Environmental technology by Sumangalck


									During this century, technology has its top place since people always try to seek for better
technology support for their lives. Technology has been used to make the life of people
become simpler and easier. Time, money and efforts have been devoted to invent new
and higher level of technology. This technology enables people to do lots of outstanding
achievement such as flying to the moon and discovering new star on the sky. However,
there are two different opinions about technology. One side says that technology is the
best tool to create simpler and easier lives while another side says that technology is
harmful for the environment. In fact, those two different opinions are just to be true.
Technology can be helpful but harmful at the other side.

As an answer of these two different opinions, there is a huge need of green technology or
environmental technology. Green technology here means technology which is able to
conserve natural environment and resources. Green technology makes people's lives
simpler and easier without providing harmful effect to the people and their surrounding
environment. Green technology helps to reduce the effect of prior technology that has
made the environment damaged or destructed. This technology repairs the damaged part
of nature. Green technology also helps people to maintain and preserve the environment
such as purifying water needed in rural areas. Moreover, green technology is also
meaningful to absorb the chemical toxic in the air which results in better air for people.

Knowing the facts that green technology is very helpful for people's life, individuals and
companies have sought many ways to use this technology wisely. The problem about
energy which is limited has always become the problem of every person in every year.
Therefore, people now think that green technology
[http://www.letmegreen.com/category/green-office] will help people reducing the
consumption of energy itself so that they can be economical on energy consumption.
Most companies seek for this kind of technology in order to minimize the budget spent
for technology and also to provide better working environment for the workers. This will
help the company a lot to be sustainable in this global financial crisis. That is why the
companies and individuals try to find best application that can reduce the energy
consumption. The use of green technology is believed as the best and only way to
overcome energy crisis lately. It is also provides simpler application. Now, it is your own
choice whether you want to take the complex and difficult technology or green
technology which is proven to be less energy consumption.
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