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                Media discussion and Catalog definitions
                     (catpage, an optional module)
While there is information on Media in the Online Help in your Response application, it’s not
always clear how this information all ties together. I think the following will help you understand.

 I’m confused by all the different “codes” in media. There’s ad code, promo code, list code, key
code, contents code etc. By default when I enter the ad code or promo code it get's duped to
the key code field, what’s that all about? My main question is what the heck are the purpose of
these codes. What related info are we storing?


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Media mastercode (masmedia table #9)=the media effort itself, sometimes called a “promotion”.
This is defined by a record added to the masmedia table (file menu > media > media codes)
You must assign a masmedia.master_code of which there are two types:
    Advertising Media codes or “Ad Code” stand alone (such as a newspaper or magazine
        add). You don’t have name/address of the people this ad reaches so there is no List
        code for an Ad Code. The table.field_name Masmedia.media_type = ”A” tells us this
        code is an ad code. Also note, there is no Contents code for an Ad code either.
    Promotional Media codes or “Promo Code” are for a mailing such as a catalog or flyer to
        a list of recipients. Promo's will have a related to a listcode and contents code, both are
        required for a promo code. The contents are not necessarily a "catalog" but could be just
        a flyer for a single item. There may be multiple contents, example a catalog AND a
        coupon for free shipping with the catalogs. If coupons were only with SOME catalogs
        and not others, then a separate promotional media code with it’s own list code should be
        created for those with and those without coupons because you want to measure the
        response to each separately. If you don’t want to define the catalog and list codes
        choose (NONE) from the drop down box
        The table.field_name Masmedia.media_type=”P” tells us this code is a promo code.

The List code and Contents Code tables are “Parents” of the Masmedia table. They must be
created first so you can select them from a list when you are creating the Masmedia record

Listcode (table #11 listcode) the mailing list used for the promotion, this list does not include all
the actual names of the recipients, it's just a description of how the names were queried out of
the house file or maybe where they came from. Suggest a naming convention, such as all
house lists have a list code starting with "H" or "HS". Create your listcodes before you create
your media master code because your media mastercode will want a VALID list code.

The listcode should be whatever it is (the house file, a particular rented list, whatever). Since
you can mail DIFFERENT promotional mailings (say Fall Catalog98, Winter Catalog98, Summer
Catalog99 to the SAME LIST (for example: your listcode is always "housefile") you need a
separate media MASTERCODE for each effort. Say, HF-Fall98, HF-Wint98, HF-Sum99 so you
know WHICH catalog they responded to. In EVERY CASE, however, it was the same
LISTCODE (housefile). GET IT???? :o) In these examples I used the HF- prefix on the
masmedia record just because it indicates to me that this media code is connected to a House
File list code

Contents code (table #12 contents) the items included in the mailing. These could be a catalog
+ a free shipping coupon + an additional flyer for a featured product meaning you put 3 pieces in
the envelope you mailed to the customer. If you mail different combinations of these items you
should have a unique media mastercode for each variation. When you set up your media
master code if you use a contents code you must create it then select it from the drop down list.

 Now what's the difference between the ad or promo code and the key code? I always thought
the key code was an abbreviation of the longer ad code so we could display a shorter field (the
key code) on the order entry screen, is that really the purpose?

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 Yes, it's also convenient to display the much shorter key code in the ad itself, so when the
customer calls they can say key code "L127" instead of "wdj01071/2x3000-47" (which may be
meaningful to the Response user, not to them). Type either into the OE screen and the "real"
media code will appear.

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Discussion of Catalog definitions and types: (CAT PAGE) an optional

If your menu option for Catalog Definitions is greyed out like the above example, you don’t have
license to this optional module. Continue reading to understand the reporting power this module
can provide for you

Catalog ID’s (CatHead table #14) are created right here in the Catalog Definitions View. Press
Ctl + F5 first to clear the screen, then type something in Catalog ID field and description and
press F2 to save. PRESS F2 to save before creating sections and pages

Catalog ID’s are also described as “catalog headers”!
(technical info: The catalog ID and the information on the Header tab combine to populate one record in
the cathead table)

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Put as much detail as you want into the sections and pages tabs. (this feeds tables such as #15

Sales and profit numbers will be added to this information as you process orders from
promotional media that included this Catalog as the example below illustrates

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The Type 1 and Type 2 columns above on the catalog page are populated from entries that
you’ve previous created in table 16 CATTYPE, (file menu > media > catalogs > catalog type).
Catalog Type is required, you should create at least one catalog type if you don’t need more

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The Catalog ID is associated with a Media Promotion by the Promotions Contents Code
defined here (file menu > media > promotional contents):

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The catalog definition feeds the reporting for a contents code. For example, you might define
two catalogs one with a blue cover that says “free shipping with coupon” and a second with a
red cover that says “free gift” (a very simplistic example). Each catalog ID would be defined and
added to a separate contents code. The contents are tied to media master. Without these items
setup the options on the catalogs/utilities reports menu won’t work

The relationships between the catalog ID and the Media Code allow for the additional reporting
the Catalog Page Module gives you.
i.e. the Catalog ID is associated with a Media Code (the “Promotion”) by the Media’s Contents
Code which is in turn related to the media code.

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Catalog Page module reports:
Reports menu > Media > Catalog Utility reports > catalog analysis reports. You have two

catalog analysis by page (CATVAR.RPT)
catalog analysis by product class (CATPRNET.RPT)

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Tech note: catalog and page statistics are not updated in real time as orders are placed, you
must run the "Recalculate order/page statistics" options from the reports / media / catalog
utilities/reports menu.

Those order and page statistics recalcs affect this view as well as YTD SALES and YTD Units
columns seen above on the pages tab.

Tip for creating a new catalog:

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We don’t have an option yet to CLONE a whole catalog, but you can copy a page at a time to a
new Catalog ID with the copy page button.

Also, It is perfectly valid to enter something like 1070* in the Pages section for items whose item
id begins with 1070 -- the statistics will still be accurate as it supports wildcards.

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