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Employee Sick Leave Policy This is a sample policy setting terms for employee sick leave. This form can be used as a stand-alone policy or part of an Employee Handbook.

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Employee Sick Leave Policy

The Company has established a paid sick leave policy for full-time employees. Eligibility All regular full-time employees are eligible for five days’ sick leave per full calendar year worked. Temporary and part-time employees are ineligible to earn or receive sick leave benefits. Use 1. Employees may take sick leave for personal illness or disability. Additionally, employees may use up to half of their sick leave accrual to attend to the illness of a child, parent, domestic partner or spouse. 2. Hours that employees are absent for medical and dental appointments will be treated as sick leave. 3. Employees may accumulate sick leave up to a total of 15 days. 4. The Company retains the right to request a verification from a licensed medical practitioner for any absence due to illness or disability, and may withhold sick pay if the employee does not provide satisfactory verification for the illness or disability. Pay in Lieu of Sick Leave No employee will receive pay in lieu of sick leave under any circumstances and employees will not receive pay for unused sick leave on termination of employment. Abuse Abuse of the Company’s sick leave policy is dishonesty and may lead to termination of employment.


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