You were not born with money

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					You were not born with money
  Here is a simple question; not a trick question. Were we born with money/legal tender ($), or were we
born naked and broke? Of course we were not born with $, but it is a large part of our daily life, isn't it?
Where did this concept that “people need ($)”, come from? Consider reading the book Babylonian Woe
(available free online), and you will not only know where the concept came from, but also why it is part of
our consciousness now.

   Would you be interested to know that the party (Government) that registered the event of
your birth does in fact acknowledge that you were born naked and broke? This is unlike the
birth/registration of corporations, which are founded of and on ($). Do you think there can be
an argument regarding that fact? Why then would that party give you a Birth Certificate (BC),
allow, and in some cases compel you to contract in the legal name on it? Why would they
knowingly do this, and at the same time knowing that, which you do not know, which is; that you
were born naked and broke and have no way to perform the impossible; the payment of ($). It
matters not what money ($) is defined as because whatever it is, we were not born with it.

   So why are we wanting and paying ($)? It is simply because the concept of ($) and the
necessity of it, is imbedded in our consciousness. Once one knows this for a fact (awareness),
does one continue to perform the impossible, avoiding the obvious, or does one simply state the
truth? I was not born with ($) so why are you asking me for some?

   Regardless of what others may say the fact is, the truth is that we were not born with ($) and
no law regarding anything to do with money applies to the “one that knows and acts on the
truth.” One simple truth destroys the grip of the money masters over your freedom. How can
you possibly be free when you use another’s (Goldsmiths) gold/money/property/interest?

   The countries were petitioned into bankruptcy long ago. Upon such condition, the assets of
the bankrupt are seized. That would be every asset in CANADA, U.S., etc., being seized into
the present day Goldsmiths vault. That is why we have to contract in commerce using the legal
name of the Birth Certificate (BC). Through our use of the BC, all assets of CANADA, etc., are
effectively seized / pledged as a security under the bankruptcy. The truth is that the assets are
neither the property of CANADA, etc., nor the Goldsmiths.

   If you have not heard of the Goldsmith story, the Goldsmith is the present day banker. One
would take their gold to the goldsmith for safekeeping, and in exchange, the depositor received
a receipt acknowledging their deposit of THEIR property (gold), and the value of it. The receipt
today is our BC. It is perpetual. Every time we buy through the legal name, it is as though we
deposited that asset (value) into the Goldsmiths vault with our BC being the proof of claim to the

   The BC is our claim token, but, then, unknowingly, we go and get some of that banks money
(income, loans) and use it to buy the asset already in the vault, thereby making those assets the
bankers because we used the banks money/property to acquire property. There lies the issue
that is resolved by knowing and acting on the truth. We were not born with ($) and the Law
knows it, the Registrar of births knows it, and the Legislature knows it. The problems begin to
arise when we ignore the truth and go forth to get ($) so that we can perform the payment
aspect of contracts, rather than point out the truth that the Law, the Registrar, and the
Legislature knows which is we are not obligated to perform the payment aspect on contracts.
We volunteer because any other way is foreign to your consciousness, but now is the time to
WAKE UP to the truth.
   Thus, to be free of the control of the Money Masters, the debts associated with such entities,
and of government control, exercised on behalf of the banker. We must cease our belief in ($).
Further, we must cease in the act of “paying”, for reasons that are obvious. We were not born
with ($).

   Section 127 of the Criminal Code of Canada says, “The only order of a court that may be
disobeyed is an order to pay money”. Think about why that is. To simply refuse to honor
such an order by saying, “this section says I can disobey the order”, won't change the court
order, but, if we add in the truth, “that we were not born with ($)”, then the order cannot be
enforced, thus is disobeyed.............The truth that “we are not born with ($),” is a lawful excuse.
The truth that we use the BC out of “private necessity,” is a lawful excuse.

  It matters not what your mind is telling you or what others tell you, with regards to ($), or what
you must do to get it and so on and so on. You, as they, were not born with it, and do not have
any, period. Everyone is focusing their attention everywhere but on the simple truth. We were
born naked and broke and do not have ($).

