premier systems integrators, leveraging the expertise of heritage companies
with over 40 years of experience in meeting the world’s defense needs. The company is a recognized
expert in systems integration and in the use of open systems architecture design and the employment
of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components for sophisticated air, land, and sea electronics and
navigation systems.

Page 206                                                               NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                               NBC Services

New World Associates, Inc.
641 Prince Edward Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Tel:   540-373-1435
Fax: 540-371-5069
Web: www.nbcdefense.com

Engineering and Technical Services
New World provides engineering design and product development
services for world-class NBC equipment. We are committed to fielding
products and systems of unparalleled quality and value. Working indepen-
dently or as member of your design team, New World combines NBC
defense experience with state-of-the-art development approaches to
deliver program success.
Services for NBC Defense Programs
   • Research, development, test, evaluation (RDT&E) of equipment for
     collective protection systems, including
     -   HEPA filters and prefilters for optimal performance
     -   filter banks and plenums for contamination control
     -   low-noise fans and fan control systems
     -   flow/pressure control and alarm systems
     -   operational procedures, air locks, decon stations

   • Design and installation of collective protection systems for facilities
     and ships
   • Design development of mechanical and electro-mechanical sub-
     systems for chemical and biological detectors

Engineering and Product Development Services
   • Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial design
   • 3D solid modeling using Pro/ENGINEER® and SolidWorks®
   • Computer-aided engineering (CAE) and functional simulation (finite-
     element analyses)
   • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses
   • Development and hosting of secure project management web sites
     for sharing and archiving of project data (www.teamworkbook.com)

Prototyping and Testing Services
   • Rapid prototyping via stereolithography (SLA) and vacuum cast
     molding (silicone tooling)
   • Conventional prototyping
   • Shock, vibration, acoustic, and air flow tests
   • LabView data collection and test automation

To learn more about our products and services, log on to www.nbcdefense.com

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                  Page 207
NBC Services

Physitron, Inc.
3304-A Westmill Drive
Huntsville, AL 35805
Contact: Jerry Rankin, NBC Engineering Division Manager
Tel: 256-534-4844
Fax: 256-534-4846
E-mail: rankin@physitron.com
Web: www.physitron.com

             Leading Provider of Cutting Edge Technology for NBC
           Contamination Survivability and Homeland Security Services
NBCCS Program Plans and Reports                                   NBC Threats, Environment Levels,
Physitron assists program managers to:                            Requirements, and Specifications
• Define management and technical responsibilities                We calculate and display NBC environments for:
• Ensure functional and interorganizational interfaces            • Critical combat systems
• Develop audit trail of life cycle activities                    • Combinations of threat agents and weapons
• Develop full suite of NBCCS program documentation               • State-of-the-art models (e.g., VLSTRACK, HPAC, PEGEM)
Off-The-Shelf Equipment Evaluation                                We develop requirements and specifications which are
Most major systems use off-the-shelf government or contrac-       accurate and understandable.
tor-furnished equipment. If these items were developed soft to    • Performance based requirements and specifications
rigors of the NBC environments, significant system vulnerabili-   • Requirements from specified threat dependent scenarios/
ties may be introduced into the development program.                 environments
• Physitron has vast experience in evaluating both govern-        NBCCS Testing and Validation
    ment and commercial off-the-shelf equipment for NBCCS
                                                                  Physitron designs and conducts NBCCS tests, demonstrations,
• We have performed engineering assessments for:
                                                                  and analyses for mission essential, developmental, off-the-
    - Vehicles       - Antennas        - Generators
    - Shelters       - Computers                                  shelf, and commercial equipment.
• We have an extensive NBCCS database.                            • “Live agent” testing for decontaminability and hardness
• Our engineers develop innovative and cost-effective             • Vast experience in using current and novel NBC agents,
    survivability enhancement options correcting critical NBC        decontaminants, and decontaminating processes
                                                                  • Mission critical performance tasks/compatibility demon-
    system vulnerabilities.
                                                                     strated by operators dressed in full NBC gear
NBCCS Materials Screening and                                     • Evaluation of collective protection systems against NBC threats
Survivability Design Integration                                  • Design/test of prototype collective protection systems
The IPT process works!
                                                                  Homeland Security
NBCCS engineering support to IPTs                                 Physitron can provide commercial and government facility
• Vast experience in participating in major systems IPTs          managers a one-stop shop to assess facilities for the vulner-
• NBCCS training support to the designers, analysts,              abilities associated with potential terrorist attacks using
  logisticians, testers, and manufacturers that focus on:         chemical, biological, conventional high explosive, and
• Basic NBCCS principles                                          nuclear/radiological materials dispersal weapons. We have
• NBCCS implementation in applicable functional areas             world-class experience associated with protecting employees
• Extensive experience in selecting/screening critical            and decontaminating and recovering facilities should an
  materials which comply with NBCCS requirements                  attack occur.
System Specific Decontamination Procedures                        • Facility vulnerability assessments
Physitron has developed a unique engineering approach for         • Materials of construction selection
the development of system specific decon procedures.              • Optimum exterior design options
                                                                  • Coatings selection
• Physitron’s procedures account for existing material/
                                                                  • Filtration/overpressure systems
   component vulnerabilities.
                                                                  • “Live agent” testing
• Decon procedures are developed that:
                                                                  • Development of tactics, techniques, and procedures for
    - Achieve negligible risk levels
                                                                      decontamination of equipment and facilities
    - Minimize or negate damage to equipment
    - Minimize risk to operators                                  • Decontaminant effectiveness
• Physitron decon procedures are accompanied by detailed          • Hazardous materials containment and disposal
   instructions and figures/diagrams.                             • Detection devices
                                                                  • Clean-up and recovery operations

