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					The Sticky Wall

A novel and functional facilitation tool
- The Sticky Wall allows the convenient
display and repositioning of participant
cards for workshops.
Made of durable lightweight nylon it is long
lasting and easily transportable. It is available
in two sizes:
• Regular (145cm x 300cm)
• Mini (58cm x 74cm - minimum size)
                                                                New Mini Size
and in a choice of colours:                                     (58cm x 74cm)
Burgundy, Royal Blue and Purple.
Both sizes are available in Facilitation packs.

The Regular size Facilitation Pack contains:        Please note, prior to using you will need to spray the wall well with
                                                    “repositionable spray adhesive”. The wall can be used a number of
•   Regular Sticky Wall**
                                                    times before respraying is required and can be dry cleaned when
•   Scented Marker pens                             necessary.
•   Set of Symbol Cards for cardstorming
•   Quantity of blank cards for cardstorming
•   Tape/Velcro dots/Blu-Tack                            Repositionable Spray Adhesive (as illustrated above)
                                                         Due to regulations regarding the Carriage of Dangerous Goods
The Mini size Facilitation Pack contains:                we are unable to send the adhesive by post or courier.
•   Mini Sticky Wall                                     The adhesive is readily available from leading stationery and
•   Scented Marker pens                                  artist supply stores.

•   Small pad of paper
•   Blu-Tack and Velcro dots

**Note: The Regular size Sticky Wall can also be
purchased separately.
           Fax your order to +61 2 4226 4042 or email

                                                                                                             When completed this form becomes a Tax Invoice for your records.
Order Form/Tax Invoice                                                                                                                     ABN 61 050 535 923 (Australia)
The Sticky Wall

  Name                                                                                                                               Date of order



  Mailing Address


                                                                                       Post Code                                                     Fax


                                                                                                                                          Within              Outside
                                                                                                                                         Australia            Australia
                                                                                              Colour                   Number              Cost                 Cost
                          Item                                                              preference                 ordered          (incl. GST)           (ex. GST)                Total

  Regular Size Facilitation Kit                                                                                                          A$145.00             A$131.82

  Mini Size Facilitation Kit                                                                                                              A$65.00               A$59.10

  Regular Size Sticky Wall only                                                                                                           A$95.00               A$86.37

                                                                                                                                                              Total Cost

                                                                                                                                 Add: #Postage & handling

                                                                                                                                                               TOTAL $

Delivery Options:
Add $12.00 per kit for Express Post delivery within Australia.

  □ Electronic Funds Transfer (Twyfords, BSB 012 878, Account No. 9004 91714, ANZ Bank, Swift Code ANZBAU3M)

  □ Cheque for $                                                             enclosed made payable to Twyfords (ABN 61 050 535 923)

  □ Credit Card Please debit my:                             □ Mastercard                 □ Visa            □ AMEX (5% surcharge applies to AMEX)

  Card Number:                                              Expiry Date:               Cardholders Name:                                      Signature:

Terms and Conditions
• Full payment is required before we can send you the goods.
• If you are not completely happy with the goods, you may return the package within 14 days for a full refund.
• Your choice of colour for the Sticky Wall may not always be available. You will be contacted to discuss this.
• 5% surcharge applies to AMEX.

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