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Rockin' for Roots _ Shoots


									Xin Lang                                                                                                                 Scholar
December 2, 2009                                                                                                                                                  Volume VIII Issue II

Rockin’ for Roots & Shoots SMIC’s new CEO
                                                                                                                        SMIC surfaces
                                                                                                                         from lawsuit
                                                                                                                        confident with
                                                                                                                          a new CEO
                                                                                                                       leading the way

                                                                                                                      ASTA FU
                                                                                                                      World News Editor
                                                                                                                          Payment      of     two-
                                                                                                                      hundred million dollars and
                                                                                                                      100 million in company
                                                                                                                      stock options left the SMIC
                                                                                                                      Company battered over
                                                                                                                      its recent lawsuit with
                                                                                                                      Taiwan’s TSMC. But new
                                                                                                                                                   Dr. David Wang is ready to turn things
                                                                                                                      CEO, Dr. David Wang is around and bring more success to SMIC.
                                                                                                                      promising to bring more
                                                                                                                      success to SMIC.                    “confidence, to better focus on
Triple Smash takes the stage with mellow guitar and bass melodies.                   All photos by Heather Wigmore
                                                                                                                          The California court found the tasks at hand.”
                                                                                                                      SMIC responsible for 61 out of 65      Dr. Wang received a Ph.D.
                                                                                                                      counts of patent infringement and from the University of California,
Front Page Editor
                                                                                                                      trade secrets theft on November 4, Berkeley in Material Science
   On November 21, 2009 a benefit concert was held to raise                                                           2009.                               and Engineering. He became
money for the Million Tree Project, a Roots & Shoots initiative                                                           Dr. Wang became the new CEO Executive Vice President of
to plant one million trees in Inner Mongolia by 2014. So                                                              of SMIC after Dr. Richard Chang Applied Materials and President
far 200,000 trees have been planted in the area to prevent                                                            stepped down November 10, 2009 of Applied Materials Asia before
desertification and provide a cash crop to the local farmers.                                                         for personal reasons.               becoming the CEO of Huahong
  Admission was 50 kuai, the equivalent of donating two trees,                                                            Dr. Wang shows promise in (Group) Co., Ltd. and the
and was held at local venue, Yuyintang. Free wristbands and                                                           leading the company to success. Chairman of Huahong NEC.
pins were given at the door and t-shirts were sold inside.                                                            On November 11, SMIC stock             Dr.     Shu-Kuang        Hu,
  Local bands who volunteered to play for the benefit concert                                                         jumped 52.63% higher after Chancellor of SMIC Private
were Boys Climbing Ropes, Booji, Triple Smash, Resist Resist,                                                         Dr. Wang was announced CEO, School, provided reassurance that
Varde, and Duck Fight Goose. The event attracted students,                                                            providing evidence that analysts Dr. Wang will “respect our insight
teachers, and parents from all over Shanghai.                                                                         have confidence in SMIC’s new on the school development.”
 The benefit concert managed to raise 10,975 kuai, an equivalent                                                      direction.                             A community foundation
to 439 trees that will be donated. Jordan Small, the lead                                                                 “Our goal should be to strive is being formed by the SMIC
guitarist and vocals of Boys Climbing Ropes, and SMIC junior,                                                         for success in further developing company, with Dr. Chang as the
Jessica Tsu were the brains behind the fundraiser project.                                                            SMIC and China’s semiconductor chairman, to continue sponsorship
                                                                                                                      industry,” stated Dr. Wang. He of SMIC Private School and other
                                                                     Jessica Tsu (left) and Amy Zhou (right) sell
                                                                                                                      encouraged the company to regain SMIC community assets.
                               SEE ENVIRONMENT PAGE 4 concert merchandise.

Obama visits China to strengthen ties                                                                                                      INSIDE THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                                                           WORLD NEWS
                                                                              Hu Jintao and Obama get one step
                                                                               closer to solving world issues                              New attraction
                                                                                                                                           The happiest place on Earth
                                                                        AMY LIN                                                            comes to Shanghai
                                                                        Guest Writer
                                                                            Invited by President Hu Jintao of China, President             PAGE 3
                                                                        Barack Obama of the United States visited China from
                                                                        November 15th to 18th. The two national leaders discussed
                                                                        mutual interests to further a positive China-US relationship as
                                                                        well as other significant issues including the global economic
                                                                        recovery, stable currency, military weapon trade, and the
                                                                        change of climate. Obama and Hu both expressed their belief
                                                                        that a good China-US relationship can not only help the two
                                                                        major world powers to cooperate when facing new challenges,
                                                                        but also bring stability, prosperity, and peace to other nations
                                                                        in the world.
                                                                            During the meeting, Obama expressed his goal to improve        FOCUS
                                                                        communication between the people of the two nations.
                                                                        Responding to the issue of Taiwan, Obama supported the             Young millionaires
                                                                        idea of “One China” and showed his appreciation toward the         Students who juggled both high
                                 Photo courtesy of decreasing tension between the two countries. Obama also
President Hu Jingtao (left) and President Obama (right) share a hand- defined US’s disapproval toward the “Free Tibet” issue, and
                                                                                                                                           school and the business world
shake before beginning their meeting in Beijing.                        expressed US’s respect for China.                                  PAGE 4-5
2 News                                                                        Xin Lang Scholar                                                                        December 2, 2009

    SMIC novelists
     in the making                                      Fundraiser accidentally
News Editor
    Some students at SMIC have entered the race
to write a 50,000 novel in a month as participants
                                                        strangles SMIC principal
in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in
    Established to encourage students to indulge
themselves in creative writing, NaNoWriMo begins
every year on November 1st, when all participants
officially start writing their novels. The goal is to
have a 50,000-word novel completed by November
30th at midnight.
    At a word count of 3,000 words, Hazel Chum
is one of the students participating in the program.
She may be far from reaching 50,000 words, but
participating in NaNoWriMo has changed her out-
look on writing. “It made me realize that writing
for fun can be very rewarding. There were no rules
to follow, and no worries that anyone was going to
read it and laugh at it. And of course, it wasn’t go-
ing to be graded, so there was no pressure.”
    “Remember that the purpose isn’t to force out
those words; it’s for fun, for joy, and for happi-
ness,” reflected Chum. “Start your novel as soon
as possible. Even though you might not have the
time to write 50,000 words in one month, at least
you got started.”
                                                                                                                            All photos by Tony Chu
                                                         Dr. Han being a good sport in the taping event, smiling even while hanging from his neck.   Mr. Shall hangs helplessly to the wall.

