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Checklist for Screening Residential Tenants This is a checklist of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to rent to a prospective residential tenant

Form 26.6

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Income     Able to pay full amount of security deposit and first month’s rent Monthly income of at least three or four times the monthly rent Guarantor or co-signer of lease (if necessary) Verifiable income

Employment   Name, address, and phone number of employer Stable employment or other income for the past 24 months

Credit History    Satisfactory credit history Provided credit references Provided bank information

Rental History      Stable prior rental history Positive reference from current and prior landlord No violations of a previous lease or rental agreement No prior evictions No complaints or police reports in connection with any property previously rented

Other Factors      Filled out and signed Rental Application All necessary information verified On time for appointment Brought necessary 
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