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									Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas

Great Halloween Costume Ideas - Nothing Could Be Fairer Than
  A Pharaoh Costume

                                   Before you know it, Halloween will be on us
                                   and everyone is going to be on the look for
                                   that just right outfit for the party or additional
                                   celebrations. Or maybe you have to get the
                                   children a few costumes and you would like
                                   them to look the part as they go trick or
                                   treating. You don't desire you or your loved
                                   ones to appear like everyone else,
                                   consequently check out these excellent
                                   costume options for Halloween 2011. They
                                   are some of the latest outfits to come out thus
                                   you will be bound to have that unique look.
                                   Before we get underway, I should add that
                                   each one of the garments stick to a bit of a
                                   theme, notably the Ancient Egyptian and
                                   Pharaoh costume motif. So let's go.

A bit of detail on the Ancient Egyptian theme

Ancient Egypt was among the first major ancient civilizations, specially in
the middle east and occidental areas of the planet. Also it's sense of fashion
and culture has stayed with us even in contemporary times. Conceivably it is
their monuments to eternity - the Pyramids - that most fascinate us. They're a
relentless and pretty large reminder of the ancient civilization and this rightly
intrigues folks.

We are intrigued by how the people lived and what they looked like. We're
even intrigued by what they looked like after they were dead. The civilization

Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas
Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas

has motivated lurid horror tales about all controlling mummies petrifying
people and also soaring love stories like Antony and Cleopatra (which may
even have been true!)

And these tales from history have influenced
great costume ideas. The first to think about is
the mummy costume. This is essentially a great
deal of linen wrapped around you. A couple of
slits for the eyes and an air hole for the mouth
and you are good to go. Much more elaborate
mummy style outfits turn the look into a
fashionable dress - somewhat reminiscent of
Cleo De Nile from Monster High fame.

Or you could potentially go as a couple in
Antony and Cleopatra costumes. There are
actually many variations on the Cleopatra
costume. Some are quite simple with a plain
white dress and a few Egyptian looking
accessories, whilst others are particularly
elaborate and include a wig and makeup. Antony doesn't get quite as much
attention, he is merely a sword and sandals type look.

The last outfit, and probably the most well-liked is the Pharaoh costume. This
is also a white or black full length tunic with an elaborate Egyptian style head
piece. This really stands out and makes an excellent impact at a party because
it's pretty original.


Step out in style this Halloween night, dressed in an original Pharaoh
costume such as the Jewel of the Nile costume . It is quite a unique concept

Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas
Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas

that is sure to get a couple of heads turning and get you all the attention you
need at the next party.

Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas

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