; Richard vs Saladin
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Richard vs Saladin


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									12th century - 3rd crusade Holy Warriors - Saladin vs Richard the Lion-heart divided by religion - brought together in holy war - fight for Jeresulum Saladin attacks Jeresulum - Christians panic - hair cut off 1st crusade - christians slaughtered everyone in Jeresulum - Islam wanted revenge everything we think of west and east was reversed Prince Richard of England - family powerful crusaders Jesus lived in Jaresulum so it was focus of thought Saladin - Polo playing officer born in Tikret was Kurd Christians move towards middle east - they can't respond cause of internal conflict destined to be leader - current leader overrated he spent 16 years attacking muslim neighbors brought Arabia and Syria under control - only jeresulum left near death experience - got ill - liberate jeresulum - god rewards - called for jihad Europeans fighting each other too - good time for Saladin to act too had piece of cross Jesus was killed on - always won with it Franks in Jeresulum - went out to fight Saladin - got trapped destroyed most soldiers - got cross - kept for ransom Saladin reached jeresulum purified jeresulum with rose water - allowed christians to live wanted to show arabs were superior in battle and with faith Richard heard what happened - Pope issued decree prepared to sell london to aid Jeresulum Saladin counsel unsure - know got into stalemate - plan to starve christians - franks Richard got there - developed fever - wanted to meet Saladin Saladin declined to meet him - thought him to persuasive Saladin sent him a gift - fruit basket - Richard to well and attacked Akar Richard dominates Muslims forced to surrender Akar without Saladins total permission Richard had prisoners - trade for cross at Akar Richard earned title Lion-heart - kept prisoners prisoners waited for Saladins response - never came Richard wanted to take Jeresulum - prisoners extra - had them slaughtered - 4000 Cross taken to treasury in Damascus crusaders had long journey to jeresulum - tests like tarantulas around met Saladins army and to crusaders broke ranks upset Richard but he ordered charge at Jafa muslim army fled - hard hit for crusaders richard attempted to contact Saladin before attack on Jeresulum Saladin sent his brother to respond - christians can't have jeresulum richard and Alido became friends - knighted son Alido should marry richards sister - muslim prince and christian princess she refused to marry muslim - Alido refused to convert crusaders didn't't like richards dealings with muslims to risk taking city or not - almost at jeresulum but returned to Jafa many died and deserted - saladin thought he would be attacked prince John after crown so richard had to return richard was split between what to do richard approached jeresulum - could see city - had doubts muslims allowed christians to live in city - massacre at Akar saladin braced for attack - never came- richard left richard want to Akar - saladin want to Jafa richard heard and raced back to Jafa to save port both men exhausted - physically and mentally made treaty - richard kept Jafa and Akar along coast saladin kept jeresulum

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