Things2 by DocDoyle


									John Doyle English 127w I have always noticed that peoples’ stories about their time in Vietnam are similar. They have a lot of action but there is something missing. It is as if it didn’t really happen they are making it up. Then again, it’s as if it did happen and they are visually seeing it as they tell the story. This book helped explain a lot of that. Although it left a lot up for questions too. These stories lack substance yet they possess an abundance of it. What really happened is the actual event. The storyteller puts extra things in to make it a better story. These things they put in the story are made up yet are what happened. When the event went on the person was at war and not in his normal state of mind. This does make you wonder however what a normal state of mind is. Death is natural so why does it make people freeze? They would be seeing the corpse but really not having it register in his head. It would be kind of an illusion, an out of body experience. The person would be there but they wouldn’t. This took place in Vietnam and things were different then. Technology was not as advanced and medicine was still being experimented with. Today there are massive advances in these fields. The war in Iraq must be different. It may be better. It is probably worse. After seeing what those soldieries went through in Vietnam how could our Government make them do it again? Yet they did, the Government sent troops to Iraq to fight a war that there is really no way to win. It will just force civil war in that country. In the 1960’s no one knew why we were in Vietnam. Some type of political Capitalism Vs Communism is what people would say. In Iraq we all know the reason, oil. However, where is the oil? The price is skyrocketing when we are trying to take a country for this natural resource. And all this time the same thing is happening to modern day soldiers. They are sitting behind walls, being ambushed, having friends killed, killing the enemy, then looking at the dead bodies and having the same type of experience. They are there and see it yet they really are not there in front of the body looking at death. Everything changes but mans’ soul. Inside there is nothing different from any war. This makes me both happy and sad that I was never registered with the Selective Service. I was eighteen living on my own, so unknowingly I did not register. I have had to send the SS letters explaining it to get financial aid to be here in the class. I am glad because I will never have to experience this type of horror. I will just live in the U.S. all my life and everything will be fine. I also greatly regret it because these soldiers went through this to protect the country. The commands from higher up were questionable in both wars yet they were still fought. The soldiers did it for the belief that the U.S. is a free country and want to keep it that way. I am a big believer in I support the troops but I don’t support the war.

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