      Students aid                                      BEN LI

      disabled with                                     Sports Editor
                                                            “So, how did it feel being choked, Dr. Han?”

         artwork                                              “Very good!” exclaimed Dr. Han, beaming at a throng
                                                        of ecstatic high-schoolers menacingly holding strands of
                                                        duct tape high in the air.
                                                            November 17th was the premiere of the SMIC Prom
                                                        Committee’s Tape Day, a fundraiser that gave students the
                                                        chance to plaster their teachers and the principal with tape
                                                        to a wall.
                                                            Sixth grade teacher Mr. Withrow, Director of Student
                                                        Affairs Mr. Shall, and Principal Dr. Han volunteered to be
                                                        the victims of the taping spree. The objective of the event
                                                        was to duct tape three faculty members on the gym walls
                                                        with their feet off the ground.
                                                            Strips of tape that were sold for 10 kuai each to students
                                                                                                                          From left to right: Mr. Withrow, Mr. Shall, and Dr. Han teeter on their
                                                        to tape each of the three faculty members standing on             chairs anxiously awaiting for them to be pulled out from under them.
                                                        separate chairs. When the chairs were removed one by one,
                                 Photo by Dana Sun
                                                        the only teacher successfully held up by tape was Mr. Shall.      Withrow said he felt like a “monkey in the zoo being observed by high
                                                        Principal Dr. Han was a near success; however, the tape           school students.”
 Mr. Cabanos displays students’ artwork at the          ripped too quickly, leaving Dr. Han held up by his neck.             “Weird. Sticky. Tape-y,” grimaced Mr. Shall.
 presale on Parent’s Saturday, November 21st.
                                                        Taping Mr. Withrow to the wall, however, proved to be an             Tape Day, though well received, made only 420 kuai, most of which
                                                        utter failure, as he immediately fell to the ground when his      was donated by Mr. Cabanos and Mr. West.
 HELEN ZHANG                                            chair was removed.                                                   Prom Committee is also organizing a dodgeball sports event for the
 News Editor                                                When asked to comment on their sticky situation, Mr.          SMIC Private School on December 8th.
     Welcome to the World Expo! This year’s Art
 Charity Program revolves around this theme,
 with students drawing on all sorts of mediums.         CSL students debut in their first TV commercials
     The Art Charity Program is organized by the                                                                       fruits of their labor. CSL teachers introduced television commercials and
 Red Cross Society of Shanghai and the SMIC             CHRIS CHUANG                                                   helped the students draft and practice their own commercials. “We hope
 Private School and Kindergarten. This year’s           Guest Writer                                                   that students will be motivated to learn Chinese through their involvement
 Art Charity Program was held on November                   The bilingual 3rd – 8th grade students of The SMIC         with this activity,” CSL department head May Shen says.
 26th-29th, and raised a combined total of RMB          Private School embarked on a journey in their CSL                  November’s CSL Super Commercial Show is not the first of its kind.
 200,000 to be donated to Red Cross. Half of            (Chinese as a Second Language) classes. Through the            Back in 2006, current eighth and ninth graders presented their renditions
 the money raised was made from art sales and           course of seven weeks, these CSL students learned about        of Dragon Airline TV commercials on April 4th. Under an agreement
 sponsorships and the other half was donated by         the different aspects of advertisement and practiced           with SMIC, Dragon Airlines sponsored prizes for the event while SMIC
 SMIC Private School and Kindergarten.                  their own marketing skills by creating posters ads and         students wrote their commercials to promote Dragon Airlines.
     Cindy Li, one of the organizers of the             performing commercials.
 Program explained that the main purpose of the             From October 12 to November 27,
 program was, “to assist disadvantaged children         CSL teachers incorporated lessons on print
 with their medical expenses and to give families       advertisement and Television advertisement. On
 opportunities to share their blessings.”               Friday, November 27, during the sixth period,
     Each day started with a different artwork          the students performed original TV commercials
 exhibition, followed by a parent-child activity,       in separate groups. The CSL Super Commercial
 and then a performance.                                Show did not host the large audience it planned to
     On November 26th, the Art Charity Program          have because teachers wanted to avoid potential
 held a Sponsor and Press Appreciation Night to         flu outbreaks.
 thank the sponsors and press who had helped                “All the TV commercials were fascinating,”
 raise funds. Last Sunday, a donation ceremony          CSL teacher Mrs. Amy Chen remarked, “One
 was held, followed by a lucky draw, a children’s       group advertised a set of earphones students
 performance, and a press event.                        could wear to block out their parents’ scolding.
     This year each grade from grades 1-8 had a         The event allowed students to express their
 specific medium on which they painted. Grade 1         creativity and become more aware of their
 drew on post cards, grades 2 and 3, refrigerator       surroundings.”
 magnets, grades 4, 5, 7, and 8 on canvas, and              After drafting Zespri kiwi promotion ads,
 grade 6 on folders.                                    students received Zespri kiwis and tasted the
December 2, 2009                                                              Xin Lang Scholar                                                                                                 News 3