Page 208                                                                               NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                        NBC Services

Response Equipment Company,
A Division of EAI Corporation
1308 Continental Drive, Suite A
Abingdon, MD 21009
Tel:    410-671-0056
Fax: 410-671-0058
E-mail: information@r-e-c.com
Web: www.r-e-c.com

Response Equipment Company (REC), a division of EAI
Corporation, is dedicated to serving emergency responders by providing the
equipment needed to meet the growing Weapons of Mass Destruction
(WMD) threat. REC offers a full line of commercial and military equipment,
including products from virtually all manufacturers.
   •   CB protective clothing
   •   breathing apparatus
   •   detection and sampling equipment
   •   decontamination gear
   •   WMD response related equipment.

REC’s total solution approach provides up-front technical assistance and
consultation from our WMD experts, allowing
buyers to configure equipment into “kits”, thereby offering a means for the
purchase of required items through a single procurement. REC also offers equipment training, mainte-
nance, inventory control and monitoring, record keeping and independent evaluations and testings,
as well as equipment packaging and “kits” and integration of commercial off-the-shelf technology into

Key Features:
   • Single-source for all WMD response equipment, including consumables
     and US Government items
   • Repairs and calibration of selected items
   • Record keeping services (shelf-life, repair schedules, calibration, inven-
   • Technical assistance for grant preparation assistance
   • Training materials and training aids
   • GSA procurement of equipment available
   • Equipment operations and maintenance training

Target Applications:
   • Emergency managers and equipment procurement specialists
   • Emergency responders (HAZMAT, fire, law enforcement, emergency
   • State and local officials
   • Hospitals
   • Private sector industrial, commercial, and retail applications
   • News media

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                            Page 209
NBC Services

11240 Waples Mill Road, Suite 306
Fairfax, VA 22030
Tel:    703-293-9662 (P), Michel Ricciardi, michael.ricciardi@rti-world.com
Tel:    703-293-9662 (P), David Godso, david.godso@rti-world.com
Web: www.rti-world.com                                                Featuring SensorView™

