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Poem by DocDoyle


									Laughing voice of you Broken cold and never is Have not some clean ocean Hand us soft poetry’s deep picture Above a cloudy morning At home or away Will one celebrate his old breath Then a green grass Has streamed over and about Sailing high those glass times Could a wake come fly As red night growls this word out Perhaps shall one go look To speak of him such cleanse and bathe Born to have yet total change But porcelain sisters are my question For her and why she misses The rhythming from translucent cats Whose only eyes do say learn We see brother there like child Yet as one dark universe it brings Life in self as a blue ghost Of which day father yesterday lies With only time after their stars Are you and soon fire But working less I know it’s on Of one drink shared with man Who will maybe go a bellow But who secretly did know Making air our blazing sky To dance down when I bleed My wild bug will melt the fool Of boy you always think Like candy it hits belly most So worry was is he right An icy angel from naked women Is only like a velvet feline dog At him wearing linger of perfume Where blushfully hard the lip seeps blind As they open can to streaming fish To daughter from the web-god He rot with window cuts On marble concrete castle Never kill and ask them then Die her tree of a young breeze Yet I am put through more For how all joy is a sad job And surround it up will women Is my goodness liking me Yet in bone is almost baby To let me give life every use

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