                                                                                               is coming to Shanghai
                                                                      Disneyland will be hitting mainland China for the very first time
                                                                                                       The Magic-Kingdom style park and re-               The Walt Disney Company already has
                                                 AMY ZHOU                                          sort is scheduled to be completed by 2014 in       6,000 other branded establishments in Chi-
                                                 Editor-in-Chief                                   the Pudong district, and is rumored to fea-        na including language schools, toy stores,
                                                     After nearly twenty years of nego-            ture special “Shanghainese” characteristics.       and clothing outlets. The company’s goal
                                                 tiations, China has finally approved                  An estimated $3.6 billion USD is               with Disneyland Shanghai is to further in-
                                                 the construction of a Disneyland                  required to construct the park. Combined,          crease the demand for Disney products
                                                 Theme Park and Resort in Shanghai.                the park and resort will cover about 10 sq.        within China’s market of 1.3 billion people.
                                                     “China is one of the most dynamic, exciting   km in size, making it larger than the original         Disney    will   hold    approximately
                                                 and important countries in the world, and this    Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California if        40% interest in the Shanghai resort,
                                                 approval marks a very significant milestone       developments proceed as expected. Disney           and the remainder will be given to
              Photo courtesy of     for the Walt Disney Company in mainland           even hopes to expand the Shanghai division         a collective of Chinese corporations
Minnie Mouse holds a little girl in Szechuan.    China,” said Disney CEO, Robert Iger.             to the size of Florida’s Disneyworld Resort.       selected     by       the      government.

Xinjiang Revolts
Guest Writer
      Having recently celebrated its 60-year
anniversary of the founding of PRC, China is
still facing problems in Xinjiang. Problems
began in July after a revolt causing 140
deaths and 800 injuries. The police are still
searching for the 10 most important leaders
of the revolt and have already arrested
hundreds of demonstrators.
     The uprising was led by Uygurs, a Muslim
ethnic group living in Xinjiang, who wanted
to demonstrate their dissatisfaction toward
the Han population. The conflict arose from
the Uygurs’ discontentment with the Han’s
dominant control over the nation’s economy
and administration.
     Various networking websites are still
being blocked due to insuing unrest.

Global economic
 crisis update
                                                  Swine flu cases rise in China
                                                 Airplane passengers have their temperatures checked before they exit the plane.                                           Photo couresty of

Guest Writer
    The global economy is projected to see a
slight boost in the upcoming holiday season.                             H1N1 flies through quarantine precautions and infects China
    However, oil prices underwent dramatic
soars in the past month. Oil prices soared and                                                     several people criticize these vaccines for and breathing trouble.
stayed at $22 per barrel on November 20th.
                                                 HELEN ZHANG                                       their extreme side effects, which include           The Center for Disease and Control
The dramatic price increase has become
                                                 Inside News Editor                                fever, swelling, fainting, muscle aches, and (CDC) states that the main targets of swine
a factor hindering economic recovery as              In early May, Shanghai was accused of         nausea.                                         flu are children under 2 years old, people
production costs and transportation become       allowing H1N1 to enter China after a China            On November 19th, 688 SMIC students between 18 and 65 years old, pregnant
more costly.                                     Eastern Plane carrying an infected passenger      from both elementry and middle high school women, and people with weak immune
    The U.S unemployment rate shot up            passed through Shanghai into Hong Kong.           were given the Swine Flu vaccination. Of systems. The number of hospitalizations
to 10.2 percent in October, which is the             “The     relevant     officials     really    those students that were vaccinated, there within these groups is estimated at 53,000
highest unemployment rate since 1983. The        underestimated the seriousness of this            was a significant percentage of students that with 2,900 deaths.
latest reports in November showed a slight       problem,” a netizen from Tian Jin wrote           subsequently developed fevers.                      China now has over 66,000 swine flu
decrease in unemployment. An average of          on Sina after the news of the H1N1 case               Recently, H1N1 has evolved to become cases which have resulted in 43 deaths.
190,000 jobs are still being lost each month,    surfaced on May 2nd. Shanghai responded           resistant to the vaccine Tamiflu, and over 50 Worldwide, there are currently 500,000 cases
but is a slight improvement from the 500,000     by temporarily banning all flights flying into    people are infected with the evolved H1N1 and 6,260 deaths.
that were lost each month earlier this year.     Shanghai.                                         virus. The virus has not shown
    China is also still feeling effects from         China has recently begun administering
                                                 vaccines. The government has reported
                                                                                                   signs of resistance to Relenza,
                                                                                                   the other vaccine, although
                                                                                                                                                Xin Lang Scholar
the global economic recession. China’s
exports dropped 18.8 percent year-on-year        that 1.5 million people are receiving the         the side affects of this vaccine                 The SMIC Private School
to $110.8 billion last month, while imports      vaccination daily, and a total of 15 million      are more severe than those of              169 Qingtong Road, Shanghai, China
stood at $86.8 billion, down 6.4 percent         have already been vaccinated. However,            Tamiflu, including wheezing                          (021) 5855-4559

                                                  Swine flu prevention
from a year earlier. Nevertheless, a strong
economic growth is still predicted as the                                                                                            EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                          FEATURE EDITOR
government’s stimulus plan has padded the                                                                                            Amy Zhou                                 Soyoon Bach
Chinese economy from the full effects of
the global recession. China’s economy is           To prevent swine flu, most of the precautions people should take are similar      FRONTPAGE EDITOR                         FOCUS EDITOR
forecasted to grow 9.4 percent in 2010 from        to those taken to prevent the seasonal flu:                                       Lillian Fitzmaurice                      Amy Zhou
the growth of domestic consumption and the
                                                          Wash your hand thoroughly with warm water and soap after using             INSIDE NEWS EDITOR                       SPORTS EDITOR
improvement of exports as external markets
                                                          the restroom, and several times during the day                             Helen Zhang                              Ben Li
begin to stabilize, said a report by Beijing
                                                          Always cover your nose when you sneeze and wash your hands
Renmin University.
                                                          afterwards                                                                 WORLD NEWS EDITOR                        FACULTY ADVISOR
    Several significant political events have
                                                          Avoid touching your face, nose, mouth, and open wounds                     Asta Fu                                  Ms. Beth Burrill
occurred to address the global economy’s
                                                          Avoid public gatherings if Swine Flu cases exist in your area.
future. China and the United States have taken
                                                          Wear a respiratory mask                                                    All content expressed by this paper are student views only and may not
steps together to strengthen communication                                                                                           necessarily reflect the views of the administration. *If you have any
                                                          Stay at home if you feel sick
between the two countries and to find                                                                                                questions or comments reguarding this paper, or would like to submit
                                                          Get the H1N1 vaccine                                                       ideas for an article, please email them to
solutions to stabilize the economy.
4 Focus                                                                            Xin Lang Scholar                                                                    December 2, 2009

