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Jury Duty Policy This is a form of company policy regarding jury duty. It can be included as part of an Employee Handbook or as an independent personnel policy.

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Jury Duty Policy It is the Company’s policy to be supportive of employees who are called for jury duty. Employees are encouraged to serve on jury duty and fulfill their court related civic obligations. In the event an employee receives a notice to report for jury duty, the employee’s supervisor should be notified promptly so that arrangements can be made to have the employee’s responsibilities covered until the employee can return to work. While an employee serves as a juror, the Company will pay for the employee’s salary for up to 10 working days. Time spent on jury duty will be counted as regular work time for all purposes except overtime. In the event the employee is dismissed early from jury duty and there is a reasonable period of time left in the day, the employee should report back to work or charge that time to their available vacation time. Employees may retain any reimbursement issued by the court for jury duty. Employees may use this policy for the court’s consideration of financial hardship, in the even that more than 10 days of jury duty will be required.

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