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					                             ROMULO A. RIVERA
                 Paralegal * Legal Assistant * Philippine Lawyer
        Flat 1 Montague Court, Montague Hill South, Kingsdown, Bristol, BS2 8HS, UK
               Home Phone No. 01179093738: Mobile Phone No. 07789992921
                           E-Mail Address:

1.     CAREER OBJECTIVE: Paralegal/ Legal Assistant/ Fee Earner/ Claims
                         Handler/ Administrative or Litigation Support.

              More than ten years as Legal Assistant, plus more than ten years of working
               as Litigation Attorney for reputable Philippine law firms which specializes in
               civil, criminal, personal injury, family, corporate and labor litigation as well
               as in legal consultations, rendering legal advise and legal opinions, claims
               negotiation, debt recovery, contracts drafting and contracts preparation.
              Able to make day to day routine decisions based on precedents and
               procedures, uses own initiative to resolve issues at basic level but seeks
               guidance, as appropriate, when dealing with more complex issues; takes
               personal responsibility for making things happen within the context of the
               role, considers others’ views and feed backs offered.
              Independent and self-directed professional, able to cultivate strong
               relationships with individuals from diverse organizational and cultural
               backgrounds, collaborates effectively with team members to achieve overall
               organizational objectives, responds promptly and effectively to requests for
               assistance from customers, establishing and checking their service
               requirements; understands gender and race issues and maintains positive
               attitude to equal opportunities developments; understands health and safety
               issues affecting working environment; has a good understanding of office
               routines and procedures and possesses skills in planning, organizing and
               monitoring work.
              Basic knowledge of Word processing, spreadsheets, database and powerpoint
               but currently enrolled at LearnDirect to upgrade IT skills.
              Authorized to work with indefinite leave to remain in the UK.
              Educator and civic leader.

       Witness Support Service Worker (Current and at flexible time):
          o Working in a court environment offering help or information to victims, their
              families or witnesses to talk to in confidence; accompanying them to court to
              give evidence and conduct pre-court visits so that they are familiar with the
              court room and the roles of the various people in court before they give their
              evidence; offering emotional and other practical support about the courts and
              legal processes; act as their liaison with other statutory or voluntary agencies.
       Citizens’ Advice Bureau Generalist Advice Work (Currently on training):
           o   Ensuring that individuals do not suffer through lack of knowledge of their
               rights and responsibilities or of the services available to them or through an
               inability to express their needs effectively; exercising a responsible influence
               on the development of social policies and services, both locally and
               nationally on clients’ main enquiry areas regarding (i) benefits, (i) debts, (iii)
               employment, (iv) housing, (v) consumer, (vi) family and personal, (vii)
               immigration and nationality.
     BATI & ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICES (1978 – 1980):
     Consultant/ Office Manager/ Litigation Attorney/ Legal Assistant -
         Developed strategic business plans for client retention and plans for market
             penetration; monitored outside counsels and coordinated communications to
             streamline litigation process and ensure accuracy of information; analyzed
             organization’s strengths and weaknesses and assessed clients’ needs.
         Handled all stages of litigation and supported litigation attorneys in a diverse
             array of high profile legal cases, including contract dispute resolution, civil,
             criminal, personal injury, and family litigation; hired and supervised legal
             staff and two attorneys, designed and delivered dynamic and interactive
             training to office staff, reviewed litigation strategies, prepared, reviewed,
             edited legal briefs, memoranda and various court pleadings, orders and
             processes, and successfully negotiated collective bargaining agreements with
             labor unions.
         Met with trial witnesses and        testifying experts as part of trial preparation
             and complex phase of arbitration; prepared and scheduled conferences,
             meetings with counsels, collated and analyzed trial exhibits, prepared
             deposition testimonies, various motions, pleadings, memoranda, appellate
             briefs, conducted extensive legal research for authorities, performed
             extensive field work to gather relevant information, interviewed prospective
             and expert witnesses preparatory to court trial.
         Collaborated with associates on shared and complex cases as well as with
             team of legal and professional experts to discuss elements and developed
             mitigation strategies; summarized amounts of information for attorneys and
             recommended next steps in case developments; wrote letters to hospitals,
             schools, police and prison stations to preserve documents to be used as
             evidence in court.
     1980 - 2004: Part Time College/ University Professor -
         Took part time jobs on spare time as college/ university professor;
         Taught and lectured on the following subjects: Obligations and Contracts;
             Sales, Agency and Bailments; Partnership and Corporation Law; Negotiable
             Instruments      Law; Wills and Succession; Torts and Damages;
             Transportation Law; Public and Private International Law.

        Currently enrolled in Higher Paralegal Studies on line at the SAS Law School
          in London. Emphasis: The seven foundations of law and procedures. Only
          two assessments to complete to finish the course.
        Certificate in Paralegal Course at the University of Houston, Texas, USA.
          Emphasis: Legal Assistantship, Office and Case Management, Legal
          Research using the computer, Lexis Nexis and Westlaw (01 November, 2004
          to 23 April 2005).
        Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) at the Baguio Colleges Foundation,
          Philippines (1973-1977), certified by The Law Society as a Graduate
          Diploma in Law.
        Bachelor of Arts Degree and Bachelor of Science in Education (AB-BSE) at
          Saint Louis College, Philippines (1969-1973), with History as Major and
          English as Minor. Graduated on top of class as Cum Laude.

         Fellow at the Center for American and International Law (Formerly The
          South Western Legal Foundation) at Dallas, Texas, USA (May - July 2004).
            Studies taken: U.S. Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Antitrust Law,
            Intellectual Property and E-Commerce Law, Labor and Employment Law,
            Administrative and Environmental Law, International Tax Law, International
            Banking and Finance, International Business Transactions, Negotiations and
            Arbitration (The Rule of Law), Business Organizations, Stock Markets,
            Securities Regulation, Legal Accounting, Commercial and Consumer Law,
            Products Liability, The U.S. Justice System, and International Litigation in
            the U.S. Courts.
           Commercial Arbitration Workshop of the Institute for Transnational
           Seminars on Insurance, Investments and Annuities, Asset Protection, Wealth
            Maximization and Cash Flow, Real Estate and Mortgages, Equity and Trusts,
            sponsored by the MILI Group of Companies and conducted by the American
            Allied Business Schools, held at the Pechanga Resort and Casino Convention
            Center, Temecula, California, USA (October, 2006).
           Victim Support Service Avonvale (September to October 2007).
           Citizens’ Advice Bureau Certificate in Generalist Advice Work (Currently on
            training since March 2008).

         Past President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), La Union
           Chapter (2001-2003), and Governor of the IBP for Northern Philippines
           (2003 - 2006).
         Past President (1995 - 1996) and District Governor’s Group Representative
           (1996-1997), Rotary Club of San Fernando La Union North, Rotary
           International District 3790.
         Past President and Lifetime member, YMCA of the Philippines.
         Honorary Citizen of the City of Dallas – conferred by the City Mayor Laura
           Miller of Dallas City, Texas, USA in July 2004.


        o   Mr. Don Rombaoa
            President – Association of Filipinos in Bristol (Evening Post Employee)
            5102 Apartments, Flat 516, St. James Barton
            Tel. No. 01179232726/ 07853556489

        o   Helen Maynard, Supervisor
            Victim Support Service, Magistrates’ Courts, Marlborough St., Bristol
            Tel. No. 01179302469

        o Atty. Myra Diwata Caroy
            Rivera, Rivera, Caroy & Associates Law Offices
            2nd Floor Rivera Building, Quezon Avenue, San Fernando City
            La Union, Philippines 2500; Tel. Nos.+639167253960/ +63727001646

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