  Everyone wants ($). We all want more and more and more ($). That ($) is the property of the
Goldsmith, and our use of it is what ensnares us into bondage. How do we buy our way out of
bondage by paying debt with debt? We cannot. The truth lies in doing the math, because the
numbers do not lie. Money ($) is debt. We are in bondage/debt for using another’s ($), and
cannot pay thee debt with that others’ property ($), therefore, non participation is the only

   Corporations are founded on ($). There is no other way. Their life begins with ($), and ends
for a lack of it. Money laws pertain to corporations and not to people. The only reason that we
people become bound on the “monopoly game,” and can’t seem to get off, is because we evade
the truth; we were not born with ($). Corporations cannot make that claim because they were
born with/of ($), hence why the law does not care if a corporation has not enough to pay. One
way or another, the law will get its dues from the corporation and from you, if you keep acting
like a corporation. Bankruptcy allows for recovery, so that the corporation can continue to live
and play monopoly, so to speak. We cannot be Sovereign while indebted to the bank, which we
are if we use its money/property, no matter how we get it.

   “They” will say that “you” have to gain employment to get money. Oh really! Show me the
law that says, “One shall contract for employment to sell one’s mental and physical capacity,
(asset/energy), at a net loss so that one can perform the payment aspect on any contract.”
Doing so actually creates a debt/burden on the entire economy, and so to pay an obligation with
debt is an oxymoron. Show me the law that says, “One shall contract with a “for profit bank”
that benefits the bank (monopoly), so that one has a place to deposit the pay cheque, and from
where one can draw to make payments.”

    We know the Government allows/compels us to contract in the legal name appearing on the
BC of which we are the recipients, thus we contract in the legal name out of “private necessity”,
involuntarily. The Government also knows we do not have the money to pay. It registers LIVE
birth events and knows that, unlike a corporation (dead birth event); the living was not founded
on money. We the living, have no money, and cannot be forced to contract to get any. But we
may volunteer, as we have been doing, not knowing any better.

 - You cannot buy and sell, using another’s money/property, and claim to be free.

 - If you do not pay because, in truth, you cannot, then who does?
  - Whose vaults are the assets in CANADA, etc. already in? (Per the aforementioned seizure
  under bankruptcy)

  - Who holds the claim to the assets conveyed into the vault, under the legal name appearing
  on the BC/token?

     So, for the one holding the BC bearing a legal name, it is like this. At the instant you
acquire something in the legal name appearing on your BC, it is like you delivered said asset to
the Goldsmiths vault, at which time he gives you a receipt equal in value to the asset deposited,
and as per the Goldsmith story, that is what is circulated as ($). So the bank pays for value
received into its vault through a legal name it recognizes. That only works provided you did not
pay for the asset with the banker’s ($) before it got to the vault. If you did pay with the banker’s
($), you purchased an asset with the banks ($)/property/asset, then the asset is the banks. If
you do not pay with the banks money, the bank pays for value received into the vault just as the
Goldsmith issued receipts that eventually circulated as ($), and the asset is yours because you
hold the claim token/BC.

   The truth of the matter is the assets do not belong to the bank or the Government. They
belong to the producers (the people), but because the people use the banks money, we are
indebted to the bank. So the solution to the entire problem is to get to the truth; I was not born
with ($). You have this legal name that you are authorized by Government to contract in, and it
knows you were not born with the means to pay, thus does not expect you to pay. You would
love to do so using your own name of your head, but you are barred in doing so, due to an Act
of Legislation. Therefore you use this BC of necessity, meaning not voluntarily, and if not
voluntarily, there can be no attachment of obligations by any party.
  Now we should have a better idea why BC's in British Columbia say "Receipt Number Xxxxx, for
Treasury use only". It may be the claim for the ($) to pay for the asset received into the vault. But if we
keep paying and avoiding the truth, we'll keep paying, or running and hiding, or protecting our asses and
assets, all of which keeps us in bondage, keeps us from dealing in truth, and keeps us from Sovereignty.
No paper work is required for the one big truth… you are not born with ($), thus cannot pay it. Short term
gain for longer term pain, or loss of freedom and we’ve forgotten what that is.

Every time we pay, we are testifying of our belief in money.

                                                                 Love to all…….

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