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Notice of Necessary Repairs or Maintenance This is a form of a letter that can used to notify a residential tenant of repairs or maintenance that is the tenant’s responsibility under the terms of a lease or rental agreement.

Form 26.17

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NOTICE OF NECESSARY REPAIRS OR MAINTENANCE [On Landlord’s or Property Manager’s Letterhead] [Date] [Tenant] [Street Address] [Apt. No.] [City], [State] [Zip Code] Re: Notice of Necessary Repairs or Maintenance

Dear [Tenant]: During a recent inspection of your rental unit located at [address], the following conditions were noted. Under the terms of your rental agreement, these require your immediate attention: [Describe problems and remedial action necessary] Please make the necessary [repairs][maintenance] immediately. Let me know as soon as they are corrected. You can reach me at the above address, by calling (____) ____-_____, of by email at [email address]. Failure to correct this problem could result in damages, liability, or eviction proceedings. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Very truly yours,

___________________________________ [Name] [Title]

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