Occupational Health _ Safety Policy by jizhen1947


									CW Form 503
Field Work Hazard Identification and Control checklist
To be completed and retained on site for the duration of a job and attached to any supplementary forms
(where required).


Completed by:                                                                        Date:


       HAZARD                              CONTROLS (tick as appropriate)                        INITIAL
                                                                                                 & DATE

1. Power Lines in Work             Establish height of power line
   Area (SOP 086)                  Establish reach of equipment
                                  If any plant operating within 3m – 6.4m then:
                                   A responsible person must be nominated as ‘spotter’
   Electrical Safety                (only duty)
   (Network Asset)                If any plant operating within 2m then:
   Regulations 1999
                                   A permit is to be obtained from the relevant Electrical
                                   A responsible person must be nominated as ‘spotter’
   Framework for                    (only duty)
   undertaking work near
                                   Spotter qualification / currency checked
   overhead and
   underground assets
                                  Name of Spotter:

2. Underground                    Call 1100 Before You Dig or use local service locator
   Services (SOP 086)
                                   Prove depth of service before using a machine below
   (tick those which apply)         immediate sealed road surface
                                   Use shovels to expose cables /pipe work
   Electrical Safety
   (Network Asset)                 Only use machines more than 700 mm from exposed
   Regulations 1999                 cables / pipes
                                  (Note: Depth and Locations may vary from records)
�� Underground
  Electrical Cables
�� Gas Mains /
  Petroleum Pipelines

�� Traffic Signal &
  Telstra Cables,
  Sewers & Tanks
3. Mobile Plant                Daily pre-start checklist completed
                               Competent & qualified operator
  OHS (Plant) Regulations
  1965                         Hard hats and reflective vests worn by workers in
   Code of Practice - Plant
4. Work at Height
   (potential to fall over     Proximity to fall hazard (over 2 metres)?         Yes / No
   2 m) (SOP 106)
                               Erection of suitable barricade?        Yes / No
   OHS (Prevention of          Use of harness with appropriate anchorage?          Yes / No
   Falls)                           If yes, detail emergency & first aid plan (see Form 046)
   Regulations 2003            If no, stop work and contact Manager Business Risk and

5. Repair or replacement       Notification to WorkSafe before commencing planned
   of asbestos cement           works (Form 034)
   pipe (SOP 079)              Complete control plan and record of removal (Form 032)
   OHS (Asbestos)              Control plan retained at depot for at least 12 months
   Regulations 2003

                               Work must comply with the Shafts and Tunnels Code of
6. Excavation Work -           A mine manager or trench supervisor nominated
   more than 1.5 m in            Name:
                              Notice of Intention to be sent to WorkSafe Victoria at least 3
   Mines Act 1958             days prior to commencing trenching works (Form 035)
                               Sides of excavation supported with approved systems or
   Code of Practice –           sides battered
   Safety Precautions in
   Trenching Operations        No person shall work in the excavation without another
                                person on the surface
                               Excavation to be made safe with barriers, para webbing,
                                steel plates etc.
                               Flashing lights for night protection
7. Confined Space Entry
                              Only trained & competent persons used as entry person or
   (SOP 057 / 058)
                               standby person
   OHS (Confined Spaces)      Follow Confined Space Entry SOP 057 (or SOP 058 if
   Regulations 1996            appropriate)
                              CSE permit to be completed & retained at depot for at
   Code of Practice – Safe     least 1 month (Form 036 or 36a).
   Work in Confined
8. Manual Handling
                              Repetitive or sustained application of force?
   (SOP 105)
                              Repetitive or sustained awkward posture?
   OHS (Manual                Repetitive or sustained movement?
   Handling) Regulations
   1999                       Application of high force?
                              Exposure to sustained vibration?
   Code of Practice –
   Manual Handling            Handling live animals?
                              Handling loads that are unstable, unbalanced or difficult
                               to move?
                             Control measures:

                             If any of the above are noted, and control measures are not
                             adequate, a risk assessment in accordance with SOP 105 is
                             required – refer to Manager Business Risk and Compliance
                             for advice.
9. Outdoor Work
   (October – March)          UVR hazard – comply with SOP 102; adopt UVR
   (SOP 102)                   protection measures
                              Able to program work outside hours of 11am – 3 pm?
   OHS Act 2004 s 21             Yes / No
                             If no, ensure appropriate PPE and sunscreen is worn.
10. Terrain /
                              Slips, trips & falls
                                Livestock
                              Access, fences, etc
                              Noise
11. Public Safety
                              Public safety measures adopted - during works
   OHS Act 2004 sections
   2, 4 & 23                  Public safety measures adopted - on completion of works
12. Heat / burns           Consider
                            Extreme temperatures
                            Potential for burns from flame torch, welding, etc

13. Use of Chemicals
   (including Dangerous
                            Lowest risk chemical for task
   Goods) (SOP 107)
                            Ensure familiarity with MSDS, risk assessment and
  OHS (Hazardous             ensure appropriate risk controls for use are adopted
  Substances)               Appropriate storage on site
  Regulations 1999,
  Dangerous Goods           Appropriate spill control
  (Storage and Handling)    Appropriate PPE worn and other control measure adopted
  Regulations 2003

14. Biological Hazards
                            Wastewater (refer SOP 096 for specific controls)
   (SOPs 096 & 097)
                            Vaccinations current (refer SOP 097)? If no, inform
  OHS Act s 21               supervisor ASAP
                            Safeguards against contamination of drinking water

15. Use of powered /
                            Trained and competent operator
   hand tools
                            Guards in place
  OHS Act s 21              Electrical leads tagged and within test date (6 months)
                            Inspected prior to use
                            Electrical leads protected from mechanical, water or heat

17. Work on electrical,
                            Suitably qualified person
   pneumatic and / or       Apply isolation procedures in SOP 063
   hydraulic systems        Comply with any Work Permit requirement

18. Asbestos (general)
                            Refer to SOP 090 for process and specific control
  OHS (Asbestos)
  Regulations 2003          Documentation forwarded to Manager Business Risk and
                             Compliance for filing (File: O/010/200)
19. Training and
                       A works instruction applies to all or part of this job? If
                        yes, list work instructions:
  OHS Act 2004 s 21

                       Works instructions available
                       Staff are trained and competent to undertake works
                        associated with this job
                       Staff under training? If yes, list:

20. Lone worker
                       If working alone, detail emergency arrangements
OHS Act 2004 s 21

21. Risk Assessment
                       For complex tasks not adequately controlled by this
                        checklist, a task specific risk assessment has been
                        completed and is attached.

22. Other (specify)

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