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Form 2-2 Sample Executive Summary for Business Plan A sample business plan executive summary for a software company

Form 17.2

Executive Summary Catchy Software, Inc. (the “Company”) is a Silicon Valley based start-up company dedicated to developing a suite of software products that will be useful to small businesses, entrepreneurs and business professionals. The Company has already developed Small Biz-Advisor™, a Windows-based software product that provides advice to start-up businesses in connection with organization, marketing and financing. The Company was formed in 2002 and currently has 10 employees. The Company’s management team consists of experienced marketing, software development, and finance personnel who have worked together in the past. The Company’s founder and CEO was the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Multimedia Software, Inc., and has over 15 years experience in the software industry. The Company’s development team consists of experienced programmers and software designers who have worked at Microsoft, Intuit, and Intel. In its first full year of operations, the Company reached $750,000 of sales. The Company projects that sales will grow to $7,000,000 a year within the next three years, with a gross profit margin of 42%. The Company’s products are high quality, user friendly and innovative. The Company intends to become a leading software provider to small businesses, by expanding and adding to its product line. The market for software to small businesses is estimated at $35 billion per year. While the market includes some large competitors (such as Intuit, Inc. and Microsoft), the Company believes that it can compete effectively because of its high quality development team, extensive contacts with distribution partners and innovative product ideas. The Company is seeking $2 million of equity capital to expand its development and marketing efforts. This capital should enable the Company to finish development on three additional related software products and add key distribution capability. The Company’s goal is to grow quickly, in anticipation of an initial public opening. ****

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