Our Parents by bdharbani



Life is like a straight line
Never go back into the past
Life is not sphere ball
Are endless and no base ... .

 Looking at the lines on the face of our beloved figure
mothers and fathers,
when his skin began to wrinkle,
his black hair graying and
shrinking health, we are reminded by Him that we too equal, someday will be old,
decrepit and in need of so many
help, affection and attention from our children.

And now is the time for us to
'Role' as a child,
nurturing and loving fathers and our mothers.
First nine months of our mother's womb,
we bothered, he was uncomfortable sitting,
uncomfortable lying down.
But the mother patiently waited for the days of our birth.
We arrived in the world, mother smiling, happy
get us as a gift from God,
breastfeeding, and dibesarkannya dimanjakannya us
with great affection.
Taught us a variety of science and
a great pleasure for us
taught us to know our Lord.
A teenager, we're getting bothered, which is increasingly cost school
major and the mischief that we often do not infrequently made her heart hurt. Our attitude
is rude, selfish and always feel right sometimes made her cry, but mothers remain patient.
Dibimbingnya us to improve our attitudes and behavior, the mother always instill the love
of our children.

Blessed are those who still have maternal father,
Because, still has a chance
to nurture and love them.

And when we reach adulthood, when a father who had muscular now often bedridden,
and when the mother who had always served us eat now often lay weak, this is a good
moment for us to serve, nurture and give attention to them. This is our opportunity to
become a godly child made them happy at the end of the age, and make them proud of us.
Remember, once when we happen to wake up, look mom is praying for us, to be a good
boy and achieved all the goals.

Jenguklah our mothers and fathers while you can,
before it ended up being a sweet and wonderful memories to remember ... ... ..,
bring me a souvenir that she likes ... ....

For if they are gone then there will be no more waiting for us to go home, no longer
prepare our breakfast, there was just the house that would be a sweet memory

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