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					                            Homestead Happenings
                               …where learning is the reward…

                               3E’s News and Notes
Mrs. Egeland February ‘10
Math                                                        Science
The children are really enjoying the hands-
on learning sequence with geometry!
Hopefully, they have shared with you how
straws and garbage twist ties have turned
into triangles, quadrangles, decagons,
dodecagons, and right, acute, and obtuse
angles. Okay, the children also attempted
to create a 672 sided polygon called a
“hexahectaheptacontakaidigon” as they
raced for the Guinness Book of World
                                                            Our third quarter unit in science is
Records 2010. It was not the quietest math
                                                            measurement. Measurement is one of the
class on record but definitely inspiring as
                                                            cornerstones of science as our everyday
the children’s enthusiasm grew to a fever
                                                            lives compel us to compare nature—the
pitch. Phew!!!
                                                            unknown—to a standard unit—the known.
                                                            When children are able to make such
In Unit 7 we will return to multiplication
                                                            comparisons, their organization of the
and division. During the first half of the
                                                            world becomes more comprehensive.
year, we worked with arrays, number
stories, fact triangles, and games. In this
                                                            The Foss Measurement Module consists of
unit, we will extend our knowledge to
                                                            four investigations, each designed to
products whose factors are multiples of 10,
                                                            emphasize a particular type of metric
100, and 1,000. We will also include
                                                            measurement—length, mass, temperature,
practice on the use of parentheses in
                                                            and volume.
number models.
                                                            Targeted goals for this unit include:
Multiplication and division basic fact
                                                                  understanding the necessity for
practice could take place during any                               standard units of measurement,
conversational moment you have with your                          developing an understanding and
child. Greater fact power will equal greater                       intuitive feel for the metric system,
math success!! Practice at home is                                acquiring the vocabulary associated
ABSOLUTLEY essential!!.                                            with metric measurement,
                                                                  exercising language and math skills in
Please Note:                                                       the context of metric measurement, and
Over the next several weeks, the third grade team will be
focusing on several concepts that may seem out of the             applying appropriate measuring skills
typical Everyday math sequence. This is being done in              in everyday situations.
order for your child to have greater familiarity with and
exposure to math concepts such as fractions, volume, and
probability which will be on the ISAT test in March.
Language Arts                                 Reading *
                                                    Come; Let us go a-roaming!
                                                   The world is all our own,
                                                   And half its paths are still untrod,
                                                   And half its joys unknown.
Third quarter Tic-Tac-Toe activities have     Theme 5 offers this amazing promise to our
arrived. Please continue to check over your   children: there are still a multitude of
child’s work each week and initial each       discoveries and joys left to unearth during
activity as it is completed.                  their own lifetimes on this planet. Big
                                              ideas to ponder as we head off on a variety
The targeted goal with spelling homework      of Voyages.
is to have YOUR CHILD assume
responsibility for completing one piece of    As you work with your child in the
the board each night so HE/SHE has            anthology each week, identify the main
involvement with and exposure to the          characters and the motivations which set
spelling concept several times throughout     them off from the relative safety and
the week.                                     tranquility of their day-to-day lives on
                                              dangerous quests or cross-continental
Grammar                                       travels. *Theme 4 testing will be completed
Third quarter is all about the pronoun…       2/05/10.
The goal? That you child will become a
pronoun pro. Here’s the game plan:

   1. What is a pronoun? What job does
      it do? What can it do for me?
   2. Know that some pronouns work as
      subject pronouns and others work
      as object or predicate pronouns.
   3. Understand that “I” is used as a
      subject pronoun and “me” as an
      object pronoun. (Very tricky...)        Writing
   4. Identify singular, plural, and          We will work on extending the narrative
      possessive pronouns.                    model of essay writing this quarter by
   5. Get an “E” in language.                 focusing on expository writing.
                                              Expository writing is meant to inform,
           GO GRAMMAR!                        explain, clarify or define so that the reader
We model tested skills each day in daily      learns something new.
language practice. Weekly testing of core
skills should indicate if your child has a    The quarter will begin by focusing once
fundamental grasp of third grade concepts.    again on building stronger paragraphs,
                                              more interesting introductions or bold
Complete sentences, subjects and              beginnings, and the correct way to
predicates, nouns and proper nouns, verbs     construct a conclusion.
and helping verbs, and verb tense
agreement will continue to be reinforced.
We have launched these ideas with a piece      Social Studies
entitled, “3 Favorite Things” where
students get to elaborate on what they
know best: themselves.

Our second formal “explaining” piece will
be to inform an audience about the proper
etiquette involved in eating an Oreo cookie.

Yum! At times, food is a great
inspirational learning tool. Do not be
alarmed when you hear of the “unhealthy”
eating being temporarily allowed in our
classroom. It is all for a good cause…         Our third quarter social studies unit will
                                               have children looking at the very first
The quarter will culminate in a writing        Illinoisans and how they survived in our
assessment which will require your child to    tall-grass prairie state. We will also look at
write a five paragraph expository essay        the land regions of Illinois and how Native
independently. The essay will require          American cultures adapted to the
your child to have thought about what it       environment in which they lived. These
takes to be a good friend. They will need      native tribes remained undisturbed until the
to support their ideas about what makes a      early 1600’s when the first Europeans
“BFF”*with specific explanations and           traveled up the Mississippi and introduced
examples.(*BFF= Best friend forever.)          a new way of life which would have long-
                                               term consequences for native populations.
Having ongoing discussions with your
child about the responsibilities involved      We will then jump ahead to discuss Illinois
and the caring hearts which are required to    statehood in 1818 and revisit some ideas of
sustain strong friendships may prove to be     local and state government.
beneficial for this upcoming challenge.
                                               In addition, Mrs. Archer will help us work
                                               on map and globe skills in the LRC and
                                               identify the seven continents.

America’s favorite
Teacher Notes and Reminders

    ISAT testing will take place
        3-2-10 through 3-12-10

Thank you for your patience during my
recent medical leave. All you good wishes
and kind words of encouragement were
greatly appreciated.

I am still moving a little slowly and have
not yet been released for heavy lifting, but
all medical reports point to a complete and
full recovery.

If your child wishes to send Valentine
greetings, a current class list will be sent
home in Friday folders.

Mrs. Egeland                                   Homestead Happenings   Vol. 4
2010 Class List – Mrs. Egeland
1. Stacey Alexakos
2. Emily Alexander
3. Manny Ambriz
4. Santiago Arriaga
5. Preston Beth
6. Charlie Caruso
7. Sydney Crismon (will mail)
8. Julia Dillman
9. Aidan Dusek
10. Connor Fahs
11. Caroline Kadziolka
12. Halla Kerdjoudj
13. Abrahim Khan
14. Justin Kimbell
15. Lucie Kupres
16. Alexis McCauley
17. Diana Morales
18. Brenna Murphy
19. Rebecca Peterson
20. Morgan Piper
21. Antonio Ruiz
22. Tommy Silva
23. Jaimin Vaidya
24. Collin Witzke
25. Jacqueline Wollschlaeger

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