                                                                                           Spotlighting students
                                                                                                                                                          Lemonade stands were just not enough
                                                                                                                          LILLIAN FITZMAURICE
                                                                                                                          Front Page Editor                  for these teen business owners
                                                                                                                             Now successful entrepreneurs, these exceptional students started dipping their
                                                                                                                         toes into business early and churned out a profit before most of their peers even
                                                                                                                         started driving. Maybe you can follow in their footsteps too!

                                       How to be

                                                             what you do that is important; it is your reflections on
SOYOON BACH                                                  it and what you gained from the experience that makes
Features Editor                                              it unique. Ms. Neale McGoldrick added, “If it doesn’t
    Good grades and unbelievable SAT scores are              matter to you, it doesn’t matter at all.”
definitely helpful when applying to your dream                   To simply have a passion is not enough; you must
college. However, colleges also want to see a student        know what to do with it. Guidance counselor, Dr.               Juliette Brindak (above) was just 10         At the age of 11, Ryan Allis (above)
who shines and is truly unique from others. They want        Theresa Liu placed emphasis on a student’s ability to      years old when she thought of her website,   offered a computer service for $5 an
students who are exceptional.                                “transform an idea into an action a lot of people can      Miss O and Friends, and 16 when she her      hour. Working on his business for
    “What colleges want to see is a passion, or a            benefit from.” Because many students do not have           first book published. Visited by millions    thirteen years, Allis is now the CEO
special talent,” said SMIC guidance counselor, Mr.           the resources, convince SMIC to back your cause by         of young girls, Miss O and Friends offers    of iContact, an e-mail marketing and
Keith Seig. Instead of distributing your energy to           talking to administers and other teachers that could       games, activities for tweens and is now      surveying software. His company is
multiple avenues, concentrate on one or two talents          possibly get involved. The school is always willing to     worth over $15 million.                      reported to turn $25 million this year.
or passions and apply them uniquely for personal             help their students and therefore, you will most likely
advancement and to further self-realization.                 find the greatest assistance from within the SMIC                                             Stanley Tang (left), 16, managed to juggle high
   While impressing colleges is important, you should        community.                                                                                 school and writing a best selling novel. eMillions,
place your personal interests as first priority. Discover        When you come up with an idea that you want to                                         Teng’s book, is a compilation of interviews he had
who you are, what interests you, and what you can            pursue, find teachers, friends, and family to discuss                                      with big-name Internet successes. And for students
do to take your interests to the next level. Always be       ways you could make it become reality. Get them                                            who are interesting in branching into the business
curious; try new things whether it’s life-changing or        involved by distributing responsibilities so that you                                      world while still in high school, Teng advises,
minute. Mr. Patrick Carroll explained that it is not         will have more time to focus on academics.                                                 “Make sure you balance your time properly between

                                                                                                                                                        business and school. Time management is key.”

                                                                                                                        Photos courtesy of and

                              A life’s
                                                             youths, since 2008. After attending the second Rock
                                                             for Roots and Shoots concert, she was inspired to get
                                                                                                                                             elected mayor of Neverland
 Editor-in-Chief                                             involved with R&S activities.                                 City mayors and politicians are getting younger as
                         Planning the Rock for Roots             She collaborated with R&S staff to plan the Rock              more teens are getting involved in politics
                       and Shoots benefit concert            for Roots & Shoots 2009 charity concert. The concerts
                        was no easy task, but Tsu still      originally began in 2007, however experienced a                                                         age. My opponents said I didn’t have
                           managed to juggle school,         hiatus last year.                                           ASTA FU                                     enough life experience to be mayor, that I
                             family, and friends while           Tsu began planning the 2009 concert during the          World News Editor                           was single, and that I didn’t pay property
                             still making time for her       summer. Small helped Tsu assemble the band lineup             City mayor positions are not limited      taxes. ‘I can’t do anything about my age,’
                             environmental duties.           and find a venue, which Tsu described as the most          to middle-aged politicians - the youngest    was my usual response, ‘but here’s what
                                 “It’s easy when you are     challenging aspect of planning the event. “Shanghai        mayor was 11 years old when he was           I plan to do on the issues,’” remarked
                             passionate about it,” said      has so many businesses around competing to stay            elected.                                     Nickels.
                             Tsu, a longtime advocate        afloat that [Yuyintang] donating [their] venue for the        Brian Zimmerman of Crabb, Texas               Nickels took initiative by going
                             for          environmental      night is a super big deal,” she said.                      was elected in 1985 in a last attempt to     door to door to ask voters what they
                              protection.                        The success of the 2009 charity concert has            keep the small city from being annexed by    were most concerned about and utilized
                                  Tsu has been active        brought much attention to Tsu, who admitted that           neighboring Houston.                         those opinions to launch his mayoral
                               in Roots & Shoots, a          planning the concert was “definitely not an easy feat.”       Nor are younger politicians hindered      campaign.
                                non-profit organization      Popular magazine, City Weekend dubbed Tsu a “tree          by the amount spent campaigning. 18-             “My main issue throughout the
                                dedicated to raising         hugging rock teen,” and lifestyle blog, Shanghaiist,       year-old Justin Nickels was elected for      campaign was unemployment and the
                                   environmental             also interviewed Tsu to feature her dedication towards     government position to Manitowoc’s           economy,” stated Nickels on C-SPAN.
                                      awareness       in     this good cause.                                           Second Aldermanic district city council.         By addressing the public’s interest,
                                                                 Tsu plans to continue fundraising for the Million      At 22, Nickels was elected as mayor of       Nickels was able to gain sufficient support
                                                             Tree Project within SMIC in the upcoming months.           his city after spending $70 million in       in the election to defeat his opponent who
                                           Photo courtesy    Similar to last year, she will hand out homemade           campaigning.                                 had been mayor for 16 years.
                                            of Jessica Tsu   “tree cookies” for every tree purchase. She hopes to          Nickels interest in politics began when       Nickels’s job as mayor is full-time but
                                                             continue working with Roots & Shoots in the future,        he was 13 when he volunteered for Al         is also balancing online classes to get his
                                                             and plans to attend the annual spring Inner Mongolia       Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign.           bachelor’s degree in public administration
                                                             tree planting trip in 2010.                                   “The biggest issue I faced was my         at the University of Wisconsin.
          December 2, 2009                                                             Xin Lang Scholar                                                                                   Focus 5

