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									                                       Curriculum Vitae

Name: Michael Davenport, Esquire
Work Address: 1010 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N. Houston, TX 77043
Office Telephone Number: 713.718.5832
Institutional Email Address: michael.davenport@hccs.edu

J.D. Jurisprudence, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston, Texas 1984
B.A. Alcorn State University, Lorman, Mississippi
Houston Community College Distance Education Certification

Teaching Experience
Houston Community College, Houston, Texas                                2001 - Present
Adjunct Instructor
    Instructed Business Law, Business Management, Small Business Development, Co-op,
      Wage and Hour, Human Relations, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.
      Taught hybrid courses utilizing the Blackboard Internet platform. Developed and
      implemented course studies with real world application.

Lonestar College, Houston, Texas                                      2010 - 2011
Adjunct Instructor
    Instructed Business Law courses. Taught internet based Business Law course utilizing
      the Angel Internet platform. Developed and implemented course studies with real world

Hargest Business School, Houston, Texas                                   1989 - 1990
Adjunct Instructor
• Instructed paralegal study courses in criminal law, family law and contracts.
• Developed and implemented course syllabuses that enabled students to gain a real-
   world understanding of the legal system.

Professional Experience:
Davenport Law Offices, Houston, Texas                                       1994 - Present
Founder / Owner
• Manage litigation practices in criminal, family, probate, military and business law.
   Represented clients in major felony offenses, such as capital murder, domestic violence and
   drug offenses; in family matters for divorce, child support and custody cases; in probate
   matters including wills, estates and guardianships; in military law matters for general court
   martial, special court martial and administrative discharge; and in business law for such
   matters as acquisitions, contracts and incorporations for profit and non-profit organizations.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Houston, Texas                       2011 - Present
Business Advisor
    Provide business consultative services to established small business owners
      [“Scholars”] who are selected to participate in the initiative. Guide Scholars in assessing
      the effectiveness and efficiency of their current business operations – people, finances,
      processes, procedures and policies – and guide Scholars in refining their business
      plans, and in developing and implementing targeted business growth plans.
United States Navy, Judge Advocate General's Corps                            1984 – 2003
Commander (Retired)

Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio; Fort Worth-Dallas-Corpus Christi, Texas        1989 - 2003
Executive Officer
• Managed and participated in legal matters involving classified information.
• Responded to Freedom of Information requests directed to the U.S. Armed Forces.
• Reviewed criminal case records for errors and initiated corrective measures on
• Determined and resolved monetary claims for and against the government; collected
   largest single case claim recovery.
• Supervised a legal assistance program providing services to more than 700 clients.

Active Duty, Memphis, Tennessee; Corpus Christi, Texas                        1984 - 1988
Senior Attorney
• Prosecuted service members for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice;
   cases involved offenses such as attempted murder, rape, domestic violence, theft,
   drugs and unauthorized absences.
• Provided legal assistance to clients in matters concerning landlord and tenant,
   consumer contracts, debts, child support, divorce, tort, criminal liability and probate.
• Negotiated and settled wrongful death, personal injury and property damage claims
   brought against the United States Navy.

Office of the Attorney General, State Of Texas, Houston, Texas                  1989 - 1994
Assistant Attorney General
• Litigated cases to establish, enforce and collect child support obligations in suits
    affecting parent-child relationships, paternity suits, intervention in divorce actions,
    registration of foreign decrees, contempt motions, custody, visitation and

Professional Licenses
Texas State Bar
United States Supreme Court
United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
United States District Court, Southern District of Texas
United States District Court, Western District of Tennessee

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