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Sample Short Form Business Plan - DOC

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This is a sample short form business plan (only a few pages) designed to be a quick overview of the company and its market and products. This particular plan is for a consumer products company. This form can be used to introduce the company to prospective investors, bank lenders or employees to be followed up as appropriate with a fuller Business Plan. See also the Executive Summary for a Business Plan (software company).

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Form Number: Title: Description: Form 2-4 Sample Short Form Business Plan A sample condensed business plan for a consumer product company

Form 17.1

Sample Short Form Business Plan

Picture Perfect, Inc.
900 Remington Road Philadelphia, PA Phone: (215) 976-4000 Fax: (215) 976-4001 E-mail: mpeterson@aol.com WebSite: www.ppi.com Business Description: Picture Perfect, Inc. (the “Company”) was founded by an experienced management team to develop and market new types of consumer products in the picture frame, photography products and photo album markets. The Company has applied for patents on several of its new innovative products. Industry and Market Description: The picture frame, photography products and photo album markets have annual sales in excess of $15 billion, expected to grow to $20 billion by 2006. The picture frame industry is dominated by three large players (Burnes, Fetco and Carr) and smaller niche players (Malden, Advent). Photo albums are made and distributed by many of the same companies. Large retail chains as well as specialty boutique stores are the primary purchasers of picture frame and photo albums. The photography products industry consists of numerous companies large and small (Kodak, Fuji, Arrelle). The Company, however, will be focussing on photography products for general consumer orientation (as opposed to professional photographers). The Company plans to develop and market comprehensive innovative product lines to intelligently compete in all three areas, with the goal of obtaining significant and profitable market share. Company History: The Company was formed in August 2003 by four individuals with significant experience and contacts in the various relevant industries. Since that time, the Company has (1) designed four new picture frame products, (2) designed two new photo album products, (3) lined up several distributors, (4) made product demonstrations to Macy’s, Nordstroms, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, and other major retailers, and (5) implemented manufacturing contracts. The Company’s Products: The Company’s products are intended to be innovative and interesting. The Company has designed a new series of frames, the DateFrame™ picture frames, which incorporate a feature that displays the date when the picture was t
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