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                                                                                 Dates & Deadlines
Financial Aid – financial aid is an umbrella term which includes ALL of the
following: federal and state grants, student and parent loans, federal work      January 1, 2007 – First day to file a
study, university and private scholarships, athletic scholarships, tuition and   2007–2008 FAFSA
fee waivers, fellowships, assistantships, tuition reimbursement, ROTC
awards, veteran’s benefits, and prepaid tuition programs.                        February 11, 2007 – College goal
                                                                                 Sunday: Get free help filling out your
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – The FAFSA is the              FAFSA. For more information,
first step to receiving financial aid, and can be accessed online at             please visit                                               
COA (Cost of Attendance) – The COA is an estimate of expenses for one            m/
year at college. This estimate takes the following into consideration: fees
and books, living expenses, meals, transportation, personal expenses,            March 1, 2007 – UA priority service
dependent care, computer purchase, costs related to a disability, costs for      deadline for filing a 2007–2008
eligible study abroad program, and entertainment                                 FAFSA

EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) – The Expected Family                         July 1, 2008 – Last day to file a
Contribution (EFC) measures your family's financial strength, and is used to      2007-2008 FAFSA
determine your eligibility for federal student aid during one school year. You receive an EFC based on the processing
results of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Need – Need is determined by the following calculation COA – EFC = need

Academic year – the normal academic year consists of fall and spring semester. For example, August 2007-May 2008.

                                      FD (Fee Deferment) – a fee deferment is a hold placed on your account by the
 Campus Contacts                      financial aid office to prevent you from being dropped from your classes or charged a
                                      late payment fee while waiting on financial aid funds. It does not exempt you from the
 Admissions                           past due balance charge or census fee if you add or drop units after the census date.
 http://admissions.arizona.ed         Consortium – A consortium agreement allows you to be considered full time at the
 u/                                   UA while taking some classes here and some classes at another institution
                                      Useful Links
 Bursar’s Office
 520–621–3232                         UA NetID
 du/                                  If you have not yet set up your university email account, you can do so through this
 http://www.bursar.arizona.e          website.
                                      Financial Aid Estimator
 Financial Aid              
 520–621–1858                         You can use this estimator to get an idea of the kinds of financial aid you can expect
 https://financialaid.arizona.e       from the UA.
 Registrar’s Office                   For fastest processing, file your FAFSA online. Always use this address to access
the FAFSA website. Other websites may try to charge you to file a FAFSA, but the FAFSA is always FREE.

Department of Education Pin Site
For fastest processing, sign your FAFSA electronically. You (and your parents if you are a dependent student) will need a
PIN number to sign electronically. You can apply for and retrieve a lost PIN from the Department of Education PIN site.

Student Link
Check your financial aid progress often. Log in to student link, click on Financial, then click on Financial Aid. From this
menu you can view your award letters, your missing information letters, and check your financial aid status.

Financial Aid Forms
Save a trip to our office—download the forms you need from our website!

Repayment of Unearned Aid Policy
This website explains the repayment of unearned aid policy for federal financial aid recipients who withdraw from the
university. You should familiarize yourself with this policy if you are considering a complete withdrawal.

Financial Aid Tips
       File your FAFSA early! You can start as early as January 1st of the year you will enter college.
       Remember, the FAFSA is FREE! Never pay to apply for financial aid.
       Made a mistake on your FAFSA? No problem. Just go to and click "Make Corrections
        to a Processed FAFSA"
       Add to your address book so important messages from the Office of Student
        Financial Aid do not accidentally wind up in your spam folder.
       If your financial situation has changed since you filed your taxes, you may want to file a resource re-evaluation
        with our office. A resource re-evaluation allows us to take a loss of income into consideration when determining
        your financial aid package.
       Need more financial aid than you were offered? You can increase your total financial aid by filing a budget re-
        evaluation form. This form allows us to increase your cost of attendance so that you may receive additional aid.
       Finally, check your financial aid status often. We can’t say this enough. By monitoring your financial aid progress
        closely, you can catch problems early that would otherwise delay the process. A number of things including
        missing signatures, typos, and incomplete forms can delay your aid.

Additional Reading

       For basic information about Financial Aid, please go to We suggest that you read the
        Student Guide (click on Publications, then Student Guide).
       After you are awarded financial aid, familiarize yourself with the award conditions and satisfactory academic
        progress standards at


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