&                      the pressures we face                                                                                                                        Over
                                                                                                                                                                 and under
                                                                                            Take the stress test!                                                motivated
                                                                                                                                                                 BEN LI
                        In the following list of stress indicators,                                 Tally your checks and reference the chart                    Sports Editor

                            check the ones that you possess.                                             below to see if you are stressed:                           These four years are will
         Sleep difficulties                                    Anger or tantrums                        No. checked        Level of stress                       produce a few of the most important
         Loss of appetite                                      Violent or anti-social behavior          1                You are not stressed                    moments of our lives. The decisions
         Weaker concentration and memory retention             Emotional outbursts                      2                You are probably stressed               we make and the lessons we learn,
         Performance dip                                       Drinking alcohol to relax                3                You are almost certainly stressed       both inside and outside of the
         Uncharacteristic errors or missed deadlines           Nervous habits                           4+               You are stressed                        classroom, will shape our lives.
                                                                                                                                                                     As students, we feel the pressures
                                                                                                                                                                 of an increasingly competitive
                                                 Helpful stress remedies

 1                                  2                                3                               4                               5
                                                                                                                                                                 world. We must achieve more
                                                                                                                                                                 than what the academic system
                                                                                                                                                                 requires to be truly exceptional.
                                                                                                                                                                 Equally important, we must learn
                                                                                                                                                                 to be independent adults in the
    Make a to-do list               Soothe your senses              Sports and Exercise                Music therapy                Chew on cherries             world. One of the most crucial
Write a list of all the things     Every couple of hours, take     Exercising and participating    Music is beneficial to your     and snack on whole            lessons to learn is to act upon
you need to get done for the       a moment to stop and enjoy      in sports can release your      health. Certain types of mu-
day, number them according         what’s around you--heighten     stress. You can let out your    sic can help sooth and relax       wheat bread                our own inspiration and dreams
                                                                                                                                  Cherries contain nutrients     to propel us forward. However,
to what you need to get done       your senses. Practice deep      frustrations through activi-    muscles and relieve stress
                                                                                                                                  that help relax the nervous    it is getting harder to find the
first. Tackle each task one at     breathing and meditation for    ties while simultaneously in-   and tension. Studies have
                                                                                                                                  system and release stress.     time we need in our lives to build
a time and check it off your       20 minutes a day.               teracting with friends.         shown that classical music
                                                                                                                                  Whole wheat bread is stocked   fundamental personal perspectives
list. This will help you stay                                                                      can temporarily raise your                                    and philosophies that will develop
focused, feel in control, and                                                                      IQ by 15 points.               with B vitamins which help
                                                                                                                                  sustain the nervous system     the way we view our world.
become less overwhelmed                                                                                                                                              Although the education that
throughout the day.                                                                                                               and fight off stress.
                                                                                                                                                                 we dedicate nearly all of our time
                                                                                                                                                                 to teaches us the practicalities
                                                                                                                                                                 of achieving in the modern
                                                                                                                                                                 world, it does not teach us how
                                                                                                                                                                 to independently pursue our own
                                                                                                                                                                 dreams. Time is limited. Instead

School is overwhelming kids
                                                                                                                                                                 of exploring to find their own
                                                                                                                                                                 definitions of “success” and
                                                                                                                                                                 discovering personal passions,
                                                                                                                                                                 students are spending lengthy times
    Studies show that academics                                                                                                                                  to keep up GPAs and test scores.
                                                                     What is most stressful to SMIC high school students?                                            As a result, a whole new
    are the leading cause of stress                                                                                                                              generation of aimless students
                                                                                                                                                                 is born. These “slackers” are
              for students                                                                                                                                       frustrated by all the responsibilities,
                                                                                                                                                                 end up feeling overstressed or
LILLIAN FITZMAURICE                    ASTA FU                                                                                                                   extraordinarily disinterested in
Front Page Editor                      World News Editor                                                                                                         academia.
    Psychological studies show school to be an increasing                                                                                                            Regardless of these injustices,
cause of stress among students.                                                                                                                                  what these generations of
           The top 5 leading causes of stress, as found in a                                                                                                     conflicted youths have to realize
study of 200 high school students in rural America, were                                                                                                         is that competent academics are
“academic class work, relationships with the opposite                                                                                                            essential in the world today if they
sex, concern about grades, feelings about personal                                                                                                               want to achieve any definition of
appearance, and pressure to succeed and achieve.”                                                                                                                real success in the world. Let’s
    In a more academically competitive environment,                                                                                                              face it – even with extraordinary
58% of the adolescents surveyed listed “school as their                                                                                                          talent, how many people are truly
biggest cause of stress,” 35% of which “experienced                                                                                                              as lucky as the handful of famous
stress frequently” – compared to the 27% of teens                                                                                                                high school entrepreneurs featured
nationwide that felt stress frequently. The conducted by                                                                                                         on the previous page?
The Washington Post, the Kaiser Family Foundation and                                                                                                                Dr. Liu, SMIC head counselor,
Harvard University polled students in Washington D.C.                                                                                                            agrees. “I don’t like the educational
in 2005.                                                                                                                                                         system either. But we’re powerless
    “Honestly I think over extending yourself is a big                                                                                                           right now – we must survive by
difficulty here in our environment,” commented Mr.                                                                                                               playing the system, until we reach
Henry Canfield, SMIC’s athletic director and AP                                                                                                                  a position where we can change
Psychology teacher.                                                                                                                                              something,” she said.
    “We’re trying to change the atmosphere so that people                                                                                                            But she also gives what may be
understand it’s better to have a well-balanced student                                                                                                           the greatest pressure reliever of all:
going to a ‘good fit’ college, as opposed to a neurotic                                                                                                          “You must find your motivation.
going to an Ivy League school,” shared Fran Landau,                A survey of the SMIC high school student body showed that quarter exams are the highest       Find anything and everything that
director of school counseling at Walt Whitman High                cause of stress amongst students, followed by homework and college preparations. Similar to    drives you, and let that pull you
School in Bethesda Maryland.                                                   schools in America, school is the dominant cause of stress at SMIC.               through the storm.”
Feature 6                                                                 Xin Lang Scholar                                                                 December 2, 2009

