Unqualified Resignation vs. REFRAD

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					REFRAD vs Unqualified Resignation Request 1. Don’t confuse the terms: "Active Duty" and "Regular Army". Two completely different things. 2. Both Regular Army (RA) officers and Reserve Commission (RC/USAR) officers serve on active duty. In fact, prior to the RA integration last November (MILPER Message 05-236) most of the Army was USAR. At the Academy graduates were they are RA. 3. Any officer that is Regular Army (RA) MUST...REPEAT...MUST submit an Unqualified Resignation. He/she cannot submit a Release From Active Duty (REFRAD) request. 4. REFRADs are for USAR/RC officers only. They are released from active duty back into the IRR (or a unit of their choice). A USAR officer that has completed 8 years of service (after date of appointment as an officer) may request either a REFRAD or a Resignation - His/her choice. 5. A sample REFRAD is in the updated (12 April 2006) AR 600-8-24, Figure 2-1 (See attached sample memo for minimum info required). 6. A sample of Unqualified Resignation is in AR 600-8-24, Figure 3-1 (See attached sample memo for minimum info required). **NOTE: Please ensure all officers submit the proper documentation formats so we don’t waste anybody’s time returning actions for corrections. Component Information is available in the component block of officer's ORB (RA, USAR).

Description: Outlines the difference between an Army Unqualified Resignation and a REFRAD packet.