RTI was formed in 1992 and has a proven track record of providing turnkey solutions, Systems Engineering and
Software Development, as well as on-site consulting and engineering support in the CBRNE market. We have a
diverse group of talented software and hardware engineers who practice proven design, development and
implementation processes and standards. RTI has partnered with Major Defense Contractors to provide quality
solution in CBRNE and Homeland defense. With SensorView, RTI has improved the development time and quality
of Interoperable and Network Centric solutions.
RTI is organized into four distinct divisions to better serve our clients' focus and needs:
   • RTI's Software Systems Division (SSD) provides hard-core and/or real-time embedded and mission critical solutions to
     government, military and commercial customers. For instance, SSD was selected as the prime software contractor for
     the Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS), which is the premier biological point detector for the Army, Air
     Force, Marines, and Navy. This division's featured NBC product is "SensorViewTM" (www.sensorview.com), which is a
     networked command, control, and monitoring COTS system for nuclear, biological, chemical, and explosives sensors
     that provides plug and play capability to connect a variety of sensor types over different standard interfaces. RTI was
     also selected to produce the Automated Carrier Quality Control System (ACQCS) which provides fully automated
     quality control analysis of JBPDS immunoassay strips and carriers. Finally, RTI provides, on behalf of PM-JBPDS, the
     Quality Assurance (QA) lead for the JBPDS production contract.
   • RTI's E-Solutions Division (ESD) combines our experience in mission critical systems, distributed systems, web develop-
     ment, and knowledge environments to provide our customers with cutting-edge IT solutions for distributed e-business
     and web infrastructure. For example, RTI developed two turn key systems for ExxonMobil that are used for i) Loss
     Prevention (Incident Reporting and Tracking), as well as ii) Cargo tracking and management.
   • RTI's Mobile Solutions Division (MSD) works closely with the other RTI divisions to provide support in the areas of
     wireless communication and portable device data management. MSD solutions deal with real-time data management
     as well as mission critical solutions to government/military and commercial customers. For instance, MSD was selected
     to proto-type hand-held solutions and Emergency Management Systems for first responders by LMI. In addition, MSD
     has developed a handheld computing application that allows remote command, control, and monitoring of nuclear,
     biological, chemical, and explosive sensors and sensor suites.
   • RTI's Professional Services Division (PSD) provides both on-site and off-site consulting and engineering support. PSD has
     formed long-term and on-going relationships with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Logistics Manage-
     ment Institute, and Hughes Network Systems, to support their continuing engineering and consulting needs.

RTI employees are expected to work with the customer. They are rewarded when they commit to understanding
and fulfilling the customer’s needs and expectations. They are taught to operate on the basic, but fundamental,
principle of, "Say what you mean, and mean what you say." This philosophy is not a mere axiom or marketing
slogan, but rather, it is a standard RTI business practice and is a distinguishing attribute. RTI's business practices
are customer-centered, and we believe Customer Relationship Management (CRM) does not start with a com-
puter system, but with the personal relationship between RTI and its customer, as well as the pride in the work
that the RTI employee have in the final solution.
RTI is headquartered in Fairfax Virginia, with additional on-site personnel at client locations in Virginia, Maryland,
and California. RTI possesses a full suite of servers on a wide area network (WAN) consisting of Windows XP/2K/
NT and Red Hat Linux servers, which provide application development, Intranet, Extranet and communications
with satellite offices. Furthermore, RTI has a proven track record in scaling its resources (personnel / staffing,
hardware assets, and facilities) to facilitate large projects and/or changing requirements in order to meet our
customers' project cost and schedule objectives.

Page 210                                                                              NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                                                     NBC Services

Southern Research Institute
Chemical and Biological Defense Division
2000 Ninth Avenue South                                                        ISO
Birmingham, AL 35205
Web: www.southernresearch.com

Chemical and Biological Defense Research,
Development, Testing, Evaluation and Analysis
Southern Research Institute is an independent, not-for-profit corporation of approximately 600
employees located in Birmingham, Alabama, and Frederick, Maryland. For over 50 years,
Southern has provided research, development, testing, evaluation, and field support services
to the U.S. Government in the areas of chemical and biological defense.
Southern has both a 2500-square-foot, ISO-9001 registered chemical surety laboratory and
modern, well-equipped BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories. The surety laboratory is approved by the
U.S. Army for the storage and use of neat liquid agents, with a 1-liter aggregrate total of GA,
GB, GD, TGD, HD, VX, L, HT, and T on hand. Southern maintains a DoD facility security clear-
ance through TOP SECRET, and most staff members working in the Chemical and Biological
Defense areas hold at least SECRET clearances.
Over the past two decades, members of Southern’s current staff have made a number of
groundbreaking technical contributions to the nation’s chemical defense program. These include
the development of the automated and manual chemical-agent monitoring techniques (ACAMS,
MINICAMS‚, and DAAMS) that currently support the ongoing destruction of the U.S. stockpile of
CW munitions and the pioneering development and use of automated methods for measuring
agent permeation and penetration through protective materials.

