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Demand to Guarantor for Payment (Form 20.4) This is a notice to a guarantor of an obligation, stating that the debtor is in default under the obligation, and that payment is now being demanded from the guarantor.

Form 20.4

Demand to Guarantor for Payment

[Letterhead] [Date]

Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested and Via Fax


Demand for Payment

Dear _____________: This is to notify you that [Name of Debtor] is currently in default under its obligations to [ Name of Company ] in the amount of $ as of _______________, 19___. In accordance with the terms and conditions of your Guaranty dated ______________, 19___, you are responsible in full for all obligations of [Debtor]. Demand is hereby made for payment in full of said amount, which payment must be received by us by a cashier’s check by _____________, 19___ at the following address :

In the event we do not receive full payment from you by the required date, we will proceed to commence legal proceedings against you under your Guaranty and will additionally assess you legal fees and costs for such legal proceedings, as provided to us by the Guaranty. If you have any questions, call the undersigned immediately at ( ) __________. Very truly yours,

Form 20.4

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