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NEiA Curriculum Committee
October 1, 2009

Present: Bob Khederian (Chair), Art Cohen, Lisa DiOrio, Sejal Patel, Rick Smith, Donna
Stepien, Tom Yuill, Jason Wiener.
Also Present: Laurie White (CPD)
Absent: Emily Belanger, Siham Doughman, David Lieb

   1. Minutes from 8-6-09 approved, with request that future minutes format always
      have CC internal proposal numbers displayed first and with their own lines.

   2. Welcome to Lisa DiOrio.

   3. SP is the new Assistant Chair of the CC.

   4. CC reviewed CPD proposals presented by Laurie White and Dean Jane Souza for
      new electives in Protools Certification, to be made available to both matriculated
      and CPD students:
          a. #407 - PT100 - pending new proposal with name, department, and grading
          b. #408 - PT200– pending new proposal with name, department, and grading
      Dean Souza confirmed these courses will offer knowledge to prepare participants
      to take the test, not offer certification, and that NEiA will not offer cross-
      registration with other schools for these classes. CC asked that course names not
      include software names, and be run through a specific department. Laurie W will
      talk to Rob Lehman about running the course through AMT. Dean Souza will
      speak to other regionally accredited Ai schools for how they name such elective
      offerings. CPD students will not be able to take only part of the course: if
      enrolled, they are expected to attend all 14 weeks. Laurie W will revise grading
      on proposal to not include the certification test itself.

   5. Game Programming Proposals:
      a. #404 - LD completed Game Programming grid - done.
      b. #398 - GP360 has changed name from Introduction to Flash Animation to Flash
      Animation for Game Programmers- done.
      c. #405 - GP498 Game Programming Internship needs updated syllabus (currently
      for IMD class) - pending.

   6. Review Proposals
         a. #362 - ID___ Theory and Criticism – pending. AC to email DL.
         b. Digital Filmmaking and Video – withdrawn. AC to submit new proposal.
         c. #378 - Graphic Design grid changes – pending. DS will consult with
            Graphic Design department by 11/12.

   7. CC website: JW will follow up with SP for her notes on creating a grid for NEiA,
      including a grid template in Word, and with SD for Registrar requirements for
      creating a grid, including notes on prerequisites and equivalencies.
NEiA Curriculum Committee
October 1, 2009

   8. Regarding spreadsheet of missing, approved courses: waiting for SD to confirm
      remaining proposals. CC noted importance of having registrar at every CC

   9. DS will have Lysa Johnson delete the old PtCC Form from the faculty “Z://” drive
      so that there will be no publicly available old copies. DS will also get revised
      PtCC form to JW with IMD changed to WDIM.

   10. Remaining meetings, 10:00am-11:30am in the Library Conference Room
       (possible fifth, if needed):
       12-3-09 (when Kathleen Evans of Fashion and Retail Management has asked to
       be top of the agenda)

   11. New Business: LD proposed internal CC policy for departments to get two
       meetings of time to respond to requests for further information revised proposals
       before they are dropped from the agenda. Policy to be motivation for department
       CC representatives, not enforced on department heads.

CC Website:
Username and password: neiacc

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