                                                             • Laboratory RDT&E with CW agents

                                                             • O&M support and field tests

                                                             • Instrument development and testing

                                                             • QA/QC/analytical services

                                                             • BW medical countermeasures, threat analysis,
                                                               and counterterrorism studies

For Chemical Defense Information, contact:
        Dr. Gary Sides, (205) 581-2854 (sides@sri.org) or
      Mr. Malcolm Taylor, (205) 581-2513 (m.taylor@sri.org). FAX: (205) 581-2698.
For Biological Defense information, contact:
          Dr. David Franz, (301) 228-2190 (franz@sri.org).

MINICAMS® is a registered trademark of CMS Research Corporation, Birmingham, AL (founded in 1986 by Dr. Gary D. Sides).

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                                                         Page 211
NBC Services

SRI International
1611 North Kent Street
Arlington, VA 22209
POC: Dr. David Cooper
Tel: (650)859-3742
Fax: (650)859-5036
E-mail: david.cooper@sri.com
Web: www.sri.com

SRI INTERNATIONAL conducts basic and applied research and development in active and passive
optical remote sensing, atmospheric science and effects, chemical sensing, and spectroscopy.
Techniques include:
   •   Lidar                                             •   Frequency-modulation spectroscopy (FMS)
   •   DIAL/DISC                                         •   Frequency-modulation lidar
   •   UV fluorescence                                   •   Tunable diode laser instrumentation
   •   Raman scattering                                  •   Nonlinear optics
   •   FTIR                                              •   FLIR/CCD imaging
   •   Elastic backscatter lidar
   •   Frequency agile laser sources
Demonstrated Ground Portable System                   Demonstrated Airborne System
capabilities include:                                 capabilities include:
   • Differential absorption lidar for standoff          • Both active and passive system
     detection of CW agents                                development
   • UV fluorescence lidar for detection BW              • UV fluorescence and elastic backscatter
     agent aerosols                                        lidar for BW agent aerosols
   • Both range-resolved and column-content              • Airborne differential absorption lidar for
     operation                                             CW agents
   • High resolution spatial mapping                     • Successful completion of over 25 airborne
   • System modeling, signal processing, and               lidar field studies since 1967
     algorithm development                               • UAV-platform CB sensor systems under
   • Both compact and van-mounted systems                  development

To address shortcomings in traditional pattern recognition algorithms based on linear or quadratic
discriminants, SRI has developed compelling multivariate statistical inference techniques, particularly
estimation and hypothesis testing, that can be used to construct optimal detection algorithms based
on the likelihood ratio test methodology. Maximum likelihood estimates of parameters and their
uncertainty are derived as byproducts of the detection test. This approach has been successfully
applied to multicomponent concentration/pathlength detection and estimation using lidar with
frequency agile laser sources.

Page 212                                                                NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                           NBC Services

SRI International
1611 North Kent Street
Arlington, VA 22209
POC: Dr. David Cooper
Tel: (650)859-3742
Fax: (650)859-5036
E-mail: david.cooper@sri.com
Web: www.sri.com

SRI INTERNATIONAL—SRI International is one of the world’s largest and most respected research
and consulting organizations. The breadth and depth of SRI’s professional expertise in three basic
areas—engineering research, international business and public policy, and the physical and life sci-
ences—set it apart from other research and consulting organizations. More than 20 spin-off compa-
nies leveraging core technologies in new commercial applications have been started.
CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL DEFENSE PROGRAM—Numerous programs serving military,
intelligence, and law enforcement organizations involved in the detection of infrared, visible, acoustic,
seismic, RF and RFI, magnetic, chemical, biological, nuclear and radiation signatures. Devices have
been built to operate remotely, autonomously, and covertly in a wide variety of environments. Chemi-
cal and biological defense programs at SRI were begun in 1978 and include detection, identification,
neutralization, and protection against CW and BW agents in a variety of environments. Work ranges
from basic scientific research, signal processing, algorithm development, modeling, and concept
feasibility demonstrations to hardware integration and field-testing of systems. Multidisciplinary ap-
proaches involve physical, analytical, and polymer chemists; molecular and microbiologists; immunolo-
gists; material scientists; physicists; and chemical, mechanical, and electronics engineers.
Focus Areas

NBC Product and Services Handbook                                                               Page 213
NBC Services

Acorn Park
Cambridge, MA 02140
Contact: Twig Mowatt
Phone: 617 498 7366
E-mail: mowatt.twig@tiax.biz
Web: www.tiax.biz

