; Employment Termination Letter
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Employment Termination Letter

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This is a sample employment termination letter

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Employment Termination Letter This is a form of letter confirming termination of employment. It reminds the employee of the employee’s obligations regarding confidentiality of company information and demands back the return of all company property.

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Employment Termination Letter [COMPANY NAME] [COMPANY ADDRESS] [Date]

[Employee Name] [Employee Address]

Re: Termination of Employment

Dear [First Name]: As we discussed today, your employment with [Company Name] (the “Company) terminates effective immediately. We are delivering or have already delivered to you your final paycheck, which includes all unpaid wages and vacation you earned through today. You will receive information regarding your COBRA rights to continue your medical insurance coverage in a separate letter that will be mailed to your home. If you have not already returned all of the company’s property (including but not limited to, its laptops, PDAs, cell phones, credit cards, printers, documents, files and any other written or electronic company information), you are expected to return that property to me as soon as possible. You are hereby reminded that you continue to be subject to the Company’s policies and agreements regarding confidentiality of Company information and intellectual property. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


[Name] [Title]


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