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					                    Volkswagen Touran


1,Factory car sound effect diagram

2,Use a special tool to loosen the console panel at the right ed

ge gap

3,Loosen the console panel at the bottom edge gap
4,Loosen the console panel at the bottom

5,Use special tool loosen the panel at the left edge gap
6,Use special tool loosen the panel at the right edge gap agai


7,All the corners are loosened, then prize up the panel
8,Factory effect after taking away console panel

9,Remove the screws at the left side first
10,Following, remove the screws at the right side

11,There is another screw
12,All the screws have been removed, take out of the factory


13,Remove the factory cables from the console panel
14,After removing the factory cables

15,Factory effect after taking away the unit
16,Connect the factory cables to the FLYAUDIO’S cables

17,Here is the antenna interface
18,Use FLYAUDIO special antenna interface to factory interface

19,Connect the CDC interface
20,Put all the cables well into the housing after cable connectio

n finished

21,GPS antenna lay at the back edge of the dashboard
22,After FLYAUDIO cables full connection

23,Fit the FLYAUDIO head unit and have a test
24,Turn on the head unit and enter into CDC function interface

25,All the functions have been tested, there is OK, fix-up the h

ead unit by screws
26,Fix up the head unit

27,Fit the console panel after all the screw have been fixed
28,Make the panel back to factory effect

29,Run GPS navigation software
30,In-car sound effect after fitting FLYAUDIO’S head unit

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