TIAX LLC is a premier technology, product development, and technology-based consulting firm
operating at the intersection of business and technology. Our scientists, engineers, and industry
experts help commercial and government clients transform ideas into products and problems into
solutions. Formerly Arthur D Little’s Technology & Innovation business, TIAX builds upon a rich, century-
old heritage of breakthrough innovation. We were selected as one of the world’s 40 Technology
Pioneers 2003 by the World Economic Forum.
By combining scientific and technical knowledge with business expertise, we are uniquely positioned
to address the increasingly problematic gap that exists between sources of ideas and their potential
outlets, such as market channels and manufacturers. We accelerate technology development to take
products and processes from concept to market. We translate market needs and trends into strategies,
policies, and development programs to maximize the impact of technology investments.
Adding to our century-long track record of success is new president, Dr. Kenan Sahin, who provides
real-world expertise in bridging the gap between sources of ideas and market outlets. After serving on
the faculties of MIT, Harvard, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Dr. Sahin founded Kenan
Systems, which became a world leader in telecommunications software and was sold to Lucent Tech-
nologies in 1999. Dr. Sahin then served for two years
as Vice President of Software Technology at Bell Labs and as President of Lucent’s Software Products
Group. Supporting Dr. Sahin and the TIAX management team will be an Advisory Board, chaired by Dr.
Charles Vest, President of MIT.
Our clients range from individual inventors and start-ups to national labs and universities, government
agencies and large multi-nationals. TIAX is ISO 9001 registered and has more than 50 research and
development laboratories.

Page 214                                                               NBC Product and Services Handbook
                                                                                            NBC Services

Acorn Park
Cambridge, MA 02140
Contact: Daniel J. Ehntholt, Ph.D.
Phone: 617 498 5057
E-mail: ehntholt.d@tiax.biz
Web: www.tiax.biz

Homeland Security Technologies
While homeland defense has recently become the nation’s top
priority, TIAX has been a key contributor to protecting the
citizens and resources of the United States for decades. The
scientists and engineers at TIAX have taken a leading role in
working with commercial firms and U.S. government agencies
to identify, develop, and leverage technologies and methodolo-
gies that safeguard the public from potential exposure to toxic
chemical and biological agents.
Our personnel have a deep understanding of defense against
weapons of mass destruction, with expertise in integrated field deployable systems. We quickly create
project teams that draw from many disciplines necessary for effective systems integration, including
analytical, organic, and biochemistry; chemical engineering; microbiology; software engineering;
mechanical and electrical engineering; and other pertinent physical and life sciences. These skills
enable us to rapidly develop and test prototypes that support national security initiatives for both
government and commercial clients.
Using a network of academic research institutions, national laboratories, and private industry, TIAX
effectively takes state-of-the-art technologies into prototypes that can be field-tested and commercial-
ized on an accelerated schedule. Each stage of development: proof-of-concept, prototype develop-
ment, and commercialization, can typically be completed in six to nine months. Our proven product
development process ensures that all critical steps are addressed in a comprehensive, yet cost-effective
manner to meet market needs.
We assist our government clients in adopting the most innovative commercial manufacturing technolo-
gies available. We bring our commercial clients knowledge of specific government needs and prac-
tices, as well as an understanding of advanced, state-of-the-art government technology efforts. All of
our work is carried out under an ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
Harmful Agent Detection, Protection, and Decontamination
For a government agency, TIAX developed a foam-based product capable of decontaminating both
chemical and biological agents. We exceeded expectations by developing a decontamination system
that is non-toxic, biodegradable, inexpensive, and effectively neutralizes both types of toxic species. A
patent has been filed on the technology and we are seeking partners for commercialization. For the
same agency, we are developing an inexpensive personal alarm monitor to detect low levels of nerve
gas. These programs involved working
with leading-edge commercial companies to turn their products into working prototypes of interest to
the government community.