 Words of
advice from
                                      Former P.I. walks the halls of SMIC

                                                                                           Despite the burden that comes with living
                                                                                       in Shanghai, Rodriguez finds many benefits
                                                                                       from living in this city as well. “I love Muslim
                                      LILLIAN FITZMAURICE

                                                                                       noodles. I always eat from street vendors. You
                                      Front Page Editor

                                          With a major in criminology from Fresno      can survive off of $3 here,” Rodriguez raved.
                                      State University and firsthand law experience    The cafeteria food, however, is a different
                                      as a former private investigator under his       story. Rodriguez disclosed that he finds
                                      belt, Mr. Enrique Rodriguez would seem           alternatives to eating in the SMIC cafeteria.
                                      to be the teacher to watch out for. But don’t        Aside from a dislike for the cafeteria food,
                                      worry because Rodriguez revealed, “the stuff I   Rodriguez enjoys many other aspects of SMIC,
                                      want to do is anti-terrorism and international   including sharing a love for sports with the
                                      crime, not so much petty theft.”                 students. This health and fitness enthusiast
                                          Rodriguez was interested in joining the      is even helping with the SMIC sports
                                      police force when he decided he wanted to        program. He is currently helping coach the
                                      travel abroad. Having heard of SMIC through      Varsity and JV boys basketball teams. Aside
                                      his graduate program, he saw coming to           from his involvement in sports, Rodriguez is
Dear SMIC students,

                                      Shanghai as the perfect career and traveling     also teaching Spanish I, English Enhancement
                                      opportunity.                                     classes, and the Treasure program to the
    I am writing to share with you

                                          “Teaching is one of the career paths I’m     Chinese track. All in all, Rodriguez is quickly
my experience of how to cope

                                      interested in,” Rodriguez shared.                molding into the SMIC setting.
with all the joys of your final

                                          Only having been in Shanghai for a few           “I’m really happy that I’m here. Everyone’s
years in high school – namely,

                                      months, Rodriguez has been adjusting well        been very helpful. It helps me with the fact
SATs, college applications, and

                                      to the congested urban setting. Culture          that I’m alone for the very first time in a new

                                      shock? Not a problem. He credits the SMIC        country. The students are very welcoming Enrique Rodriguez poses in the halls of SMIC
    Despite the academic nature

                                      community with easing the burden of being        and warm,” Rodriguez noted, “It feels like a wearing his typical private investigator attire.
of college applications and SATs,

                                      in a foreign country.                            giant family.”
academia is not everything.
As much as learning calculus
and grammatical structure is
important, I’ve found that there
is even more to be gained from
taking time for yourself – a
hobby, exploration, a connection       Productive
                                                         ways to procrastinate
to the outside would. You live in
Shanghai, which is a veritable
mecca of experiences you                                                                                                             A short story by Hazel Chum
will never get in America or                                                                                                         Julian’s life was screwed up. In his opinion, at
anywhere else.                                                                                                                   least. He had just gotten a D in Chemistry, and his
    Not     to    mention      that                                                                                              friends shunned him because he had recently been too
memorizing words for SATs                                                                                                        moody to talk to them. He pulled at his hair. What
doesn’t help as much as you                                                                                                      happened? How did his life unravel so quickly? A
may think – you’d be better off                                                                                                  nasally little voice then whispered into his ear, “it’s
reading novels and other books                                                                                                   just because of your bad luck. Don’t worry.”
to familiarize yourself with word                                                                                                    Julian’s hair stood on end. “Who’s there?”
structure and roots. Recognizing                                                                                                     The voice didn’t reply. He could’ve sworn he had
that the word “obfuscate”                                                                                                        just heard a voice, though. Julian shrugged. It must
shares a root with “obscure”                                                                                                     have been just a figment of his imagination. But then
will probably do you a lot more                                                                                                  again, these things never were.
favors that memorizing that it                                                                                                       “Did you really think that I was just a figment of
is a transitive verb meaning to                                                                                                  your imagination? Are you really that thick?”
make something unclear.                                                                                                              Now he was really freaked out. The voice
    And now comes the                                                                                                            continued, “I am simply Logic. And you really do not
qualification. It must be                                                                                                        want to see my true appearance. Anyway, I’m here to
recognized that there are no                                                                                                     fix your life up. So be thankful!”
hard and fast rules for anything,                                                                                                    Julian still felt uneasy. “If this is a trick…”
even if you are given hard and                                                                                                       “This is not a trick. And if you don’t want my
fast rules to follow. Everyone                                                                                                   help…I can just leave.”
is different. Just because these                                                                                                     “Fine! What do I need to do to get my life back
methods worked for me does not                                                                                                   in order?”
necessarily mean that they will                                                                                                      “All you have to do is fill your bathtub with hot
be ideal for you.                                                                                                                chocolate, sing a lullaby to your shower head while
    Lastly,      and       mostly                                                                                                soaking in it, and then tell your crush that you love
importantly, remember your                                                                                                       her.”
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy                                                                                                     Julian cracked a smile. “Game’s over. I know
and DON’T PANIC. WEREN’T                                                                                                         you’re just kidding. I’ve got to write my essay now,
YOU LISTENING? I SAID                                                                                                            so just leave me alone, alright?”
DON’T PANIC!!                                                                                                                        “In 10 seconds, your mother will come in here and
    I was asked to give you                                                                                                      tell you to clean up your room.”
an update on my occurrences                                                                                                          Julian counted. In 10 seconds, his mother came in
since high school, but I find it                                                                                                 and told him to do just that.
unequivocally boring to talk                                                                                                         “Alright. Let’s say I believe you. But I can’t fill a
about myself so I will simply say                                                                                                bathtub with hot chocolate!”
that I am applying to vet school                                                                                                     “You just gotta find a way.”
this year. Wish me luck!                                                                                                             One week later, Julian had completed all the tasks
                                                                                                                                 the voice had set out for him. His crush hadn’t even
         From,                                                                                                                   rejected him!
                                                                                                                                     He took a Chemistry test one week after that. He
                 Mandy Cha                                                                                                       passed with an A-. He shrugged. He smiled. Perhaps
                   Class of ‘06                          Cartoons created by Soyoon Bach and illustrated by Kevin Huang          Logic had really come to help him that day.
December 2, 2009                                                                  Xin Lang Scholar                                                                                         Feature 7

