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Employee Travel and Entertainment Policy This is a sample form of a company policy regarding travel and entertainment expenses incurred by employees in connection with company business. It can be used as part of an Employee Handbook or as a separate policy.

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Employee Travel and Entertainment Policy

The Company will incur, or reimburse travel and entertainment expenses that are reasonable and necessary, are for a business purpose of the Company, and are documented in conformity with applicable laws, sound business practice, and this Policy. This Policy applies to all employees.

Permitted Expenses Generally Individuals conducting official Company business or incurring travel or entertainment costs at Company expense are expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses as a prudent person would in spending personal funds. If an employee has any doubts about the appropriateness of an anticipated travel or entertainment expense, the employee should consult with his or her supervisor in advance of incurring the expense. Any expenses found to be personal must be promptly repaid if initially paid from Company funds.

Specific Types of Expenses Air Travel: Employees should generally select the least costly direct air route, considering advance purchase rates and airline discounts. At the traveler’s discretion, other potential savings opportunities may be considered. For example, sometimes the savings of a Saturday night stay outweighs the incremental costs of hotel room and meals. Hotels: Employees should use discretion and book rooms at reasonably priced hotels. Automobile: Travelers will not be reimbursed for specialty rental vehicles (e.g., luxury, sports utility, convertible, etc.). If personal vehicles are used, the Company reimburses actual mileage incurred at the standard IRS mileage rate, which is adjusted periodically. Reimbursement for gas will not be appropriate when requesting reimbursement for mileage. Employees using personal automobiles to travel on official Company business must maintain adequate liability insurance for their protection and for the protection of any passengers. In addition, employees should comply with all traffic laws and use good judgment. An employee involved in an accident while driving on Company business must report the accident immediately to the local police department and to the Company’s head of Human Resources. If a rental car was involved, the rental company should also be notified immediately. Company policy prohibits employees from operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Meals and Entertainment: Reasonable meal costs necessary for Company business will be reimbursed. Claims must be itemized and include actual receipts for any expenditure exceeding $35. Entertainment may be claimed if it is for the purpose of advancing a business relationship, is within the bounds of good taste, moderation, and legal requirement, and the cost is within


reasonable limits and does not include excessive or inappropriate entertainment. Again, please use good judgment. Family: The Company will not pay or reimburse business travel or entertainment expenses for family members who accompany employees
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Description: This is a sample form of a company policy regarding travel and entertainment expenses incurred by employees in connection with company business.
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