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NBC Services

Acorn Park
Cambridge, MA 02140
Contact: Paul McTaggart
Phone: 617 498 5847
E-mail: mctaggart.p@tiax.biz
Web: www.tiax.biz

Military Field Systems
The Armed Services face an increasingly
complex job in a world where conflicts
can arise at any time and any place. The
modern military must orchestrate person-
nel, materiel, doctrine, and information
to produce a highly responsive force that
can respond to a full spectrum of mission
scenarios. Conflicts increasingly involve
deploying smaller groups that fight
smarter through use of technologies that
allow them to maneuver quickly and
accurately worldwide. Filling that bill requires focusing on intellectual and technological innovation.
TIAX designs large-scale electro-mechanical systems that integrate multiple proven technologies into
practical, cost-effective systems deployed in the field. This equipment must operate under severe
conditions such as extremes in temperature, humidity, high shock, and vibration.
We have a history of providing government clients with innovative, effective system designs. Our
military field systems allow the military greater mobility with less weight and bulk. We quickly form
multidisciplinary project teams, drawing on expertise that ranges from systems engineering and fluid
mechanics to acoustic technology. TIAX employs a proven rapid product development process in
which we take the best ideas from both industry and government to develop truly unique solutions.
Some of our recent work includes:
Designing Modular Aircraft Support Systems
The staff at TIAX worked with the Air Force Research Laboratory to demonstrate a new line of equip-
ment that can take advantage of modern technologies, manufacturing techniques, and design con-
cepts to leapfrog existing equipment. We designed a modular approach that allows aircraft support
equipment to be customized to each aircraft and reduce the aerospace ground equipment deploy-
ment cost by up to 50 percent.
Developing Complex Medical Support Systems
The professionals at TIAX helped the U.S. Air Force develop a transportable system capable of receiv-
ing, inspecting, and preparing shipments of both frozen and liquid blood from virtually any location
worldwide. We developed a fully functional Transportable Blood Transshipment Center (TBTC) that was
highly reliable, self-sufficient (in terms of power and water storage), and transportable by cargo plane.
The system can be set up and fully functional within 24 hours and operate in temperatures ranging
from -20°F to 120°F The Air Force used our prototype design to create six additional TBTCs.

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                                                                                          NBC Services

Acorn Park
Cambridge, MA 02140
Contact: Cameron S. Miner
Phone: 617 498 5158
E-mail: miner.cameron@tiax.biz
Web: www.tiax.biz

Wearable Systems
Today’s growing emphasis on mobility is reflected in almost every
aspect of daily life. Staying plugged into the latest business develop-
ments through PDAs used to be enough. But now the benefits of
mobility—immediacy, efficiency, safety, improved performance,
convenience—seem to have limitless applications. The move toward
increased miniaturization of electronic components and enhanced
connectivity means these applications may become reality. Imagine
mobile diagnostic equipment that assesses injuries at the scene of an
accident. What about wearable medical monitoring devices that
keep us a step ahead of disease and infection? Shouldn’t our nation’s first responders be equipped with
wearable technology that detects biological and chemical warfare agents? Couldn’t our soldiers have
communications and navigational capabilities integrated directly into their uniforms?
TIAX’s expertise in Wearable Systems can help you capitalize on these enormous market opportunities.
This area seamlessly integrates a wide range of key capabilities, including human factors, functional
clothing, industrial design, embedded systems, hardware and software design, and portable power to
deliver the best solutions. As members of national standards and testing organizations, TIAX profession-
als don’t just develop products—we help set the standards.
Our Wearable Systems professionals work with clients to take their products from concept to commer-
cialization. We develop and enhance emerging technologies for application in new market opportuni-
ties, identify market needs and opportunities, evaluate product concepts, and create models and
prototypes. We create devices for healthcare (monitoring, diagnostics, and care delivery), industrial
equipment operators, business professionals, and the aging population. Our work for both govern-
ment and commercial clients draws on our strong background in building complex systems for high-
performance environments.
Equipping the Soldier of the Future
For more than a decade, we have worked with the U.S. Army to design warrior systems. Our ad-
vanced gloves provide warmth to troops operating in frigid conditions. Our survival equipment system
for helicopter pilots and crews improves mobility and increases survivability. And our concepts for the
complete combat uniform of the future include an integrated protective ensemble with advanced
capabilities, such as heating and cooling, physiological monitoring, and navigation.