      Sharkey in
 SMIC’s mascot suited up for some true winter
              sports in Shanghai
                                                         The 100,800 square meter
 AMY ZHOU                                            “snow room” features one large
 Editor-in-Chief                                     hill split into three tiers for skiers
    This month, Sharkey was spotted on the           with varying levels of expertise.
slopes of Yinqixing Indoor Skiing Site. The          Beginners will find the first tier
slopes are a good mountain substitute for            most suitable for their skill level,
any winter athletes craving a good ride, but         and instructors are available free
the real fun comes in watching friends and           of charge for first-time skiers. The
strangers ride clumsily down the artificial          second and third tiers increase
snow.                                                in both steepness and height,
                                                                             a        more
                                                                             run.      The
                                                                             highest point                                                                                          All photos by Ms. Burill
                                                                             on the third Sharkey the pro-skier poses on top of the the highest point of the slope before racing down.
                                                                             tier is as high as a 14 equipment, waterproof jackets, pants, and                  Sharkey highly recommends Yinqixing
                                                                             floor building.           gloves are also included in the rental.              Indoor Skiing Site to those with an
                                                                                 Yinqinxing provides      An escalator takes skiers up to the top adventurous attitude and a good sense of
                                                                             both ski and snowboard of the first slope, although the policy to take humor. Even though you might not leave
                                                                             rentals. Toddlers and off your skis before getting on is sometimes Yinqixing an Olympic skier, you can take
                                                                             children too young to a hassle. A pulley system takes more comfort in the fact that there’s probably
                                                                             ski can rent small sleds, experienced riders up to the steeper slopes.         somebody worse than you.
                                                                             making         Yinqinxing    Weekday rates begin at RMB 98 for one                 Take Metro Line 1 to XinZhuang (辛
                                                                             family-friendly. There hour, RMB 138 for two hours, and RMB 198 庄) and take a ten minute taxi to Yinqixing
                                                                             are also seasonal snow for a day pass. Weekend rates begin at RMB Indoor Skiing Site (上海银七星室内滑雪
                                                                             playgrounds for kids.     118 for one hour, RMB 158 for two hours, 场), 1835 Qixing Road (七莘路).
Sharkey is excited to ride the escalator up to the top of the first slope.       Aside from the and RMB 218 for a day pass.

  Who says books are always better
        than the internet?
            Studies show that surfing the web can be more                                                 A poll of the high school student body shows how much
              stimulating to the brain than reading books                                                 time SMIC students spend online, and how they spent it

                                                             Photos courtesy of
    Shaded areas indicate parts of the brain that are stimulated during reading (left) and
    during internet surfing (right).
                                                     Internet experiences were able to stimulate
   LILLIAN FITZMAURICE                               neural circuitry that was not stimulated
   Front Page Editor                                 during reading, while the others with no                       The bar graph (above) shows the current average hours SMIC students
     A recent study taken at the Semel Institute     experience did not show the same results.                                              spend on the internet
   for Neuroscience and Human Behavior                 UCLA professor Gary Small says that those
   at UCLA shows that surfing the Internet           who are inexperienced with the Internet right
   actually stimulates the brain more than           now could probably benefit later on.
   reading a book does.                                 Despite these benefits, the study does raise
       But that does not mean you can ignore         some red flags.
   your parents the next time they tell you to             Gary Kennedy, director of geriatric
   get off the computer and pick up a book.          psychiatry at Montefiore Medical center
   The research study was taken with a group         in New York, noted, “As with physical
   of volunteers whose ages ranged from 55           exercise, what kind and how much cognitive
   to 76, meaning this research only applies to      stimulation is going to be right without doing
   older generations.                                injury?
      The study showed that searching the web           Internet use could prove to be a problem if
   triggers the area of the brain that deals with    it is used excessively raising the main issues
   decision-making and complex reasoning.            of whether or not it is truly more beneficial
   Signs of an increase in brain function            than reading.
   occurred seven days after the experiment             As for students who are curious as to whe-
   began, where each day the participants            ther or not the same is true for their age
   were given one hour to surf the web.              group, the same study focused on a younger
      But there’s a catch. Those with previous       generation is expected to occur.                              The pie graph (above) shows how SMIC students use their time online.
Sports 8                                                                       Xin Lang Scholar                                                                            December 2, 2009

Alone in the                            5 Years of Athletic Excellence
    SMIC swim team
                                                                                                                        BEN LI
                                                                                                                        Sports Editor

