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                                      August 4, 5 and 6, 2009

                                             Apply Now


                        Please complete the Application on the next two pages
                        or contact
                                 For information, call 202-449-9775.
                                  To make hotel reservations contact
                                     THE SHORES RESORT & SPA
                                         2637 South Atlantic Avenue
                                      Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118
                                  Phone: (386) 322.7242 Fax: (386) 767.0180
Make sure to mention Community Action Partnership to get the group rate. Room reservation rates
at $99 plus $15 spa fee are available only until July 6, 2009. After that, rates will be determined by
the hotel. There is no cost for the training session. Applicants may be eligible for reimbursement of
up $500 for transportation costs related to the training.

Qualified Award/Pathways to Excellence peer-expert reviewers examine agency self-studies
completed under the Partnership’s Pathways to Excellence initiative. This initiative follows the
principles of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award used worldwide to improve the efficiency and
effectiveness of public and private organizations. The Partnership has adapted the Baldrige
techniques to assist CAAs to achieve organizational excellence, including:

                                (1) Thirty-four Standards of Excellence
                              representing best-in-class CAA practices;

                       (2) A rigorous and diagnostic self-study methodology
                                      based on the Standards;

                           (3) A peer-expert review and feedback process
                 identifying each CAA’s strengths and key areas for improvement.

To ensure success of this effort, the Partnership needs to maintain a pool of qualified CAA system
experts who are willing to participate and share their knowledge during the Pathways self-study
technical reviews, and for on-site verification reviews that are part of the Award process.

Participants must have a minimum of five years management experience and complete an Award
Reviewer application form. CAA staff below the Executive Director level must be recommended by
their Executive Director. Participants must agree to complete pre-work prior to the session, including
a Standards of Excellence review exercise and a CAA Case Study scoring exercise.

Travel expenses of up to $500 will be available to those completing the training session. You must
agree to complete the pre-work and remain for the entire training session to qualify for this
reimbursement. The session space is limited so register early.

                               Deadline to register is July 17, 2009.
 Award for Excellence/Pathways to Excellence in Community Action
            Peer-Expert Reviewer Training Application
The Partnership periodically announces and offers this 2.5-day training session to develop a cadre of
reviewers for the Award and Pathways Initiatives. Reviewers successfully completing the training become
eligible to be part of peer-review teams who review and score CAA self-studies submitted by agencies
enrolled under the Award for Excellence or Pathways to Excellence initiatives. Participating on Peer-Review
Teams is voluntary.

Part 1: Reviewer Information                              Date of
I am applying for Peer Reviewer in DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA – AUGUST 4-6, 2009

Name:                                               Email Address:


Employer Address:

Work Phone:                                         Work Fax:

My Minimum 5 Years of Management Experience is as follows:

Previous Peer Reviewer Experience:

Have you previously attended Award/Pathways reviewer training?                        Yes___ No___
Have you previously participated as part of a peer review team?                       Yes___ No___
Have you previously reviewed for another Quality/Excellence Program?                  Yes___ No___

If yes to any above, please list what and when:

Part 2: Reviewer Qualifications
All new reviewers: Please succinctly list in bullet points your qualifying CAA experience, education, and
skills that will contribute to being a successful peer-expert reviewer. Returning reviewers may provide any
new or changed information.

Work History and Experience/Education/Professional Affiliations:

Part 3: Statement of Interest
Please provide a brief personal statement describing why you would like to serve as reviewer
Part 4: Review Skills
Please rate from 1 to 10 your level of knowledge or skill in the following areas:
(10 = Expert Level and 1 = Very Limited or No Experience)

    _____ Leadership
                                                                   _____ Quality/continuous Improvement
    _____ Strategic Planning
                                                                   _____ Written skills
    _____ Customer Focus
                                                                   _____ Leadership skills
    _____ Measurement and Analysis
                                                                   _____ Interpersonal skills
    _____ Performance Management
                                                                   _____ Education or training skills
    _____ Organizational Human Resource Focus                      _____ Financial Systems
    _____ Organizational Process Management
    _____ Organizational Results

Other Skill/Knowledge/Expertise
List any specific skills/expertise that might assist the Award/Pathways process or CAA in its excellence


Applicant Signature___________________________________ Date_______________

Agency Executive Director/CEO Name _________________________________

Approval Signature __________________________________ Date_______________
(Executive Director/CEO approval required for CAA agency staff)

            Please carefully review your application. Answer all questions.
                              Send your completed application via email or fax to:
                 or 202-265-5048
We will notify you of the status of your application within 36 hrs. If you have not received emailed confirmation
within this timeframe, please inquire about the receipt/status of your application.

              For questions, Contact Lawrence E. Koziarz, Director of Training – 202-449-9775

Note: After confirmation and acceptance of your application, you will receive a pre-work package not less
than one week before the training. This work consists of reading a CAA Case Study and a review of the
Standards of Excellence, plus completing practice exercises prior to attending the training. Please plan your
flight schedule to attend the entire training. Those not attending the entire training can not be certified or
deemed eligible for the travel reimbursement.
              Thank you for applying to serve as an Excellence Reviewer

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