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NBC Services

Titan Corporation
Applied Technologies Sector
1900 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 600
Reston, VA, 20191-1535
Tel: 703-758-5600
Fax: 703-758-5601
Email: jhodge@titan.com or isykes@titan.com
Web: www.titan.com

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological
(NBCR) Consequence Management Expertise
NBCR Model Application and Development
Titan is the primary developer of the Hazard Prediction and Assess-
ment Capability (HPAC) software tool suite developed for the U. S.
Defense Threat Reduction Agency. HPAC is the U. S. Department
of Defense’s primary NCBR operational modeling and simulation
tool suite. Titan’s Second-order Closure Integrated Guassian Puff
(SCIPUFF) is the transport and dispersion engine for HPAC.
   • Fast running and computationally efficient
     (estimates hazards from NCBR events in several minutes)
   • Forward deployable – runs on standard laptops
   • Operationally suitable – capable of supporting emergency
     responders and analysts with the same tool
Transport and Dispersion
Titan developed and continues to improve the Second-order Closure Integrated Guassian Puff model
(SCIPUFF). SCIPUFF is the leading edge transport and dispersion model in use today. It is physics
based and well validated for both near and far term events.
   • Physics based and validated (Navier – Stokes)
   • Mass consistent wind-fields (MC SCIPUFF)
     – Canopy estimation for urban areas
   • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological hazard transport and dispersion
   • Computationally efficient – adaptive grid
   • Integrated with next generation urban models

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                                                                                          NBC Services

Titan Corporation
Communication and Information Systems Division
1410 Spring Hill Road, Suite 300
McLean, VA 22102
Tel: 703-847-4000
Fax: 703-847-4034
Email: sswanekamp@titan.com
Web: www.titan.com

Pulsed Power and Plasma Physics Research
Titan’s on-site staff at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) carries out research into basic and applied
plasma physics and pulsed power systems in support of DOE and DoD programs in inertial confine-
ment fusion, nuclear weapons effects, and a number of other areas. Titan’s team operates out of NRL’s
Pulsed Power Physics Branch of the Plasma Physics Division.
A partial list of our areas of expertise include:
   •   Small spot size, high-power x-ray sources
   •   Intense charge particle beam transport in gas and plasma
   •   Plasma opening switches and power flow in pulsed-power generators
   •   High-power ion- and electron-beam diodes (including bremsstrahlung diodes)
   •   Plasma radiation sources and Z-Pinches
   •   Large-scale numerical simulations of charged-particle beams and plasmas

For more information on our Pulsed Power and Plasma Physics Research contact Steve Swanekamp at
(202) 404-4361 or by e-mail sswanekamp@titan.com.

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NBC Services

Washington Safety
Management Solutions LLC
P Box 5388
Aiken, SC 29804-5388
Contact: Mr. Tom Konitzer
Tel: 888-644-9767
Fax: 803-502-9820

Headquartered in Aiken, South Carolina, WSMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Washington Group
International. Founded in 1997, WSMS is recognized as a Center of Excellence for Integrated Safety
Management and Threat Analysis services. Our talented team of professionals provides full-service
safety management and operational support for DoD, DOE, and commercial clients. WSMS core
competencies include:
   •   Project Management & Integration
   •   WMD Threat Analysis
   •   CBRNE Training Exercises
   •   Port, Border & Airfield Security Planning
   •   Integrated Safety (Risk) Management
   •   Emergency and Incident Management
   •   Installation/Force Protection Planning
   •   Counter-Terrorism Planning
   •   Plant Operations and Operational Consulting
   •   Criticality and Radiological Engineering
   •   Licensing and Regulatory Support
   •   Testing Services
   •   Environmental Engineering Support
   •   Vulnerability Assessment/Security Effectiveness Evaluation
   •   Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation (JCATS) Modeling
Our most valuable assets are our people, whose years of operational experience in some of the most
hazardous facilities in the country distinguish us from our competitors.
We are prepared to meet current and swiftly changing requirements by drawing from a talented pool
of more than 450 degreed professionals. Our staff makes up the largest group of criticality engineers,
safety analysts and licensing personnel in the Defense Weapons Complex, and our staff includes
personnel with leading-edge WMD technology integration knowledge and skills. WSMS has the depth
of experience clients can count on:
   • More than 500 WSMS employees have commercial and/or government nuclear and chemical
     experience. Many possess current DoD clearances.
   • Virtually all WSMS employees have experience in governmental and regulatory environments.
   • WSMS personnel chair or hold key positions on many of the national and Defense Weapons
     Complex committees that develop the safety standards that our clients follow.
   • WSMS has large group of subject matter experts that have served at all levels within DoD.

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