                                                                                                                            SMIC basketball history 101:
     pays to exist                                                                                                       Sharks and Lady Sharks - ‘05 to now
                                                                                                                            The start of this years basketball season marks the fifth year of the
HELEN ZHANG                                                                                                             SMIC Sharks’ membership in the Shanghai International School Athletic
News Editor                                                                                                             Conference, otherwise known as SISAC.
    Since early September, a group                                                                                          The first four Sharks varsity basketball teams joined SISAC in the year
of students have been pushing to                                                                                        of ’05 – ’06. The Sharks started off as a ragtag team hastily put together
form an official swim team. Due                                                                                         to compete with experienced high school players from international
to issues with securing usage of the                                                                                    school across Shanghai – now, at their fifth year in SISAC, the Sharks
pool from the Living Quarters, this                                                                                     have fought their way up to become a formidable basketball team.
group of students won’t be getting                                                                                          “They are the single team that has accomplished the most with the
any time in the pool unless they                                                                                        least,” said Brian Bates, a Sharks basketball coach since the start of
pay a fee of 30 RMB per day.                                                                                            SISAC.
    As a result, team members have                                                                                          Since the beginning, the SMIC Sharks had to cope with poor training
created an autonomous swim team                                                                                         facilities and competing against older, bigger, and more experienced
after being denied official status as                                                                                   opponents.Through the years, however, the fledgling Sharks seemed to
a swim team for the second year                                                                                         have overcome these obstacles, growing as a team alongside the school
in a row. The team roster consists                                                                                      they represented.
of more than 20 elementary and                                                                                              Gradually, the Sharks moved forward – in the second basketball
middle/high school students, with                                                                                       season of ’06 – ’07, the boys’ team was “the best in the East,” or the
multiple private swim coaches.                                                                                          best team among Pudong international schools, placing well in SISAC
    “This team is made up of people                                                                                     tournaments. The girls’ team also showed improvement winning their
who really like to swim,” explained                                                                                     first SISAC game.
Betty Dong, mother of Allen and                                                                                             After 2 years of hard work, and losing some major players who had
Chalsea Chen. “The school has                                                                                           graduated, both the Sharks and the Lady Sharks pulled through and won third
not allowed us to have a swim                                                                                           place in the SISAC tournament of the ’07 – ’08 basketball season.
team yet since we can’t provide                                                                                             Unfornuately, the boys’ team performed poorly at the SISAC
facilities for all [the] students and                                                                                   tournament after a great season in ‘08 - ‘09, due to extensive player
because there are no coaches.”                                                  All photos by the Athletic Department   injruies. The girls’ team continued to play at their best and secured a
    Since the swim team is not          Sherri Lin leaps for a 2-point lay-up against Dulwich during season of ‘08.     third place trophy.
recognized by the school, students
don’t get any sports credits for         A look at this year’s basketball season
membership. The swim team is
also financially independent from           Now in the midst of the ’09 – ’10 basketball season, the Sharks’
the school, which means that            boys’ basketball team are determined to take back the trophy, fueled
swimmers pay out of their own           by their frustration from not being able to perform at their best at last
pockets to access a nearby club         year’s tournament. Led by basketball captain Jay Chen’s experience,
with a heated pool. “Many of            Iwen Lam’s natural athleticism, and a team full of promising new varsity
the kids also have private swim         players, the Sharks have a great season ahead of them.
teachers,” Dong explained further.          The Lady Sharks’ year also looks promising with the skill and
    The team’s last competition         experience of returning varsity veterans such as captain Stella Su, and
was in late October. The SMIC           players Jephanie Chen and Sherri Lin.
swim team won one silver medal,             Unfortunately, the Sharks’ and Lady Sharks’ have both consecutively
and three bronze medals in a total      lost two matches since the start of the season. Nevertheless, both teams
of 24 events. The team also placed      remain confident of their abilities.
fourth in four other events. The            “We’ve got a team full of really great players,” said Justin Tzeng, a
next competition is scheduled at        basketball player on the Sharks basketball team. “After we get used to
the beginning of February at SAS.       playing with each other and on the court, heads are going to roll.”             The varsity teams celebrate their first ever bronze trophies in the season of ‘07.

                                                                               Division I players teach MS teams how to win
                                                                                                                        them secure a 6-0 season record.            to become a unified team with
                                                                                PAUL CHOI                                  “I am so proud of my team,               impressive handling skills.
                                                                                Guest Writer                            we won all of the matches against               The middle school girls’ soccer
                                                                                   Due to the absence of an             other schools,” said Ian Jang, who          team played a commendable record
                                                                               experienced middle school soccer         played the forward position.                of two wins and two losses.
                                                                               coach, high school varsity soccer           The girls’ middle school soccer              Coach Janai commented, “even
                                                                               players Samuel Koyama, Chris             team also worked hard in the past           though they didn’t have a lot of
                                                                               Chuang, and Sung Moon,                   two months. Coach Janai Wallace             practice time, they worked hard
                                                                               collaborated with Mr. Seth Urion         led the team with the assistance            while they were out there, and by
                                                                               to coach the middle school boys’         of high school players, Isabelle            the end of the short season they had
                                                                               soccer team.                             Pelaschier, Winnie Zhang, Olivia            really improved.”
                                                                                   The boys MS soccer team              Szymanski, and Julia Shih.                      Unfortunately, the boys and
                                                                               showed commitment, perseverance             Although the girls’ middle               girls could not compete in the
                                                                               and diligence in both CISSA games        school soccer team had only                 CISSA tournament this year due to
                                                                               and during practice. Even when           four official games, they showed            various scheduling conflicts.
                                                                               facing opponents with physical           remarkable improvement during                   Nevertheless, the 2009 CISSA
                                                                               advantages, the boys maintained          the season. The team progressed             soccer season was a tremendous
                                                    Photo by Janai Wallance    composure on the field. The team’s       from having a relatively feeble             success for the boys’ and girls’
Emily Lukas chases the ball past her opponents to head for the goal.           hard work and natural talent helped      defense and unaggressive offense            middle school soccer teams.

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