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Are you currently using any of these
traditional forms of marketing?
               Also known as: The shotgun Approach to marketing

      •   Direct mail               •   Expensive
      •   Coupons                   •   3%-5% Read Rate
      •   Local Paper               •   2% Response Rate
      •   Clipper                   •   98% of Direct Mail
      •   TV/Radio                      Goes in Garbage
      •   Billboards

     How much are you spending every month?
            Do you know your ROI?

Inexpensive but Ineffective
  • Blocked by spam filters
  • low read rate
  • Low Response Rates
  • Unable to instill sense of urgency
Text messaging is a proven form
Communication now used for Marketing

      250 BILLION text message are sent each month.

   For every phone call being made there are 8 text
   messages sent.                                            Take Advantage of a
                                                                       service that
      86% of Americans own a mobile phone.                              every one
                                                               of your customers
      94% of all text messages are read immediately          already has on their
      Most consumers keep their mobile with them all day.

    Mobile marketing is the only medium that offers
   instant access to your customers
Text Marketing has many advantages:

 • Enables you to use a laser beam instead of a
   shotgun approach
 • Connect directly with your own customers
 • Increase response rates to as high as 40%
 • Get your existing customers coming back twice as
 • Attract NEW customers for a fraction of the cost.
Text Marketing is already being used in a
  variety of ways by Large Corporations
  and Retailers

  Text-Message Marketing
  Published: September 24, 2009

  Last fall, ARMANI held a series of sales at its flagship Manhattan store open only
  to its text-message clientele — with every promotion resulting in lines out the
  door and near-record receipts.
Any business NOT using some form of mobile
marketing in the next year risks losing ground
on their competition!

                                                   Smart marketers know they need to incorporate mobile marketing
                                                    tactics, including text message campaigns and specially designed
                                                                 mobile Web sites into their marketing mix.

             "For a long time people have used the 'buy 10 times and get a sandwich free,'
        and nobody does that anymore...They want it on a cell phone, and they want it instantly.”
Rapide Response is simple.
o We provide a complete and feature rich mobile marketing solution.\
o With multiple ways to enroll your customers
o You receive signs to make it easy for your customers to enroll...

     Custom Cards have your unique design,    Semi Custom cards have your
          Logo, Pictures and Keyword          Company name and Keyword
...Or quickly increase enrollment with
contests and giveaways!

    ●In House Text and Win

    ●Enroll hundreds of people
    •at an event!

    ●Enhance your current ads
    •with text to win campaigns

Web enrollment form enables your customers to
        opt in right from your website

                          tryitnow to 41513
Sending a campaign is as easy as 1, 2, 3!!
1. Log in
                 Connect DIRECTLY with your customers
2. Type          Whenever you want, wherever they are!
3. Send          Drive traffic to your store the same day!

 “Hi from the ABC Grill. Take a break from work, bring 3 friends from work between 12 and 2 today and your
 lunch is free!”

 “Visit the Unique Boutique today. Half price on all Shoes today if you show this coupon between 1pm and

 “Mary's Salon had some cancellations today. Call now for 20% off if you can come in by 3pm”.
                                                                                                             Isn't that easy?
The Rapid Response Back office is Feature Rich
                                Set it and forget it with your scheduler

 Schedule all of your offers in advance, or set specific offers for holidays or events that are important to your business.
American Idol style voting and Surveys

        Wine Tasting, Karaoke night, Favorite Dish, Dance contests, Favorite player or Team!
We provide FREE Multiple keywords

      Rapid Response will help you Breathe New
           Life Into Traditional Advertising

                                          Track the effectiveness of
                                     multiple advertising campaigns.
                              By using unique keywords for each ad,
                                you get real information in real time.

   Customers can enroll without having to be at your
                  place of business.

                   Isn't that Powerful?
Get New customers with the Popular Rapid
Response Cross Promotion Program
Partner with other businesses and access
NEW Customers

The time is now!
Rapid Response provides you with a Full
    Suite of Mobile Marketing tools

  • Custom or Semi custom opt-in
                                      ●   Get NEW customers by
    by text signs
                                          Cross Promoting
  • Multiple enrollments with Text
    and win                           ●   Simple as 1, 2, 3 to send
  • Web enrollment form                   your messages
  • Scheduler/Calendar
  • American Idol Style voting and
    surveys                          Would your business
  • Twitter and Facebook
                                      benefit from using
  • Free Unlimited Multiple
    Keywords                          Rapid Response?
  Out side of the money, is there any
  reason you would NOT want to use
Rapid Response in your business Today?
Example: Send Your Offer to 200 Enrolled Members Twice per
Month for only $49
                   7% - 40% respond = 14 to 80 NEW sales each time
                                  you send a campaign

                   Your Plan Increases Only When Your ROI Justifies it.
                                          PACKAGE 1
            1 - 200 Enrolled Members                   $49 / Month 400 Messages

                                          PACKAGE 2
            201 - 400 Enrolled Members                 $99 / Month 800 Messages

                                          PACKAGE 3
            401 - 600 Enrolled Members                $149 / Month 1200 Messages

                                          PACKAGE 4
            601 - 1000 Enrolled Members               $249 / Month 2000 Messages

                            Additional Message Packages
                       Add $49 for each group of 200 Members
Standard Business Starter Pack
                   You Will Receive...

  Semi custom opt-in by text signs

  Text to win enrollments

  Web enrollment form


  American Idol Style voting and surveys

  Twitter and Facebook

  Free Unlimited Multiple Keywords

  Simple as 1,2,3 to send your campaign

  Printing and Delivery of 250 Call to

  Action Signs
        $495 One time Charge
    Custom                       Cross-Promo Starter Pack

      Standard Business
         Starter Pack
   Access to Monthly Cross
Increase your customer base by
  sending 1 advertisement per
   month to members of local
   non-competing businesses

    $595 One-Time Charge